Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/13/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 296

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/13/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 296

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Jeff Abraham

Recorded 12-08-2015 – Release Date 12-13-2015

Production Number #296 – Narcissism with Age (feat. Jeff Abraham)

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Adam welcomes Jeff to the show, he explains he was excited to have him on to share the story of Jeff’s late business parter and the inventor of Promescent.

Jeff is telling the story about his late buddy, Drew and Adam are both in the prostate cancer club and Drew has a plug for the prostate cancer society.

Jeff is telling them about his first appointment with his buddy who was also his physician, he explains why he wanted to get into business with him for the PE market.


Jeff and Drew mock the “60 second” figure for what is considered premature ejaculation, Adam talks about the way you discover and diagnose alcoholism, by consequences in life, work, and personal life or legally.

Jeff has some real world stats about the average time for climax among men and women, he shares how he first sampled the product and how the effects were exactly as he described.

Adam says people should approach their life with a collaborative mindset and Drew steps in to give some legal disclaimers and protect himself from crazy people listening who try to ruin successful people with integrity.


Jeff is talking about how they compare their product to the SSRI and “Cane” based topical products.

Adam is asking Jeff what happened to his partner, he shares the dark turn of events and confusing way he was told about the tragedy.

Jeff is now going over how the killer showed up and murdered his friend, sick, sick stuff.


Adam asks if they ever had an update on the case, Drew wants to know why it’s taken so long to go to trial and Jeff talks about the way this case plays into gun control.

Drew says physicians should be able to do their fucking job and prohibit people for certain periods of times from accessing firearms, Drew mocks the various arguments against this.

Adam mocks the immigration “rigorous policy” of asking people to be honest and admit to their criminal ties/intent.


Drew is explaining the struggle for physicians and the very strict limits upon them for stepping in with mental health cases.

Adam is talking about “see something, say something” and the 100% chance for pushback odds people weigh in their minds and then don’t act.

Drew is telling Adam about HIPAA laws and Adam has a killer Hippo/Hip series of one liners, back to back hilarity!


Adam is doing a Live Read for The Bret Easton Ellis Experience Podcast

Also on PodcastOne, Adam has a flub saying Bret has been on this show, meaning the ACS and Drew corrects him.

Adam goes on about how thoughtful Bret is and praises his opening show monologues, he plugs his most recent guest Quentin Tarantino, a very fun and informative episode!


Drew is now asking Adam about his latest plumbing nightmare, Adam is helping him and they’re riffing about sinks and sink heights.

Adam has a funny toiletry bag sliding off the counter bit.

Drew wants to know if they are going to be able to put a farmer’s sink in the bathroom, Adam is talking about a deeper sink and jokes about the end of ‘Platoon’ with Willem Dafoe’s death.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Casper Mattresses

I have one, Drew is right!

Gary Dell’Abate Approved Edition!

Adam worries about the Memory foam, goes to a party and gets talking, trying to impress a futon, hilarious!



1st Caller Rick, he’s calling about his wife and keeps listing his various diagnostic terms for her and her behavioral changes.

Drew is asking for precise examples of what she is doing.

Adam has to step in and tells Drew not to get weird on him, Drew’s going to get sing songy on him.


Adam is now explaining that “they” don’t have specifics nor the power to drum them up, Adam says he has a 100 examples listed about his wife and mocks his “hmm, hmm” reply.

Adam says they’re both mad and for different reasons, Adam brings up his family and the Thanksgiving leftovers, his POV is drastically different from his wife’s on this episode of FCOL.

I Don’t Care About Your Backsplash Okay?


Upon hearing this leftovers story, Dr. Drew has amplified Adam’s take and says this means his wife hates him, the pizza insult to the “we won’t eat leftovers injury” and Adam is trying to be very fair and shares his take on things.

On FCOL Lynette had a vastly different experience and Stephanie was fully on her side, he said/she said, you must listen to both and decide for yourself.

They should compare the versions on air for Adam and Drew, which would be some next level pod Drama, perhaps that’s why they haven’t done it…


Drew says it was an empathetic failure just from the very empathetic and caring Lynette but only on Adam’s part, she was deeply caring for the kids and Adam’s staff.


Drew is doing a Live Read

Literally flies off the pirate ship edition


Adam says that is a concrete example of her not understanding what he was trying to do, now Rick you go!

Rick tells them about his recent weight loss and time spent at the gym, Adam is sharing how this should be met with a mild interest and a kind “don’t go when we’re time crunched with the kids”: response at worst.

Adam is talking about men and women react, he shares the foot stomp reaction women have and how men have to stop themselves, men have nukes in Drew’s case his 18 inch pythons, hilarious!

Drew asks if she’s been drinking, Adam talks about the hormonal element and Adam asks him about the kids being out of the house and how he should approach her, how they should both approach this together.

Drew reemphasizes the hormonal element and Adam tells Rick to focus on that and the not the mental element, Adam is doing a plug for Promescent, Jeff has a funny reaction to Adam’s line about them being in stock.


Adam gives out some closing dates and wraps up the show with some closing plugs, dual plugging up a storm with Drew!