Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/11/2015 – Illeana Douglas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/11/2015 – Illeana Douglas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Illeana Douglas

Recorded 12-10-2015 – Release Date 12-11-2015

Production Number #1721

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Adam opens the show to a funny ‘Elf on the Shelf’ intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson and Adam is telling the gang to prepare themselves for some first world problems.

Adam is riffing about the Oldschool world of spats and pocket squares, he talks about the roof on old cars, covering everyone but the driver.

Adam is having Gary pull up photos and the gang are weighing in, Adam talks about the relative temperature of a chilly room vs a naked dude outside freezing his balls off.


Adam is calling this a “TsunamAlanche” and switches gears to tease the arrival of Illeana Douglas, Adam is bringing up the Dennis Prager booking at the Ace Hotel for a live show that coincides with some holiday parties.

Adam is touching on the Amazon DVD stock issue with ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and Adam explains that Kevin Costner is bringing in trucks of snow for the kids to his property the same weekend.

Adam talks about Lynette telling him about Molly’s last hurrah out on the beach with Kevin Costner’s dogs, he says it brought a tear to his eye hearing about it.


Adam is talking about the Saturday with the event at Kevin’s and the live show and having to sober up before the show, BB jumps in and they do some improve regarding Adam not drinking at Kevin’s house, funny premise and execution.

Adam is getting the to the twist of the best party ever running concurrent to the live show, Adam is describing the stations at Seth’s parties and how they are muddling and wearing down mortars and pestles making shit.

BB has a funny Muddlefuckers line that everyone seems to appreciate, Adam is getting to his email to Kevin regarding his holiday bash for the kids.


Adam says he likes to send emails to people that don’t require them to reply if all of the information is correct.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is having Matt dig up the Costner email reply, he’s having Gary read the reply where Kevin offers him to join him for the UFC fight between Jose Aldo and Connor McGregor.

BB asks Adam isn’t he glad he doesn’t have to choose between both events, Adam does appreciate that logic and Gina asks how pissed Lynette is about this.

Adam says that Lynette shares Adam’s “everything is work” gene that makes all events feel like a hassle, Gina has some good follow ups and Adam compliments his wife while explaining why she doesn’t want to make the scene.


Adam says he’s in love with Cam Newton and sings the man’s praises along with BB, Adam is teasing a press conference with the man and explains a specific play from a game last week, regarding a premature celebration on a 2nd down.

Adam and BB are going in depth on the game and Adam explains he told Sonny not to be the guy he’s describing and he transitions to Cam Newton and his comments about the questionable play/illegal hit.

Adam says that Cam internalized and they play the clip of him talking and taking the blame, Adam talks about the sizeism and racism that takes place in the NFL, interesting pov.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joe, he’s asking the gang for their top 3 Christmas songs, he mentions Kevin and Bean and Adam jokes about him asking them to warm over lame radio bits.

Adam is sharing his Christmas music top picks, BB weighs in and plays some music as he shares his appreciation for it.

He plays another track, Adam likes it and gives his take “All I want for Christmas” and now Gina is bringing up ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Tommy John

Adam can’t sleep in a T-Shirt unless it’s Tommy John


They are now listening to the Pogues and giving some light commentary over it.

Dawson is weighing in and sharing his own top pick, he gives out the information again as Adam gets hit up for song titles and artist names on twitter when they don’t repeat them.


Adam is telling Gina his problems with ‘Santa Baby’ and comments on how when you have kids you realize how much this stuff effects young people.

Adam has a dinner with religious people analogy for raising kids and censoring content or attempting to, Gina and BB are both weighing in with how rapey the song is and Adam jokes about a dusting of rape.


Adam is now asking for a clip from ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ where he was stuck talking to a “sweeping proclamation warrior” and he has Gary play the clip.

Adam is mocking her disagreement and they go back to the clip, where she keeps saying particularly over and over, Adam comments further and they go back to the horrible clip.

Gina and Adam are destroying the woman’s argument and Adam is now explaining how these arguments are broken, he says it would be akin to using Bryan’s baldness as a reply to score points.


BB shares his take on religion and how it’s not the texts at fault but how humans apply it, Adam is bringing up the infidel element of Islam that is taken to heart by some Muslims.

Adam shares his take on the flawed theory of western intervention creating suicidal terrorists, yeah we made them that way by existing and oh yeah ‘Baywatch.’

‘Measles and Commuter Trains’ – worst Christmas song ever.


Gina once again brings up the argument that we somehow cause the fanaticism of the terrorists, Adam sums up the flawless broken logic of that opinion in record time.

Adam says we put everything through our cultural filter and presume upon intent and comments on the narcissism of taking responsibility for creating suicidal terrorists.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

How much talking does Matt actually do edition


Adam wraps up the segment and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Illeana Douglas once again returning to the show, they play a great moment in local news.

