Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/02/2014 – Laura Michalchyshyn and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/02/2014 – Laura Michalchyshyn and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Laura Michalchyshyn and Jo Koy

Recorded 12-01-2014 – Release Date 12-02-2014

Production Number #1465

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Adam opens the show to a “heart like a wheel” intro and Adam welcomes Jo to the show after setting up a misunderstanding with Mike Lynch. Are all of these intro things cute messages between Mike and Adam that reference off-air book conversations the audience isn’t privy to?

Mike didn’t know of the movie, he knew of a Linda Ronstadt album, they have nothing to do with each other and Linda predates the movie Adam knows.

Adam jokes about knowing Lynch all these years and that never coming up, he gives out the plugs for Jo.


Adam is bringing up the “JOY” in Christmas lights he was tweeted by a fan, joking about it being Jo’s House.

Adam is now telling the gang about bringing up the kids over to Jay Leno’s garage the day before Thanksgiving, Jay was out driving his steam car, Adam jokes about that being perfect like walking in on a fat guy eating a turkey leg while on the toilet, wow!

Adam is giving the beat by beat of the projects and tour they went on, he brings up the area that requires a golf cart to navigate.


Adam explains that Natalia picked the Dodge Viper as her dream car to drive to High School, Adam has a killer riff about how worthless the car is outside of doing burnouts on your ex’s lawn while on Cialis.

Adam is explaining you can pick up a used viper for 30k and then Natalia saw another car she wanted instead, she told him to send the Viper back.

Adam has a great sandwich order analogy, Natalia upgraded her tastes to the Ford GT, nicely done!


They walked another 80 yards and she spotted the McLaren P1, which goes for over a million dollars.

Adam is explaining the nature of her taste upgrading as she saw the most expensive car, much like how she found her light fixture.

Adam says this is the most expensive car, sticker price not in total value.


BB asks about the price tags being on the cars, Adam jokes about Jay being a super douche if he left big price tags on them.

Adam is now explaining the sea of cool looking cars to be found in the warehouse, Jo is now praising the car and calls the Ford GT a muscle car.

Adam is explaining how he told his kids about driving stick to drive his race cars and how the future of automobiles won’t include manual transmissions as we know them today.


Adam is bringing up the cars that girls he knew drove, he brings up the Triumph Spitfire, Alison shares her dream car was a Cabriolet complete with unused poser surfboard.

Joe shares his youthful enthusiasm for Volkswagen rabbits, BB has a killer James Dean joke while they look at the Triumph.

Adam is now bringing up the very real danger of your kids driving cute cars and dying behind the wheel, Adam says buying your daughter a Spitfire is the equivalent of buying your son a motorcycle.


Adam jokes about add a tug boat tire string to the exterior of his kids first cars, he has a plan to remove one tire for every 6 months she makes it without hitting anything.

Adam is explaining why McLaren’s go up in value and appreciate unlike mass produced passenger cars, Jo has a killer pull out tape deck joke regarding older McLaren cars.

Alison asks why everyone doesn’t invest in cars like these, Adam explains why people don’t often do the correct math on investing in automobiles and jokes about people’s “dad math.”


Jo shares he bought a fully loaded new variant of the newest model Tesla, he says he bought the autopilot upgrade, Adam jokes about the dealer selling Jo on that feature, Jo is now busting out some Bung Lu Su and Adam is doing an improv scene.

Adam brings up the key fob, they clarify it wasn’t a “fresh off the boat” insult, Adam is playing the car dealer for Tesla, he brings up Elon Musk and Bung tells him how he doesn’t’ like cologne.

This is unofficial bung btw, it was never declared to be bung, and it could be just some vague Asian guy.


Jo is now making weird noises, Adam is telling him about the auto pilot, and Bung mixes it up and jokes about an auto pirate who drives his car for him.

Jo is making the noise again, it’s him eating “cup o noodles” and slurping, Adam is asking him about Tesla, he brings up the inventor and Bung mixes it up with the band.

Jo had a 40 day wait, his son picked out everything and Jo explains the feeling of being judged when he visits car dealerships and other places with expensive products.


“It’s like Pretty Woman if Julia Roberts was an ugly Asian Dude” – Adam Carolla on Jo’s mistreatment at these locations.

Adam is now letting Jo find the compliment in there after Alison asks about it.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron live read.


Adam says that car salesman have to consider that regardless of someone’s attire they must assume they could be a polo shirt and cargo shorts millionaire like Mark Cuban.

Adam brings up why commission incentives car salesman, he makes a point about what no commission means for a business.

Jo got a black on black Tesla, he explains how he chose the color and didn’t want another white car, and Adam likes the Tesla in white.


Adam jokes about this being like when he was a young man and his mother was looking through the recycler with her 800$ max budget.

Adam brings up the guy he saw driving down the street on Thanksgiving with the Christmas wreath attached to his front grill.

Adam’s first move was to think the guy was a douche and then he immediately tried to cool his douche jets and he’s explaining why, after a funny callback about only putting a wreath on his car if it was like his tugboat tire idea.


Alison, Jo and Adam are now discussing the cynicism that caused him to criticize this guy, Alison brings up her dangly Christmas ball earrings, her face was that guy’s car.

