Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/09/2015 – Jo Koy and Jeff Abraham

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/09/2015 – Jo Koy and Jeff Abraham

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy and Jeff Abraham

Recorded 12-08-2015 – Release Date 12-09-2015

Production Number #1719

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Adam opens the show with a mandate to get it on, he welcomes BB, Gina and Jo Koy to the show, BB has a classic “What The Fuck” #TopDrop from Jo.

Adam is now asking BB what he would do, he’s bringing up the tweets he gets about the Paul Newman DVD’s and how they’ve been out of stock since the last airing of the documentary on the Velocity Network.

Adam is now ranting about Film Buff and the people in the independent film world who are more interested in not working rather than interdependent film.


Adam is ranting up a storm about airing the commercials for a product out of stock for over a week in the middle of December.

Adam says the good news is the film distributor is eating shit too, a handful of shit while he eats a lasagna tray full of shit in the form of lost profits.

Adam is having Matt prepare a passage from an email with the distribution company FilmBuff, Matt is interrupted by Adam screaming that they were made known, he says he talked about it on the show 10 times, they don’t listen to the show.


Adam is ranting even more, he’s fired up!

Matt reads the “success couldn’t be predicted anyways” line that send Adam off a cliff, Gina says that sounds like a dig and Adam prefers to blame a New York college degree fancy talk.

Adam has Matt read the sentence again and shares what he would rather someone say, blaming themselves for fucking up or being high at work.


Jo is now on Adam’s side asking why he’s being fucking punished and arguing against this insane email response, Adam says that FilmBuff is pulling food off the table of his family.

Adam is sharing how he wants a plate spinning “we’re in a rush and fixing it reply” not this, BB and Gina both chime in and Adam says that they still don’t have dates and Adam is now sharing his 1-2 punch in the gut on the way over.

Adam is asking him about some numbers, he’s using code language to try and figure something out.


Adam is sharing how he was trying to think what the average cost of a Christmas gift is, he is polling everyone and moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read with BB


Adam is further speaking in code and having Gary process some numbers, 25$ increments.

Adam is talking about the California lottery commercials, the hipster dude feeling pretty good about himself.

Adam is sharing how he heard the Christmas scratch lottery ticket ad followed by Rum infused Horchata Rumchata.


Adam is now asking about the average gift value, Gary chimes in and Adam is back to the scratchers and what a non-gift they are, cancer causing scratcher paint which leads to brain damage among kids as it’s now found on all coins etc., funny riff.

Jo is bringing up the mixed tins of flavored popcorn and how he hates it when he gets it but enjoys it a month later, Adam is now riffing about mixed chocolate boxes from See’s candies and how you pick away the best ones first and then come back looking for Jews hiding in the candy box, to paraphrase Adam’s insane and hilarious analogy.

They’re all now talking about See’s candies and Adam shares his dislike for candies that make him “huhgghh” like Peter North just finished in his mouth.


They’re now listing off the order of flavored popcorn preference, stale cheesy corn is last according to Adam.

Adam is telling them about his decorative popcorn tin graduation gift that he later used as a portable toilet while living in his father’s garage.

Gina’s reaction is priceless, wow!


Adam is now explaining why he began Shitting in his decorative popcorn tin, wow!

Adam is about to setup a live read and moves past Blue Apron for something else.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Studio space and cut slabs edition


Adam asks Jo what he would do if in his shoes, where would he poop, would he use the tin?

Jo says he would and asks what else you would do; he says there were no restaurants in asshole striking distance.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Brandon, he’s got a funny Joy mention and tells the gang about a neighbor who called the cops on him while he was leaving for work, he wants to know what to do.

Adam is asking him about the “office lady” the manager from his complex, Adam shares how Rob’s neighbor just called the cops on him regarding his Labrador puppy and fearing for his safety.

Adam is sharing his hatred for shitty neighbors and tells Gina about how often tools are stolen from construction job sites and people’s vehicles.


Adam is sharing his response and explains how nothing needs to be internalized today, he wants to know why Brandon is leaving for 4am to get to the job site.

Adam is talking to him about T.I. Work and Adam has a funny rapper one liner.

Adam is asking him why he has to start so early, he wisely predicts the business has to open and doesn’t want the crew effecting their customers.


Adam talks about the two weirdest places to be alone when nobody else is there, Adam talks about Ray firing up the grill to make their own burgers while carpet cleaning the hamburger hamlet.

He shares the greatest feeling known to man and talks about chugging milk with German chocolate cake from restaurant kitchens late at night.

Jo rants about Starbucks desserts and Adam is sharing his recent Starbucks thoughts, about the way coffee evolved over the years, pennies for unlimited refills vs. 5$ for a small coffee with no refills.


