Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/10/2014 – Mr. Skin and Larry the Cable Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/10/2014 – Mr. Skin and Larry the Cable Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mr. Skin and Larry the Cable Guy

Recorded 12-09-2014 – Release Date 12-10-2014

Production Number #1471

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Adam opens the show with a mandate to get it on, BB has a great #TopDrop request from a nice lady, and everyone appreciates the clip of DAG as teenage Sonny rebelling against Adam and his interests.

Adam is telling the gang about taping Leno’s garage and how they tape with the van that follows and drives alongside the car, Adam says he was almost late as they drove damn near to Palm Springs.

Adam and BB have a funny back and forth about him and Jay making out.


Adam explains he’s learned he doesn’t love cars as much Jay does, nor know about them as much.

Adam brings up the wiring of Jay and how he reacts to attention while driving exotic cars, Adam hates that attention, he tells Alison to remind him to finish this after Larry the Cable Guy.

Adam picks up line #2, he’s not there.


Adam now launches into the story to get Larry back on the line, the surefire method.

Adam says he asked Jay about his next project and was told about a car restoration, he didn’t want to correct nor embarrass him by pressing further and clarifying he meant entertainment projects.

Alison mentions how they let last night’s guest get away with saying meme incorrectly, BB jumps in and explains the thing Alison just said, Adam didn’t catch it.


Adam is joking about changing the subject with Jay and how he didn’t bother, Larry is now joining on them on the show to promote ‘Jingle All the Way 2’, and it is his ACS podcast debut.

Larry was on the KLSX ACS in 2006, 2007 and twice in 2008 but this ends up being his most revealing interview ever done by Adam, lots of Dan talking.

Larry is telling them about staying in NYC, Adam is rolling with his jokes.

Adam says he couldn’t imagine living in the heart of a city like New York, Larry but has kind words for the city.


Larry quotes his wife, Adam has a funny follow up question and brings up the biography piece he saw on Larry, he saw the ’60 Minutes’ too.

Adam brings up the ‘Bob and Tom’ origins of Larry, he now drops the character and Adam is telling him about his old Mr. Birchum bits he did for radio.

They’re now talking to Dan Whitney and he explains how his career blew up with the character, he says he couldn’t follow his own character, Adam jokes about the phone ringing in the background being his manager telling him to get back into character.


Adam brings up the “we know Mr. Birchum is funny, we don’t know if you’re funny” comment he received when trying to move from the morning show to Loveline.

BB has a good point and observation about a radio station letting Larry slip away, Adam tells Dan about being told Jimmy Kimmel was a behind the scenes type of guy.

Larry recalls Jimmy doing the power station in Tampa, Adam jokes about Dan calling jimmy’s ex-wife the power station, Adam shares the one time plans for a Mr. Birchum one man show.


Dan has a funny joke mocking his own movie, he explains he does the sequels for Fox home video, he wanted to start doing kids movies, and he also has some kind words for Jeff Foxworthy.

Adam brings up the good voice work by Dan as ‘Mater’ or as Larry the Cable guy as ‘Mater’ in the movie ‘Cars’ and BB says even if you agree it’s the worst Pixar movie it’s still a very good movie, Adam says seeing Pixar movies is one of the best part of having kids.

Alison reminds Adam about the Jay Leno.


Adam is doing a live read for Pajama-gram


Adam is now sharing the “not wanting attention” example of Jay, his “that’s enough” about 23 years in late night and Fox pursuing him for a variant on his previous gig.

Adam has some examples of him pulling up along random strangers and saying hello, BB has a funny black eye one liner.

Adam is now explaining his efforts to lean forward with Jay and keep walking to get him to the trailer to interview him about for the Paul Newman doc.

Adam shares Jay’s “whatta you got their Pepperoni” moment, Alison has a funny Conan quip.


1st Caller Matt, he brings up a guy who called in last week that Adam put on hold saying he couldn’t take the approval.

Adam and BB agree, Adam just wanted to talk more and uninterrupted.

Matt observes the common thread of comedians having depressed mothers, he’s explaining how he’s abandoning nurture and just putting all of his eggs in the nature basket.

Adam jokes about Tommy Lee banging on pots and pans with his cock when he was 5 years old.


Alison sums up Adam’s reply and says that he’s not going to give his mom credit for his talent, Adam is now using Jimmy Kimmel’s parents and family as proof that regardless of upbringing they both ended up on the same show, hence nature over nurture.

