Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2014 – David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2014 – David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Wild

Recorded 12-16-2014 – Release Date 12-17-2014

Production Number #1476

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Adam is now opening the show to a ‘Hurts So Good’ intro courtesy of Lynch I presume, BB has a classic Dameshek #TopDrop.

David Wild is in studio, Adam brings up the writer of the movie ‘The Interview’ being forbidden from guesting on tonight’s show due to the controversy and cancelled release.

Adam once again brings up “Buffer Songs” and now calls for “Buffer News Stories” and shares the 130+ kid’s slaughters in Pakistan to the light rain weather report.


Adam is mocking the notion of “light rain” and BB has a great “Explain this!” that Adam jumps right on, almost said in unison.

Alison asks what the good buffer story would be for this situation.

Alison asks Adam follow ups about “homeless guy stabbed” and how it works as his buffer, BB is not getting the premise and Adam argues for the sake of the dead kids.


Adam jokes about the “poor Jewish” billboards, BB has never heard of them and David has some solid one liners.

Adam brings up the threat against Sony and the theaters that screen the movie ‘The Interview’ and David has a solid hacks line, nice.

Alison is now quoting the threats from the hackers, Adam asks where this hacking is supposed to be coming from, and David tells them the most up to date information.


Adam doesn’t know anything about hacking, he is trying to break down the events that lead to this movie being cancelled.

Alison has the news on the publicity freeze for the cast and production team.

David is telling them about seeing the movie, he asks Gary about their absentee guest Dan Sterling.


Adam is now doing a Drop Stop live read.


David is telling them about seeing a screening of ‘The Interview’ and shares his son’s reaction to the movie, he contrasts it to ‘This Is the End’ and calls it fun.

Adam says he liked ‘This Is the End’ a lot and comments on a couple unbelievable moments inside of the house, David is telling them about the logline of the movie.

David won’t even say the name of Kim Jong-un.


Adam is now bringing up ‘Defending Your Life’ and using it’s flawless setting and logic to contrast the “funny for the sake of funny” moment from ‘This Is The End’ and says he was down with the movie save for a few scenes.

Adam uses the name Russell Peters to make a point about comedy, Alison brings up the missing pot jokes form the censored version of ‘Dude Where’s My Car’ and Adam has a lesson about stoner movies being akin to kids movies when it comes to repeat business from a dedicated core audience.

Adam uses the movie ‘Ted’ and the pot in the film to explain its impressive box office.


Adam makes Dawson give them a couple “Later Hosen’s” and Adam has a funny “I’m serious” back and forth with Alison that he quickly makes very dark.

David is sharing his theory on movie attendance today, saying that it’s less about dating and more about groups of the same gender going to movies together.

Adam mocks the ‘Cheech and Chong’ filmography, he says it’s a version of genius to pander to one group of people.


David says he’s never seen one and Adam tells him he can go to his grave knowing that he’s not missing out on anything.

David says it was funny and smart, he is using it as an example of anything being on the table in America, Alison wants to know about the production team and if anyone foresaw this.

David has a great point about ‘South Park’ raising the bar, its David’s birthday today!


Adam is doing a live read for Protect Your Bubble.

Adam says James Franco deserves this because he never guested on the show after Adam lent him his car for a Chanel ad, Alison recalls some of the details of James and his lost booking.

Adam is sharing the anecdote of first hearing from Jay Leno about James looking for this car, Adam says he’s sure none of this will get back to him and Alison brings up his guys who refused to let James pay for anything.

Adam says he tells his people he doesn’t need to make money, but he doesn’t need to lose money while James tries to make money.


Adam is lamenting Franco’s fucking douchebag people who block him from guesting on the show and honoring their deal.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he fought a ticket and lost today, he asks Adam about his makeup on ‘Catch a Contractor’ being fucked up for a single episode.

Adam tells him about the building days vs. confrontation days, Adam is sharing that Skip is smart and his wife brings a sponge to dab him when the makeup crew aren’t present.

John has a Heath Ledger comparison for Adam, Adam jokes about what he would say if he didn’t like him as he claims.


2nd Caller Ivan, he wishes David a happy birthday and tells them about his impending wedding set for October 31st 2015, he tells them about his groomsmen dropping out.

Adam is now commenting on kids knowing what day Halloween is on, Alison has a point about kid’s modern celebration of the holiday and asks if it even matters now.

Adam has some funny one liners while asking him follow up questions, Adam jokes about why Halloween is the best anniversary date, also a solid ATM pin!

David has a funny reference, Adam takes it back to Ivan asking him further about this situation and they all joke about ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ being even more prophetic than Adam intended.


3rd Caller Justin, he wants to know about a motorcycle owned by Jay Leno, he shares the anecdote as told to him by a girlfriend’s father.

Adam is stopping Justin, he mocks the idea of these stories where people hang up on celebrities who call them, assuming someone else is pranking them.

David shares a Ted Koppel anecdote of just this very situation, Alison shares an anecdote about an impostor Bob Saget.


Adam is now sharing the “how did you get this number!?” incident with Bob Saget during the height of ‘The Man Show’ and Adam says at a certain point he had to tell him that there was nothing going on his career.

Adam says he also once called Lorena Bobbitt and says that was a slightly more comfortable conversation, that’s a rare admission.

Adam brings up the LeVar Burton call during ‘The Man Show’ production.


Adam is asking him about the bike, he doesn’t have any specifics.

Adam is now telling Gary to get his phone to call Jay’s garage, Alison rightfully plugs her episode of ARIYNBF with Wink Martindale.