Adam is talking about Starbucks and how ubiquitous they are, Adam asks about the psychological attraction of the 4$ coffee and what it says about the clientele.


Adam is doing an Onnit Live Read


Jo tells them about the “Frappuccino runs” from the early 90’s, Adam thinks it took longer to hit everywhere and the rest of the gang are weighing in.

Jo talks about them making coffee cool for kids and they all further weigh in with their guesses about the psychological component, Adam is sharing his theory.

Adam says it’s the narcissism and has to do with them asking your name, using invented language and feeling like it’s custom tailored for you, unlike 7-11 drip coffee from a dead trucker’s cup/mug.


Adam says it’s narcissism and all based on the special instructions and names being used, Adam would prefer a number and doesn’t like being the center of attention.

Adam has a funny use of “Nom De Plume” and further shares his theory.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Blue Apron

Bison Chili edition, Olga doubles up the recipes!

Adam tells Caelan to drop the phone calls, he’s talking over a Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band song and says the silver bullet has been fired.


Jo is now sharing an anecdote about meeting a guy, he was mistaken for “ISIS” and Jo further describes the meeting and Adam talks about the architect he met possible being extremely skilled at his profession while poor with social interactions.

Adam says he wants the messed up piece of shit using the Thomas Guide to navigate to his home.


Adam is now asking Jo to tell him about his saturation point with the city stealing money from him for him trying to build a pool or improve his home and property.

They’re now heading to break, Adam gives out the plugs and teases the Arrival of Jeff Abraham and mentions Bung Lu Su.


They’re back form break with Jeff returning to the show, he quickly recaps the story of the product and Bung Lu Su has stuck around to wish Adam “happy holidays” and Adam is asking him about his own Christmas celebrations.

Funny ginger comedy and Adam observes that the gingerbread man is a little too big to fit in a gingerbread house, Jeff is now asking Bung about his country of origin and gets some funny rage after a fairly straightforward initial reply.

Adam is having Bung do some of ‘The Floaters’ about Promescent over the song, Adam is arguing with him as the by the books engineer working at the studio.


Adam is walking him through pronouncing Promescent, really driving that name home.

They are back to the bit and the song is playing, I love The Floaters bit!

Adam is asking Bung about how he feels regarding the ladies, Jeff chimes in and Bung attacks him again, gold!


Adam is asking Bung about his type, hilarious replies and use of pussy slipped in there.

Bung is talking about his problem premature ejaculating all over women, revolving door of partners covered in his jizz.

Adam is asking him about falling in love and wanting to last longer in the sack for her sake, Bung won’t let him get to the business and keeps interrupting and joking about cellmates instead of soulmates.


Bung talks about Adam’s kids and jokes about child labor and tries to convince Adam to love his son more than his daughter.

Gina gets some attention from Bung Lu Su, he’s going over the name Promescent again.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the two Fox Contributors who have been suspended for using words not appropriate for air while talking about President Obama.

Adam is now sharing how these people were setup for being honest and talking how they would in an honest environment.

Gina asks about Fox News suspending these guys, Adam says you can’t call the President a pussy and Adam is now asking about how often people are benched or suspended because the people in charge actually care or have something weighing on them.


Adam talks about his being a setup for the ex-military dude honestly talking about his feelings, Adam shares his take on pussy and “stop being a pussy” being used to encourage or shame people into overcoming weakness or imagined limitations.


2nd Story is on a ban for Trumps and a white supremacist endorsement for the man as well, Adam is joking about his “Dome Over” idea and compares it to the aviary from ‘Jurassic World’ and he is now trying to figure out the 3 groups of possible voters.

Adam thinks Trump is the Sanjaya of the election, Adam thinks this 3rd party is pro SNL and only doing this for the full spectacle, the trolls of the world.

Jeff thinks it will be boring without Trump in the race, Adam compares it to a press conference with a Klitschko brother.


3rd Story is on the new Kardashian baby, BB talks about his wife watching every episode of the series and Adam is defending Christie, he’s a Christie fan and he says that she’s smart and needs to unplug the way he watches Point Break.

Adam is explaining why this works, it’s the TV equivalent of getting high and eating Jell-O.

Adam is bringing up something that Jeff was livid about regarding Scott Disick being booked to attend club openings and events, Adam is giving his take and brings up the raw jealousy of finding out that man makes 100k for appearing.


Adam says that Scott and Pitbull should get together and bond over their mutual love of being paid to do nothing.

Adam talks about the low grade weight of the pressure to come up with something to entertain someone.

Jo brings up the show’s long running legacy on E! and defends the people who would be interested in partying near Scott, the baby daddy of some lady they don’t know.


Gina wraps the news; Adam is giving out some plugs for PodcastOne.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.