Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/21/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 201

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/21/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 201

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 12-16-2014 – Release Date 12-21-2014

Production Number #201 – Tinder

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew still has his hack, he blames the studio and Drew brings up Mike August joining the elite fraternity of living hit and run survivors, welcome to the club Mike!

Drew brings up the bizarre unravelling humans seem to go through around the holidays, citing how changes traffic at the E.R.

Drew finds out this is their last show of the year, Adam is bringing up how being in a hurry causes mistakes, and Adam explains how most guys fall off of ladders.


Adam brings up how aggressive driving increases your odds of an accident when trying to shave time off of your commute.

Drew asks Adam about his new year’s resolution, he cites his drive from a few years back with Natalia in the back seat, she was complaining about going to Santa’s Village to eat some fucking ice-cream.

Adam says you can never get him to feel a way about himself for treating you how he treats you, if you’re being dealt with squarely and he knows you’re even, he won’t question himself.


Adam says he thought up the “Everyone else get your shit together” resolution that’s now 3 years running, Drew reacts to it as if he’s never heard it before, let alone heard it on this show before.

Adam brings up his tombstone idea, telling all the fuck faces they’re on their own.

Drew is asking about Dr. Bruce’s performance on his last two episodes, Adam says he loves Dr. Bruce but he’s grown obsessed about the people he knows with a “life Tourette’s” who never stop undoing themselves.


Bruce was once again pitching his podcast idea to Dr. Drew and Drew explains his resistance to telling Adam about it.

Adam brings up the meetings he’s sat in where people say really stupid things to people they have to work with.

Adam has liquor store robbery vs. stealing a bag of air analogy for how people should approach business and life.


Adam says his principle is “shut the fuck up” and explains how not helping him can result in him getting angry with them, he says that almost all people do that, but for some people it’s a lifestyle.

Adam brings up all of the projects he would never consider Anderson for even though they would be right up his film alley, Adam says he would venture to say he likes Anderson but would never dream of employing him and explains why.

Adam says that Anderson has burned a lot of a calories trying to make him not consider him, he’s right.

Yet Anderson is still in charge of Adam’s Loveline archive, I’m conflicted.


Adam brings up the story of editing ‘The Hammer’ where they brought in a free assistant editor from the guild, the infamous “I guess I’m not your demographic for this film” story.

Adam brings up why that answer is not the one to give regardless of the quality, that’s going to be an issue in life for her.


Drew is launching into a Dollar Shave Club live read, Adam says he used to literally bring the handle to the store.

Drew calls shaving an art form, hmmmm.


1st Caller Mark, he is a physician and has been told he has very high standards and needs to enroll in leadership classes.

Drew addresses the difficulty in going from practicing to administrative work, Mark shares his concerns about his colleagues not delivering up to the expectations of the job.

Adam says he should employ his New Year’s Resolution and tells it to Mark, Adam says he could not fucking imagine working in a hospital environment in 2015, trying to explain the expectations of the job to the youth of today.


Adam says he would be written up all the time, for even raising his eyebrow, Drew plugs Take a Knee and Adam is now telling Drew about Shaun White and the monkey see, monkey do element of humans, citing the Tony Hawk 900.

Drew is addressing the importance of experiential learning, Adam hopes the young editor chick is living out of a dumpster and praises Kevin Hench and his rocket sled ride to the moon working on two TV shows, hit shows!


Drew jumps to a live read


2nd Caller Shawn, he praises the ACS and the ADS and tells them what they do for him and his spirits, nice.

Shawn asks them if they wish Tinder existed when they were single, Gary now explains how Tinder works and Adam jokes about the bullshitting going on from men using the app.

Chris is now on mic confirming it started as a hookup app, Adam brings up the GrindR app origin and invents “SphinctR” or “SFINKTR” and now Adam is asking what women get from this app, what they’re using it for.


Adam is now suggesting how eventually he would get to the part where he asks the date how she got on the app, then would get turned off by her admission of promiscuity due to his dumb 22 year old dude brain at the time.

Drew says culture has evolved and Shawn wants to know if they are interested in living through him vicariously, how?

They immediately say no and explain how that doesn’t appeal to them, Adam says this is his same thing about video games, Adam brings up his frequent viewings of Road House and says he doesn’t get a sense of accomplishment from wasting time.


Adam explains his daughter showing him a replay of her video game character doing something, he also brings up his wife wanting him to get into ‘Homeland’ and he explains why it’s a double waste of time.

Adam apologizes for using “at the end of the day” and says he’s not being pejorative, he just doesn’t like ‘Homeland’ and doesn’t want to play video games.

Adam praises audiobooks and documentary programming over watching real housewives type reality shows, comparing that to spending time in a waiting room.


Adam shares his “walk through your own museum” advice to his kids.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read.


3rd Caller Ross, he’s calling about clavicle asymmetry and its evolutionary role, Drew is explaining how this is all tied into the brain lateralizing.

Adam addresses the 82% of people who are right handed, Adam is wrapping up the show.


Drew is asking Adam if he’s optimistic about 2015, he’s sharing the delayed gratification of releasing two films, now two years in the making and how he looks forward that to loaf of bread that’s been in the oven for two years that he finally gets to butter.

For Society Adam predicts more bottoming out until we can finally get our shit together, Adam predicts the upcoming backlash against the thought police and people who cry wolf about victimization.

Adam is describing the vague movement that will swell up around someone not too unlike himself, Adam plugs Take a Knee once again and wraps up the show for 2014.