Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/06/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 294

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/06/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 294

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Paul Mecurio

Recorded 12-01-2015 – Release Date 12-06-2015

Production Number #294 – Paul Mecurio

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Adam opens the show with Paul Mecurio making his ACS debut, he’s plugging his new subscription based Carolla Digital show.

Paul tells Drew about introducing the concept of ordering a mini-fridge to your hotel room, Adam shares his fear of complaining about broken remotes and credits this to Paul’s hubris.

Adam talks about the time he was rear ended on the freeway, he told the guy he didn’t care about pulling over with a head nod after presuming the damage wasn’t that bad.


Adam tells his own story about this, Drew brings up the story of the time Adam missed a flight for one of their college gigs, he’s touching on the story of the Loveline fan who no-showed on him with his airport ride that was recently solved with a random ‘Kevin and Bean’ fan phone call while Adam was “absent” for a spell due to being too hilarious I presume.

Adam and Drew are going in depth with Paul about his back story and they talk about his parents, Adam jokes about Paul not falling back on his white privilege and he mocks the very notion saying he “loves it” and Drew takes it back to the autobiography.

Paul is telling them about his early short film and the connection to Albert Brooks and Spike Lee, Adam jokes about it being Jew Privilege.


Adam talks about the 3 sons in Albert Brooks, Super Dave and their 3rd brother the super-agent to the stars including Sade.

Adam is back to the story Paul was telling about being across the table from these guys.

Paul talks about printing out his jokes and giving them to Leno, he busts out a quick mini impression.


Adam talks about guys like Jay Leno buying jokes and how great fighters want great sparring partners, not tomato cans.

Paulk is talking about how Leno called him and how it all circled back to the Wall Street connection and cites some other things he brought up.

Paul talks about the various deals he was making and Adam asks if he was faxing his jokes in at this point, he talks about being a Comedian batman at night and Lawyer by day.


Paul has a funny white privilege callback, Paul is telling them about an early venue in a dicey part of town he performed in, and he talks about how a guy screamed about someone cutting him during ab ad drug deal.

Paul talks about his experience onstage after the slashing, he says he got a blood stain on his shirt from the shitty napkins the dude threw at him.

Adam and Drew are enjoying the story and Adam comments on his ‘Brady Bunch’ plot Paul tries to pass off as real life while giving a comparative example of the scenario.


Paul says his girlfriend thought he was cheating on her, not practicing his comedy.

Drew plugs some upcoming episodes of Paul’s new show ‘2 Chairs and a Microphone.’


Drew is doing a Live Read


1st Caller Jeff, he has a bad line. He wants to know what percentage of his income should be spent on a house.

Adam brings up the various rules about this, Paul is asking some follow ups.

Adam says treat your homes like pushups, when 300k is your max, add 25k more.


Adam asks who has never made their rent, you find a way.

Drew talks about the challenge of home ownership, put a carrot on a stick.

Adam has a vintage car analogy, it will make you work on the weekends and propel you to get busy, and everybody needs that, overshoot your mark a little bit.


Paul is very well versed and helping this dude out, Adam is bringing up his theory on “earn a dollar vs. save a nickel mode” and Adam talks about going to some meetings for a multilevel marketing scam when he was poor.

Paul is enjoying this and Adam says it’s what happens when you don’t have a family or a rudder.

Paul and Adam talks about Herbal Life and Adam explains how he couldn’t sell it to anyone, much like his school chocolate bars as a kid, some things never change.


Paul is sharing an example, he has an anecdote from dealing with an angry guy who threatened to fuck him up the ass “properly” after he was leaving the newsstand.

Adam is trying to place the geography of the scene, Adam talks about his attempt to insure a 9th car with the company he had 8 cars with, the old story of how they insisted Adam drove his car to them and resulted in him switching to another company who would send out an attendant/agent to photograph the odometer and VIN.

Adam brings up the “if we did it for you, we would have to do it for everyone” logic he hates and has perfect logic with why they should.


Adam wants to find that guy and mock him, now it’s 30 cars and still no insurance claims, he wants to compliment him on his fantastic business sense.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam loves people watching edition


Adam shares his belief about stupid people and how they pullback and fight regardless of direction, he talks about gas stations that wouldn’t lend him a gas can to refill his truck.

Adam mocks the broken logic of stupid people and their “no mode” they can’t adjust out of once they enter into.

Paul and Drew both weigh in, Drew does the parents voice noise from the ‘Peanuts’ cartoons.


Paul shares his own anecdote and tells them about round trip cab ride, Adam says “try not to set people into no mode” and he says don’t start with “it’s not your fault but” as they get into the posture to protest.


2nd Caller Eli, he wants to move his kid to a private school but can’t get his phone to work.


He’s now on the line and he’s telling them about taking his kids out of the LAUSD and Adam cites the facts he was told about L.A. unified school district by Mark Geragos.

Adam says if it’s fair to midland, leave the kid in, and if it’s dangerous take him out.


Adam talks about his nephews school in Topanga Canyon, Adam says they should give him a voucher for the money he’s removing from the system by taking his kid to a private establishment.

Adam mocks his own intelligence and inability to spell Entourage, hilarious.

Adam plugs the podcast and they wrap things up with some closing plugs.