Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 196

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 196

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 12-02-2014 – Release Date 12-04-2014

Production Number #196 – Anti-Pleasure Palace

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Drew opens the show, Adam is stuck in traffic and Drew blames the rain in Los Angeles for his delay.

Drew laments how people in Los Angeles react to rain, he’s bringing up how California is known for their flat roofs and how they often fail, citing full tard Gary repairing something on the roof, he mistakenly blames Ray.

Drew is now plugging his solo podcast, promising to finally go back to multiple episodes per week.


Drew is now plugging the music LP’s inspired by his podcast, Gary and Chris lament Drew not inviting them over to meet Tom DeLonge from Blink 182.

Drew is now plugging modern day Loveline and telling them about the Mike and Dr. Drew Podcast from PodcastOne.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Chris has a letter from Craig, he has an insightful point about drinking and substance use in Europe vs. The United States and the cultural evolution of addiction.

Drew is bringing up the alcohol related profound complications from the attitudes about alcohol in places like Italy.

Adam enters the studio and jokes about his dad giving him booze, he’s now explaining how his dad refuses drink offers and doesn’t seem to ever get a hankering for BBQ despite loving it.


Adam brings up his dad’s average dinner of cottage cheese with raisins and honey, Adam says he grew up in two houses with no liquor cabinet, he didn’t realize how weird that was.

Drew is asking Adam about the lack of space for ingestible items outside of the fridge for the Carolla people.

Adam is now saying if you raided his dad’s house in 1976 when he lived alone, Drew interrupts to mock his dad’s house which you can see via the show page link above.


Adam is back to his idea about raiding his dad’s place, they wouldn’t have found a playboy and they explain what that means in today’s world, the equivalent.


Adam is telling Drew about why the house doesn’t look as abysmal in the photo they’re looking at, missing the dirt driveway off to the left.

Adam says the street with that house is the street that time forgot and Drew coins Adam’s dad’s house the “Anti-Pleasure Palace” and now Drew brings up the roof, Adam corrects him that Ray didn’t do anything to the roof.

Drew wants to know how to inspire Adam’s dad to be the guy who wants to buy a playboy.


Adam is sharing his take on how humans suddenly have bottomless motivation and energy when doing the things they want to do, Drew has a wise quote and Adam is now telling them about his dad explaining to him how he was purposely bad at things to keep people from asking.

Adam says his dad’s master plan was to be left alone, he succeeded in doing so.

Adam brings up his dad and his “preparing for death” by refusing even a glass of water, Drew tries to blame his head injury, but this was happening long before that.


Drew brings up an old SNL he saw over the weekend, it featured a commercial parody for healthy cereal.

Adam is now joking about Grape Nuts being considered junk food in his household, Adam says he would toss brown sugar and anything else fatty or sweet he could throw on top of it, ending up with him consuming twice as much sugar than he would’ve with a sugar cereal.

Adam is now riffing about the differences between white and brown sugar, Drew is stepping in and they’re mocking the hippy notions of “the man” removing all of the nutrients from the food.


Adam is bringing up his mom’s whole wheat pasta, it turns into a pasty brown ball, and it’s punishing yourself for a lateral nutritional move.


Drew is now doing a Dollar shave Club live read, Adam’s riff about the security around razors is now the script for every podcast, funny how that works.


Adam brings up his wife drinking two inches of French vanilla creamer in her coffee, he explains they’re never out of her creamer but often out of the milk he uses in his coffee.

Adam is addressing how the human mind works, he has a “remind yourself to pee” explanation for how forgetful people are.

Adam requested two cases of creamer containers and had his coffee covered even though the milk had gone bad.


Adam says this is the remedy for this problem, it’s not Lynette’s fault the milk goes bad fast and the solution isn’t him going to the market 3 times per week.

Adam says he can’t expect his wife to make special runs just for him, he’s being very supportive of her.

Adam brings up how he never complains about himself, his body, he only complains about others and how to make things work better, he doesn’t bring up his toothaches and how others can’t do anything about his pain other than not hang out with him.


1st Caller David, he wants their take on reconciling with his mother, he explains how he’s’ tried in the past.

Adam brings up the current situation with his mom and his sister, David interrupts to tell them about his mom’s sex party, they interrupt him and tell him, yes his mom is a bad person.

Adam is explaining how you must know the limitations of the people in your life, Adam brings up his dad and his mom and how he doesn’t share his excitement with them nor ask them to come spend time or help out.


Adam is telling him to mix his vitriol with a dusting of pity, Adam recently told his mom that her mom ruined her, Adam is doing the simple math and explains how realizing where someone comes from much like a breed of dog tells you a lineage.

Adam is telling people to get their shit together and explains how he rights the wrong by kissing his son on the lips every night.

Adam says the reason he says this stuff is because he’s correcting it, he brings up his kids and the love he shows them out loud, all the time, pointing out what a great mom they have and how happy they are to have them in their lives.


Adam explaining he doesn’t expect Lynette’s schizophrenic brother to do everything that you expect from other people and family in your life, he’s using that as an example for recognizing limits in others and now Drew is giving David some tough love about how he can fulfill his role and how he’s never going to get that satisfaction form her.

Adam explains how he doesn’t ever ask to borrow money from his mom and stepfather.


2nd Caller Steve, he says his call is for Dr. Drew and suggest Adam has Asperger’s, Drew turns it on him and asks if his vocal quality implies he’s on the spectrum.

Adam has a killer reply about having his shit together and how his tombstone will read “you fucks are on your own now.”

Adam brings up a recent conversation with his wife, he brings up the bath towel in the kids bathroom that wasn’t hanging from the hooks he installed in the kids bathroom.


Adam says 5 years ago she would’ve got defensive and said she was busy with the kids in the shower, now she just notes and it moves on.

Adam says Lynette makes the claim that Adam continues to hound her after she’s tapped out, Drew has some introspection about their improved communication skills with each other.

Adam says he doesn’t like to take an extra lap and there is nothing in it for him, Steve brings up the “retarded Pete Sampras’ description Jimmy gave for Adam, Adam has officially rewritten it as “Downs Syndrome.”


Adam is now doing a live read for Simply Safe


Drew is now giving his take on spectrum disorders and connecting that to the explanation Adam was on for knowing people’s limits.

Adam addresses Fibromyalgia and Epstein–Barr virus, Adam says its called depression.

Adam invites Drew to Leno’s shop, he marveled at Jay and how he will schedule things for tomorrow or even tonight, he explains he’s used to people dropping things for him, he’s under the impression everyone’s schedule is always open.


Adam says when people want to do something, they can do it and uses his schedule clearing to hang with Jay as an example for motivation.

Adam says it’s called maturity and discipline.


Adam is now wrapping the segment, he’s plugging his ‘Take a Knee’ podcast and the 3rd episode with Gene Simmons not talking about KISS.