Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/24/2014 – 2014 ACE Awards

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/24/2014 – 2014 ACE Awards

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ace Awards 2014

Recorded 12-19-2014 – Release Date 12-24-2014

Production Number #1479

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Adam is starting the 8th annual Ace Awards (they didn’t do them in 2009) without BB and Alison in studio, Adam is telling the audience about how he will “fucking crack one” and enjoys to drink a beer while celebrating.

He mentions the holiday party, plugs the live shows and Take a Knee.


Best Impression

Dana Carvery as both George Bush’s, Obama and Matthew McConaughey from ACS #1323

Gilbert Gottfried as Norm MacDonald from ACS #1429

JL Cauvin as Adam, President Obama and Donald Trump from ACS #1342 (from his video as played on the show)

Tom Stern as Adam Carolla and the Foreign Tow Trucker Driver from ACS #1344

Alan Tudyk as Fred Gwynne from ACS #1452


Dana Carvery takes the win


Rant of the Year 1st Nominee

Unaired NPR Interview from ACS #1329

BB joins them in studio as Adam is now reheating this rant after again admitting he’s 3 tallboys into his celebration.

Adam brings up the “Bush Lied, People Died” drum the left never stops beating and their hypocrisy in not playing this interview.


Most uncomfortable Moment

Staff Steal Adam’s beer from ACS #1386

Greg Fitzsimmons Pencil Holder from ACS #1261

Gary’s 1st Class Flight from ACS #1437


Alison joins them with a lamentation about the Hollywood traffic that delayed her, Adam catches her up on what she missed.

Adam says the winner is Gary’s jetliner jerk off, Adam is now commenting on how women don’t get how men are wired, Alison is commenting that she’s starting to get that, funny back and forth.


Best Friend of the Show #1

David Alan Grier, 1st clip from ACS #1432


Best Invention

The Wheelchair Dickey from ACS #1345

The “Will Do App” from ACS #1237

The Condiment Dinghy from ACS #1382

The Beet Bracelet from ACS #1346


The Beet bracelet takes the win, Alison says they all still hold up and Adam likes the whimsy of that invention best.


Rant of the Year 2nd Nominee

Dora and Cailou from ACS #1447


Best Reenactment

Adam and Ian Edwards for “Naïve Drug Councilor” from ACS #1345

Adam and Alison for “Premature Ejaculating Caveman” from ACS #1264

Adam and Eric Stonestreet with “Dog Having Sex with Owner” from ACS #1277

Adam praises Eric and his talent, citing his recent viewing of some ‘Modern Family’.

Eric gets the win.


Best Live Read

(Adam and BB seem to be unaware of what these could possibly be)

Mike Rowe for Dollar Shave Club from ACS #1270

Jo Koy for Draft Kings (my favorite) from ACS #1406

Pauly Shore for Life Lock from ACS #1453


Adam comments on Pauly and his “like a newborn” way of living, Mike Rowe takes the win.


Adam is now doing a Hulu Plus live read.

“Oh no, I actually like my family” edition with Adam and BB riffing about Adam assuming everyone else dreads time with their family like he would.

Adam laments his inability to transport “his shows” with him while on the road.


Caller of the Year

Cassius Morris, clip from ACS #1443

Alec Baldwin from ACS #1290

Eric the Vampire Stake Salesman from ACS #1365

Brian the Fake Whitney Houston Drug Dealer from ACS #1457

Zach the Virgin from ACS #1255


Adam says it’s fun to re-listen to this as he forgets most of the details of the show, just remembering the broad strokes.

Rant of the Year 3rd Nominee

Shitty Neighbors from ACS #1465

Adam is now doing another lap on this rant


Best Interview

“I don’t even know what that is” – Adam

Joe Perry from ACS #1438

David Choe from ACS #1431

William Shatner from ACS #1383

Joe Rogan from ACS #1457

Tracy Morgan from ACS #1298


Adam comments on Joe Rogan’s pragmatism and compliments him and how he lives his life, Adam is asking the gang if he told them about his phone call with Tracy Morgan and how he cried on the call, wow.

Joe Rogan takes the win.


Previously Awarded

Best Reality Show “Holy Shit with John Wayne’s Corpse (Hold on Homo!)” from ACS #1463

Best Sitcom “Where are the Merkins” from ACS #1295

Best PSA “Motorcycles and Mushrooms” from ACS #1339

Best Morning Show “Spunk and Vomit” from ACS #1399

Best Airline Food Review from ACS #1333

Best Reality Host from ACS #1451

They head to break and Adam teases some categories.


They’re back from break.

