Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/05/2014 – Mo Mandel

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/05/2014 – Mo Mandel

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mo Mandel

Recorded 12-04-2014 – Release Date 12-05-2014

Production Number #1468

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Adam has a light saber intro, BB plays Sonny’s new classic “Are You Kidding Me?” as today’s #TopDrop and Matt is on mic explaining that Sonny turned off Matt’s light in his office, the kid is coached up.

Alison has a funny observation about how considerate and annoying that was, she wants to know if Sonny is making it his job to listen to Adam who is often upset because he goes unheard.

Adam says that Sonny’s nature is sweet, so he does this for everyone and Adam says he does think that Sonny realizes Adam works hard and his ethos on life has gotten him far.


Adam brings up his daughter giving him attitude and how he’ll tell her that he’ll remember this attitude in six months when she needs new ice skates, she’ll retort that Lynette will just buy them and Sonny always explains where the money actually comes from.

They’re all talking about how charming and honest Sonny is, he brings up the cookbooks taking up space in his kitchen, Alison mixes up Seinfeld Strumpets, she brings up Maria Menounos getting into Greek frozen food.

Adam brings up Greek yogurt and says that Maria is super late for the Greek train, joking that it sounds like a sexual innuendo, BB asks about John Stamos vs. Rob Lowe and Alison says she would rather sleep with Rob Lowe so he’s winning in the “blue car, yellow car race” idea BB presented.


Adam is now sleeping on Stamos, he’s bringing up how men can ride on their good looks about 20 years longer than women in show business.

Adam is giving his “plastic surgery at its infancy akin to CGI 15 years ago” analogy, Alison is commenting on the women who have damaged their looks with surgery.

Adam brings up his wiring and the questions he gets about being nervous, he says he never gets nervous over something that is a good product, he never has nerves when he’s competent in a situation.


Adam is citing his ability to accurately judge himself and his work, he says he does “emotional altitude training” with himself, he says he’s excited about the screening but says he was made a little nervous before screening it over at Jay’s warehouse.

Adam says Jay wanted to watch the movie with his guys, none of them drink.

Adam is setting up the scene, he explains that Jay is very honest much like the “mouth of babes” adage, Adam explains Jay praised the movie ‘The Hammer’ and has also seen Tim Allen’s movie ‘Crazy on the Outside’ but didn’t seem to like it as much.


Adam brings up Jay will critique performance and tell you flat out, not in a snarky way, in a loving and honest way.

Alison asks about “they decided they wanted to go in a different direction” always means you suck.

Adam brings up how Jay works clean and the F-Bombs in the movie left him worried about the reception, Adam explains he didn’t correct Jay about the play on words of the title that he didn’t seem to pick up on or appreciate.


Adam asks Jay about guesting for the live show in Anaheim, Jay had a couple nitpicks but nothing that left him too concerned.

The people with Jay and Adam kept asking “what didn’t you like Jay” and Adam says it would only serve to make them feel bad as the movie is picture locked.


Adam is doing a live read for

“Same underpants my uncle fought WWII in” – Adam


Adam is welcoming 16yr old Eagle Scout Will to the show, he mom sent them an email and he explains how their correspondence continued from there.

Adam is explaining the meaning of “a different direction” that if they hire someone completely unlike you, they were honest, if someone looks like you then it was based on your performance.

Adam is now asking Will about progressing through the ranks of Boy Scouts, he says it was a lot of work.


Adam is trying to not make light of his achievement and asks if this means anything at all with chicks in today’s world.

He says that it only has meaning to the people who are in the community, Adam and BB are dosing a slow air high five and agreeing.

Adam says it’s so sad that all of this good work and kindness doesn’t elicit an ounce of interest in young women his age, Adam asks what the biological component of being attracted to a rebel is in women.

Adam has a killer joke about having kids you can’t raise, Adam brings up the conversation with Gene Simmons on TAK #3.

