Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2014 – Nick Santora, Matt Atchity, Sonny and Natalia

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2014 – Nick Santora, Matt Atchity, Sonny and Natalia

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nick Santora, Matt Atchity, Sonny and Natalia

Recorded 12-03-2014 – Release Date 12-04-2014

Production Number #1467

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Adam opens the show to a 70’s rock themed intro, he plugs the upcoming Live Show with Jay Mohr, and he is now sharing how Jay makes him comfortable on stage.

BB has the Pat O’Brien #TopDrop and Adam welcomes Matt Atchity to the show, he invites him to the early screening of ‘Road Hard’ and he explains how scenes get cut out and how it often doesn’t have to do with performance but is more about plot and running time.

Matt is lamenting the longer running times of modern movies, Adam says you need to surround yourself with assholes and BB has a killer reply.


Adam is telling them about sending a scene of their movie to Eden Wurmfeld, the tar pits scene from ‘The Hammer’ and how her extreme reaction was helpful.

BB is telling them about a comedy, Matt is now telling them about the movie ‘Exodus’ and Adam is asking him what the score will end up being.

Adam says he now has a score to attempt to beat for the next movie, Adam offers his dying dog to Matt.


Adam is now doing a Bark Box live read.

Adam brings up the child proofing and strollers that you have leftover well into the kid’s teens, he asks why people even buy new version of this stuff, it’s all indoors and plastic, they gave it away to goodwill.

BB convinces Adam he should’ve put that shit up on Ebay.

“Make ‘em count with Bark Box” – Adam on dogs getting cheated out of a full lifetime of Christmases.


Rotten or Fresh – Ape themed movies

1st Movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ (1968)

Adam jokes about Charlton Hesston’s bummer speech in the movie, good riff.

Adam goes with 77, BB says 80 and Alison says 65.

Adam is arguing the quality of this movie and explains how sci-fi worked in the 1960s.


2nd Movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ (2001)

Adam goes with 39, BB says 44 and Alison says 45.

She got the 5 point reduction and Adam jokes they’ll be adding it to her score today, good stuff.


3rd Movie ‘King Kong’ (2005)

Adam jokes about animals and flashbulbs in movies, he has a funny Joe Rogan example and then ratchets up the reaction to an ape based one.

Adam was bothered by the boulder rolling scene, Adam mocks the craft in debris field POV shots from most space travel movies.

Adam is saying they guild the lily and those boulders would destroy the ship, Adam says every movie except Gravity has it wrong.

“Hang on we’ll be on fire in a few seconds” – Adam as the more realistic space pilot.

Adam says 74, BB says 72 and Alison goes with 55.


4th Movie ‘Project X’ (1987)

Alison knows it before he says the title, Adam never saw this movie and suggests BB and Alison talk about this one as he always talks about the one’s he has scene, he does!

Adam says 60, BB goes 50 and Alison goes with 45.

Adam jokes about Alison’s portably score and uses an MLB analogy for her, she requests they use non-sports analogies for her scoring.


5th Movie ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ (1978)

Adam says it’s not a good movie and marvels at the 5 guys who played bikers in movies, Alison asks if there is such a thing as central casting.

Adam jokes about Sondra Locke being nearly clear in complexion, Alison has a scientology query.

“She Tilda Swinton look like Wesley Snipes” – Adam on Sondra.

Adam goes with 53, BB says 50 and Alison takes 100.

Adam tells her that would have been the time for 15-20.

Adam now reads the results and everyone is talking over each other, but it sounds funny.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings live read.


Adam is plugging the arrival of the great Nick Santora and explains how his kids were read his new children’s book and are going to come in and review it.

Adam is now mocking the PSA’s about speaking and reading to your kids, Adam takes it one step back and explains it requires a family who cares and are involved for you to do that, he has a variant for the PSA.

Adam jokes that his wife started to roll up the book in order to violate the boy before he told her to read it to the kids.


Alison is now asking Matt about the movie ‘The Babadook’ and he is telling them about the story, Adam says he was down with it until he read the review and mocks the “best Australian horror film” label, not counting the ‘Wolf Creek’ movies.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Anthony, he was listening to the podcast where Adam brought up the “finger pointing” move for 3 and 4 way stops, he is now explaining the move to Matt and showing him live in studio.

He explains how he dusts off the smelly finger of authority and jokes about that being a horror movie title.

Anthony is telling them about a condescending teen at a local business, he mocks the kid for using “boss” and Adam shares his love for champ, boss and chief, me too!


Adam doesn’t find it condescending and it makes him feel warm, what the person is trying to convey.

