Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/16/2015 – Kevin Sorbo

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/16/2015 – Kevin Sorbo

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kevin Sorbo

Recorded 12-15-2015 – Release Date 12-16-2015

Production Number #1724

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Adam teases the upcoming Ace Awards and the ‘People’s Choice’ element added to the proceedings this year, Adam is talking about using a product and fighting with it, wondering how the bad design got so far down the line.

Adam is recalling his “good stuff” hair goo, it’s called ‘Enjoy’ and it’s very creamy.

Adam contrasts his brand against ‘Crew’ and BB shares an anecdote, even he’s used it.


Adam is explaining the trip he took next door insisting the guys failed at finding his hair goo, Chris Maxipada later found it behind a picture on a shelf.

Adam has a funny seagull shit one liner and he brings up the cruel and unusual punishment of the death penalty and how the drug manufactures and other countries are making it crueler by depriving prisons of the drugs needed to do it painlessly.

Adam brings up the firing squad and the guillotine as proposed by some dude he heard, BB has a funny riff about his fascination with the guillotine and decapitated heads.


Adam asks why we are the way we are, he joeks about the cigarette being the only thing banned from a firing squad in today’s world and Gina brings up last meals.

Adam shares how he would throw up and be sick if it was him, but if he was the type to kill he could then probably eat without feeling badly or getting sick.

Adam asks about how man men on death row have a final jack, he’s asking for a poll of the staff.


Everyone is weighing in, Dawson has a killer point about getting it together and Gina aims way too low.

Adam is riffing about the variances of jack(s) men can practice.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam brings up the Howie Mandell gift certificate that his wife was mocking him about last week, Adam said the certificate came in and he marvels at their 100$ increment rule.

Adam shares Howie’s reply via Gary, Adam says he did send Howie the 14$ to pay for the full meal.

Adam is marveling at how funny comedians can be via email, Adam says that Babydoll is coming to town tomorrow and Dixon has the name of the restaurant on lock down, to prevent Cousin Sal from ordering custom branded sweat suits in advance.


Adam is talking about ordering food for other tables at restaurants and moves on.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam has an update on Amazon and the bold strategy of being out of stock, Dawson quotes a fan tweet about getting a pre-Christmas ship date.

Adam is talking about a trip out to dinner with Norm Pattiz to CUT and he shares why he loves it, he used to clean the carpets at the same place long before it was this high end steakhouse he loves.


Adam is going over his old stops for cleaning carpets and the low pay combined with unpaid commutes that almost amounted to volunteer work as pointed out by Gina.

Adam talks about cleaning the pink turtle and tells everyone its Gary’s birthday, he’s 31!

Adam remarks he doesn’t even know what month his half birthday is in and mocks him for having a loving mother.


Adam is talking about how Dennis Prager was telling him about the new Rabbi Du Jour for the annual White House Jewish events that Dennis used to host/bless in previous administrations.

Adam remarks on how the president must feel about these events, having top pretend to care about these speeches and the people delivering them.

Adam is now having them play the speech from Rabbi Susan, my god.

Adam is doing some live commentary mocking her rhetoric and non-religious comments that are unrelated to holidays.


Adam is mocking the speech and how Obama must’ve felt, he comments on Muslim extremists wanting to erase Jewish people from the face of the earth.

Adam asks how blowhardy that was and brings up the toxic nuclear fires she brought up.


Adam mocks the quality of life in St. Louis.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Dave from Philly, Adam tells him about visiting his dad’s childhood home in South Philly and feeling sympathy for the man for the first time in his life.

Dave is telling them about a bizarre triangle with a co-worker and her boyfriend, Adam has a funny self-satisfied sniff and tells Dave “who cares” and explains why it’s dumb and a waste of time.

Adam explains what he tells people who try to badmouth people he gets along with.


2nd Caller Sharif, he wants to know about building a new home and asks about metal buildings.

Adam says the most expensive thing you can do is to make things out of whole cloth, prefabbed is always less expensive and he uses mass produced cars vs. rare race cars to make a point about availability of parts.

Adam riffs about being a white house heckler and mocking those blowhard speeches.

Adam wraps up with Sharif and they head to break.


Adam is doing and Uber Live Read

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Kevin Sorbo making his ACS debut.