Alison has some very insightful commentary on the way women are attracted to things, Adam has a killer line about him cutting someone.


Adam says he’s attracted to Will, he’s got a great reaction and Adam brags about his GPA.

Alison comments this was not what his parents intended for the call, Adam is back to quizzing him on his interests, BB says he could be gay.

Adam asks if he could be gay and jokes about a fictional Mr. Rogers song, Adam tells him that one day this will pay great dividends because he will be trusted to watch anyone’s house.


BB brings up his Eagle Scout buddy as his best man and Adam jokes about not showing up on time for the wedding due to Lynette.

Adam is trying to not turn this into a gender issue and comments on how women doll themselves up for weddings, Adam mocks the road wedding “spread out” false sense of proximity to the event.

Adam jokes about sending the bad message of sitting in a towel and black socks before getting fully dressed in 4 minutes, he jokes about the hot look of men sporting black socks while wearing a towel.


Adam brings up the event staff who sent Adam and Lynette down the aisle in front of the bride and groom, he wants to know why they don’t bring people in discreetly.


Adam is doing a life lock live read with Alison.


1st Caller Ryan, he’s a police officer from Ohio.

Adam asks him about his setup/routine, he doesn’t have a partner and works in road patrol and some investigative work.

Adam asks him what his highest danger level is when pulling someone over, when he is most on guard and least on guard.


He says they’re trained to process that stuff subconsciously, he brings up the condition of a car and Adam now plays the odds between the big SUV with blacked out windows vs/ the tiny bright orange Mini.

He says you then process what the person is telling you and Adam asks what the worse reaction is from a motorist, he explains how he will put himself on guard.

Ryan says you can tell the difference between normal nerves vs. a person who is smuggling drugs and he says you develop the ability to read people.


Adam brings up his 15 years of driving uninsured, he explains how he’s in a different space than he was back then when he’s pulled over today.

Ryan says he wants to be a good cop, he says he thinks a lot more cops will be sitting at 4 way stops ticketing tax payers over trying to intervene in poor neighborhoods where one could argue they’re needed most.

Adam brings up the choking murder of Eric Garner and how he totally doesn’t agree with the cops there, he brings up the tax laws in NYC regarding cigarettes and Alison seems aware of this, Adam now suggests the markup in tax created a bootleg market for cigarettes.


Adam mentions the pack of cigarettes at the W hotel and jokes about that being the most expensive place to possibly buy them, Adam brings up his “pack of matches” joke that the woman didn’t get.

Alison asks Ryan’s take on the Ferguson evidence and what happened in NYC with Eric Garner, he explains the difference.

Adam says he agrees and explains it’s not a race thing, it’s a police brutality thing.


Adam jokes about being as a person who enjoys white privilege he doesn’t see white deaths in media and think he’s being targeted, Adam has seen cops beat the shit out of all races.

Alison brings up the disparity in what happens to cops who shoot black people vs. white people, leaving out the Asian women who the LAPD tried to murder during the Dorner case.

Adam brings up the silver Corvette car chase from December 2013 in Los Angeles where the driver for sure had his hands up, we have video evidence of this, the cops killed him because they were pissed off?


Yet that guy’s name doesn’t even appear in any of the media reports, it’s nearly impossible to find, Adam doesn’t address the interesting point he raises about race and media bias.

A black teen is killed without video nor forensic evidence that he had his hands up, protests across the country, white drunk dude is shot dead with hands up on live news coverage, and nobody even knows his name nor cares.

Alison thinks they just saw someone get killed, Adam is now clarifying he died in the hospital and now they’re playing the footage again.


Adam says one of the cops may have been black or Hispanic, he doesn’t think they hate white people, he thinks they like shooting guns.

Adam thanks Ryan and moves on.


2nd Caller Dan, he wants to know about Adam celebrating Christmas despite his atheism, Adam does it all and tries to make it as festive and Christmassy as possible.