David asks them about Jay Leno guesting on Crag Ferguson’s last show and asks about that being seen as an F.U. to Letterman, Adam says good.


4th Caller Mark, he wants to know sharing a bathroom with your spouse and proper etiquette.

Gary gets on mic to tell Adam that Jay isn’t present and tells him to ask Bernard if he knows of the bike story.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth Live Read.

Bernard says that rumor has been going along for a while and doesn’t believe it’s true, Adam is praising Bernard and tells them about him winning the sidecar motorcycle championships.

Alison asks for a more dignified name for the guy riding in the sidecar acting as a counter balance, he brags about Bernard building the bikes from scratch, he’s a genius.

Adam says that Bernard’s side hack partner is the brother of a guy Adam went to high school with who dies in 10th grade from Cancer, the almost never told story of Greg.


They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Rich Banks has a holiday song aimed at Dawson, pretty good.

David Wild compliments Dick Banks and they play David’s song.


Adam takes it back to Mark, he is a fast talker, coming from a fast talker.

He wants to know about equating the bathroom and the bedroom, Adam says there shouldn’t be a punitive element to his wife taking a shit.

Adam is asking him about being turned off by his wife having proper human bodily functions, David shares how he doesn’t share a bathroom with his wife.


Adam is sharing his new building code rule for bathrooms, he describing a lobe moving and hair raising high volume fan, he comments on hiding under the white noise while dispensing with your brown noise, Alison has an anecdote about having to pee at the studio after eating asparagus, sadly I think I know this already somehow, she must have talked about it on air.

Adam is commenting on the bathrooms in Dodger’s stadium and BB has a killer one liner about Adam’s treatment of rental cars.

Adam is contrasting the airport bathroom to the stadium bathroom, he says the perfect storm of shit happens at every airport bathroom.


Alison asks about the possible complications of this special shitting bathroom, Adam tells them about his time spent sharing a single bathroom with ex-girlfriends.


Adam is doing a ManGrate live read

Adam launches into Alison’s news, BB interrupts it before anyone decides if they should so he can get to his segment.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘The Imitation Game’ and asks them about the black list unproduced screenplays, he says this won as the best unproduced script in 2011.

BB asks them if they’re familiar with the codebreaking of WWII, BB asks Gary about the clip he sent in, what?

They’re now playing a clip from the film, BB talks about the 7 figure deal with Leonardo DiCaprio that fell through and led to this version of the movie.

Adam has a killer German film critic joke while talking about the rotten tomatoes score, David shares his own reaction to this man and his role in the United States and allied powers winning WWII.


Adam is commenting on this being the nerd era for historical movies, instead of the action era previous to this.

BB praises the film, not letter score.

Adam comments on the U.S. Military and how WWII made us gear up for battle, after the Germans trampled France who were considered the elite military of the world at the time.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the Taliban attack on the military run school in Pakistan, she has the details of the attack and murders of children and teachers, yikes.

BB jokes about them checking the kids, Adam says it’s time for everyone to start judging and the sane folks to gather and kill some people to finish this off for good.

Alison comments on kids being off limits, Adam doesn’t know and says that terrorism has to go for broke, change tactics and adapt.

Adam says these terrorists are like ‘The Aristocrats’ joke in that they are a never ending absurdity but directed towards terror and not comedy.


Adam is calling for the German’s to pay back their debt and solve the Middle East conflicts, Alison asks about them getting into the minds of the crazy people who committed this massacre.

David has a wise point about this type of terrorism, Adam is commenting on the people who murder someone else without thinking through the consequences, Adam blames that on hopelessness.

Adam is now using the young males of the Middle East and a crazy religion to make a point about too much energy and not enough outlets coupled with a strict dogmatic structure that denies basic human needs and health.


Adam is commenting on the lack of borders in the world, he says we need to agree on a few things and says the world shouldn’t look at our doorstep for all of the nuttiness in the world.

David brings up moral equivalency and Adam describes how the lack of judging and recognizing evil leads to a never ending series of this.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Live Read.

Alison brings up the possible SAG/AFTRA date leak and Adam jokes about a missing 28$ from his guest spot on season 2 of ‘Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place’.

The limo episode.

Adam asks for some happy news like something about Bill Cosby.

David is now leaving early, claiming to the delight of Adam’s listeners, David don’t listen to the angry trolls, they’re just haters, you’re great on the show and you have the most appearances of any guest, own it and be proud!


2nd Story is on the body cameras purchased by Eric Garcetti for the LAPD, Adam jokes about a better idea for repurposing the free tablets for L.A. Unified students.

Adam praises DNA evidence and argues against the ACLU fighting the use of DNA, Adam laments for the parents of victims of unsolved murders.

Alison has the details on the cameras, Adam says most cops will want the camera on and explains they won’t want to be roped into accusations and charges for things they didn’t do.


3rd Story Is on the rejection of a child sexual abuse claim against Bill Cosby, Alison explains the California statute that was being used as precedent in the claim.

Adam and BB are now commenting on Gloria Allred and how she always somehow gets involves with these cases related to celebrities.

Adam comments on the settlements she probably lines her pockets with after the press conferences where she tells everyone to get their checkbook.


Adam is now asking Gary to look up the outcome of the case she represented against Michael Richards, Adam is now using her 2006 KLSX ACS call the infamous “Crystal Brain” phoner to make a point about his “stupid or liar” theory.

Adam has a funny “Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles” one liner aimed at Gary, as if he wrote it, gold!

Alison brings the news home and wraps it up.

Adam finds out what happened with the Michael Richards case.


Adam is doing a Pajama Gram live read.

Adam wraps up the show and plugs ‘Take a Knee’.