Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/02/2015 – Brian Posehn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/02/2015 – Brian Posehn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brian Posehn

Recorded 12-01-2015 – Release Date 12-02-2015

Production Number #1714

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Adam opens the show to a funny ‘Star Wars’ countdown intro from Dawson and Lynch, written by Lynch and performed by Dawson of course.

BB has a “Nerrrrds!” #TopDrop and jumps right in after Adam says hi to Gina.

BB says a big fan passed away, Vinnie it was his favorite drop and Adam thanks him and anyone who takes the time to… Adam goes into Paul Mecurio’s story of meeting Jay Leno and how he’s now at the phase of life he needs fans, he always cool with it.


Adam is now working on some hand signals and teases Baldywood and ‘Coach Platitude’ and Adam says he’s going to be seeing ‘Creed’ at Phil Rosenthal’s house and jokes about how nobody wants to attend the classic film or a marathon of his show, but when the first run stuff with over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes is playing everyone shows up.

Adam talks about guys like Phil who can’t spend all of his money while on earth and his greatest joy is sharing things with other people.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw Creed, he gives all of the details and Adam asks about the script and direction.

Adam is now hating to throw a cock block into Baldywood but he anyway, he talks about how Stallone always has a good overall idea, and he only falters with the scripts and some odd choices with direction from time to time.

Adam talks about the “punch more” lame ringside advice from trainers who don’t speak English and BB is now sharing the plot.


Adam is now talking about why they probably cut a scene explaining how they proved the parental lineage of the main character Adonis Creed.

BB talks about the interesting angle of him rebelling against a life of privilege, Adam talks about the bygone legacy of Jewish boxers in America and the connection to poverty.

BB is now bringing up the Villain in the movie who plays ‘Pretty Ricky Connelly’ and Gina is commenting on the character’s physique and lack of a scary visage.

Gina says that Michael B. Jordan looks like an action figure in one shot, Adam is talking about boxing training vs. weight lifting and vanity muscle work outs.


Adam is talking about Roberto Durán and his physique, he talks about the fast twitch muscles that are sometimes more present in smooth muscled bodies in comparison to weight lifter frames.

Adam is name dropping boxers left and right, good stuff for the fans who subscribe to Ringside.

BB has a dick comment and then attributes it to Gary, funny.


Adam is now asking BB for his score, he gives it about an 88%.

He says it’s not cartoonish, it’s real and comparable to the first two films.


They are looking at Jeff Left hook Lacy’s bicep and now Adam is asking about an undefeated boxer from Wales, Joe Calzaghe.

Adam talks about how Joe taught him a lesson about skill over brawn and physique.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Adam praises their Jump Rope and says the MZT oil makes his lips kissable, glossy in the mirror.


Adam wants a photo from the Jeff Lacy vs. Joe Calzaghe fight, he has a side by side and Gina comments on the size disparity, Adam share a boxing lesson and they move on.


Coach Platitude

Adam is pre in character, BB comments on it, nice!

1st Caller Scott talks about his paraplegia and Adam is immediately hilarious and dark, he jokes about the ease in which Scott can take a knee.

Gina is holding in insane amounts of laughter and same for BB, this is so funny.

Scott is awesome and game for this dark shit, he’s hilarious too!


Adam and Scott are killing this and Adam is telling him to be like a winner, he wants to walk like a winner but Adam says he can only wheel.

“Well walk” – Scott

Gina and BB’s noises are making this even better, wow!


Scott is the best caller yet for this bit, Adam asks him what he does for a living, he’s an attorney.

Adam is now fucking up some platitudes, there are no breaks!

Adam is asking if he has ramps at the courthouse and tells him to shoot for the coping, he then has a killer “Dogtown” reference.

Scott takes it in a weird direction and everyone gives a “whoa”, Adam is now asking him how he gets around and going away from the Jew stuff.

Adam has a funny “probably shit in it” joke.


2nd Caller Eric, he’s working on a self-portrait, Adam is now merging the coach with Mr. Birchum, where does one character start and the other end or begin? This is hilarious and weird.

Adam is asking him about his last east day, he’s telling him to get as roommate to cover the rent he hates paying.

Adam is now ranting about his rent and jokes about all the money going up the nose of his landlord who has a pinky ring, funny backhand to hoe line.