Adam is now on his semiannual “get a Christmas tree” rule of thumb for a happy life, Adam mocks his mom cutting down a branch and leaning it in lieu of a tree.

Adam buys his trees from the church, he gives it to the YMCA or the Church, people are friendly and they help you out, he would rather it go to a worthy cause than some big corporation.


Bryan brings up the fake vs. real Christmas tree pros and cons list from the KLSX radio show.

Alison shares that she has a fake tree, she explains why and that she does prefer a real one.

Adam is now ranting against the narcissist adults who are trying to take Christmas away from children, despite getting to experience it themselves when they grew up.

Alison asks if there really is a war on Christmas, that’s not what Adam said, he was addressing the way people try and replace specific holiday’s events like Christmas parties with “holiday parties”.


Adam is clarifying this, he says he’s an atheist and he loves fucking Christmas, it’s like the super bowl, and you don’t have to follow nor play the game.

Adam brings up the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ they use to entertain the kids, he says it’s delightful and when they grow up they can decide how they celebrate the holiday.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings live read.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break, Mo Mandel is making his ACS debut.

Dawson has a “Nicaraguan Name that Christmas Movie” intro, from the old radio show I do believe.


Adam is asking Mo about the premise of his show, he explains it’s ‘wife swap’ meets bars.

Mo references the band ‘The Dictators’ and Alison has some info about the bar he mentioned, her New York days shining through.

Mo describes a gay bay he visited, Adam asks if Gay bars are just 100% hooking up, Adam mocks BB for his reply, gold.


They’re all commenting on the women that acquire a gay following, he explains it used to be a musical/acting connection, now it’s just about attitude.

Adam brings up how the female comedians who acquire these gay fan bases lean into them pretty early, it’s a good crowd to have following you.

Adam has a killer “you’re sucking dick” reply to Mo’s explanation of how he grew used to the super aggressive sexual environment he spent a week in.


Mo explains how his network used to be court TV and what they’re looking for out of the show, Adam is giving out he plugs and wrapping the interview portion, wow!


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the story of a woman bringing a suit against Bill Cosby, Adam says when it comes to believing stories, insane detail only like “asked me to do something with my own hand” only further make this seem true.

Adam is bringing up the lack of reasoning for specifics being the evidence that it happened, Adam jokes about using Eddie Gorodetsky to punch up his rape stories, and Alison has a solid addition to that idea.

Mo says Adam is only giving tips to people to later use when faking rape accusations, he says it’s terrifying that you’re always 1 rape accusation away from destroying you.


Alison explains her cautious take on these claims, how she doesn’t like to jump to conclusions or participate in the mob mentality, but she rightfully explains this case is different and these allegations have been following this man for 4 decades, shit is rotten in Denmark.

Adam jokes about when he cheats, he says he only eats pussy to throw his wife off.

Alison is now reading the article that has different details than what Adam is quoting, Alison brings up the filing by Cosby about her trying to extort him.


Adam brings up Bill’s illegitimate daughter, Alison cites his the story about his daughter’s drug problems and Adam has a moment feeling bad for him.

Alison is now quoting the story and the weird move she accuses Bill of pulling, using her still hand to give himself a hand job, Adam guesses he pulled that move on his wife 4 dates in and how that would signify to her these accusations are accurate.

Alison brings up the special California laws regarding underage abuse, Adam says without the church we wouldn’t have this law that allows us to prosecute sex crimes from beyond the statute of limitations.


Adam’s halfhearted “thank the church… for molesting boys” tangent gets a couple tags by Mo and now Adam is moving on to Bill Cosby, he says he would turn the electricity off in his house to escape this media storm.

Mo brings up the sociopathic tendencies at play with him weighing in on the lives of all black people while raping young women, Adam agrees with Bill about young people pulling their pants up while he admonishes him for being so hypocritical.