Adam references the movie ‘Gremlins’ and the infamous scene where Phobe Cates describes the death of her father, this seems to come up every December since 2008.

Alison has a killer Jew comment closer, now Gary has the clip of Phoebe.

They’re now playing it and reacting.


Adam jokes about throwing in his “yeah but still” in reply to that, Alison question if they would immediately think it was cat or bird, Adam jokes about his dad shitting up the bathroom.

Alison has a point about measuring, she cites Adam’s “eyeball it” rule for some things, he explains why a level is necessary for a doorway but not necessarily for a vent on a stove, he says trust your eyeballs if it’s not structural.

Adam has a great Batman ’66 reference after Jo tells them about his crooked TV installation thanks to the geek squad.


Adam is doing a live read for ManGrate.

Adam says he feels like that’s what BB would do in an apocalypse, he would steal the grill from an abandoned steakhouse, like how the owner of this company first bought his own grill.

BB is going along with it, this is hilarious!


Adam has a quick note to the Road Hard contributors getting incorrect sized shirts, I got the right one FYI.

Caelan is now on mic telling the fans where to submit their correct sizes.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Foxcatcher’ the movie that’s come up many times on his other podcast The Film Vault, he explains the premise of the film.

BB asks Adam what he knows about the plot and is now breaking down the true story and events that frame the plot of the movie, he explains it’s very well-acted but not necessarily enjoyable.

They play a clip of Steve Carell’s character recruiting Channing Tatum, BB says it’s one of the best movies you’ll ever see but no enjoy, and he praises the work of Steve in particular.


Adam and BB are speculating on Academy Award nominations and if Steve might get one for this, Adam has a killer ‘Soul Plane’ reference in reply to BB.

Adam is now joking about bringing a director in from the 1930’s to re-direct that scene, he’s doing his old timey voice, and he is exposing his limited references as per usual when he does this, no “22 skidoo” though.

They’re all now in the mix discussing the movie and Steve’s acting ability, BB asks them about any advertisements they’ve seen for this movie and asks if there is any other industry that operates that way, not promoting certain products.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Brian, he brings up the Ducks uniform riff from the last episode, he can’t fully make his point and Adam wraps up the call.


Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is once again teasing the ’30 for 30’ “No Mas” installment about the legendary fight, BB has not seen it and Jo is a huge Sugar Ray Leonard fan, unaware that Adam punches 150lb harder than Ray, he guested on the KLSX show 6 times in the 2006-2007 years.

Adam shares how he complimented Ray by mentioning his heart, he compares that to his theory on calling pretty women smart and smart women pretty, compliment people on the stuff they rarely hear about.

Adam is now setting up the clip from the ’30 for 30’ and tells everyone to think of the Deacon Jones “headslap” clip.


Alison’s reaction to this is hilarious, Adam is now riffing about knocking out women with 1 punch and how absurd that copy was.

Adam says horse is an impressive thing to knock out, lady is not.

Jo asks what the horse did, Alison asks what the lady did.


BB has a killer reaction asking if that was supposed to be impressive and create a legend, Adam has a funny William Shatner riff.

They’re now replaying the clip to make sure it’s clear Roberto Durán knocked out both a woman and a horse on separate days with separate punches.

Jo is now in character as Roberto, this is hilarious!


Jo is killing it, this accent is off the charts nuts!

Adam is the promoter explaining the event to Roberto, he’s now threatening to punch out all of the ring girls, and this is fucking amazing!

Adam wraps up with Jo too early, this was magical, and he needs to bring it back!

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Laura making her ACS debut with a holiday themed Rich Banks song ‘Adam Yells’.

Adam welcomes Laura to the show, he tells her about the bizarre timing of the movie not making Sundance and her guesting today.

Adam brings up her work with Robert, she has some ideas for the documentary and praises the opening 15min.


She is telling them about ‘iconoclasts’ their series on the Sundance Channel, she tells them about working with him since 2005 and how he tries to spend as much time of his life pursuing things outside of showbiz.

Adam is sharing the story of Paul and Robert exchanging a crushed up car between each other’s homes without ever mentioning it in what sounds like a more than a decade long prank.

She has a cute story of the first taping of the show, with Robert and Paul guesting together.


Laura is telling them about the current state of the channel and what they’re going for.

Adam has a killer turtleneck sweater joke as she tells them about the IDA, Adam threatens to get drunk and crash the IDA event to meet Robert.

Adam asks if the plan now for Robert is to do things he’s passionate about, but she’s quite a bit younger and needs to focus on ratings on and business, she explains the “we are for profit” reminders she gives to Robert.

She says good content will find a home, Adam asks if she can bring Robert Redford in to close deals etc.

She explains how all of this stems from the Sundance resort, the channel, the festival and everything else.

She brings up the idea of the brand of the company, Adam explains why Robert can’t get that involved in the submission selection committee for Sundance.


She’s now telling them about two movies Redford produced that didn’t get accepted in his own festival, Adam is now bringing up how Robert wanted to see the movie when it was complete.

Adam says he didn’t think Robert’s interest would in any way lead to them being accepted nor would he reply as he didn’t want to get their hopes up.

