Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2014 – John Hiatt, Ricky Warwick, Bobby Field, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/18/2014 – John Hiatt, Ricky Warwick, Bobby Field, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest John Hiatt, Ricky Warwick, Bobby Field, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 12-17-2014 – Release Date 12-18-2014

Production Number #1477

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Adam opens the show to a decent intro, Adam jokes about Lynch reading Dixie riddle cups, Matt Atchity is in studio and Adam praises his site for its ubiquity in today’s media landscape.

Matt says he saw ‘The Interview’ and Adam brings up the mixed reviews on RT, he says it’s not as sharp as some of the previous Rogen and Franco pairings.

Adam is telling the critics and people who review the movies on RT to not factor in other movies while judging the movies they’re watching, art judged for what it is, not what came before it.


Adam is clearly hinting at the reviews for ‘Top 5’ and Matt is adamant about the process for how they review films, Adam says he’s never seen ‘Pineapple Express’ and Matt now breaks down how critics judge films.

Alison has some solid questions leading him on this tangent.

Adam says his impulse when he sees a motorcycle accident is to run and scream, he wants film critics just to watch the movie, not be overwhelmed by press kits.


Adam asks if this couldn’t not turn into the biggest VOD release in history, a watershed moment for the release model.

Matt is giving his take on the opportunity that’s presented itself for Sony and the industry.

Adam is predicting the future and guesses that it will be huge business once it’s released.


Alison confirms they’ve cancelled the Christmas release of the movie.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop live read.


Adam teases the call from John Hiatt and shares how much he loves the Rotten Tomatoes game.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he met Adam in Richmond and loves the show.

He comments on Adam’s giving nature, Adam says this is why people hate comedians and comments on Tom’s cadence and delivery.

Tom wants to know about him remembering the little guy and taking care of those around him.


Adam is offering Tom a shot to break out his comedy routine, Adam tells him that unless he was born in his mid-40’s success might not be in the cards for him.

He’s stalling when Adam is trying to get him to launch into his act.

Tom is telling them about his reaction to the Walter O’Brien episode of the ACS.


Adam is joking with Tom about being thrown out of the state of Virginia, Adam has a killer “Shocking” in reaction to finding out that Tom isn’t married.

Adam is now riffing about how Tom proposed to the woman he was once married to, Alison joins Adam with a funny impression of him as well, Adam gets confused and now they do another lap.

Adam is combining Tom’s delivery with his Chicago accent thing he does when quoting ‘Blues Brothers’ and he asks Tom what he does for a living.


He tells Adam about his YouTube show, Adam gives him another chance to bust out some comedy and asks him about ‘The Interview’ controversy, he has a very stock answer.

Alison has a funny one liner.


2nd Caller Murray, he came out to the ‘Road Hard’ screening and asks why Adam doesn’t have a driver, he says he can’t stand it because they drive so fucking slow.

They don’t drive hard, so he can’t use a driver.

Murray gives the movie a 95% and says he hasn’t laughed so hard in years, Adam shares the story of Alec Baldwin’s driver who used to tape Loveline and got Alec hooked on the show.


Adam is breaking down the experience of using a driver and Alison is in the mix commenting on the expectations of a tip.


John Hiatt is joining them for another phoner, Adam asks him about his history with the Grammy’s and finds out he’s had 11 career nominations.

Adam asks him if he’ll be coming out west for the award show, he doesn’t think he will and praises the other artists in his category.

Adam wants him to come out and then come by the studio, he jokes about him coming to his house to play an acoustic set.


Adam asks John about his touring schedule in today’s music business, Adam tells them about seeing John with his wife last time he was out west.

Adam says that John let them use one of his songs for his movie ‘Road Hard’ and now they play ‘Dust Down a Country Road’ one of Adam’s favorite songs performed by John.

Adam comments on how he likes the lyric about the dog, in lieu of it being him or some chick he’s fucking.


Adam asks John when he’ll be out west next, John tells them about just finishing up some solo dates and chilling in his new city abode that the kids have grown up and moved out.

Adam once again affirms he needs to get some face time with John next time he’s in Los Angeles.

Adam is now complimenting John for what he’s brought him in life, he says John has given him more joy than his own parents.


3rd Caller Aaron, he wants to know why Adam got into Datsun cars.

Adam says it’s akin to the women in their 50’s who become synonymous with a color or animal and it becomes their thing, he has an anecdote about his wife’s former coworker who got saddled with purple.


Adam is doing a live read for Protect Your Bubble.


Rotten or Fresh – Christmas Movies

1st Movie A Christmas Story (1983)

Adam has never seen it, even Alison has.

Adam comments on how he’s avoided this movie for so long, Matt says this movie found its popularity in cable airings over the years, Adam has a funny one liner about the RT critics.

Alison shares why she didn’t like this movie.


2nd Movie Jingle All The Way (1996) Matt says 97, but I came out in Nov. 1996.

Adam remarks about the great Sinbad and his role in the movie, Adam was mocking this movie even back in 1996.

Alison has a funny observation about the home video release tagline they’re looking at and Adam gets in a solid fisting joke.


3rd Movie Bad Santa (2003)

Adam is now mocking the idea of ‘Reindeer Games’ and says the title was thought up before the script, he might be right actually.

Matt claims to have an anecdote of Vin Diesel getting fired from the movie for refusing to go shirtless, which doesn’t sound 100% accurate.

Adam likes Bad Santa and goes with a guess of 79%.


4th Movie Elf (2004)

Adam shares how much he misses Bernie Mac despite not being able to understand most of what he said in every scene he appeared in.

Adam comments on guest starring in and episode of Bernie’s show during the KLSX days.


5th Movie Die Hard (1988)

BB comments on how ahead of its time the movie was and has the same score as Adam.

