Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/19/2014 – Lori Greiner and Rick Harrison

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/19/2014 – Lori Greiner and Rick Harrison

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lori Greiner and Rick Harrison

Recorded 12-18-2014 – Release Date 12-19-2014

Production Number #1478

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Adam opens the show to a “sugar plums” intro courtesy of Dawson and Lynch.

Adam gives out some plugs, BB plays the Rob Huebel “Oh Fuck” as today’s #TopDrop and he’s telling the gang about his son and his love for “challenge coins.”

Adam explains that Alison Bedell from ‘Catch a Contractor’ bought Sonny a glass display case for his coins, Adam comments on the cornball moments with his son putting the coins into his case.


Adam says his kids reading comprehension is better than his when he left high school, Adam is now reading the note from a guy who sent his challenge coin in.

Adam is commenting on Sonny wanting his 10% for the Sonny Ringtone, he says that someone wants him to release the “Are you kidding me” as the next Sonny ringtone.

Adam is trying to pronounce Lori’s name, Gary comments on going online to see Queen Latifah pronounce it, nice pre-production!


Adam is sharing his take on ‘Shark Tank’ and Alison says she finds herself mocking some of the people pitching their inventions and ideas.

Adam is explaining the “rap” these people have seemingly endless time to develop before appearing on the show, Alison thinks he’s right and she might be picking up on that over preparation element.

Adam is mocking the husband and wife fitness team that finishes each other’s thoughts and comments, he is mocking the “ab pony” I assume a combination of actual inventions from the show.


Adam says the 2nd worst pair if the “regional hot chicks” as Alison puts it, who act like they’re models and BB is now saying “checklist hot” is what he wants to get going, Adam has a killer Hitler joke mocking BB.

Adam is bringing up the “nothing wrong with you” defacto hot, like Britney Spears.

BB suggests that Paris Hilton is the ultimate example of this, Adam says she has something going on at that BB is not picking up on.


Adam says it’s not what you think or know about yourself, it’s what the other people/person knows about you, and Adam is bringing up his days at KROQ doing Birchum and his first two seasons on MTV Loveline where they were only paid hundreds of dollars per episode.

Adam says that if he ever decided to ask for a raise on current projects, they know he’s irreplaceable after season 1.

Alison brings up her discomfort in trying to tout herself and her skillset to people, she seems to be taking Adam’s wisdom to heart about displaying her talent rather than selling it.


Adam does a live read


Adam welcomes Rick Harrison back to the show, for a phoner promoting his new app.

Adam plugs Pawn Stars and asks Rick his thoughts about the Sony hack and the state of world affairs, from his historical expertise perspective.

Rick has some brief thoughts on North Korea and then takes it to Ukraine and Adam is now describing the “asshole nations” who act like the drunk guy at a bar who mistakes everything for weakness.

Rick describes a pool noodle and Alison comes in with an assist.


Rick brings up the super large condoms supposedly dumped over Vietnam as part of Psi-Ops programs pre Vietnam War. They wrap up with Rick.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Paul, he wants to know about Adam’s shark like momentum and seeming inability to take the time to enjoy the rewards of his effort and hard work.

Adam is describing how he can’t enjoy a week off the same way he enjoys a weekend at home after being on the road for a gig, funny hard alcohol joke from Adam.

Adam describes how people react to seeing his warehouses and studios evolve upon returning after a year or two and how they help him appreciate what he only perceives as incremental change.


Alison gets Adam to explain the making up for lost time element to his motivation to create new projects and accomplish things.

Adam mentions sitting on Nick Santora’s lap drinking on the weekend.


2nd Caller Justin noticed some similarities between Adam Carolla and the plot of the show ‘Last Man Standing’ he wants to know if it was intentional, Adam explains how someone’s persona and affect can be altered by spending lots of time with someone.

Adam explains how much he gets along with Kevin Hench while praising his writing and basketball skills, he does note that they aren’t necessarily politically lockstep, interesting.


Adam does a ManGrate live read


3rd Caller Joey has a balloon framed home, Adam is describing the era Joey’s home was built when craftsmen were craftsmen, funny riffing about underpaid Irish labor.

He tells Adam that the house is now sinking in, he is telling Adam about having to jack up his house, and Adam explains the new methods to preserve historical buildings.

Adam is describing the epoxy two part method, BB recalls Adam talking about this on the ACS two years ago, hmmm.


Adam is telling Joey to get another opinion and says he is hesitant to tell him to do anything for fear of something bad happening to him and being liable, hilarious Joey from ‘Friends’ reference.


4th Caller Ira is put on hold.


Lori is now joining the show for her ACS debut, Adam praises her show ‘Shark Tank’ and asks her how she got involved with QVC.

Adam brings up the ‘Drop Stop’ and how he invented that idea many years ago but wasn’t motivated enough to manufacture them.

Adam is describing his red wallet and jokes about his wardrobe, hilarious pants comedy.


Adam is killing it with some tampon string riffing, Lori is rolling with it and once again brings up Adam’s sweat pants (Track Pants).

