Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2013 – Nick Lowe

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/04/2013 – Nick Lowe

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nick Lowe

Recorded 12-03-2013 – Release Date 12-04-2013

Production Number #1219

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Adam is opening the show with a totally topical #TopDrop in light of last night shows, Nick Lowe is making his ACS debut and joining the show from the opening.

Adam is asking him about Pub rock, working John Hiatt on “Bring the Family” and setting up some “Cruel to be Kind” so everyone can catch up with Nick and his epic body of work.

Adam is explaining how he loves a great pop song and is teasing another great one that Nick will play live in studio, it has an Elvis Costello connection, “I’m not Angry?!”


Adam is saying he even likes “Peace Love and Understanding” even more than cruel, Adam is explaining what he responds to in the song and what he likes about the drumming.

Adam is explaining why songs like this are a nice break from the overproduced stuff of modern rock and pop radio.

Adam wants to know why Nick would give a gem of a song like that away and Adam has some Superfan knowledge about a band who played with Nick and Graham Parker “Brinsley Schwarz”.


Adam is now playing some “Girls Talk” and going even further in depth on this post pub rock music scene he loves so much, he’s asking Nick about his American influences.

Adam is now taking it back to “Brinsley Schwarz” and the idea of the guy behind that band, Brinsley joining “The Rumors” and Adam has a hilarious Marc Maron show title reply about his own program.

Nick is explaining the UK slang “Naff” to Adam and the gang, they’re listing off the reality shows Adam has done to clarify its meaning.


Adam is further riffing about what is or isn’t “naffable” and they’re discussing Nick’s Christmas album.

Adam is saying his gay porn name was “Artie Farty” and blaming it on his lack of success in the industry.

Adam is asking about the Christmas celebrations in the UK vs. the US.


Adam is asking Nick if he keeps in touch with all of that old crew, he’s sharing his own take on Brinsley from a DVD that David Wild brought in showing him playing with Graham back in the day.

Adam is now getting to Dave Edmonds and Dawson is chiming in, Adam is now doing a live read for Lumosity.

Adam is getting back to Nick and Elvis’ first meeting complete with a nice compliment for Nick’s hairline.


Adam is going in depth on the history between Nick and Elvis, he’s being very honest about Elvis and their sibling like relationship.

Nick is complimentary about the man and joking about his never ending love for music.


Nick is now playing “Christmas at the Airport” live in studio and it sounds amazing.

Adam is now complimenting Nick on the comedy in his lyrics and how John Hiatt is the only guy who does that in the states like the UK pub rock guys that Adam loves.

Nick is explaining how “The Beatles” lead to the changing self-importance and lack of comedy in their wake, Nick is now breaking down the funny lyricists vs. the non-funny ones.


Adam is getting to how Bruce Springsteen is worshipped almost universally, Nick and Adam are very complimentary while being realistic about the “by the numbers” song writing he does.

Adam is now having them play some John Hiatt from “Bring the Family” and they’re starting with “Your Dad Did”.

Adam is pointing out the “guy who hired you just got fired and your job’s expired but they just ain’t told you yet” lyric he loves so much.


Alison’s now in the mix and they’re discussing serious artists vs. funny ones and Adam has a great Jim Carrey analogy.

Adam has a hypothetical Obama vs. Reagan, regarding who was more self-important and serious, much like their artist discussion.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Keith Moon and John Bonham are now being discussed by someone who actually knew them, BB has a hilarious eulogy one liner that Adam rolls with.

Josh Groban and John Mayer are now in the mix, Adam is explaining this is not “who is funny” it’s who is serious, Alison has a John Mayer example and Adam isn’t citing his own from 2004 Classic Loveline.

They’re now measuring the likability level of each person, Springsteen is back in the discussion, and Adam has a great Kimmel and Letterman comparison to drive his point home.


They’re now doing a female comedians, funny/not funny and Dawson is chiming in to ask who is funny not or not funny out of “The Who”.

Adam is expressing his love for John Entwistle and his lack of movement behind the bass.

Adam is wrapping up with Nick and telling him to say hi to Brinsley for him, they’re now going to break.


They’re back from break with some praise for the great Nick Lowe and their appreciation for the new “Funny/Not Funny” game.

Adam is now getting to the Molly story he teased earlier, he’s describing her declining health and night time vomiting, Adam describing the dog paw of “I need you buddy” that Alison has a sweet reaction to.

Adam is getting to the medication and its effects on the poor dog that doubly trouble her poor aging body.


Adam is explaining that combined with his early call time for the new reality show is why he’s still a bit out of sorts.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mark, he was at the hospital a month ago for appendicitis and saw a full size comfort dog at his bedside before the operation.

Adam is getting to his trip to the hospital to visit his dad and he’s asking why we think dogs can make us forget a catheter is in ones cock.

Adam is citing his favorite TV shows as more comforting than a dog to pet and he’s commenting on the counter intuitive nature of bringing a dog in a sterile environment.


Adam is saying his dad doesn’t delight but was delighted by the hospital dog and BB has his own sweet anecdote about the cancer treatment center.

Adam is explaining how he can turn everything into a shit sandwich and is bringing up his dad’s love of dogs and yet how he’s never owned one.

Adam is explaining why his dad not owning a dog then pissed him off, BB is getting to how he didn’t grow up with a dog much like Adam and the realization of “holy shit I can just go get a dog”.


