Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/16/2014 – Simeon Rice

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/16/2014 – Simeon Rice

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Simeon Rice

Recorded 12-15-2014 – Release Date 12-16-2014

Production Number #1475

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Adam opens the show to a classic #TopDrop and brings up their guest Simeon Rice, BB jumps in with some info about his football history.

Adam is bringing up Simeon’s crowd funding campaign to distribute his movie, Alison comments on studios and their “wiggly math” for reporting on profits.

Adam is telling them about his time at Seth MacFarlane’s party, he compliments the live orchestra and probably 200k spent on the affair.


Adam says it’s nice to see a guy who keeps getting richer but refuses to move, he just keeps buying neighboring houses and flattens them out to expand his compound.

Adam tells them about Mike August trying to convince Adam to setup a whole Mangria bar at the event, Adam is sharing his reaction and Alison jumps in to tell them that she heard some of this pitch.

Adam explains how Mike pressured him into calling and asking Seth if he could setup a Mangria bar, Adam shares his fear of appearing like an opportunist, he explains his mixed feelings about this.


Adam explains how he pitched it to Seth and then stepped in to deal with the party planner so Seth didn’t have to worry about it.

They ended up making room and had a Mangria bar at the party.

Adam is telling them about falling in love with Rye, he likes to top off his fortified booze with hard booze now.


Adam is mocking the mushroom infused Rye at the party, he asks if we couldn’t have an emergency bottle of plain, traditional rye.

Adam is sharing his frustration with the mixologists at the party.

“Just to poke me in the ribs with her pool cue of life” – Adam on his wife bumming him out by enjoying her drink from the same mixologist tent.


Adam comments on spotting Sean Penn and Charlize Theron sitting alone in the back, Adam is bringing up his connection to Sean’s late brother Chris and being acquaintances with Michael Penn from his Loveline visits.

Adam told Sean about drinking with Chris at a cop bar after Loveline, the time Chris did the show.



Adam gives his take on being friendly and introducing himself to celebrities, BB mocks him and he cites the Helen Hunt encounter where she revealed she was a big fan of ‘The Hammer’.

Adam is telling them about coming home Sunday night to witness his family watching ‘Catch a Contractor’ while on the Reverie bed in full vibrate mode.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read.

Adam says that Reverie has replaced his 30k bed, and is vastly better.

Adam explains how he ended up with a free 30 mattress and box spring, he says he would’ve never paid for that.


Adam is sharing his praise he lobbed on Seth for throwing that party, for doing something he would never do, it’s not just the money, and it’s the magnitude of the event.

Adam says he would just lament the waste and clean up before the party even began.

Seth shared his lack of respect for other people who do what he does, much like Adam he appreciates the things he can’t do and the people who do them more than anyone in his field.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he wants to know what song from the 1980’s that most people would know, he says ‘Sweet child o’ Mine’ and now Adam is suggesting one of the stadium songs.

BB plays some Gary Glitter and now Adam is lamenting the difficulty for Mike Lynch in trying to assemble Adam’s podcast material into book content.

Adam shares the story of Penny Lane leading to him coming up with a “buffer song” and laments Lynch getting another 20min rant about ‘Hurt’s So Good’ after it comes up in their book material conversation.


They’re now playing the song, Chris gets on mic, Dawson too.

Dawson explains the bridge in the song to Adam, Adam is trying to get Chris to hate the song.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron live read.

BB has never heard of Mustard Greens.


A Caller wants to know Adam’s take on Boston Cream pies, Adam is telling them about Andrew the sweet kid working on his documentary.

Alison can’t get over BB not knowing about Mustard Greens, Adam was also unfamiliar, and Adam is now telling them about someone running into one of the Boyd brothers who asked him about Adam.

The Boyd brother said that Adam was a hillbilly, the kids in the hood looked down on Adam’s hillbilly house.

Adam is back to Andrew, he explains how he sounds very similar to Sonny, and they both have a very super nice cadence.


