Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/08/2015 – Live from The Tower Theatre in Fresno

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/08/2015 – Live from The Tower Theatre in Fresno

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Live from The Tower Theatre in Fresno

Recorded 12-05-2015 – Release Date 12-08-2015

Production Number #1718

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Adam has a pre-recorded intro, he’s giving out some live show plugs and does some live reads.

Adam opens the actual show from Fresno, he’s got a spirited “Get It On!” and welcomes Gina Grad and BB to the stage.


Adam is now sharing the story of the first time he played Fresno, he’s joking with someone in the crowd re: Gina’s boobs (they don’t make sharpies that big) and he’s telling the story of the guys in the parking lot he took photos with.

Adam is now quoting the “that’s it” much like the first time he played Denver and got the same reaction, the sound just took a huge hit, Adam’s mike is amped but very fuzzy.


Adam is now talking about the almonds on the ground, he talks about Mike August telling him about the amount of water required to grow almonds.

Adam is mocking old town Sacramento and the sound keeps adjusting, either elevator in post or live mixing on the fly.

Adam is joking about dropping 127 n bombs and eating Gina’s pussy she dropped on the ground, he’s talking about eating mac and cheese off the ground but due to the mic/tech issues he chose to riff about what you missed hearing him say.

Adam says that’s how he avoids getting sick, by eating things off the ground.


Q and Ace

1st Q Tiffany, what’s worse being paid to be in Fresno or missing Eric Stonestreet’s Christmas Party? Adam mocks the gal at the Mangria signing who told him to hurry up to make the party, he jokes about showing up at 3am to hang in their boxers alone.

Adam is joking about a “roll in the hay” and Gina says she has had sex in hay, Adam says he’s never Jizzed in hay and he thinks that John Cougar Mellencamp would show up and make him feel badly for doing it, guilt trip him about the hardworking man.


2nd Q Does Adam still think Shower Squeegee’s are a sign of homosexuality?

Adam explains the context and has a killer “semen in the shape of a pentagram” one liner.

Adam jokes about not needing to see his wife going through his wallet like ‘The Jetson’s while he’s showering.

Adam jokes about shaping toilet paper like an arrow in hotel rooms when you’re at home, Adam jokes about ballsack dragging the paper the wrong way due to the lack of arrows indicating how to use remove/use the paper.


Adam is taking a poll on what hand people use for wiping and asks for a dishwasher safe shit glove to save trees.

BB is in the mix, the audio is very poor.

Adam is now talking about replacing handshakes with jumping chest bumps.


BB is trying to get Adam to recall the “3 things that indicated gay” a one time at best bit Adam did on air before BB was working on Classic Loveline, I hate it when BB talks about Loveline stuff that predates him, he just steered Adam in a bad direction, this isn’t a thing!

This is like that time a shitty fan emailed Bryan, told him that the 1998 “Batting Cage” incident wasn’t Adam being clairvoyant but merely him specifying a job after the caller said “sports complex”, however Adam was off mic and had his ear phones only over one ear, he was engaged with the guest and they both missed that line as they were fumbling through papers or something, Dr. Drew was distracted by them and also missed it, the guest called it “spooky” how Adam was able to predict the job of the caller’s boyfriend.

In fact the previous recording you couldn’t even hear it, it was nearly inaudible, but I then enhanced it in post, explained the context, but my recording was used by said shitty fan and BB to then confront Adam on air and “take away” a genuine and real moment of clairvoyance, BB you started in like 2002 -2005, please don’t speak about stuff from 95-2002 unless you’re certain, ruined the batting cage call and gas lighted Adam who now believes he was wrong all those years.


Adam is now riffing about guys who wear scarves in inappropriate weather, Adam closes it with “chugging cock” and Adam asks Gina if she likes chugging cock, nuisance or does she enjoy it?

Adam asks if she is in the elite fraternity of the women who love doing it, she refuses to get specific but answers the question.


Adam is now sharing his take on spit vs. swallow and how he just needs a gal to transfer his jizz, he jokes about women having jizz bubbles come out their nose 2 days later and the insane demand of a blowjob and forcing a woman to ingest it.

Adam jokes about beating off in the sink, men are done with their jizz like they’re angry with it.


3rd Q what would President Carolla do about ISIS, he mocks the bravado lip service reply from big talking morons who think they’re tough guys and bombs are the sole answer for global diplomacy.

Adam is riffing about a dome over America, hilarious ISIS on the dome pecked to death by killer attack crows.

Adam says he is going to use Trump’s new platform a “Dome Over” like his hairstyle.


Adam shares his desire for fat Alec Baldwin as president.

Adam has a “Farts are funny” analogy for how we view ISIS and the fundamental Islam desire to exterminate infidels.


Gina’s News

Adam stops things and says he’s pissed, he brings up the “workplace violence” lie that’s used at first when it comes to terrorism, and technically the crew on the planes that hit the twin towers experienced workplace violence.

Adam talks about evil and how it exists on earth and needs to be snuffed out by non-evil people, Adam jokes about acid in the face of girls who read books.

Adam sah a killer genital mutilation tangent, Adam says god bless Fresno and compliments the deep fried entries at the place they ate at before the show.


1st Story is on man periods, Adam is sharing his take on it and he says what the male problem is not internalizing what it is, he says he’s had his nanny tap him on the shoulder to let him know his wife was menstruating and that’s why she was being mean to him.

Adam jokes about being the worst guy in the world when it comes to people and their illnesses, he can’t internalize but he does understand it.

BB brings up Adam’s almond and Macaroni eating and how he proclaimed that’s what makes him strong.