Adam is asking BB to noodle something, Alison also likes to noodle and Adam explains it’s sports related in nature, Adam was watching the Green Bay Packers game.

Adam says that Jordy Nelson looks like the guy you would put on a poster for white people, Alison has a funny reply.

Adam is now asking if there is a possibly racial profiling angle on why Jordy Nelson was able to earn his record, Adam explains the way black players presume they’ve always got an extra step on white players.


BB agrees with Adam’s theory, he has a “cultural reasons” soft reply, BB asks who the next best white receiver will be, Alison thanks them for inviting her into the noddle zone.

Adam gets a Reverie Bed plug in.


Adam is now doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus live read, Alison uses the Sony hacking incident for the read, nice.


2nd Caller Roy, he wants to know if corporations should have morals, he cites the ‘Hobby Lobby’ and ‘NFL’ news stories, and BB is still trying to figure out the next best white receiver.

Alison is being slightly defensive, she’s right and fired up to explain her reasoning, her vocal tone betrays her a bit, I’m sure making Roy feel like he’s got her worked up or is winning in some way.

Adam says he doesn’t like the term “denied access” and now Alison is explaining the health insurance reasoning, Adam doesn’t like the term, he agrees with Alison about her point though, it should be universal if you’re already paying.

Adam brings up Cris Collinsworth who was actually on this show very early on.

ACS #142 (feat. Cris Collinsworth, Teresa Strasser & Bald Bryan)

Roy apologizes, Alison assures him he doesn’t, but there is this odd vibe, the same exact feeling of when weird white dudes in their 20’s would call into the ACS on KLSX and give T shit for her perceived politics.

Alison picks up on it and asks if that was a targeted Teresa Strasser insult, interesting that she felt that too, he insists it was not and he didn’t want her to feel too beat up on with his “point” which really was theoretical debates applied to specific examples from the news where he kind of picked and chose what he heard it seems.


3rd Caller Jake, Adam is now back to the corporation topic and he brings up a bizarre hypothetical scenario where he had to choose if he wanted to admit his hypothetical infidelity.

Alison has a key point about the exact type of behavior she was referencing, Adam has what Bryan is probably turning into a new drop, making it sound like he cheated on the road, dick.

Adam shares the funny underpants story he was told by Jay Leno, he references the ring off/on when traveling joke hackneyed joke that troubled Jay, Adam shares the story and it’s got a funny farcical nature, pretty good.


Adam takes it back to Jake, he wants to know what type of driver each person is, asking who they are when merging, Alison has a funny “that one” admission and Adam gives his honest answer, as if he’s waiting for someone to ask him this question at all times.

BB asks what can be done to help others be more courteous drivers, BB has harsh language about the brain dead among them who ignore traffic signs.

Adam is now on a mini rant about what can be done, he has a “sea turtle smart to fucking E.T.” level intelligence as soon as money is brought in the equation, so if you threaten to fine people for breaking these types of traffic laws and slowing things down.

“Fingerblasting Smart!” – Adam with a hilarious but probably too late to submit bit that deserves to be noted in the Ace Awards 2014.


Adam wraps up his “zero interest” tangent about the city, thanks to BB.


Adam is now doing a live read for Drop Stop, Adam says it’s something he invented in his head like 15 years ago, actually it was called “The Car Seat Gutter” and he invented it once in the late 90’s then again it came up on Classic Loveline Oct. 27th 2003.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with Mr. Skin returning to the show for his 6th appearance, you can hear his first episode ACS #138 (feat. Mr. Skin) The Controversial “M4A debacle” from year 1 now available in the Libsyn archive, on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Adam uses his real name, Jim and brings up how cool commercials are today compared to the Debbie Dutson school commercials, as discussed on ACS #1156 and ACS ##1146 previous to this.


Adam is riffing as Mr. Skin in his Chicago accent thing he does, the same accent he uses when mimicking lines from ‘Blues Brothers’ and Jim/Mr. Skin is lamenting the abundance of celebrity nudity in todays’ world.

Adam is bringing up how censored things were in past eras, in particular television censorship and how he never would have guessed that the words would be outlawed, in place of the titillating or disgusting.

Adam brings up his words being twisted when Gavin Newsom guested on the show, Jim is telling them about Cameron Diaz nude scene in ‘Sex Tape’ and BB wants to know the top 3 new nude scenes, Alison has a nice follow up.