Adam is asking Eric about his job and tells him to start delivering more mail to get paid more, take out the knees of the competition.

Adam jokes about mail carriers toting the rock and he now goes into a liver read. Live Read

Coach Platitude does a live read edition!

Your computer or a stranger’s computer, Adam forgets his own name and winds down the character at the end.


3rd Caller Josh, his last easy day was yesterday on a Tuesday, 48hrs earlier when you hear this.

Josh is asking about his new ticket, he’s driving an Audio TT turbo and keeps mentioning it, funny replies from Josh and Adam jokes about his red nose, he drinks to forget, this full Birchum.

“Lot of holes in the desert” – Coach Adam Carolla Mr. Birchum Platitude

Josh kills it with a funny closing question mocking Adam for saying “do it for the Aceman” and they wrap up the bit, holy shit the best one they have done!

They head to break


They’re back from break with Brian Posehn making his 4th appearance on the ACS, he is telling Adam about his new movie that Adam praises and he tells the guys about the plot.

Adam jokes about the idea of a “boomerang night” and Brian brings up mini baseball bat night, Adam says you can chart the decline of civilization of things like that, like signs at the beach that now prohibit all kinds of fun.

The ballpark used to come with glass bottle beers and mini bats.


Adam is back to the plot of the film, he talks about seeing Rick Rosner’s dong and what it was like for him watching the movie, and he realized he had a good sized dong before realizing it was his friend.

Adam talks about the plot device of the film and Brian has some behind the scenes details explaining how it developed.

Adam is asking about the release schedule, Adam mentions two other classic Loveline guest Veterans in Missi Pyle and Paget Brewster, Brian’s costars.


Adam is asking Brian how he got involved, he said he didn’t read it despite it being what he was waiting for. He shares his appreciation for the screenplay and the various plot twists, he talks about the terrible dude he’s playing and what he likes about playing creeps.

Brian talks about being offered the role of a serial killer but the screenplay was poorly written, he is telling Adam about his goal to do less standup next year and he talks about the dread of flying and staying in hotels alone on the road.

Adam talks about driving home from Fresno the night of the show, BB has a funny party bus comment but then does that dumb howl he does, and Brian is in agreement with Adam.

Adam says he doesn’t punch out until he walks through the front door and Brian talks about his conscientious decisions for his family to reduce his time on the road.


Adam is talking about the baseball brawl in the movie and they talk about how you can be a full blown alcoholic and still be employed by the MLB.

Adam gives out some plugs and they move on.


Gina’s News

1st Story Gina asks Adam about the Pirelli calendar, Adam is explaining how each company does something like this.

Gina shares the Amy Schumer photo from the calendar, Gina has the other women included in the calendar.

Adam is now being a dick and he talks about being a man who isn’t attractive in his underwear being ok with other people being attractive, he doesn’t need to remove it from the underwear advertisements.


Adam isn’t arguing for Louis CK to be his underwear model, Adam talks about how women embrace this type of thinking.

Gina asks if Adam thinks that photo is kind of hot, he thinks it’s hot for Amy Schumer, he says she makes millions and his hilarious, she will get a date, and all men don’t need to want to fuck her.

Adam is talking about women trying to convince men what they find attractive, BB views this as anti-feminist, and he says that women don’t have to be found sexy to be great, it’s not even something that we should talk or care about.


Adam has a funny one liner about what his wife is going to do, she’s switching to Bridgestone in reaction to the Calendar, and she was incensed, funny riff.

Adam says women are more than 50%, we don’t need to encourage them and he talks about how everyone talks about how beautiful his daughter is and how she can also be employed, either way she will end up married to someone who is tired of fucking her in 6 years.

Gina shares the “focus on the brains ladies” Instagram post from Lynette, Gina is reacting to an in studio spider.

Adam is commenting on how we put all the eggs in the beauty basket for women, he talks about men with athletics and their limited windows.


Adam is talking about the collective we and he comments on how Pirelli is just hopping on the bandwagon and just want us talking about this, Gina has a killer sparkling water line that could be true, maybe.

Brian shares his own anecdote about it.


2nd Story is on Hafthor Bjornsson — aka Gregor “The Mountain” from GOT breaking his own keg tossing record.

