Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2015 – Donald Trump and 2015 ACE Awards

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2015 – Donald Trump and 2015 ACE Awards

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Guest Donald Trump and 2015 ACE Awards

Recorded 12-17-2015 – Release Date 12-18-2015

Production Number #1726

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Adam opens the show explaining the format, they pre-taped Trump earlier in the day and will play that first and then get onto the Ace Awards 2015!

Donald joins Adam on the line, Adam talks about ‘How to Make America Great Again’ and how that’s mocked in Hollywood circles.

Adam tells Donald they’re rolling, several times, they praise Kimmy Kimmel and Adam talks about Dona’s book and asks him about it, what gets misunderstood.


Adam talks about delegating and effectively balancing responsibilities among staff, Donald tells them about how current the book is and how they put it together.

Adam is asking Donald about his sleep/breakfast schedule, he wants to know how he is able to get so much done.

Adam says he loves Trump’s support and take on running the country like a business, Adam asks him what he would do with airport security.


Donald talks about technology, immigration and comments on the various events that have happened since he brought up the topic.

Adam says what’s wrong with enforcing the laws we have on the books, Adam asks Donald how we are going to get Mexico to pay for the wall separating our countries.

Adam asks him how exactly it will work, Donald says it’s too complex and Adam says that Ted’s tax plan seemed too good to be true on the previous show.


Donald talks about his tax plan and Adam asks him what it would be like if Hillary got elected, Donald says if he gets the nomination she won’t be elected.

Adam is giving Trump a compliment and he talks about Donald’s kids and how they turned out and how much they respect them.

Donald delivers some hellos from his kids, in particular Ivanka who Adam compliments up a storm, Donald tells Adam he’s proud of him and praises Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam mentions Jimmy reading children’s books to his kid, how sweet.


They are now opening the 2015 Ace Awards, commercial free!

Adam thanks all of the fans, BB plays the new drop from Bryan Callen, talking about his bloody pussy.

Adam is giving out some thanks for the meat and booze, Adam is telling Gary to remind him to tell the Dixon dinner story to start out the New Year, I wonder if they actually remember to do it, Gary’s got it!

Adam thanks the company/guy for making their physical trophies this year for the Ace Awards, nice.


Adam talks about adding healthcare benefits for the employees next year and he jokes about Dawson’s costs due to his cigarette smoking habit.

Adam thanks the fans for contributing to the Molly Girl pet fund and BB gets Adam riffing about James Babydoll Dixon and the ‘Laughs for Bald Bryan’ charity event that Dixon was sure nobody would attend.

Adam gives out some plugs and Gary helps with an update on Amazon stock for ‘Winning’.


Best Reenactment

Nominees: ACS #1548 – Benny Mardones recording session, ACS #1510 – Adam as guy shot for snoring, ACS #1646 – Luther Campbell Rookie Symposium, ACS #1519 – Adam as strip club DJ and ACS #1578 – Adam and Bryan as secret shoppers at Bunny Ranch and Ben and Jerry’s

And The Winner Is: ACS #1578 – Adam and Bryan as secret shoppers at Bunny Ranch and Ben and Jerry’s


Adam explains they have a lot of content to get through and are just going to keep moving after he and BB talk about Luther Campbell a bit and acting.


Rant of the Year

1st Nominee: ACS #1520 – Entertainment Weekly


Best Impression

Nominees: ACS #1666 – Billy West as Bernie Sanders, ACS #1680 – Sklar Bros – Shaq vs Barkley, ACS #1596 – Jay Mohr as Russell Brand, ACS #1552 – Kevin Pollak various impressions and ACS #1537 – Jo Koy as Cosby

And The Winner Is: ACS #1596 – Jay Mohr as Russell Brand

Jay is who Adam wanted to win and he’s getting his own non shared trophy like the one Adam and BB are splitting for their funny improv/reenactment.


Most Uncomfortable Moment

Nominees: ACS #1557 – Charlotte McKinney Can’t Name The Beatles, ACS #1614 – Lynette Talks about Molly’s Health, ACS #1562 – Dawson Nips from a Flask, ACS #1663 – Adam Peer Pressures Greg Fitzsimons, Again! And ACS #1590 – Adam Kicks Dr. Bruce out of the Studio

And The Winner Is: ACS #1590 – Adam Kicks Dr. Bruce out of the Studio

Adam and the gang once again briefly react to the category and sheer volume of amazing content that would otherwise be forgotten by everyone on the show.