Adam explains the Rich Banks song about his wife Lynette following Bruce around the country, Adam is telling Kevin about getting the movie sent via Vimeo late last night, he watched the trailer instead and he talks about the plot of the new film.

Kevin is explaining the plot to the gang, Adam and Kevin segue into the conversation of absentee fathers and how important men are in children’s lives.

Adam is not focusing on a single race and he comments on the real world stats in reply to Kevin.


Kevin has a good point about tolerance and hypocrisy from the left, indicating his politics quite early.

Adam is going in depth on absentee dads once again, he has a solid Taco Bell analogy and Kevin is offended by people who are offended by made up drama du jour.

Adam is asking Kevin about his book and filming ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ in New Zealand throughout the 90’s and suffering multiple strokes while filming, Kevin gives a great thumbnail description of the book’s premise and it sounds intriguing.


Adam is talking about the San Diego game, Philip Rivers and the possibilities of the team moving to Los Angeles.

Adam is asking Kevin about his Journey and how he got into show business, Kevin tells them about his show and it’s unique connection to ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ and the entire New Zealand film production industry.

Adam is asking him about the chow in New Zealand and he tells them about the great seafood, Gina asks him about his travels while abroad.


Adam plugs the film again ‘The Secret Handshake’ and Kevin tells them about the summer Park City film festival he’s going to the Robert Redford of coming up in 2016, they segue to Kirk Cameron and family/religious filmmaking.


Gina’s News


Adam does a True Car Live Read


1st Story is on the LAUSD closure after a foreign bomb threat/hoax and Gina explains why the NYC school system was able to determine it a hoax.

Adam is mocking Los Angeles and the lazy teachers who don’t want to be in school as much as the students they’re corrupting with their shitty attitudes.

Adam and Kevin are riffing about taxes and how government drives away industry while wasting funds and begging for more to fix the problems they caused by misappropriating the first amount of tax income.


Adam shares his ‘Parental Suppression’ theory and mock Huffpo for not being consistent with this stuff, Adam lays into the Huffpo idiots and moves onto his daughter heading to the dentist to get a tooth pulled and his son’s day out of school after Gina inquires.


2nd Story is an update on the referee assault from back in September, Adam jokes about the 4 foot main of hair the ref was hiding underneath his cap.

Adam is commenting on the coach putting a hit on the ref, Adam and BB are doing a funny improv bit regarding what the anger management meetings must be like for this coach.

Adam takes it to a funny ‘Manchurian Candidate’ area and closes out the scene.


3rd Story is on the Seth MacFarlane party and a reported incident regarding Christina Aguilera, Adam is now sharing his experience and Gina is reading the story.

Adam says everyone was holding their phones up and filming, Seth doesn’t care and understands it will all end up on social media.

Adam is now riffing about drunk logic and defends why Christina might have chosen to skip the singing on stage while everyone was filming.


Adam is talking about Seth buying the 7 million dollar house next to his in order to further build the stuff of his childhood dreams, “buy your neighbor’s house and tear it down to build a go-kart track money” and Adam talks about the ugly Christmas sweater station he drunkenly stumbled past.

Adam is trying to figure out what kind of 3D loom was being used to produce said sweaters, he marvels at 3D printing technologies of the modern era.


Adam is doing a Live Read for


Adam defends both participants and Adam once again riffs about his party/sobriety/STD dog idea.

Adam talks about his conversation with Bill Maher and reminding him of the fundraiser they performed at and how Bill smoked a joint instead of working out the beats and preparing with Adam.

Adam recalls Kevin Nealon was on stage and they walked out to prepare.


Adam is sharing how he was joking about marriage and kids with Bill and Lynette, Adam talks about the variety of Seth’s parties, the super intimate 30 people affairs and these giant gala events, complimenting Seth the whole time.


Adam is doing a Lifelock Live Read

They have a clip of Bill Maher up on stage singing with Seth Macfarlane, Gina brings up electro looms and Adam jokes about them putting foreign child labor out of business.

Adam says these parties never make him want to play an instrument more, he’s 0 for 2, didn’t get laid in high school* and didn’t learn an instrument.

Gina brings up Adam’s skills regarding receiving oral, Kevin makes note of it and they wrap up the show.