They watch the clip and Adam riffs about tossing kegs of beer and the bad message it sends it would be like “kitten kicking” competitions would be to Gina.

Adam is riffing about the kinds of beer he would be ok with tossing, Adam says he’s not built for it but his body is meant for tossing, he talks about his insane balance.


3rd Story is on Al Roker’s case of being racially discriminated against by a cab driver in NYC.

Gina has a funny Dallas Raines reference.

Adam asks how much Al has been held down by his race, Brian has a comment in agreement.

Adam talks about how one might mistake an asshole for a racist, he talks about the various scenarios where he would think someone is a racist for being a dickhead if they weren’t of the same race.


Adam is recalling the time he had the Nissan 350z and was pulling into a lot, he was sitting on his wallet and wanted to pay after he parked and got out of the car.

Adam asks what he could possibly be doing “running to Mexico” and he tells them about how he drove across the street, the guy was fucking with him for the sake of fucking with him.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Adam is commenting on the thermostat learning Adam’s temperature preference after two days, he is describing his super sweet wake up for the device.

Adam is now talking about the two extreme methods of waking someone up, fishbowl on the head or super sweet breakfast in bed shit.


4th Story is on the new series ‘The Man in the High Castle’ series on Amazon, Gina explains how there was an advertising campaign used for the MTA and on transit that was taken down after a single complaint.

Brian is commenting on the clear advertisement and Adam is now joking about kids thinking phallic shaped toys belong up their asshole, he has a killer quote that BB says he will grab for later, nice!

Adam talks about the various disaster movie imagery and how that impacts people who live in those areas, Gina brings up the Statue of Liberty doing a Heil Hitler for the ad campaign and Adam is now asking what is wrong with showing the reality of what it would have been like had the Allied powers not won the second world war.


Adam is fine with it and Brian has a Killer “Trump 2016” joke that Bryan loves.

Adam is now asking for some closer imagery, he says we beat the Nazis who gives a shit and he wonders how they are going to pull off a series on such a grand scale.

BB says his friend who works on it says it’s really good.


Adam wants to know if they are looking at a photo shopped Swastika or something from the actual show, Gary says this is a still from the show.

Gary says he watched the first episode, Adam says if you’re going to fuck don’t stop until you touch the balls, Rich Banks has a new parody song, some Michael Jackson perhaps…

Gina shares some details on the re-gifting of the Statue of Liberty, Adam jokes about France trying to haggle with the Egyptians guy, Adam jokes about them being obsessed with counting thread.


5th Story is on the new Facebook paternity leave offer for new dads, Adam says this like when cops leave a video camera and the keys in a car to bait car thieves.

Adam is saying he will not be overtly punished but it will be noted, Gina brings up the TV show ‘Bait Car’ and Adam is familiar but he knows about the real life cases too.

Adam talks about the ‘Bait Car’ show and how they have to alert the thieves they are on TV, it’s marked clearly on the dashboard.

Brian is talking about the show ‘Cheaters’ and they talk about the show ‘Cops’ and Adam talks about how they can “grease the skids” with some cash to get someone to sign off on a release form.

Adam is joking about the entrapment argument and Gina says she feels bad for the johns on the show ‘Cops’ and Adam is talking about the consensual crime element and he asks about the cop chicks initiation the discussion.


Adam is now sharing a secondhand anecdote and forgets who told it, it sound a lot like the Bryan Callen’s story.

Brian says “I am going to pay you to suck my dick” and they comment on Brian’s clips being turned into drops, he thinks he wasn’t supposed to say it but then gets what they’re talking about and is fine with being turned into clips.

Adam has a funny Jane Goodall reference, Brian talks about the first time he was propositioned.


Adam is doing a Live Read for True Car

Car Dealers are unemployable morons and like to make you walk across dumb car lots edition


6th Story is on the placement of Malala Yousafzai on the Time Person of the year list, Gina is asking them to weigh in on the rest of the people listed/voted for.

Adam talks about Bernie Sanders being on the list and BB is having a lot of fun with the Brian drop.

Gina wraps the news to Adam saying “oh you got me a cock for Christmas I’ll shove it up my ass” thanks to BB.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam gives out he plugs and wraps up the show.