Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/22/2014 – Adam Ray and Brad Williams, Live from The San Jose Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/22/2014 – Adam Ray and Brad Williams, Live from The San Jose Improv

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Guest Adam Ray and Brad Williams, Live from The San Jose Improv

Recorded 12-20-2014 – Release Date 12-22-2014

Production Number #1480

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Adam opens the 1st of the two final recordings of the year live from San Jose with Brad Williams and Adam Ray making a rare appearance together, huge reaction from the crowd.

Adam is sharing his offensive thought about little people as teased in the intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam shares his theory on Brad Williams needing the least amount of sleep.

Adam is now riffing about giants sleeping the most.


Brad is joking about having to sleep with one eye open to avoid being kidnapped by a seagull, funny Mike August line from Brad.

Adam is now riffing about Mike August eventually taking a bite out of Brad if he was doused in enough hot sauce.

Adam gets Brad to confirm that his theory his correct, Adam does a survey of the gang to get a sleep average.


Adam is commenting on re-watching ‘The Love Boat’ and Brad has a killer Howie Mandel reference, Adam is mocking the conceit of people arriving to settle drama after someone walks outside and stares longingly.

Adam has a great heartbreak one liner and fur5thert mocks the plot contrivance of someone seeking space to reflect and running into the very person they need for sake of the arch of the movie or TV show.

Adam is now riffing about the lack of a Lido Deck attached to his old apartments, they’re all now riffing and Adam brings up rape whistles.


Adam asks if anyone has experienced that moment of reflection that turns into closure, he is now telling the guys about his first serious girlfriend and the “softball mitt” story, Adam now describes finding a used condom, not just the wrapper as he did in nearly every previous variant told.

I wonder if he’s changed details in his mind or if he was being kind and lessening the story when told in the past.

Alison is troubled by the used condom full of Jizz being left haphazardly on the ground, Adam is now calling for a class action lawsuit against every TV showrunner of the 1970s.


Adam Ray brings boom boxes into the mix and they’re now riffing about them, Adam has a great angle on D Cell battery manufactures being pissed about the collapse of the boom box stereo market.

Adam is now calling for a uniform instruction for all battery installation in children’s toys, Adam and Brad are now riffing and killing it.

Adam is rolling with Brad’s comedy about the unfortunate circumstances of the death of the inventor of the Segway, Adam is now sharing his conversation with Jay Leno about him dying behind the wheel of a steam car 2 centuries too late.


Adam is asking them about using extended lighters for smoking, after sharing the anecdote of the time he visited Jay Leno and witnessed him dodge a large burst of flames under one of his steam jalopies.

Adam is now plugging Adam and Brad’s podcast About Last Night and Adam Ray tells them about interviewing Tony Danza in character as Tony.


Nicaraguan Name That Tune

BB has Adam explain who Ozzie is to the audience who might be largely unfamiliar, Adam is reminded that Ozzie was his costar in the movie ‘The Hammer’.

Adam is sharing how the cameraman pushed Ozzie to help him hit his mark.

Alison reveals that Ozzie catered the holiday party, this last one?

Adam further explains the bit


Adam is their contestant, they’re lousy with Adam’s as Ace puts it.

Adam is telling Adam Ray to kiss the contestant Adam’s ass and play it safe on the off chance he’s rich, Adam brings up Moon Unit Zappa and is motivated to share a super uplifting story about his last football game.

Adam is telling them about recently thinking about long snapping footballs and recalls taking Steve Green the electrician to try out to be a pro-kicker.


Adam recalls it’s from episode 7 and that they used a clip of his final high school game, Adam is telling them about meeting the coach during Steve’s try out.

Adam is now describing the scene, they play the clip for the audience proving Adam correct about the reaction to his talents and job offer.

Brad has a funny angle about Adam’s parents capturing the film of him playing his final game, Alison has a killer one liner.


Adam says he rejected the job on the basis of the rules in arena football and how they differ from the NFL when it comes to a certain rule.

Adam brings up the deaths of Robert and Lenny and how they dedicated that last game to their deceased friends.

Adam describes how Wendell Shirley changed his name and has a killer one liner as to why, he now shares the on-cinematic conclusion to their final game they hoped to win in the honor of two young men burned alive in a pinto.


1st Song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’

Adam asks if he can sing the tunes, Adam is now quizzing him and his gal on their heritage.

2nd Song ‘Deck the Halls’

Adam riffs about how people would fuck these carols up if they had to sing them in public like the national anthem, Adam Ray has a figgy pudding tangent and BB burns him with the Laura Kightlinger joke.

3rd Song ‘The Dreidel Song’

Adam is now riffing about Jewish people and the stereotypes about them and avoiding danger, except when it comes to dancing.

Adam riffs about them dancing violently and propping old guys up on chairs while bouncing them, Brad Williams has a killer ‘Street Fighter’ reference. Adam observes that Jews are dangerous eaters and dancers, but only when it comes to those things.

Adam asks Brad about his push up abilities, he’s now busting some out and Adam Ray brings up the street fights of movies, Adam is now riffing about the gay gang from the ‘Beat It’ music video, comedy gold!


4th Song ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’

An Extremely easy round, Adam takes the win.


Adam Ray and Brad Williams are now riffing from the POV of someone who attended the show.


Alison’s News – Nooooooo! Edition

Brad comments on his classic drop and jokes about having to get worked up to that level of anger due to his dwarven nature.

Adam has a killer Ben Folds reference.


