Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 200

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 200

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 12-16-2014 – Release Date 12-18-2014

Production Number #200 – The 200th Episode Extravaganza!

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, he welcomes Drew back to the show and they react to this being their 200th episode recording.

Drew is trying to give the production number some weight and treat it like a momentous occasion, Adam is lamenting his lack of a self of esteem that doesn’t allow him to feel anything about this.

Drew says they have two modes, Chris jokes about returning the cake, Adam says like hell he will and jokes he will eat the whole thing and lie about returning it.


Adam brings up his two categories, this falls into his “neither here nor there” category as three is no actual reward or achievement, Drew is on a tangent about humans inventing time and imbuing meaning onto the meaningless.

Adam explains if they told him it was episode 81 or 312 he wouldn’t know, he asks Chris if he’s beaming with pride and he has a hilarious deadpan reply.

Adam is sharing how he hugs his kids and tells him how much he loves them, Drew says he’s going to end up creating his own dad, Adam is interrupting to dispute the idea of humans not being able to evolve and gain abilities and traits that weren’t passed on to them.


Adam says he can show affection, he can move past not being shown affection and act as if, he jokes about copying the way people behave in happy movies.


“They don’t know I’m filled with fucking sawdust and maggots!” – Adam on his kids not knowing his true essence of being and legacy of his parents upon him and how they don’t need to.


Drew calls Gary out on wearing sunglasses, trying to imply he’s stoned? Adam defends him and tells Drew why sunglasses work when it’s overcast and actually helps your eyesight while driving.

Adam brings up his wife quizzing him about the holiday bonuses and Amazon gift certificates for the staff, I guess everyone now knows who got bonuses and who didn’t, new socks on Amazon are nice though!


Adam explains in order to underwrite the cost of these holiday gifts he must work in San Jose on Saturday to pay for everything, Drew is joking about how that doesn’t count for anything anymore.

Adam is now describing his weekend schedule, airport to wine club signing and then a live show, another signing, another show, another signing and then at his hotel at 1am.

Drew asks Adam why he returns so early while on the road, he brings up his “door to door” thinking about the cost of travel and work.


Adam says that it pays off to get back home by noon, you forget about the weirdly traumatic morning airport security line experience.

Adam says it will be horrible any way you slice it so just go home early, Adam further laments paying for everything and getting no credit for that.

Adam says he never went down the path of buying into that, he brings up the time he told Lynette she would be the one picking up the Chinese food as he paid for the Mercedes, black card and mansion home.


Adam says the day they reverse roles will be the day he goes on the Chinese food runs, he’s forgetting the 1999 ‘He Say his name was Bobby” story.

Adam is mocking the idea of Drew having a nanny if he was the stay at home parent, Drew says he agrees with Adam about this point but offers a counter point about women not getting the same cred Adam asks for.

Adam says most women he knows who pay for their men, resent the men, Adam doesn’t resent his wife and he further riffs about the judging that would be going on if Drew had a nanny and a maid.


Adam and Drew are riffing about living as the house husband, Drew keeps hinting about Jizz and then finally mentions masturbating.

Adam brings up Drew’s persistent cough, his “hack” that has been going on for seemingly 5 years, even during his 1st appearance on the Acs #02 (feat. Dr. Drew).


Drew launches into a live read for


Adam brings up the time his wife forgot to get the Christmas card photos done before Christmas Eve and how much he appreciates when her memory lapses ebb in his favor like that, one less expense and waste of time.


1st Caller Nick, he fears that he’s become dependent on going to the gym to maintain his mental health, Adam says that waking up in the morning is a low grade trauma, hence why you crave fatty and sweet foods.

Drew explains how the appetite related functions of the brain get thrown off by disturbed sleep.

Adam says that people who go to the gym everyday are fairly able to keep their shit together, Drew has some practical advice for him managing his depression.


Adam says that the key to working out daily is to bring the gym to our house, Drew credits Adam for his walking and classical music advice for curing depression.

Adam says if he thinks of it, it shall be.

Adam tells Drew about how he put his jump rope platform in front of the TV, Drew says he’s brought lots of equipment in over the years.


Drew is now setting up a clip of the KROQ Acoustic Christmas event where Bean of Kevin and Bean fell of the stage, Gary is playing the clip and Drew is describing the scene.

Adam says this happens all the fucking time, he is now painting a recipe for disaster and they bring up Ann-Margret and Fergie, Adam is now factoring in the shoes, lighting and possible chemical element to this perfect storm.

Adam wants to know why more people aren’t killed by these stages and setups.


Adam says that nobody wants to look at their feet while on stage and explains why, Adam gets Drew to reveal he’s ok and Drew rags about him refusing to take the trip to the hospital.

Adam is telling Drew about Mike August’s casual admission of being hit by an SUV while on foot, Drew is incredulous and Adam describes the scene.

Adam is now riffing about Jimmy Kimmel being a weird pox and their mocking the broken thinking from earlier in the show and how idiots would assume that Jimmy was the common connection between both accidents.


Adam tells Drew that the guy didn’t pull over and stop, this is what happens, this happens all the time, in fact I told Drew about this very phenomenon on episode #37 of his podcast, they never stop and nobody ever gets the plates for you.


2nd Caller Zoltan, again, this time from someplace else.

Who Screens these calls!? This is either the same guy or this is a group of people making fun of you?

Drew even is starting to get wise and Zoltan says he’s not the same guy, sure.


He brings up the idea of “having a good enough mother” and cites his parents struggle from poverty to success, setting up Adam and Drew to agree with him, like he’s playing an instrument and smarter than them, not realizing they don’t care.

Now we’re in familiar rant material, Adam has a funny Zolt’Un pronunciation and now Zoltan is telling them about his wife and his role in their marriage.

Adam and Drew are telling Zoltan he might be depressed and Adam says that if you removed all of the things that he enjoys doing and is motivated to do and you would be left with a base level of depression.


Adam brings up his time as a catholic big brother and how the expense of Nate and Tim at Taco Bell was ultimately worth it.

Adam is bringing up how human instincts to indulge and what you want to do vs. it doesn’t feel good activities and what they ultimately mean for your long-term fulfillment and life.

Adam suggests volunteering until you develop a passion that leads you to the show ‘Shark Tank’.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read.


3rd Caller Jacob, he’s been with his wife for 6 years and she won’t let him see her vulva.

Drew asks why she pushes him away and they’re now telling him that if there is a story than it makes sense and this is her, if there is no story than she needs to get over it.

Adam is quizzing him about her growing up with her grandparents and Drew brings up the potential for old world stories/myths to affect young people, basically hinting around the idea of her grandparents being superstitious/religious nuts.


Adam is doing the plugs and mentions RZA from Wu Tang Clan, he says he is really proud of his conversations on ‘Take a Knee’ and how he feels like it’s a legacy he’s leaving behind unlike the rest of his legacy of material.

Adam wraps up the show.