Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons and Matt Atchity

Recorded 12-02-2015 – Release Date 12-03-2015

Production Number #1715

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Adam opens the show to a funny “Certified Fresh” intro from Lynch and Dawson, BB has a funny #TopDrop from Brian Posehn and Adam welcomes Matt Atchity and Greg to the show.

Adam shares his funny “we ate every part of the buffalo” joke about Stallone and his film career after BB brings up Fitzsimmons lack of knowledge about the movie ‘Creed’.

Adam asks if we can’t get Stallone married to a woman he can stay interested in for more than 6 months, Greg talks about the alleged after parties at brothel’s while they were filming ‘The Expendables’ or the last Rambo film.

They talk about the Rambo TV show.


Adam explains the Rotten Tomatoes Game to Greg


Rotten or Fresh

Rock and Roll Movies Edition

BB’s mind is blown that Stallone is older than Ozzy Osbourne, Adam mocks the term “Dale” and talks about having your own valley.


1st Movie ‘Wayne’s World’ (1992)

Adam says he prefers Spinal Tap any day of the week and the original sketches are kind of lightweight, he talks about watching old SNL.

Greg thinks critics hated this movie and has a bullshit theory.


2nd Movie ‘Detroit Rock City’ (1999)

Adam didn’t see it and Matt describes it, BB thinks it might have been fun.


3rd Movie ‘Airheads’ (1994)

Adam thinks they came up with the title before they came up with the script, he says he’s seen bits and pieces and thinks it was funny enough.

Adam has a killer Eric Bogosian “huge fan” joke in reply to Greg bringing up ‘Talk Radio’ and now BB is asking about this being the last role where Adam Sandler was a supporting player, forgetting ‘Bulletproof’ from (1996) wear he was co-star to Damon Wayans.


4th Movie ‘Rock Star’ (2001)

Adam talks about Rob Halford and Freddie Mercury both being in the closet while so flamboyantly gay on stage and in the public eye, very funny concept.


5th Movie ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ (1984)

Adam is praising the movie up and down, he talks about how great the music is and is going over the various scenes he loves from the movie.

Adam goes big with 96%.

Greg brings up the late great Bruno Kirby who played the Limo Driver, Adam was 1 point off from a perfect guess.


They are talking about Spinal Tap weren’t too far off, Adam takes the win and Gina takes 2nd, everyone else lost.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


Adam gives out some plugs for Matt and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Greg Fitzsimmons still sitting in, they are talking about the thruway joke of “I know that dude” from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ in response to the ‘Nicaraguan Name That Movie’ intro.

Adam is talking about his son and his menagerie of stuffies, he talks about how his son says “they’ll be in my head” in regards to the ones he can’t bring along with him.

Greg is now repeating Sonny’s “I don’t think I know any (poor people)” reply from the time Greg was on the show with him.


Adam is talking about the kid’s trip to San Juan Capistrano and the story of being the only person in a room who knows what is being discussed, Adam is talking about the Swallows of San Juan Capistrano and how his kids don’t know about it despite this trip being on the calendar for months.

BB and Gary both weigh in, Adam has a funny atheist in a group of scientologists’ example.

Greg brings up global warming and Adam mocks his Prius, Adam is explaining the Swallows no longer return to San Juan Capistrano, Adam is telling Greg to spin that data and blame global warming or micro aggressions or something.


Adam jokes about the Mission they used to inhabit being upgraded by Al Davis so the Swallows will return to San Juan Capistrano, Adam is crushing it mocking the fake plastic owl, the O word, is removed, hilarious!

BB talks about the Swallows being the hot dog eating of Coney Island for San Juan Capistrano, Greg has an anecdote and BB has a funny one liner.

Adam has a funny Quint from ‘Jaws’ scene with him pledging to bring the Swallows back to the town.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam shifted from his belly to his side, he’s not going back to hang with the sand man but he needs some time to chill edition


Greg wants a breakdown, did Adam get up and go to the kids or did they come to him.

Adam talks about the modern level of prep and concern for kids, he talks about the number of runs his wife and Olga both make for the kids.

Adam thinks his parents in terms of “runs” … he gets interrupted by BB and Greg who tell their own anecdotes.


Adam recalls just walking forever and how kids would be tasked with going for runs for their parents to get their cigarettes and booze.


Adam talks about driving past his mom’s old house and he shares a photo of what it used to look like and the new McMansion they’re building over it.

Adam is talking about his mom and his dad, he jokes about his dad trying to hip things up after splitting from Adam’s mom.

