Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/11/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 198

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/11/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 198

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 12-09-2014 – Release Date 12-11-2014

Production Number #198 – Guest Host – Dr. Bruce

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Adam opens the show with a complimentary intro for Dr. Bruce aka DR. Spaz aka Doc B in the place to be! (His favorite album is Paul’s Boutique)

Adam is joking about 4k dollars not moving his needle, I know, sadly I know.

Adam is telling Bruce about “honking your emotional life’s horn” at other people in society who need to be shamed into learning how to behave, Adam cites only a few remaining sane people in a sea of “out of it narcissists” with their heads up their own ass marveling at the special lining in their collective colons.


Adam and Bruce are discussing flipping/flicking off motorists.

Adam is now breaking down a scenario with Bruce, he tells him about an RX-7 that decided to pull into the right lane trying to time a last minute merge in front of Adam once the light turned green, Adam liked the move but the timing was not done right.

Adam got a middle finger with a twist, the rotation move, the other driver fucked up in his timing and got a toot on the horn, he still felt like he needed to answer the honk with a fuck you despite nearly causing a 12 car accident while trying to illegally cut in traffic.


Adam is now combatting the inherent narcissism of being upset by a horn honking at you when you fucked up, Adam says he saved the lives of some teenage girls who were trying to attempt that same move.

Adam is now sharing a rarely told story from his day working on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, so rare it’s maybe only been told one other time back on the old KLSX show.

Adam is now describing the scene, he thinks he was driving a Lexus or Audi at the time of the near miss with some slow moving teens.


Adam describes a woman he saw almost leaning backwards just to further delay the motorists waiting for her, Adam says all kids should be hit by a car by the age of 7 just to get a healthy respect for the power of an automobile, he’s right, as someone who’s been hit, it does make you learn quick, doesn’t mean you can necessarily prevent it from happening again though.

Bruce blames video games and says you are immortal in games, he’s wrong, you have set lives in games and a health meter, and god modes are typically bonus rewards or in a different era “cheat codes”.


Adam does a plug for the show at the Anaheim grove, he still thinks Jay Leno is going to make it and brags about talking him into guesting.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and Bruce mocks it immediately, Adam has a funny “just as long as your Jewish” one liner and explains the premise to Bruce, along with the common theme of starting out in absolute poverty among all of his guests so far.

Bruce interjects responding to the Jewish joke from 4 ½ minutes ago and Adam is now demanding to know what goes on at the E.R. and has a killer question about someone being admitted, good stuff.


Bruce is now claiming that Adam is all over the place and uses his own E.R. analogy against him, Adam is back to trying to make his point about the cycle of poverty that Huffpo staff are always seemingly bringing up.

Bruce asks about Adam getting his message out to the masses, the non-indoctrinated types who don’t follow Adam’s work.

Adam says he’s devised this show for the people who are younger and listening and are trying to get ahead, he can’t worry about reaching people he already can’t connect with.

Adam is mocking Bruce for describing the anatomical differences between male and female bodies, hilarious sarcasm.


Adam is now doing a Dollar Shave club live read

Adam brings up his service invention once again, the company that picks up your car, gasses it up and drops it off for you.


Chris has a letter from Derek, he wants to know why Sonny isn’t getting into hockey, Bruce cites the expense and Gary confirms it as he played as a youth.

Adam blames his retarded white trash origins for why he doesn’t “come from hockey” and also cites Lacrosse as another example of a sport he didn’t grow up understanding nor playing.

Adam agrees with Derek but explains it’s not his son’s nature to be aggressive and perhaps his daughter prefers time removed from her brother.


Adam is now lamenting the 10am – 3pm kid related events that ruin his Saturdays, he jokes about his parents rarely attending a game and how now you’re expected to attend every practice.

Adam is telling the world he’s right about everything, he brings up his ‘Attack Crows’ invention, Bruce protests it, Adam is now having to re-explain something he told Bruce 9 years ago.

Bruce shares his own research on crows and how he wanted to “catch one” and tells Adam about finding one that fell out of a tree, Adam is telling him to shut the fuck up and let him finish.


Adam brings up his ‘STD sniffing dogs” and lamentations about service dogs, Everything Adam says comes to fruition, he’s not a genius he just sees things before they happen as they’re building up over time, wow.

Bruce tries to throw something else in the mix, Adam has no idea what he’s talking about, Bruce tells Adam about his left foot braking technique while driving.

Bruce tells them about being pulled over by cops who suspected he might be high due to the flashing brake lights, thanks to an interjection from Chris.


Adam empowers Bruce by telling him to tell doubters he is employing a “left foot braking” technique, Adam says that kids need to find themselves and “go Huck Finn on everyone’s ass” and have time to skip stones in a creek using their imagination.

Bruce says MacGyver was his hero, the show ran from 85-92, and he would’ve been like at least 30.

Bruce says that Adam has scarred his kids when it comes to pizza toppings, Bruce mentions his daughter’s Korean boyfriend, what.

They head to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam threatens to replace Bruce with a crow for the 2nd hour, Adam tells Bruce he has a social disorder and he calls Adam out about his own accused disorders.

Adam says Drew is so full of shit and he doesn’t have any disorder.


Adam is now doing a live read


1st Caller Ryan asks Adam about his deviated septum and recommends he hang wet towels or fill a bathtub, Adam tells them some advice from Dickey Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Adam is now bitching at Bruce for not listening to the first part of the call.

Adam is thanking him for the ideas.


2nd Caller April, she wants to know about her PCOS, Adam tells Bruce that he and Drew are cut out of the same cloth as he didn’t bother to tell the audience what the diagnosis actually is.

Adam is now mocking Drew and his shitty broadcasting techniques, Gary gets on mic to confirm that Drew is incapable of doing what everyone else in the studio does, he says Chris has now been stricken with Drew’s affliction via witnessing it too often.

Adam asks if Drew shouldn’t be able to come in and act professionally and to punch the microphone, Bruce says that Drew needs attention, even negative reinforcement is enough to satiate it.


“I hope his inner child drown in the pool” – Adam on Drew’s inner child that needs his attention.

Bruce is asking April the standard questions about her symptoms and she wants to know about controlling the symptoms, Bruce tells her she can lose weight and work with her doctor.


Adam is now doing a live read for Simply Safe.

Adam shares how a security installer once sloppily placed a sensor in his old house under the Hollywood sign.


Adam wraps the show with Bruce unable to even plug his own twitter account or pretending to not be able in order to get yelled at and mocked more, Bruce says he’s writing a book, really!?