Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/07/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 197

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/07/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 197

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 12-02-2014 – Release Date 12-07-2014

Production Number #197 – Bill Cosby, America’s Dad

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Adam opens the show, he does the standard ADS intro, he says people forget how good it feels to contribute and participate, and he cites college gigs and how free entertainment affects people.

Adam has a point about free movie walk out vs. a movie you paid for.


1st Caller Chris, he mentions seeing Adam at the Burbank airport, he asks if he can say what his title is. Adam is trying to figure out if this is the guy from ‘Steel Panther’ but it’s not him.

Chris has a question about his dad, Drew has a strong reaction to his description of his grandfather and fathers history.

Chris wants to know about getting his father into therapy later in life, Drew has a biological context he can use to sell therapy, and he has some practical reasoning.


Chris is sharing an anecdote from his wedding, Adam says a neurologist might be able to step in and intervene, if it comes from an authority he might be more likely to listen.

Adam cites his last conversation he had with Matt Fondiler, he brings up the email from the book publisher about the 5k remaining hardcovers they offered him.

Adam is having Matt find the email, he accepted 3k or 3500 of the book, and he didn’t go whole hog.


Adam says they knew they were going to sell about 5 of them at a time, he explains how the steady stream of books helped him get rid of all 5k, copies, Adam finds out he did order all 5k.

Adam says there will soon be a point where all of the 5k books are gone, Drew appreciates Adam’s metaphor for an overwhelming task.

Drew uses his “brick wall to infinity” view he had for his time in medical school, Adam is explaining how the passage of time helps you forget work you once did, so you might as well do it.


Drew launches into a Simply Safe Live Read.

Adam is trying to go off on a tangent about Mike August, Drew calls him impaired, then says mechanically and Adam suggest emotionally.

Adam is now praising Mike for being smart and hardworking, nothing but kind words.


Adam brings up the ‘Bianchi Paso Robles Winery’ and how Mike mispronounces their family name, Adam was coaching him up trying to get him to correct it.

Adam says that two months later he’s till mispronouncing the name and Adam chose to say fuck it and move on in lieu of correcting him again.


Drew now has another slick segue into a live read, this time for


2nd Caller Ken, he has a question for Drew (stop it!) he wants to know about kratom, he’s been using it and Adam asks him his drug of choice, his line cuts off right as they ask.

Adam compliments Drew about making it through his life not experience the futility of showing up for a job where he’s trapped for 9hrs experiencing dread.

Adam is now clarifying his point, Drew brings up the time he guarded a gate in high school, and Adam is once again breaking down his point about the dread of being forced to be somewhere for a 3rd of your life rotting that never stimulates you creatively nor rewards you.


Adam says this is people selling companies a piece of their life, he’s using prostitution as the basest example of paying someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Adam now contrasts prison chain gain style pick axe work vs. prostitution, he’s explaining how sad it is that people don’t consider their time wasted and how sad it is to sell their lives at 8$ per hour.

Adam is now using digging dirt and the notion of being paid to walk in a circle.


Ken is back on the line, he tells them about being a cook, and Adam forgets to ask him the question about his drug of choice.

Adam has a great “soup du jour” anecdote form Cleveland, Ken works right near that place.

Adam comments on Ken being 32, he says to him that means he’s young and can still get his career off the ground, to Drew its old and he’s over the hill.


Adam says the first thing you must do is get right, get in the program and get treatment.

Drew takes it back to the letter, Maxipada is now reading it.

Adam is breaking down the misunderstanding about letter vs. email.


Drew is reiterating his response from ADS #196.

Adam brings up Larry Miller and his connection to the old timey working drunks in comedy, Adam is taking it back to the person who wrote the letter and how the people he’s referencing most likely then go to work in the morning after a night of drinking.

Adam brings up his wife Lynette and how she can’t function after a night of drinking, Drew is bringing up the time he was in Italy and his waiter was fucking up and falling down.


Drew explains the way his peers viewed him as the goofy drunk guy, like his addiction was his main character trait.

Adam is bringing up the genetic component and says that the average brit or scott is likely to go to work the next morning unlike the average American.


Adam is doing a live read for the Red band trailer for the movie ‘Unfinished Business’


Chris has a letter from Derek, he brings up Adam not using shampoo and cites his dirty/greasy hair results after trying to emulate him.

Adam brings up the carcinogen element of sanitizers being used, he says he knows nature but still denies the carcinogenic effects of the talcum powder he lines his super absorbent ballsack with.

Adam is bringing up feelings vs. logic, he mocks Lynette falling for “fruit wash” and Drew brings up how this guy needs to take in account the dirt grime he’s exposed to.


Adam says you don’t need shampoo or face wash, he will occasionally use shampoo on his face after he gets a heavy makeup application.

Adam is mocking the scheme of removing grease, then re-applying it in multiple steps, he has a great car analogy.


Adam asks who washes their face among the staff, Adam is now suggesting that if he had two baby girls and one was not allowed to use any products their whole life by the time they reached 40, Sally would be much prettier than the other gal who spend a fortune touching on face creams.

Drew brings up Bill Cosby and Adam connects him to this riff, bringing up ashy skin.

Adam is now saying the women who don’t use tons of creams and salves look better and younger than the rich whitey’s using creams.

Adam has a killer plug for his wife’s Rodan and Fields business, Drew joins him and they have some fun mocking his extended riff.


Adam brings up the hemp shampoo they got while on Loveline, MTV show wrap gifts?

Adam says it lasted him 11 years, they’re now back to Cosby.

Adam says he’s always heard he’s an asshole, Adam brings up the hypocrisy element of Bill that bothers him most, the same point from Hannibal Buress’s joke.


Adam cites Richard Pryor and suggests he may have done many untoward things with young ladies he plied with drugs, not saying rape or assault but things we would look down on if we knew all the details.

Drew says the philandering alone shatters his wholesome dad lie he perpetrated on society, Adam cites Martin Luther King and JFK as famous philanderers, and he makes a fine point.

Drew says that was off the time, a cultural problem where people turned the other way on shitty behavior, Adam clarifies that we left people the room for their private business, regardless of what was going on.


Adam says the drugging part takes this to another level of evil, he brings up Rosie O’Donnell from 1993, her show didn’t start till 1996, and Adam says he knew guys who worked on that show who she made fire people with no regard.

Adam prefers the honest and intense Rosie of today on ‘The View’ and he’s further clarifying his request for Rosie’s picture from her daytime talk show.

Adam says she put on a front, because something was lurking inside of her, something she felt.

Adam says she couldn’t work with Telepictures being the real Rosie, Adam is now saying that Bill Cosby is by all accounts a dick and only presented himself as a dancing happy old man.

Adam brings up Ellen dancing and how she didn’t dance during a wedding with a world class band playing for 5 hours.


Adam is making a point about overcompensation, Drew is getting personally offended by this and bringing up how he and Adam go out of their way to be themselves.

Adam says he doesn’t want to disagree, he says he can be an asshole because he’s not one all the time, Adam doesn’t go around feeling like Rock Hudson and has an appropriate analogy about trying to hide ones inner truth.

Drew is now clarifying his point and Adam says her doesn’t think Drew quite has this one right, he’s explaining how people have one opinion while on camera and another at home with their friends.


Drew brings up the attorney bullying and threatening people in the public, he says its old-school stuff and doesn’t fly in today’s world.

Adam brings up Bill Simmons suspension form ESPN and how they played right into his hand by doing so.

Adam asks why you would do that, who they were looking out for by suspending him and making themselves look like the bad guys.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.