1st Story is on Alison’s ongoing efforts to get pregnant, she says she refused the metal detector, she must mean the body scan machines. Alison has a killer dig aimed at Brad.

Alison is telling them about holding in her stomach while getting the pat-down after “opting out’ of the scan.

Adam is telling them about his pre-check track record, Brad makes a ‘Raiders’ joke and Adam is now riffing about Bob Kraft.


Adam is going off on the random screenings he is often forced to endure, BB jokes about the podcast perhaps playing a role and Adam brings up August getting the full inspection after they discovered a full Snapple in his bag.

Adam is joking about cutters making it into their 80’s, hilarious 1871 one liner.

BB references super tall people, the KLSX ACS Kareem Abdul-Jabbar incident from 2008, Adam is now calling for an “oh fuck” card to use when you put your foot in your mouth.


Adam brings up the Crohn’s Disease incident from a Kimmel party.


2nd Story Is on scientific researches reporting on the efficacy of the medical and health advice given out by Dr. Oz and TV’s ‘The Doctors’.

Adam is now riffing about Dr. Oz’s face, saying it looks like his face even works out.

Brad says he looks like he’s trying to pass a kidney stone, Adam Ray jokes about him farting in an elevator.

Adam describes him sitting in front of a mirror saying the phrase “Ernie the Eagle likes éclairs” and Alison asks if it’s actually a vocal exercise, Adam Ray has a racist thought theory that’s pretty funny too.


Alison asks Adam about Dr. Drew’s true feelings about Dr. Oz, Adam is now riffing about people hating everyone else in their same profession.

Adam is now sharing his “airplane doctor” definition for a real doctor.

Adam Ray is now riffing as Dr. Phil trying to help a passenger suffering a seizure midflight.


3rd Story is on men who watch porn 3 times a week or more and their decreased drive for actual sex.

Alison, Brad and Adam Ray all riff on the guy in the crowd who yells out after hearing the word porn.

Brad is riffing about people assuming he’s into little people porn, Adam has a killer family member line and asks “how long your parents are” to Brad, BB’s reaction is priceless.

Adam has a killer Gingerbread house one liner and now Brad is telling them about his dad’s reaction to finding out he was a little person.


Adam brings up the human cannonball, Adam is riffing about the title human in front of your job tittle equaling bad times, hilarious “cum bucket” line from Ace.

Alison takes it back to Brad’s story, he is telling them about seeing a porn movie with Bridget the midget where he realized he knew her before she got into porn.

Brad is joking about their meetings, hilarious line from Adam Ray.


They’re all now riffing about little people conventions at hotels, Adam has the best lines and tops himself with a ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ reference, once again Adam Ray is impressed.


4th Story is on beer bobbles, ornaments for people to hook into their beer glasses.

Alison asks if tongue and genital piercings actually make a difference in the bedroom, Adam Ray admits to some tongue ring experience, Adam is now riffing about him getting blown by dudes.

Adam is helping Adam Ray breakdown the psychology of the piercing and what that means, Adam is joking about his fictitious cock-ring, referencing an incident he knows from real life but not bothering to elaborate.


5th Story is on a Wyoming dog that accidentally shot his owner, Adam is now riffing as the dog owner.

Adam Ray busts out the Dr. Phil impression again, nice.

Adam says this victim is the front runner for 2015’s Definitely Not a Jew, Adam is now joking about this changing how you treat your dog, hilarious barrel bolt on the bedroom door and fear of the dog holding a machete over you while you sleep.


Adam is now riffing about using Brad as his “Stress Dwarf” (Emotional Support Dwarven Companion) and now Adam Ray is doing even more of his Dr. Phil, this time doing the inflight announcements, he’s now switching to Tony Danza, good stuff.


6th Story is on Instagram passing the active users of twitter for the first time, Adam is joking about his lack of familiarity with social networks and tech in general.

Adam describes his twitter strategy, hilarious “from a religious standpoint” one liner from Ace after Adam Ray asks about his follower count.

Adam brings up Dr. Drew’s 3.5 million followers and how that rarely leads to even a phone call for their Adam and Dr. Drew show tapings.


Adam Ray brings up women titling Facebook albums, Alison calls back to it and Adam is now joking about ‘Shenanigans’ and they’re referencing a ‘Super Troopers’ joke without making note of it, Adam is probably unaware.

Adam is now mocking the 90’s dumb chick descriptor of “random’ and Alison brings up “negs” and now Adam is using the “NOT!” that used to be popular.

Adam Ray has a “69” anecdote and Brad chimes in with Adam Ray about “that’s what she said” and Alison references Matt Fondiler’s love for that joke.


7th Story is on the Pornhub statistic about views based on regions

Adam is joking with Adam Ray about having to declare a sexual major, yes they like titties but not just and not all.

Adam has a solid Marge Schott joke and is now sharing his theory on chick’s ass sizes that you prefer in correlation to penis size.

Adam Ray jokes about these giant asses eating Brad alive, he brings up his own large ass.


Hilarious one liner from Adam about black dudes down the street who can smell Brad’s ass, BB has a funny line that they abandon him on, he objects to the objection from the crowd and then plays the Rob Huebel “Oh Fuck” drop for them and explains it.

Alison helps Adam sum up that the whitest states are the biggest titty fans, Adam jokes about “red states vs. brown states” and does some more fake Bruce Springsteen countdown riffing.


Alison wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read.

Adam thanks Brad and Adam for being so truly funny and talented, BB plays an “Oh Fuck” to close things out, and Adam plugs Alison’s podcast and wraps up the show.