Adam is sharing it’s not so much tone, but energy.

Adam says that Andrew won’t mix his food and brings up Mike August chopping up his food and turning it into slop, BB is now arguing why it ruins food to eat that way.

Adam brings up Dr. Drew’s father’s experience in the depression and his cheapness, telling him to now knock it off.


Alison’s reaction is great, Adam is continuing to rant about “knock it off” and brings up Andrew’s dislike of mashed potatoes and privileged take on thanksgiving.

Dawson gets on mic, Adam is saying that Andrew admitted to just eating turkey for the holiday, Adam found out he doesn’t like pie, he prefers cake.

He loves otter pops, BB suggests using Andrew in place of Angie for the old ‘Will Angie Eat it Segment’ from KLSX.


3rd Caller Cornelius, Adam brings up ‘The Cornelius Brothers and sister rose’ who the caller is unfamiliar with, of course.

Adam is now playing their hit ‘Too late to turn back now’ and Adam is going over Cornelius’s knowledge of the song, Adam is upset about Adam not knowing

He was the one who wanted Adam’s take on cream pies, Adam explains that Chocolate has no place for him in the pie world.


Adam is now looking at a generic picture of a Boston cream pie.


Adam is doing a live read

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Simeon Rice, the NFL great making his ACS debut.

They return with a Nicaraguan Name That Movie intro.

Adam is asking Simeon about his new movie project and quickly going back to Simeon’s time in the NFL, Adam recalls Warren Sapp making his appearance on the debut episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live after they won the Super Bowl.


Simeon is telling them about a prank call from Jimmy Kimmel, Adam says that’s Jimmy and goes back to Simeon’s time playing, asking him about his size while playing vs. while retired.

BB corrects Simeon’s stats, Adam calls him on it for a moment and now Adam is asking Simeon about his work in film after his time in the league, they both reference a Pete Berg movie (doc?) and move on to Adam’s now asking him about leaving the league without being washed up.

BB comments on him not having to endure the comments and criticism that most aging football players experience.


Adam is commenting on the seeming lack of a plan from the NFL when it comes to transitioning former players back into regular life, away from the spotlight and high stakes of the game.

Alison asks if he feels like he felt looked after while in the league, he explains no and you don’t need it as you feel invincible when you’re playing at that level.


Simeon is telling them about why he chose to invest in this script, Adam is asking him to describe the movie, and he says he came up with ideas for a chase movie after watching ‘No Country for Old Men’ and some other chase centered movies.

Adam asks him about his time at film school, Adam brings up ‘The Man With Two Heads’ once again, Gary queues up the trailer and they’re now watching it.

Alison asks him about the genre of his film ‘Unsullied’ and Adam asks him about the production schedule after they joke some more about the trailer.


Simeon and Adam joke on the 3 weeks it took Warren Sapp to tweet out Simeon’s crowd funding link, Alison has a killer one liner about Warren’s speed after Adam starts waxing poetic about his skill.

Adam is now going off on the abundancy of interdependent films and how just hearing of a project puts it in elite company.

Adam is getting Simeon to further comment on the publicity and media attention required for a film’s release, let alone success.


Adam is commenting on the upcoming ‘Road Hard’ premiers for contributors to the crowd funding campaign.


Adam is doing a ManGrate live read

Alison asks Simeon about the cast, they’re now riffing about the name ‘Rusty’ and Adam declares it’s always a nickname when a redheaded guy goes by Rusty.

Alison comments on the redheaded baby in the current season of ‘Homeland’.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the narrowing of the NFL Goal Posts and Alison has some commentary from repeat ACS guests Jay Glazer about the decision.

Adam says he would not mind the goal posts to be adjustable depending on distance of the kick, Adam is telling Alison about the evolution of kickers in the league.

Alison brings up Chris Kluwe, Adam says he’s a punter but observes her close answer and gives her the ok.


Adam brings up the ‘Patriots’ vs. ‘The Rams’ and they’re talking about Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch injuring his knee while celebrating.


