Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/15/2015 – Michael Rapaport and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/15/2015 – Michael Rapaport and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael Rapaport and Jo Koy

Recorded 12-14-2015 – Release Date 12-15-2015

Production Number #1723

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Adam opens the show with a sped up “sharing the good news” thank you intro, BB has a solid Michael Rapaport #TopDrop and Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show.

Adam is now threatening an update on the Amazon inventory for ‘Winning’ and he tangents off to SNL and the fake commercial that played.

Adam is offering up some live commentary over the commercial mocking adults who collect toys and keep them sealed in the box as collectors’ items.


Adam is back to his shitty emails to get everyone else to get their shit together, he shares the new wrinkle.

Adam is going over his latest call to Mike August and the two weeks the movie has been out of stock.

August told Adam that Amazon uses the “out of stock” button to create heat and increase sales.


Adam is sharing how he half believed that bullshit during the call, BB is shaking his head in disbelief.

Adam says who is he to argue with Amazon and their analytics, Adam is going over the multiple attempts at a back and forth with FilmBuff regarding this stocking issue.

Adam had Nate his co-director check the other top docs on Amazon, all in stock.


Adam has Nate check the top 20, the only ones out of stock are Adam and Co. with ‘Winning’ and now Gina is asking who they ask about this obvious duplicity.

Adam is asking Gary to get August on the phone and explains this is Film Buff’s fault.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Adam reveals he’s taping Michael’s podcast at the studio after they’re done with the show.

Adam is now asking for a BMI index on cops vs. firefighters, he talks about the morbidly obese cops guarding the national mall and stuff like that.


Adam says the hover board is a gateway drug for the future fat kids of America, Adam compares them to the moving sidewalks and the purgatory of driving one the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, purgatory of non-calorie burning.

Adam is now bringing up the callers.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Grant, Adam asks if he has referred a friend and he wants to know their picks for the worst Christmas song.

Gina has hers chambered and they play it right away, Mike August is on the line.


Adam is asking him about Maxipada giving the ok for Adam doing a signing after the show with Prager.

Adam is bringing up the off air discussion about the doc with August, Adam asks if FilmBuff is bullshitting them.

Adam asks why then out of the top 100 documentaries are they the only ones out of stock, Adam asks can it be true what they’re saying, Mike asks why they would lie.


August asks why it hasn’t changed after 2 weeks, Adam just had Fondiler order one and they’re going to figure it out from the customer’s perspective.

Adam is suggesting that FilmBuff is lying to Mike, trying to make him get that.

Mike is being very fair and says there is no conspiracy, he doesn’t agree and doesn’t think they lied to them like Adam does.


They do another lap and Adam wraps up the argument.

BB is now weighing in and Gina gives her take, Adam argues Amazon is like Gravity and things are just there, vibrators and back scratchers etc.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Uber

Adam asks about August and the gang weigh in edition


Jo Koy is giving his take and says he doesn’t know what Mike meant and now Dawson is weighing in and trying to make sense of the stock issue and Adam agrees completely.

Adam just doesn’t buy the “to keep the heat on” lie part.


Gina has a song called ‘Daddy’s Home’ and explains she heard about it on the morning show, they now play the bizarre Christmas song.

Adam is peppering in hilarious live commentary over the song.

Wow this really goes on, good choice!


Adam brings up Phil Silvers, Jo is busting out some impressions and Adam shares the story of the former L.A. Coroner Thomas Noguchi and the joke about him being the last man to sleep with Marilynn Monroe.

Adam compliments his deeps pulls of Phil and Thomas.

Adam comments on all of the dead starlets of the 60’s and 70’s and moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Gary has the details on Thomas Noguchi’s career, Adam asks what a weird job that must’ve been, and Gary has the names of the some of his most famous corpses.

Adam has a funny Thomas Noguchi drunk at a party riff with Jo and talks about Dr. Drew being assigned a cadaver in medical school and Gina has some details about the horrific smell of death you don’t forget.

Adam wraps up with Jo and they head to break.


They’re back from break with the funny song about Gary jacking off in 1st class, gold!

Michael Rapaport is returning to the show, Adam compliments his awesome T-Shirts and brings up the benefit of spending the extra few bucks on the quality materials for your merchandise and promotional gear.