Adam gives a plugs for Illeana’s book and says he only skimmed it but did blurb it, he asks her about the premise of the book and she tells them about her dad starting a hippy commune overnight after seeing ‘Easy Rider’ at a drive in theater.

Illeana is telling them about the commune and what it was like for her, she says it did devolve into everyone tripping on acid and lots of “hey man” and now Adam is talking about how humanism kicks in and collapses all of these communes/cults.


Illeana tells them about rolling joints for the older hippies and Adam talks about his mom’s collection of hippies including Zorback and Happy.

Illeana is talking about the cultural divide between normal and hippies, she talks about blaming that movie for her life ending up in a commune with her parents.

Adam asks Illeana about meeting Dennis Hopper and she tells them about the 3 car accident and how Dennis Hopper held her and comforted her, hilarious!


Illeana talks about Dennis and his multiple incarnations in film, how his career always came back around and how he evolved through it.

Adam is talking about ‘Raging Bull’ and Scorsese, he wants her to tell the story of how she first met him.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Illeana talks about the whole chapter on Robert DeNiro and how she first met Scorsese, she says she was working for a publicist and she put a joke under special skills on her resume, she was going to “scream for Marty” and she talks about doing ADR work and getting an entire part in the film.

Illeana talks about how their romance began through the movies, their shared love of film.

Adam asks how Martin Scorsese is when not working, she tells Adam about his love for film and she shares an obscure 2000 year old man reference that bonded them early on.


Illeana brings up ‘After Hours’ and Adam says it’s a little played film, he is trying to recall the movie and describes the plot of the worst night/odyssey ever for the protagonist.

Adam shares his love for an interaction with Griffin Dunne and the attendant working at the Subway.


Illeana talks about screening ‘The Hammer’ at Cinefamily and how an audience improves every picture, Adam is talking about saving us from ourselves, his “watching the Grinch on TV around Christmas” theory and Illeana talks about seeing inappropriate films as a kid.

Adam mentions seeing ‘Papillion’ and she brings up ‘Tommy’ and Illeana transitions to an anecdote from a conversation with Martin Scorsese.

Adam talks about the free to be you and me era of the 19780’s and how the freedom was just disguised narcissism and laziness from selfish adults/parents.


Gina has a nice question and Illeana shares some anecdotes about becoming very entrepreneurial as a young person, Adam has a nice ‘The Simpsons’ reference.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam is looking at Illeana’s credits and how Road Hard is listed before Goodfellas, which he appreciates.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the various drugs found on the Scott Weiland tour bus, Adam is talking about the weird element of someone lying and claiming to be sober and how the band accompanying them always tries to hide the reality and grim façade they find themselves trapped in.

Adam brings up the way nobody calls these guys out on their lies while they’re throwing out the sober card, Adam thanks the world his wife is not addicted.

The counter to this comment is Lynette’s take as she expressed on For Crying Out Loud, the irony of him saying that to her while she was in a post partem depression/opiate dependence cycle.


Adam talks about the way people are asked to be altered all the time, we need to change our affect and alter our experience.

Adam is singing the praises of Dustin Hoffman in ‘Papillion’ and says he suffers from the same thing as Henry Winkler, where he’s too nice and affable for people to fully appreciate what he does.


2nd Story is on a mom who called the cops on her son for trying to steal some stew, Adam jokes about that being a gateway crime, next thing up is bacon and goulash theft, casserole tomorrow!

Adam is riffing about casserole and asks if there is a casserole/casserole or if it must be something else before casserole.

Gary is looking for a homoerotic scene from the middle of ‘Papillion’ and Illeana asks Adam about his early days of going to the movies.


Adam talks about collecting bottles to get enough money to go see a movie, he says they would hammer the bottles at ‘Ralston’s’ and now is describing his several mile journey to turn in the bottles and get to and from the theater.

Illeana is name dropping some titles and talks about the experience of hanging out the movie theater where all the pictures blend into one epic Altman ’esque picture.

They’re all sharing some early experiences and Adam breaks down the plot of ‘Motel Hell.’


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings


They’ve got the scene from the movie, Adam is doing live commentary.

Adam jokes about struggling with his sexuality at 7 watching this, hilarious!

Adam is now sharing how he rented a house in 94/95 with Jimmy Kimmel, he talks about seeing ‘The Shadow’ in 1994, the last time he went to a drive in theater.

BB says he saw Mission Impossible in 95, 1996 actually.


Gina shares her own story of a drive in and Adam forgets the twist of him interviewing Penelope Ann Miller on Loveline and how pissed she got when he said ‘The Shadow’ was a bad movie.

Gary has his own movie experience at a drive in, ‘Don’t Mess with the Zohan’ and they wrap things up.

Adam is giving out the plugs and closes out the show.