2nd Story is on the hostage situation in Sydney, Adam is asking about the use of financial district by Alison, asking if it was a Jewish connection, Adam is unfamiliar if there are Jews in Australia, revealing he’s not too familiar with the legendary ‘Chopper’ and his pal ‘Dave the Jew’.

Alison has the details of the terrifying 16 hour ordeal, Adam is now asking about concocting a backstory and lying about your beliefs and or nationality to escape a situation like this.

Adam comments on Alison’s dad denying their heritage and how he was right in his thinking despite it leaving lasting impressions on Alison.


3rd Story is on Bill Cosby getting a call at home from a New York Post reporter, Alison gets a “more correct” response from BB regarding “Run Around” and “End Run”.

Alison now quotes Bill Cosby from the call, Adam asks how they got through and jokes about Bill answering the phone claiming to not be himself to throw people off.

Alison has some even more details about the call, Adam jokes about white guys trying to get away with that bullshit like Bill.


Simeon is now sharing his feelings about the woman who claims she was assaulted by Bill at the playboy mansion, he has another theory about Janice Dickinson.

Adam is sharing his expertise from Loveline about the repetitive cycle of addiction, he explains it in the terms of women who pursue addict partners.

Adam asks about the latest accusations, Alison cites the piece from Vanity Fair by Beverly Johnson, she has the details from the article.


Adam cites Jimmy Kimmel joking with his childhood priest about him never trying anything when Jimmy was young, he jokes about the models who were never assaulted by Bill now feeling like chopped liver.

Adam brings up the Functional MRI studies first brought to his attention from Dr. Drew on his 2005 Discovery Health Show.

Adam says he would love everyone in society to pass through the MRI and says that everything that goes down gets put through this machine and process to determine the truth.


Simeon thinks Adam is bringing up science fiction, BB brings up the idea of O.J. Simpson suffering from NFL related brain damage and that being in part responsible for his accused crimes and violence.

Alison says that’s Daniel’s theory, he’s convinced.


Adam is doing a Pajama Gram live read.


4th Story is on the statement by Camille Cosby regarding the accusations leveled at her husband, Adam says she has to know something about him.

Alison brings up her strange argument with Aubrey O’Day regarding the public knowledge surrounding Bill’s accused crimes and reputation.

Adam is now using George Clooney as a counter to Bill Cosby, Adam agrees with Alison and Simeon is now telling them about ‘The Coz’ and describing a hip coke using ladies’ man type.


Adam is now asking him if he is saying that Bill has an alter ego and Alison asks some more follow ups about this, Simeon hints at the awful things that happened to him while he was a kid, he’s doing an impression of an elderly Bill Cosby, Adam jokes about not being able to disagree with those noises.

Simeon is now admitting for the first time publicly that he was sexually abused as a little boy, he reveals it was a women in his family and has some rough details.

Simeon tells them about the time he first told his mother about the abuse after he graduated, this is intense and compelling.


Simeon is arguing for personal responsibility, Adam concedes his point but Simeon is further arguing about the delayed reporting of these crimes.

Adam is offering up some Loveline expertise and Alison adds to this nicely, Adam says there will always be a certain percentage of people trying to jump in someone thing like this, he uses FEMA money after Hurricane Katrina for his analogy.


Simeon is clarifying his take on the reported abuse, Adam reminds him he also waited to report his abuse, nearly 2 decades.

Adam is now getting to the psychological element of “you could have got up and left” that he feels he didn’t have a little boy.

Simeon cites some party guys he knows, BB drops a player’s name and Simeon moves on while confirming BB’s guess by not commenting on it.


Adam is now trying to smooth over Simeon’s comments and sum up his point, Alison is being very calm and explaining the facts of this to Simeon, Adam tells Simeon to make a long weird noise and Alison wraps the news.

Adam jokes about the guest bedroom at Simeon’s place, funny.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read.

Adam plugs ‘Take a Knee’ and wraps up the show with the standard plugs.