Anthony says he feels like it’s condescending, Adam is now asking why he’s perverted this, Alison says he feels like he might be picking up on something.

Adam uses the southwest flight attendants trying to be funny and do their own thing, he’s got a killer joke about everyone rolling their eyes at once and unbalancing the weight of the aircraft.

Alison does try to get a witness to see her reaction to the cornball jokes on southwest that Adam tolerates and understands.


Adam finds out it’s a golf course and tells him why this is totally acceptable in that location, Adam is now railing against the caller.

Alison says what’s bugging him is the familiarity “boss” implies, Adam appreciates the type of kindness and doesn’t give it any traction either, he uses BB’s tumor as an example of people with real problems.


2nd Caller Jay, he wants some advice on how to be a better boss, Adam says not having violent mood swings, you don’t want your staff guessing and praying about your mood every day.

Adam explains how you want a steady boss, Matt says he tries to lead by example and mentions a person who’s pissed about their movie getting a 0 score.

Adam and Jay are now doing an improv scene of how to be a better boss, Alison guesses that it might be Kirk Cameron who is protesting his movie’s score, and Matt confirms it’s not.


Adam has a slick Auto Erotic Asphyxiation line that nobody acknowledges, Adam explains how he wanted the “certified fresh” status, why him pursuing the last two reviews for his movie is different that third mystery person’s campaign to go from 0 – 3%.

Matt reveals it’s a woman involved with the movie ‘Reach Me’ and Matt explains her take and lets loose with some of his frustration about her pestering.

Adam says if you have a 0 you can always hide behind the idea that they were biased and hate you, if you get 18% you just laid a turd this time.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from with a holiday themed song for Alison courtesy of Rich Banks, she’s apparently dreaming of a black Christmas, yep DAG penis comedy.

“Poor hubbies junk is white, but since he wants the vagina green light, Daniel hits the tanning bed tonight” – Rich

Adam says that was the dirtiest and longest bumper they’ve ever done, of course with the kids in studio, he tells everyone they’re not wearing cans and didn’t hear it, don’t get all uptight everybody.


Adam is bringing up Nick’s book and plugging it, Adam asks Natalia who has it better than her, she says no one, and Adam is now having the kids give their review.

Sonny’s only complaint is the book material, like the paper stock.

Natalia is breaking down the plot, Adam is asking her some follow up questions and now Sonny has a great “If I’m wrong, than mom’s wrong” excuse before defining “exchange student.”


Adam is joking with Sonny beating him on the hat math, getting more hats in one trip than Adam got in an entire childhood.

Alison asks the kids what their favorite part was, Natalia explains her favorite part and Nick tells them about the Zamboni chase scene.

Adam is bringing up how great it is when someone options your work, doesn’t make a move with it and then 3 years later re-options your material, Adam says it’s akin to reselling his backyard fruit he already sold.


Sonny is explaining Hanukkah to the audience, Nick compliments him on knowing his stuff.

Adam asks Nick how the people reached out to option this book, he published it himself and credits the podcast for helping sales.

Adam explains how Nick deserves any success that comes his way, he brings up how nick options the stories of people he reads about.


Nick is going super in depth on the deals he offers and gives a specific example, Sonny gets on mic and has some funny comments, and Adam is now asking Natalia to list her favorite parts.

Nick calls Mike August the kids uncle, Sonny is trying to get some final comments in and Adam is giving him the shoe.

Adam compliments the 13 out of 10 the kids gave the book when they entered the studio.


Adam and Alison are now doing a Lifelock live read, Alison has a very funny sarcastic one liner.


Alison’s News

Alison brings up the heated conversation about the nuts they would choose if given a limit on how many kinds they could consume for the rest of their life.

Adam clarifies they were at the Taphouse and explains how the nut chat went down, Adam has a funny joke about Macadamia nuts.

Nick brings up his daughter’s nut allergy and how he sneaks cashes and pistachios outside in the yard, Adam has a killer riff about the squirrels spotting him burying his shells and thinking he’s one of them.

Adam is now quizzing BB for his answer, he chooses walnuts and Dawson chimes in to say they taste almost identical to pecans and are among the shittiest of all types of nuts.


Adam is now arguing how they don’t sell miniature bags of walnuts, Nick has a great tumor comment aimed at BB that Adam seems to really enjoy.

BB is shocked to be the only person on earth who enjoys and prefers walnuts.

Adam calls walnuts a good base nut, a substrate for moisture, he brings up their bitter taste.


Alison has another thing from their northwest tour, she brings up how she cited that she doesn’t enjoy beer, she’s clarifying that she was acting as a person who doesn’t like beer, that’s not her actual beer stance.