Gina talks about needing to cry on the side of the road, Adam is bringing up the fake babies given out to kids to teach them about parenting and responsibility.

Hilarious “Sizzlean” name use and now he’s riffing about BB synthesizing a period to explain it to the other dudes.


Adam has a killer “oh my god, you’re bleeding from your asshole, oh my god!” reply, great improv scene!

Adam talks about how every high school boy needs one dude in their group that has a monthly surrogate bleeding to make men sympathetic to women’s cycling.

Adam says that one chick in every group of chicks who should be into farts, Adam is now riffing as the chick bragging about making her boyfriend smell her beer farts.

Adam is really bridging the gender gap, Bald Bryan and his bloody ass, gold!

Adam is back to his dome over policy and riffing up a storm in response to something that happened in the theater it seems.


2nd Story is on the Kanye West train station being proposed in England, Gina is now reading the petition and now Adam is riffing about what he expected out of life, what is Kanye missing, he’s doing alight.

Adam jokes about not being able to discern good rap from bad rap and cites the Super Bowl Shuffle as the all-time greatest rap song.

Adam is riffing about Silver Miner his mistaken attempt to name drop ‘Gold Digger’ and he mocks “not on my watch” and how it’s only used by people without power.


3rd Story is on Oreo Churros, Adam is now mocking the commercials about eating healthy and exercising with kids.

Adam is talking about taking his kids to the L.A. Zoo and segues off to his kid’s upcoming field trip, planning a visit to Olvera Street and he mocks the notion of Horchata (cinnamon flavored cum) and how that interaction always goes.

Adam says the Gringo won’t give it up for the Horchata no matter how much we actually enjoy it, he mocks the notion of taking a field trip to simulate Mexico in a town where you only must trip over your gardener to experience.


Adam is now mocking little Ethiopia and little Armenia and jokes about being in big Armenia now.

Adam is now joking about not needing little Korea town, little doesn’t need to be included, nobody thinks they drove to Korea.

Adam is talking about the little Tokyo/Saigon one of the places we carpet bombed.


Adam is now back to L.A. and how he would head to the zoo for safety, huddled down the Hyenas when shit hits the fan in that city.

Adam jokes about watching his son chug away on the churro from the Churro factory, cream filled, he’s got a funny jizz transport callback, my god man!

Adam jokes about the bizarre agreement we now must have with Mexico where they make our cars and churros.


Gina has a solid reply to Adam asking a rhetorical question that she made funnier, Adam talks about his son mocking him by enjoying raw carrots and broccoli over greasy melted cheese and savory foods, Adam says “he doesn’t know savory!”

Adam talks about his son being ruined by having such manners and asking for soda permissions.


4th Story is on a study that shows vegetarian men are no longer viewed as less masculine by the public, Adam talks about the human omnivore diet and what we are “meant” to consume.

Adam talk about the inert human desire to fuck a cow after driving past an In and Out burger, Adam has a killer point in reply to the assholes who say “humans are the only species to drink another species milk/drink milk after infancy” and asks how man manatees have built infrastructure we all use.


5th Story is on Marijuana being the most used drug globally, Adam is now talking about people with weed statistics that argue that weed is better than harmless.

Adam is now joking about the various outrageous scenarios where potheads will argue for weed when it’s clear there must be some effect.

Adam is now turning into square dad for a moment and he’s talking about the prism of “would you give a shit if you found your 14yr old doing it” and how that translates to daily use among adults.


6th Story is on a new Granny Panties campaign, Adam is joking about using young hot chicks to advertise something like this and he jokes about hot chicks advertising for The Furor and even swaying young Jewish dudes.

Adam is joking about Greg Louganis being on underwear packaging for men, Adam jokes about jacking off the to the packaging, hilarious!

Adam is joking about buying his wife the “Small Wonder” underwear box set, hilarious “on a list” comment and further acting by Adam as he wraps up the premise.


7th Story is on Sandra Bullock’s 2nd adopted kid, Adam jokes about pulling her aside to explain that ‘The Blindside’ was just a movie and she doesn’t have to adopt another black human being, Adam jokes about going for another dude to “cash out” and they move onto a live read.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read

Adam on the freedom that the Dollar shave club service gives him, tossing spent blades in hotel trash cans with abandon.


8th Story is on Facebook’s new settings/tools to block photos of you and your ex after you change a relationship status.

Adam talks about all the wasted footage and video footprints that kids leave now compared to past generations, her asks Gina about covering the webcam and he jokes about a future of people fucking in the cloud.


9th Story is on a teacher who resigned after washing a kid’s mouth out with soap, Adam is now mocking himself fake ranting about some of the go to topics he would hit.

Adam asks if we can’t just let the cops do the copping, he shares his flak jacket for one career rule for cops to keep them in shape, so they don’t outgrow the one bit of protection they have from bullets.

Adam is now sharing a story of playing outside linebacker and tells them about his coach whose calves would make contact while walking and he explains how he would throw his chewing tobacco out of his mouth at you when you were fucking up on the field.

Adam compares that to today and he shares the story of the time Olga hit Natalia and he shares his reaction to it.


Adam says her period of spitting on nannies ended abruptly, Adam jokes about his nanny coming from a land of melting truck tires placed around you as punishment for such things.

Gina wraps the news, Adam comments on Gina taking the shot of Tequila with the 4hr ride back home, Adam jokes about the “late great Mike August” predicting his demise.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam shares how he has been energized by the great audience in Fresno, they brought out the best in him and he learned to love again!