Adam 18, BB 21 and Alison with 65.

Adam does a smart mouth live read.


Adam gives out some plugs for Matt and asks him about what he’s seen this year, Adam brings up the deal guys should make about seeing ‘American Sniper’ in exchange for seeing ’50 Shades of Grey’ and then commit suicide before having to see the 2nd movie.

Adam is asking him about the likely best picture nominees.

Matt is telling them about the movie ‘Selma’ and Adam jokes about Tyler Winfrey the ultimate black persona, he now further riffs up a new one.


Matt says the new ‘Annie’ is terrible and Adam comments on the movie ‘Top 5’ saying he liked a lot of parts of it but points out the weird and distracting movements in the movie.

Adam says he adds and deducts points when watching movies, Alison is now in the mix telling him she does something similar, solid reference.

Adam comments on the gay element that felt out of place in the movie, Matt agrees and Adam says shooting a movie in NYC is almost cheating due to the production value surrounding you.

They head to break.


They’re back from break.

Rich Banks has a holiday parody aimed at Mike Lynch, pretty solid!

Adam wants to know if Lynch wrote that or if it was all Rich Banks.


Adam welcomes Ricky and Bobby to the show, he’s asking them about the premise of their film and the crowd funding campaign.

Adam jokes about Ricky being in a ‘Thin Lizzy’ cover band, he’s actually in ‘Thin Lizzy’ and Adam asks them about Phil from the original lineup.

Adam is commenting on the album ‘Black Rose’ its Ricky’s favorite as well, Adam says he needs to track down a copy of the album.


Adam is now explaining that it’s his fault as it says “spin off band” and Adam comments on the “seeing impaired” guy(lady) from Classic Loveline.

They’re telling Adam about their hopes to start filming next year, Ricky is explaining how he got involved with the project.

Adam is joking about people in Ireland who don’t like soccer, he cites Alison as an American who doesn’t care about football, and does the equivalent exist in Ireland?

Funny “tons of assholes” line and a throat clearing from Alison in reply, good stuff.


Adam is commenting on the fallacy of women being into the hulking frames that most men presume, Alison has a nice Aaron Rodgers name drop.

BB is playing the Hulk Hogan entrance music, Adam is now riffing about the WWF/WWE and BB stops the song.

Adam gives out the URL for Bobby’s crowd funding project.


Adam says he never asks what are you going to do with it when it comes to unfinished projects, he explains the psychological process of doing something and Bobby is telling them about their documentary about the hikers who were captured in North Korea.


Adam is doing a Man Crates Live read.

Adam jokes about Laxamana gnawing through the beef jerky crate that was sent to the warehouse, hilarious red eyes and growling description, good stuff!


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the official cancellation of the movie ‘The Interview’ after the latest terror threats, Adam calls it the greatest tax write off in the history of film making and says he now wants to see it like the lost Jerry Lewis movie ‘The Day the Clown Cried’.

Adam gets an update from Gary regarding the fear based decision to not offer/plan for a VOD release instead, Alison asks if they think it will actually not ever get a release.

Adam says the internet is starting to bite us in the ass after the early days of porn and eBay.


Alison has the latest details from Sony regarding their theory of this being an inside job.

Adam is joking about Seth Rogen touring in the Pope Mobile to keep safe, he says he was told by Matt Stone and Trey Parker that one or both of them has panic rooms in their home to keep their family safe.

Adam recalls this from a bachelor party several years ago.


Alison is arguing the facts regarding this business decision, she says it’s colossally destructive and BB then paraphrases with a “dominos” analogy.

Adam says whomever the publicist is for Terrorism to give themselves a raise, he comments on the worldwide activity and how the United States could’ve never seen this coming, using the concepts of war from previous generations.

Adam says that you statistically have a better chance of being eaten by a shark, struck by lightning while fucking Lady Gaga than being killed or involved in a terrorist plot.


Ricky is telling them about the terrorism in Belfast while he was growing up, what he had to ignore and live through before being able to process that enormity of a childhood like that.

Adam says this is probably a 200$ million dollar investment when print and advertising is added to the budget, Alison comments on the former Sony employees who are being sued by the data breach.

Adam says that when somebody starts a joke chain like the Amy Pascal email exchange about Obama preferring movies with black casts, Alison read the emails and came away thinking that everyone is a fucking asshole, Adam likes Angelina Jolie so he swapped her out with Jeremy Piven in his recount of the Sony emails.


Adam says they’re really saying “don’t think” and further gives his take on email blunders.


Adam is doing a Pajama Gram live read.


2nd Story Is on the historic shift in the relationship between the United States and Cuba, she explains all of the details.

Adam says that Cuba should take a long look in the cracked mirror and mocks the idea of their citizens fleeing the country via tire inner tubes.

Adam asks when Cuba might finally reflect on their legacy and form of government, he comments on the rule of amnesty for fleeing dissidents of Cuba, Adam explains his “Olly Olly oxen free” reference to Ricky.

Ricky has a hilarious dismembered foot question, Adam says if he was the coast guard he would allow it, he likes the moxie of a person who would go to those lengths.

Adam says we need to get the mafia going over there and open some casinos, Adam is commenting on the cold war relationship between Russia and Cuba.


Adam is now explaining how the United States treats former foes and how we rebuild instead of pillaging, Adam is asking what other nation wouldn’t go over there and roll over them.

Alison has the new rules about travel to and from Cuba, BB has a boyfriend analogy for how America behaves after a conflict.

Adam jokes about how the one thing that unites all men including even the most religious zealots, pornography.


Adam jokes about the guy’s named Fidel who never seem to escape from Cuba, great infidel joke.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam and Alison are doing a Lifelock ultimate plus live read.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.