Adam reacts to the clip of Howie Mandel from the recent live show, Adam says Howie’s “Hey” sounds just like Mike Dawson’s vocalization.

Dawson is now on mic and Adam is explaining it.


Outstanding achievement in shitting on a point or story

Ray Oldhafer from ACS #1370

Bald Bryan from ACS #1436

Ray Oldhafer from ACS #1370

Bald Bryan from ACS #1442

Mike Dawson from ACS #1384


Dawson takes the win, he is telling them about his mom’s great pineapple upside down cake that even he doesn’t enjoy, he claims to love pineapple, just not on pizza or in cake form?

Dawson shares his rules for mixing fruit and dessert, Adam is mocking people who make up these rules about nuts not mixing with ice cream etc.

BB calls Adam out for liking cheese, he then says goat cheese is a cheese and Adam objects with some funny replies.


Rant of the Year 4th Nominee

Patent Trolls from ACS #1388(?)

BB says you can tell these are these best rants as they get Adam fired up when he re-listens to them.



Best Friend of the Show #2

Jo Koy, 1st clip from ACS #1456


Best Live Musical Performance

Adam and Lisa Lampanelli for ‘Young Girl” from ACS #1426

Adam and Chris Jericho for “Undone” from ACS #1381

Kelley James with “Drunk Fish” from ACS #1353

Adam gives out a plug for Kelley, cool!


Kelley James takes the win, deservedly!


Song of the Year

Rich Banks and Mike Lynch with “Cook for Me” from ACS # (?)

Adam Ray with “Adam Laker’s Carolla” from ACS #1419

Rich Banks “Ruby Was a Dude” from ACS #1287

Rich Banks and Mike Lynch with “Jackin’ on a Jet Airliner (First Class Fun)” from ACS #1419

Rich Banks “Big Black Dong” from ACS #1419


Rich and Mike win for the parody song about Gary jacking off in 1st class.


Worst Impression

Adam doing Bill Cosby from ACS #1458


Best Drunk Best Friend

Adam Ray “Drunk Best Friend” from ACS #1322


Best interruption

Dawson from ACS #1470

Best Drop from a Female Caller

Jamie with “Holla!” from ACS #1363


Best Drop from a Male Caller

Tony with “Yes” from ACS #1369


Special Award for LGBT Awareness

Asa Akira from ACS #1308


Best Improvised 80’s Song

Adam “Rode All Night” from ACS #1410


Biggest Daddy Issues

Dov Davidoff from ACS #1271


Nobel Prize for Science

Adam and Chris with a Biorhythm wheel from ACS #1344


Best Guest Host

Dana Gould on ACS #1316

Adam expresses his love for Dana Gould


Best Drop by a guest

Rob Hubel “Oh Fuck” from ACS #1258

Greg Fitzsimmons “Get These Motherfuckers out and get me some Jews” from ACS #1440

Shaun White “Yolo Man!” from ACS #1331

Dr. Drew “What I Do Now!?” from ACS #1455

Alec Baldwin “Quiet!” from ACS #1290


Best Drop by a Staff Member

Adam with “Germs, Germs, Germs, Germs, DOGS!” from ACS #1304

Alison mocking Daniel’s snoring from ACS #1380

Adam shouting “Nobody!” from ACS #1365(?)

Dawson “you better give me a lotta lumps” from ACS #1437

Alison “I found my soulmate yay…” from ACS #1435


Alison’s soulmate drops take the win.


Best Friend of the Show #3

Jay Mohr, 1st clip from ACS #1474


Adam says that Jo Koy takes the win for Best Friend of the Show.

Adam is once again nearly salivating about the BBQ awaiting him, he now just swallowed said saliva loudly into the mic.

Adam praises ‘Zeke’s’ BBQ restaurant and explains his frequent hankering for BBQ and his family’s unwillingness to join him despite his workload.

Adam is really making lots of mouth and throat noises.


Rant of the Year 5th Nominee

Maxipada gets a ticket from ACS #1345


Rant of the Year goes to #1 the unaired NPR interview rant.

BB praises the rant, he says it met the criteria of taking place in 2014 and was on point, vague praise.

Alison comments on the insane waste of time it was for Adam, Dawson mocks the “isn’t good radio” excuse the radio show used, Dawson makes a great point about that being great radio, the most compelling possible.


Adam says it was because of their bias and further laments the experience.

Adam thanks the listeners for tuning in, BB thanks all of the staff for their long hours spent cutting together the episode.

Dawson gives me a nice thank you for an assist, I didn’t do much.

Funny “Do you need a last name” riff about my name, thanks Dawson, great work guys!


Very funny closing credits sting for Matt Fondiler, what a solid year of shows!