Adam is now getting to the 3 adult couples that didn’t want to burn a fucking calorie for any creature but themselves, he’s got a nice skiing analogy.

Alison is bringing up what makes her sad about Adam’s story, interesting.

Adam is explaining the way his dad was smart akin to the guy whose back is always hurting and is never asked to help his friends move.


2nd Caller John has a Compisult for Alison, he’s going straight up racist and this call is akin to the 2008 morning show call for Teresa telling her what her place was on the show.

Alison is insisting they go back to the “of course he’s from Iowa” John, Alison is lovely on screen and just as attractive in person, youthful too.

John wants to know why Adam doesn’t like doing the celebrity roasts, Adam is explaining it’s mostly the work involved and how he likes to write his own shit or use Mike Lynch to pull up some old material he once riffed on the fly.


Adam is 100% dead on and complimenting how Lynch adds great material too, I know this first hand and Alison has a nice reaction to Adam’s idea of having a writer work for him.

Adam is getting to the way jokes get eaten up during these roasts and how all the roads lead back to work, Adam doesn’t have the same passion for show business and roasts that he does for dogs and vintage racing.

Adam is explaining how he wasn’t aware of the prep work required for Jeff Ross’ show “The Burn” but was able to pull it together last minute.


Adam and BB are talking about the bad roast decisions of characters and lack or preparation, Adam’s classic example is the Eddie Griffin incident but he doesn’t cite it here.


3rd Caller Hilary (doesn’t get on air), she wants to know if Adam thinks knitting is a hobby for men

Adam says he’s all for it, ships in bottles, Lenny Kravitz body scarves whatever Adam doesn’t judge and is all for it.

Dawson is now sharing an anecdote form his childhood, he’s asking Adam about needlepoint, Adam has a hilarious starfish vs. German halftrack reply and Alison tops it with a Fred Durst-esque one liner.


Adam’s joking with Dawson about the possible butch scenarios for the needlepoint, Adam is not for hobbit movies as a hobby, and he’s saying a hobby shouldn’t be someone else’s shit.

Adam is asking the gang if they disagree with the notion that every person should have specialized skill that nobody else possesses at any given dinner party.


4th Caller Brad, he’s calling about a woman who told him she was pregnant with his child and demanded paternity testing, the child is actually not his and he wants to know what to do.

Adam and Alison are going in depth and offering up some sound advice, Adam is telling him to go ahead and raise the child.

Adam is now getting to the need to know, Alison is citing this as Chris Laxamana’s situation and he’s now getting on mic to explain his story, Adam is quizzing him on it.


Adam is now explaining how he made the decision with his parents at age 10 that one day he would live a life without them and he would find success, interesting reveal.

Adam is now joking about Laxamana being less than a blip to everyone but his biological dad, who Adam says Chris is too good for, the one person.

Adam is now giving his take on people suffering consequences for their decision and has a great the more you know, “parking your kid in the handicapped spot of life”.


Adam is now asking what the connection is “his semen in your blood?” and Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his step grandfather.

Adam is explaining the “coursing through your veins” reply people would use when telling him about his writing ambition and he’s got a funny quick description fairly assassinating the character of his biological grandfather.

Adam is doing a live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on bankruptcy filing in Detroit, she’s giving an update on the 18 billion in debt that is now forfeit and a defeat for the cities unions and retirees.

Adam is getting to the catch-22 of this bankruptcy, Alison and BB are now weighing in and offering up all the possible takes one could have to this action.

Everyone is being very fair while discussing the notion of retiring at 50 and getting a full paycheck for the remaining years.


Adam is now getting to the guys who retire to full pay and continue working, Adam is now saying the deal and promise of 30 years ago was a little too sweet.

Adam is discussing the notion of “un-ringing a financial bell” and has a great salary example to prove his point.

Adam is now getting to the long list of cities that made promises they simply can’t fulfill.


Alison is getting to the signs of a declining industry or company, she’s sharing holiday party anecdotes.

Adam is now bringing up the drunken Christmas party hookup and how many divorces have possibly resulted from them, BB is now lamenting his wife going to London alone and Alison has a great one liner.

Dawson is now on mice with his own anecdotes.


2nd Story is on the new Amazon self-guided drones that could deliver 86% of the items delivered by Amazon.

Adam is now suggesting these drones for pizza, Alison has a funny visual of the drones dripping cheese on people, flying sans boxes.

Adam is now giving his take on Amazon as a company, he’s saying how the cities should behave like these innovative companies.


Adam is now joking about the drones, Alison, BB and Dawson are now in the mix adding to the comedy.

Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Story is on the now delayed “Fast and Furious 7”

Alison is assuming Adam will be bummed for selfish reasons about not being able to see the movie.

BB is bringing up Adam’s appearance on Bill Simmons BS report discussing this very thing.


Adam is now bringing up guys who have professional gigs doing VO for famous guys, he’s citing Eddie Murphy, oddly enough I think former KLSX Adam Carolla Show guest Dave Coulier was the go to Murphy fill in.

Adam is getting to the censored safe for air edits of movies “scum bum”.

Adam is now getting to the archive of past footage they could use to give Paul/Bryan is proper send off in the fast series.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam predicts this upcoming entry in the fast series will set box office records as people will be eager to see how they pull it off.

Adam is doing a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.