Best Guest

1st Nominee: ACS #1578 – Dennis Hof

Adam and Bryan talk about his surprising visit and how they got some original and interesting backstory out of him, instead of the usual fluff pieces or shtick.


Best Invention

Nominees: ACS #1664 – Condiment Belt, ACS #1650 – Leash/Harness for Drunk MLB Fans and ACS #1547 – Pillow Shoes

And The Winner Is: ACS #1650 – Leash/Harness for Drunk MLB Fans

Adam comments on the invention and they quickly move on.


Rant of the Year

2nd Nominee: ACS #1694 – Maxine Waters grandstanding on Real Time with Bill Maher

Adam does a post-Rant follow up and asks what other business you would accept “there’s nothing that can be done” type answers as we do with politicians.


Best Live Read of the Year

Nominees: ACS #1502 – DAG w/ Pro Flowers, ACS #1578 – Dennis Hof w/ Life Lock, ACS #1676 – Mike Dawson w/ Draft Kings, ACS #1670 – Joel McHale w/ SimpliSafe and ACS #1533 – Adam Ray w/ eVoice

And The Winner Is: ACS #1502 – DAG w/ Pro Flowers – Fan Vote


Caller of the Year

Nominees: ACS #1520 – Maggie from Cleveland, ACS #1491 – Artie Lange and ACS #1485 – Jason the Voice Actor

And The Winner Is: ACS #1491 – Artie Lange


Rant of the Year

3rd Nominee: ACS #1643 – Adam Rants about Signatures and Notaries

Adam is doing some follow on complaining, getting Gary on mic to confirm the obscene level of time wasting going on with this nonsense contract bullshit and dealing with people trying to protect their asses legally when you don’t care.

Adam shares how he made up a new signature and now brings up the 2 forms of ID that they require, he has his license number memorized, he comments on how the person always needs to see the ID, they can’t trust him, they don’t scan it, they just need to make you jump through hoops.


Adam is sharing how he had Rob get certified as a notary to avoid this hassle in the future.


Best Interview (One on One)

Nominees: ACS #1587 – Judd Apatow, ACS #1495 – Manny Pacquiáo, ACS #1636 – Bryan Cranston, ACS #1585 – Brian Grazer and ACS #1498 – Kevin Costner

And The Winner Is:  ACS #1636 – Bryan Cranston


Outstanding achievement in shitting on a point or story

Nominees: ACS #1497 – Dr. Drew, ACS #1696 – Mike Dawson and ACS #1641 – Alonzo Boden, BB and Gina

And The Winner Is: ACS #1641 – Alonzo Boden, BB and Gina

They all comment on that awkward exchange from Flappers in Burbank


Best Guest

2nd Nominee: ACS #1681 – Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

They react to the heavy clip chosen and head to break.


They’re back from break


Previously Awarded in a Private Ceremony (Off Air)

Best Cop Show – ACS #1537 – Anus and Eyeball(s)

Best Sitcom – ACS #1596 – Jay Mohr as Al Pacino as “Whacky Neighbor Chet”

Best PSA – ACS #1482 – Adam with Follow me to the Santa Clara Library

Best Sports Interview by a 3rd Grader – ACS #1585 – Sonny Interviews Shaq

Best Day Time Talk Show – ACS #1635 – Adam and Greg Fitzsimmons


Rant of the Year

4th Nominee: ACS #1649 – Old Dominion University Frat Guys


Guest of the Year

3rd Nominee: ACS #1625 – Jo Koy


Best Musical Moment

Nominees: ACS #1595 – Adam Sings ‘Bad Company’, ACS #1590 – Mike Dawson and Dr. Bruce, ACS #1564 – Gilbert Gottfried sings the Problem Child Theme song, ACS #1508 – Jo Koy as Bung Lu Su covering Joan Osborne and ACS #1553 – Dawson’s Dennis Quaid Rant/’Longer’ Mashup

And The Winner Is: ACS #1553 – Dawson’s Dennis Quaid Rant/’Longer’ Mashup

“Dawson if you owned a shelf…” – Adam on the award not having a home at Dawson’s place.