Adam comments on Michael’s podcast being in stereo as the ACS was (Joint Stereo) for the first several years until that was taken away too.


Adam is asking Michael about his first documentary and he asks Adam about how hard it is to make one, Adam says its boring digitizing and transcribing and meetings with FilmBuff.

Michael explains that ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ are akin to ‘The Rolling Stones’ and Adam recalls doing ‘Crank Yankers’ with Dave Chappelle, the “neat” call regarding the ‘Wu Tang Clan’.

They play the legendary call.


Adam once again teases his appearance on Michael’s podcast, he asks him about the upcoming Donald Trump interview.

Adam says he’s an equal opportunity non researcher, Adam says what popped into his head for Trump is regarding his schedule, how much does he sleep etc.

Adam comments on a lack of sleep and the legendary sleep deprivation of people from history.


Adam is back to a conversation with Mike August and shares an “I’ll take it when I can get it” policy for catching up on sleep and recharging.


2nd Caller Joey, he asks for two guests to appear on the show.

He wants Anderson to come on the show and review movies and Adam’s sister to finally guest on air, Adam brings up the infamous story of his buddy who used to fuck his bean bag chair.

The school teacher and the story of Adam saying his real name on MTV, his students finding out and then the episode re-airing and his threats to sue him.

Adam explains that Drew made him say the guy’s name and mocks his “aww come on!” gene that leads to this shit.


Adam is describing these people who ruin things with this energy, Adam shares the rest of the story and how it all went down.

Adam takes it back to Joey, Michael is impressed he’s still on the line and he has some kind words for Michael and his career.


Joey is asking about home improvement, wrong show dude!

Adam is clarifying his expanding foam use and now telling him to have his windows remade and how he can recreate the old ones.

Adam talks about the counter weights that will be in the walls, Joey says there aren’t any and he tells Adam about the two estimates he has.


Adam talks about the expanding foam and how it’s much better in the commercials but never fully done in reality, great product, inferior application.

Adam has a riff about what he would like to be raped with the least, what goes up the asshole last.

Michael is commenting and jokes about shit foam.

They wrap up with Joey and Adam is talking about childhood board games that he never owned but played at his friends or cousin’s homes ‘Don’t Spill the Beans’ and ‘Don’t Break The Ice’ and he mocks the notion of ever gaining pleasure from such lame activities.


Adam is doing a Star Wars themed Fandango Live Read


Adam is having flashbacks to playing ‘Don’t Break The Ice’ with his cousin Greg and he comments on how if you lose one piece the game is then rendered unplayable.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the recent polls regarding the Republican candidates, Michael gives an interesting take on how nuts it is that he’s still running and actually winning all this support.

Adam is talking about the grim future where 90% of guys will be home lactating in 22yrs and the other 8-10% will be in the Octagon 24/7 as a push back to the status quo.

Michael is on fire and talking about Trump not being that talented nor knowledgeable of politics. Adam is talking about the “revenge sex” of Trump.

Adam asks why more liberal democrats don’t go independent.


Adam is commenting on the hippy movement giving way to preppy which led to hair bands, then Nirvana, Adam is making great points about how society ebbs and flows and self corrects, from sweet to salty and back and forth.


2nd Story is on a fight in parliament, they’re all doing live commentary, Adam talks about the bygone era of dueling and jokes about what that would do to tweeting.


Adam is doing a Live Read for True Car


3rd Story is on Paul Stanley delivering a speech/national anthem and Gina has a nice way of describing seeing him live, she’s been to several KISS concerts and says he’s very nice.

Gina has the clip of him kind of singing the anthem.

Adam asks Gina about her obsession with KISS and when it started to take off, Michael is commenting on her KISS fandom and she reveals she would pregame and wear their makeup.


Gina talks about ending up in one of the tour busses after a show, she mentions ‘Royal Crown Revue’ who did appear on Classic Loveline with Adam.

Adam has a killer ‘Save Ferris’ reference and asks  what she thought the intentions were for her being on said tour bus.

Adam comments on the lawyer he and Kimmel shared who took his mom on a cruise and Gary brings up a guy they know who cruises solo.


Adam says he misses the gay bandana code era of homosexual matchmaking and moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a PodcastOne live Read


Adam wraps up the show and BB plays a clip of Michael riffing about Trump.