Laura is explaining how films can be rejected by a festival without them being bad movies, she bring up the rough cut excuse and Adam is still not bringing up the incident with ‘The Hammer” where it wasn’t accepted because the person in charge “didn’t like Adam’s politics.”


Adam and Alison are busting Laura’s balls about her wording and the rejection from the festival, Laura asks Adam about making this documentary and he’s telling her about being hit up by the likes of John Lassiter.

Adam is now contrasting his schedule on ‘Road Hard’ vs. the discovery process of making a documentary and how it unfolds in front of you without a clear path.

Adam sets up the interview they got with Arthur Newman, Laura has never seen an interview with the man and compliments Adam.


Adam is now asking her for some plugs for her work, she telling them about a LGBT’s in Russia themed documentary, Adam jokes about working on the same type of project and being pissed about her snaking his idea.



Alison’s News

Adam does a live read for Protect Your Bubble

1st Story Is on Obama’s comments about security camera implementation for law enforcement and Adam says the cameras are about the only thing that is going to work and says that 9 times out of 10 the cops are hoping the events of their job are filmed too.

Adam brings up the fight or flight adrenaline and what that does to someone.

Alison is now hinting around the fact that she thinks the details of the Mike Brown case are unclear, Adam is taking the bait and getting into the topic.


Adam is now giving his take on how murdering black people is a career ending move for someone in law enforcement, he asks why he would go around executing minorities even if he hated them all.

Alison is now reading the quotes from Darren Wilson, Adam is saying we’re not approaching this case the right way by assuming that Darren wanted to murder that kid.

Adam is now telling Alison about the fucked up cop mindset she just brought up, she shares an anecdote about a dinner with a cop and how he told her about how scared he was while on duty, Alison was disappointed by his honesty and non-superhuman abilities to block out fear, even UFC fighters don’t do that.


Adam is bringing up danger profiling and risk assessment, Adam cites how cops unload their clips and miss shots, he says he looks at everything from a psychological standpoint and explains how when the bullets are firing the cops aren’t cops anymore.

Laura is giving her take on the protests, Adam is sharing his “cops are assholes” idea and how he wants to send that message to black people, why fire 12 shots? Why throw a hundred punches to Kelly Thomas’s head, because they threw one.

Adam is explaining why cops are so willing to harm, assault and kill while on duty, he explains that cops don’t have flyswatters and any disrespect can only be met with harm.


Adam says it shouldn’t be this way, its bullshit, you have to respect cops or they might kill you, regardless of how wrong and out of line the officer is, shooting attitude back at a cop only increases the odds of being taken out of a car.

Adam is now bringing up the idea of women being the ultimate minority when it comes to being pulled over by cops, how few women are there on the force to represent the women in society.

Adam is further describing the crazy out of line behavior of cops and how wrong it is, he says he likes these discussions, not sure how anyone can call him a racist old out of it white guy this time.


Adam is explaining how he saw the footage of Michael Brown stealing his cigarillos, most likely to take back to his home or his buddies to then roll up blunts and listen to aggressive rap music (that’s what all my buddies did), Adam is describing the scene from the security footage.

Adam is using him not running away to make a point about the second lap Mike made back to menace the clerk, he was pulling tough guy shit, trying to be “the man”.

Adam says this a discussion on top of a discussion they need to have, Adam says he’s lucky the store owner doesn’t have the gone as stereotypes would suggest.


Adam says it’s all tragic and a mess but there was obviously something going on his mind at the time too, Alison is getting quiet as she does when heavy stuff gets brought up.

Adam is being very fair and Alison is now quoting Mark Geragos calling this a parody of the criminal justice system, Adam says he defers to Mark on this as the expert but offers up a T.V. narrative explanation for his adamant position.

Adam once again brings up the cameras and says we need them,  Adam says it’s not a positive narrative to spin that white cops are trying to murder black kids, Alison brings up the Rams team raising their hands.


Alison sets Adam up for a live read.

Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read after not getting hint for a couple beats.

They’re now playing the clip of the players holding their hands up, Adam reaffirms his theory on this country not being as racist as everyone is seemingly obsessed with proving.

Adam is now using all of his shitty neighbors and how he would think they were racists, he cites the cunt from his recent flight who had a negative reaction too, what else could he think if he was black and she did that to him.


Adam says he had a cop show up at his shop today, the other warehouse, he was getting it all organized and lining up the stuff that sits next to the police impound lot.

Adam is telling them about deicing on what items to line between the cops impound yard and his warehouse.

Adam explains that Officer Hernandez (Robles?) paid him a visit, telling him that the impound yard was robbed the night before, 25min after Adam gave his “Who would rob a police impound yard?” speech.

Adam shares the guy’s partner came by 25min later to see the cars, Adam brings up the Hispanic cops who murdered Kelly Thomas.


Laura says “We don’t get pulled over as much” and Adam clarifies its poor people, not your skin color, it’s your shitty car, like my 95 Camry missing a window, you get pulled over for being poor.

Black people aren’t synonymous with poverty and Adam clarifies his point.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and gets Laura’s name right again by saying it super-fast.