Rant of the Year

5th Nominee: ACS #1588 – Michael Rapaport on Caitlyn Jenner


Song of the Year

Nominees: ACS #1628 – Kicked Off Of Southwest by Rich Banks and Mike Lynch, ACS #1601 – Cum Song by Adam Ray, ACS #1643 – Straight Outta NoHo by Rich Banks and Bald Bryan, ACS #1599 – Hey Hey It’s An Orgy By Mike Lynch and Rich Banks and ACS #1541 – Bald Boy by Mike Lynch and Rich Banks

And The Winner Is: ACS #1541 – Bald Boy by Mike Lynch and Rich Banks

Adam comments on how funny the Adam Ray song was and how equally awkward it is to listen to something with that person in the room, he thinks he was able to absorb more of the comedy lyrics this time around.


Best Guest

4th Nominee: ACS #1581 – R. Lee Ermey


Rant of the Year

6th Nominee: ACS #1619 – Adam on Authority and Lynette being thrown of Southwest

It’s fun hearing Adam marvel at his own rage he’s forgotten


Previously Awarded in a Private Ceremony (Off Air)

Best Impression of a Bad Impression – ACS #1633 – Brett Morgen as Patton Oswalt as Bob Evans

Most Loyal Bro – ACS #1482 – Deaf Frat Guy

Best Insult – ACS #1700 – Adam Carolla’s Sick ‘Deep Purple’ Burn on Dawson

Worst Cheese – ACS #1670 – Adam Recounts a Conversation about Goat Cheese with Phil Rosenthal

Special in Memorium Tribute – ACS #1573 – Rowdy Roddy Piper

Most uncomfortable Moment from a Guest host – ACS #1528 – Jim O’Heir “Pendulous Breasts”

Pep Talk of the Year – ACS #1676 – Adam as Coach Platitude

Drop of the Year – ACS #1651 – “Hi Gary” by Dianne Wiest from ‘Parenthood’


Best Drop by a Guest

Nominees: ACS #1542 – Dr. Bruce “Diarrhea”, ACS #1619 – Lynette Carolla “Thanks a lot you weirdo”, ACS #1662 – Dave Dameshek “Captain Hilarious!”, ACS #1691 – Phil Rosenthal “Yeah” and ACS #1703 – Dr. Drew “You Cunt”

And The Winner Is: ACS #1619 – Lynette Carolla “Thanks a lot you weirdo”


Drop of the Year by a Staff Member

Nominees: ACS #1486 – Gina Grad “The Hack With The Rack”, ACS #1547 – Gary Patrick Smith “Young Money, Cash Money”, ACS #1537 – Gina Grad “Dem Booty Shots”, ACS #1699 – Mike Dawson “Black Man and Anal Woman” and ACS #1665 – Gina Grad “Don’t Care!”

And The Winner Is:  ACS #1665 – Gina Grad “Don’t Care!”


Best Drop from Adam

Nominees: ACS #1712 – “Extra Hairy Pussy”, ACS #1700 – “Woooo!”(Natalia Scream), ACS #1611 – “There is No God, I’m God!, ACS #1682 – “Off The Stage Fag!” And ACS #1704 – “Who sucks that Guy’s Dick!?”

And The Winner Is: ACS #1704 – “Who sucks that Guy’s Dick!?”

Adam is trying to recall the context of the winning drop


Best Drop By a Caller
Nominees: ACS #1507 – “I’m In Construction”, ACS #1552 – “Gina’s got Boobs”, ACS #? – “Motherfucker’s got a Podcast Everyday”, ACS #1556 – “I like the Show Cops” and ACS #1713 – “Close Your Legs I can see what you Ate For Breakfast”

And The Winner Is: ACS #1556 – “I Like the Show Cops”


Best Guest

Final Nominee: ACS #1508 – Rainn Wilson


And The Winner of Best Guest Is: Jo Koy


Rant of the Year

Final Nominee: ACS #1601 – Censorship on Cable Television

Adam goes in depth on the censored ‘Tropic Thunder’ and how licking head guts from a severed head is ok but swearing is not, Adam predicts his daughter will eventually have boobies and someone will feel them.

Adam is now encapsulating how we’ve ruined our world and uses beer banned on the beach to make his point.


And The Winner Is: ACS #1619 – Adam on Authority and Lynette being thrown off Southwest


Adam gives out the thanks and wraps up the final studio show of 2015, another very solid entry in the long history of the Ace Awards.