The audience prematurely reacted leading everyone to assume she meant she doesn’t like beer and is the super forgetful and wasteful party guest who leaves their unfinished beer behind.


1st Story is on the verdict in the Eric Garner chokehold death, she reads the details of his death and the quotes from the officer who placed the choke hold on Eric.

Alison tells them about the controversy surrounding the chokehold, Joe Rogan one of the greatest experts in all of martial arts says it was a chokehold, so the ruling to not indict the officer and statements from the NYPD are incorrect.

Alison brings up the argument regarding police body cameras and what good they’ll do with something like this where we have perfect footage of the events that took place that day and the officer still got off without even a trial.


Adam says the cameras will help, this is just one example and not exactly the same thing as a police mounted body camera, it’s a related situation but he’s saying we shouldn’t abandon the good endeavor of these police cameras just because of this.

Adam says the only lesson to be learned from something as horrific as this is to always do what the cops say, don’t raise your arms, stop moving, obey.

It’s fucked up but cops will punch and assault anyone up to and including pregnant women, until we can get the cops and law enforcement to change and not commit these horrendous acts, we all need to kiss ass and obey.


Adam says if you engage these guys you’re going to get their full force, he thinks it’s what they want to do, that they have this brewing in them under the surface all the time.

Alison agrees with Adam, Adam is now bringing up how he was unfairly targeted and punished as a young poor man, he brings up the time his motorcycle was towed.

Nick says you should be able to say “fuck you” to a cop without fear of being assaulted or killed, Nick tells them a story from his past where a cop beat the shit out of him when he was 20 and tried to essentially frame him for his buddy falling out of another kind of frame.


Adam brings up his arrest at McCarran airport, he’s describing the open public part perfectly, I’ve seen the footage of it, and it’s jarring.

Adam is now telling the behind scenes part, he says these cops are all the same dudes.

Adam mistakes which airline it was, it was the first one he mentioned sadly.


Adam brings up the check in rule, he leaves out the crying funeral goer who was denied boarding by 1 minute due to the 45min check in rule that was changed within 6 months to a 30min check in window.

Adam missed it by 5-7 minutes, they had nearly 40min until the flight was taking off when they arrived at the airport.

Adam brings up how the women called security on him, Adam was forced to face the wall of the elevator, face against the corner, the guy had to correct him and tell him the other corner.

Adam says the correct airline this time.


Adam explains this guy wants Adam to turn around and say what the fuck so he can knee him in the ribs, Adam brings up his aggression about his backpack.

The guy asked him what he does for a living, he didn’t want to tell him his profession and got screamed at, he was dying for Adam to push back and engage so he could violently assault him.


Adam and Nick both say it’s not right they do this, but don’t do anything to let them use as an excuse to do it.

Alison has a great question about Adam running red turn arrows and his own personal recommendations for civil disobedience.

Adam says he doesn’t buy into any pride or respect, regardless of tax bracket when dealing with the cops.


2nd Story is on Kathy Griffin taking over as the next ‘Fashion Police’ host, BB has an insightful question about how Joan would feel about this.

Alison tells them about the new cast additions and Adam brags about being able to spot the best dress despite no interest nor expertise in fashion.

Adam shares his deep affection for Kathy and calls her very pretty, he says he wishes she could enjoy her success and accept herself as she is, he feels like she has some “tortured artist” in her that doesn’t benefit her, he tells her to own her place as a very funny comedian.


Adam is now doing a ManGrate live read.


3rd Story Is on the first lawsuit brought against Bill Cosby since 2005, Alison has all of the information.

Adam is now bringing up how men and women are wired differently, using this scenario to explain the fundamental opposites we are in some regards.

Alison brings up Connie Stevens on ‘Fantasy Island’ and tells them what a weird show it was, she didn’t remember it that way.

Adam is now bringing it back to the Cosby stuff and Nick has some legal expertise commentary, Nick is setting the record straight about the ‘Facts Of Life” trivia he quizzed Alison on.


Adam is now bringing up the KLSX call with Gloria Allred from 2006, they’re now playing the clip, they use the rough audio version sadly, YouTube?

It’s November 29th 2006, just over 8 years ago, the infamous “Crystal Brain” argument.

Adam says everyone needs to argue this way, yes I do know instead of backpedaling.


Nick now confirms how Michael Richards’s career has tanked since, he cites his few screen credits from the past 8 years.

Adam wraps up his take on Gloria and arguing.


Adam plugs Smart Mouth

Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now wrapping the show and giving out the plugs, he compliments his wife and adds a “plus she has time” stinger.