Gina is asking Adam about his family, check out the picture via the show page link above, up top!


Adam is now talking about his mom and her “just slid a plate of shit under her nose” expression in all family photos.

Adam talks about the two front doors and the single bathroom, Greg has some comments about dual entry bathrooms and shit stink.

Adam talks about how his mom would look away from her mother, refusing to give her the satisfaction of a smile, Adam asks if they ever wonder how their parents raised them like he does.


Greg shares another anecdote, Adam jokes about never having a full ice bucket when he comes home, and he brings up the bygone 1950’s sitcom rule of thumb.

Adam is now sharing the new photos of the place they are building, Adam talks about the house being torn down and how uncommon that is in the area they reside.

Adam talks about the setbacks and permits required for a full teardown, Gina is in the mix and they have a funny bit of banter.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the breaking news of the San Bernardino shooting, she has the most recent details and Adam brings up Dr. Bruce, he wants to know if he’s there at the hospital treating the wounded.

Adam has a back and forth with Gary and asks him to check it out.

Adam asks who is attacking these victims, Gina has the 1-3 white men in military fatigues initially listed as suspects.

Gary has some more details, Adam asks if this is leaning towards disgruntled employee and Gary has more details.

Adam is joking about white supremacists and how this isn’t in their realm, not their cup of tea, low profile and drug profiteering with hidden murders.


Gina has the new details with the name of the suspect, Greg once again brings up his “countdown until Trump calls Hillary Clinton a cunt” theory.


2nd Story is on Mark Zuckerberg giving up 99% of his Facebook shares in honor of his new child, Adam jokes about his dad giving up 99% of his wealth, 100$.

Adam has a funny closing line.


3rd Story is on Trump demanding a fee for the upcoming debate, Adam has a killer one liner about ism grabbing Hillary’s hair and jizzing on her in reply to Greg’s theory, hilarious!

Adam is now making a point about how smart of Trump this is, what a bad place he’s putting the network in and he says they won’t go for it, you don’t negotiate with the hostage takers.

Adam is recalling the time he did ‘The Marriage Ref’ Trump and Gloria Estefan and he jokes about them bringing the funny and doing the heavy lifting comically, ha!


Greg now shares a fact he heard about Trump earning the same amount with a simple investment instead of being a businessman, he would go on to correct this information and expound on it for a while with his producer on the latest episode of his podcast.

Gary has an update form Dr. Bruce.

Adam jokes about them turning Bruce away.


4th Story is on the two hookers working when Lamar Odom suffered the strokes now returning to active duty.

Adam is joking about looking for the first shift of the new girl at the brothel, the whore in training.

Adam has a funny food based stripper DJ bit, he talks about a gal named Nutella.


Adam is joking about someone going from Lamar Odom to him and how they will give someone the bends, he needs an in between guy.

Greg has a funny line and Adam talks about things from late night infomercial storing neatly under beds and how that was never a selling point for him.


5th Story is on the official statement released from the studio about the movie ‘The Revenant’ which does not contain bear on man rape, Adam doesn’t recall but that bit crushed his 6th and final Live Show in Kirkland Washington in 2010, I found an image of a polar bear mounting a dude, the crowd went nuts!

Adam is crushing this riff about Richard Gere’s publicist and Greg is in the mix too, Adam loves the sound of this movie.

Adam is recalling ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ and ‘Man In Wilderness’ and then brings up ‘The Edge’ and ‘The Grey’ and now they watch the trailer to the “The Revenant’ and Adam jokes about a role where you cover yourself in beards and pelts and eat 20lbs onto your frame.

Adam is doing some live commentary over the trailer.


Gina thinks Tom Hardy looks like Charlie Sheen in this movie and Adam jokes about early gun battles involving lots of fighting with the guns.

Greg has a funny old joke.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Gina remembers that it learned edition, cool!


6th Story is on the latest E-Coli outbreak, this time out of Costco

Adam is riffing up a storm and Gina brings up the farm that leads back to the tainted food.

Greg and Adam riff about migrant worker shit that Greg is mistaking for tarragon in a thanksgiving sandwich.


Adam says it was shit upon by a guy named Tracy, mixing up the Tracy California part of the story.

Adam is riffing about a coven of bears raping Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam is mocking the “rape is a sexual crime” stance and he jokes about the one strand of DNA that makes it sexual and that’s jizz shooting out of your cock.

Adam says they had an American Indian guy employed at the studio for a while but they had to let him go.

Adam wraps up the scene.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is giving out some live dates and closing plugs and wraps up the show.