Adam is praising the inventor of the ‘Spatty Daddy’ that helps women utilize all of their makeup and various creams. Lori knows what he’s talking about and they move on.

Adam is asking her further about inventions, he tells her about the ‘Belly Zamboni’ and BB describes too much, Adam is trying to reel her in slowly, funny bit.


Adam is bringing up the filming of ‘Shark Tank’ and asks her what it is like to be there live in studio, Adam says that someone was interviewing Daymond John and he said his biggest regret when it came to a business deal and he cited Uber.


4th Caller Ira, he asks about people no longer moving out of you way and Adam blames people and their personal universes they’ve created, not for being distracted by their phone, but for the entitlement their phones and devices seem to instill in them.

Adam jokes about people almost leaning backwards while walking to make sure to take even longer in a crosswalk.

Alison has a good anecdote and Adam is mocking people who drive “door handle to door handle” with other motorists.


Adam is doing a Me Undies Live Read.

Adam, Gary and BB are wearing them.

Adam is explaining the added support their underwear give him, he says he’s now finally using the flap on the front for the first time.

Adam jokes about adding some talc to get multiple wearing out of the same pair.


Alison’s News

1st Story is Alison’s start of Fertility treatments, she is quoting Adam’s “shit that works” theory on jumping to IVF in lieu of going through the earlier steps.

Alison has a killer one liner about what the doctors suspect is the reason she’s not getting pregnant, Adam brings up the multiple children results of fertility interventions.

Adam says that people should donate one of their triplets to someone who can’t get pregnant, most people just want 1 kid, 2 is ok, the 3rd is not necessarily the most desired.


Alison asks about Drew’s least favorite kid, Adam is killing it deciding which one, Alison has some great “yes and” and Adam tells them about their option to reduce when Lynette first had triplets implanted and the option they were given but ultimately didn’t have to decide on.

Adam is giving a funny unlimited checks/new roof metaphor.

Adam is back to his selling baby’s business idea.


Adam brings up the idea of hypothetical questions about a different life experience you haven’t lived, he is commenting on his somewhat overly philosophical take on this.

Alison gets what’s he laying down and cites the senseless death of Oliver as the counter side to Adam’s point about things happening as they happen.

Killer “fuck white babies” line from Alison after Adam explains how regardless of the outcome Alison will be so happy with her child it will be the way it was “supposed” to happen.


Adam is doing a Man Crates live read.


2nd Story is on the cancelled screenings of ‘Team America: World Police’ after this recent drama regarding the release of ‘The Interview’ and Adam is trying to figure out what he heard about the release of ‘American Sniper’.

Adam has a funny “Obama’s Chair” and Alison is reporting on a now cancelled Steve Carell movie and some tweets from high profile film industry types.

Adam is bringing up the possible cache of data that the hackers still might have on Sony, Adam is citing the backroom deals of Hollywood.


Alison asks about the insurance that film studios take out on films, interesting angle.

Adam is riffing about Bill Cosby beating off at home happy as shit about the news story covering up his controversy.

Adam and BB are riffing about trying to remember this time from the future and recall just what happened.


Alison tells them about the 24/7 bodyguards assigned to Seth and James, Adam is riffing about the theory of employing all of the largest black men as security so there are no remaining people to attack you, as you now employ them all, good riff.

Adam is asking about modern security forces and if you wouldn’t prefer a smaller white guy who has MMA skills.

Adam tells them about Bob Sapp and jokes about his son growing up to have his physique and overall appearance.


3rd Story is on the Stephen Collins controversy, Adam realizes he should have asked Seth MacFarlane about it while at his party.

Alison is now setting up the clips of Stephen Collins, Adam and BB have a bizarre improv recreation of what Stephen describes.

Alison has them play another clip without reacting to the improv bit.


Adam is now trying to break down what Stephen claims, Adam says whatever you’re into, and you’re into.

Adam says that the long span of time between incidents reveals that.

Adam says that they should get Stephen Collins, Cosby and Michael Richards together for a gathering of people who have destroyed their careers through their words and actions.


Alison, Adam and BB are all talking about therapist office confessions and how one of the Menendez brothers confessed to his therapist and got them caught.


Adam and BB are doing a draft kings live read.


4th Story is on the “Harbor House of Dank” Marijuana dispensary’s painting of Santa Clause that has caused an uproar with parents.

Adam blames the ‘Red Dead Redemption’ artwork on the billboard, designed by a Carolla superfan btw.

Adam does remember that art and game title, as much as he hates it he knows the exact title of a video game, it worked.


Adam is explaining the side effects of constant bombardment of aggressive advertisements and then transitions to good vs/ bad scenery.

Adam uses the pleasant experience of something like Disney Land in comparison to the blight of a broken down community with vandalism and garbage lining the streets.

Adam is now using the “what am I supposed to tell my kids” argument about the NFL PSA’s for “Say No More” their domestic violence awareness campaign.


Alison wraps the news


Adam is now doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read with Alison.


Adam is having Gary play one of the Eli Manning commercials he referenced, he’s giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

They’re now reacting to the “Say No More”

Adam closes out the show.