Jim quotes the one Jennifer Love Hewitt nip-slip in cinema, he even timestamps it, yikes.

Adam brings up how guys with great bodies and huge cocks are always walking around nude in the locker room, he invents a “cock scarf” and now Adam asks Alison is Raquel Welch doesn’t now wish she had a photo of herself in her prime nude, Alison has a nice bit of advice for the young and pretty.

Adam is clarifying his idea, trying to ask if Cameron isn’t trying to capitalize on her ass while she still can.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth life read

Adam has to go the dentist for a crown tomorrow morning, sadly he has not switched over to that guy Michael who was on the show and had an inline water heater in his dentist practice.

Mr. Skin is now giving some more of the top nude scenes, he cites the super expensive nude scene with Lena Heady from ‘Game of Thrones’ and Adam is basically denouncing Jim’s business before saving it.


He brings up Keri Russell and Jim compliments her “Diamond” between her butt and upper thigh, Adam calls it a Christmas star.

Adam compares it to the autolite spark plug logo.

Jim brings up the movie ‘Nymphomaniac’ they’re all further commenting on these photos, Adam brings up the bikini wax places and asks Alison if she’s ever had one, she says she’s never done that, BB audibly is disappointed and Alison has a killer retort.


Adam now once again is sharing his idea for ‘Pinky Cheeks’ the great as yet unmade Rob Schneider vehicle, where he poses as 50 year old Asian woman who gets a job at the waxing place just to mess up his girlfriend’s pubic area.

Adam is now riffing the montage scene of him waxing different women, even Alison demands to know why this hasn’t been made.

Jim is telling them about Eva Green’s boobs, he gives her number #3 and Adam tries to skip over #2 which is Scarlett Johansson, Jim gives a miniature review of the movie ‘Under The Skin’ and he’s now telling them about the #1 winner who he spotted on ‘True Detective’ and Adam when the movie takes place.


Adam wants to know if Alexandra Daddario has done anything else, they move on.


Adam is now doing a Me-Undies live read, well which is it man, which new underwear place do I choose!?

Adam is offering to take people’s underpants back who don’t like them, but you have to “mean it.”


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the release of the CIA torture report, she shares the results of the torture and the heart of the report, and she talks about the rectal rehydration part.

Adam has a great series of reaction, he tells them about a story of a man who put a turtle’s eyeball up his ass, great Richard Gere joke.

Alison is now asking some follow ups, Adam is talking about how much moisture is in an eyeball, funny powder one liner.


Alison has a key question, Adam says he heard it when he was 8yrs old.

Alison comments on BB’s smile that disturbs her, is he cutting a butt eyeball drop?

Alison has the ice baths reveal, Adam is fine with that.

Adam says he likes the threats, he asks Mr. Skin if he sees movies without “back bush” and describes the scenes in movies where people fuck with other people to get information, and Adam doesn’t like the physically harmful stuff.


Alison brings up waterboarding and how it the type applied to detainees was different than what is done to American soldiers.

Adam is sharing his historical take on torture and has a key point about the Intel, asking if it all could be bogus, Alison recognizes his point and she brings up another case where a guy died of hypothermia.

Alison asks the question about security now that this has been made public, BB wants to know how it cost 40 million dollars to finish this report.


Adam says this is what’s going to happen, if you choose to declare war on America or its allies, he says it will never be right, once they start the beheadings, once we start the bombing, you’re going to create this and always innocent people will die as a byproduct of it.


2nd Story is on Coke’s new milk product called ‘Fair life’ and tells them about it, Adam says he will buy milk that last an extra 34 days in the fridge, he brings up the way milk goes funky about 3-4 days after being dumped.

Adam says he wastes about an udder per week, Alison reveals she’s milked a cow and Adam mocks her for her stereotypical reply, Adam has a funny “calling me a liar!?” aimed at Gary who couldn’t find the turtle’s eyeball up a dude’s ass book/story.

Adam’s down with coke milk and Alison has a tidbit about lactose free milk lasting longer.

Alison wraps the news with a Maxxima Style live read, not necessarily a bumpy closer but unusual.

BB plays his “They call it rectal rehydration” drop from Alison, that was it? There were much funnier choices in that chunk of the show.


Adam is doing a Protect Your Bubble live read.

Adam plugs Take a Knee #5 and wraps the show with some plugs.

BB closes it out with a strange clip of Alison mocking the voice of TV talking heads saying women can just get their birth control separate from their employer’s healthcare plan, odd choice.