Adam explains that too much energy often leads to things like this, Adam brings up Jo Paterno and calls him the “Eagle scouts of coaches” and made it to the 26th mile of life only to trip over his own shoelace and that’s how he’ll be remembered for all time.


Adam says the same fate is coming for Cosby, Mo says if you can’t elevate Cosby then don’t try to elevate anyone, Adam says that why he always cites Mitch Hedberg as his comedy influence when asked.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read.


Alison asks how much his wife knew and what the pathology is at play, Adam says it’s the overstimulation of the pleasure centers of the human brain, citing the Richard Gere “gerbil story” but he cites him having sex with Cindy Crawford and growing bored of that as to why it seems likely, except the story started showing up attached to his name in the mid 1980’s well before Richard and Cindy were together and has also since been debunked as an urban legend.

Adam and Mo are riffing about it, he cites the Mick Jagger and David Bowie story and compares that to the appetites of the super wealthy and the evolution of palette towards the complex and unusual.

Alison asks if every guy would hit the experimental part of sex after getting burnt out on hot supermodels, Adam cites the rumors about Hugh Hefner that he didn’t deny while they were broadcasting live from the mansion in the KLSX days.


Adam says you should not wish this for your son, that he can get any women he wants all the time, it’s the nature of dudes, onward and upward.

Adam says they only had one bad Christmas in their kids 8 years on the planet, he brings up the way his daughter got irritable and pissed off by getting everything she wanted all at once.

Adam says you can’t dump everything on someone, much like the son of a rich celebrity.


Adam brings up how turning daddy’s 10 million into 200 million still is only met with “yeah but that was daddy’s money” and Mo has some points about the underachieving rich heirs of society.

Mo is sharing an anecdote and Adam has a killer one liner mocking him, he’s now finishing the anecdote and explains that his ex-girlfriend had the parachute of life of being able to marry a rich dude if life got too hard.

Adam brings up his recent conversation with Dennis Prager for his ‘Take a Knee’ podcast about the anxiety of being a man and having to achieve.


2nd Story is on the recent storms and the drought in the state of California, Adam is using cocktail weenies for his analogy.

Alison asks what kind of catching method he would use and leads to a funny riff.

Alison says it would take 150% of the average cocktail weenie fall to get back to even, Adam says you don’t have to tell him to start and stop wasting water, he always errors towards conservation.

Alison asks about people turning their shower on and letting it warm up before jumping in, Adam suggest people get an inline water heater, Adam says he doesn’t jump in when it’s cold, even he must let gallons of water be wasted before jumping in.


Adam asks why they don’t have a code for recirculating  pumps for hot water and recycling bins, Adam says they should offer a 200$ tax credit to install a recirculator, Alison asks about the science at play and if turning a faucet on slower will help in any way, nope.

Adam is explaining how this could save billions of gallons of water per year, if the city and state were truly interested wouldn’t they invest in this.

Mo brings up Bidet’s and Adam has a “Bidet for every cunt” promise for voters who elect him.


“That’s like saying, hey there’s AIDS” – Adam on the drought status reminders from the city, it doesn’t really help in any way to merely point things out without offering solutions.

BB has a smug “it’s an awareness campaign” excuse for the TSA color chart, Adam is now mocking it and Mo is helping, Adam says they took the one method without inherent value, colors.

BB is now sarcastically mocking the chart, he wants to know what’s more cynical, that Adam thinks those in power are just dumb or what he thinks that they made it confusing on purpose to mess with people.


Alison says BB is more cyclical and everyone agrees, Alison has a nice tag that nobody reacts to.

BB brings up the “constant fear” conspiracy theory element he buys into, Mo is joking about the medium threat, and Alison mocks his Italian terrorist character, nice!

Adam is now riffing on the lock and load scene from action movies and Alison wraps the news to her warm weenies drop from this very news story.


Adam is doing a ManGrate Live Read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show. Dawson steps on the Mahalo and BB plays the awkward “I’m attracted to you” moment from the call with the Eagle Scout named Will.