Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/01/2015 – Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/01/2015 – Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jo Koy

Recorded 11-30-2015 – Release Date 12-01-2015

Production Number #1713

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Adam has a spirited intro and BB plays the “extra hairy pussy” line from Adam as today’s #TopDrop and Adam welcomes Mary Lynn back to the show, making her 2nd appearance after first guesting in 2010 on ACS #370 which was 38 episodes into this ACS format.

Adam talks about Mary Lynn always looking interested and reveals his own brow work, Gina wants her brows to look “porny” with high arches.

Mary has some funny comments and Adam compliments her Amazon pilot, Adam says he knew it was going to be good because of her excitement.


Adam is talking about the strange time period of the series and her look in the show, she was wearing Jack Black’s ‘Nacho Libre’ wig.

Adam says it has a little ‘Annie’ in it and he talks about the post processing effects to make it look older, Adam asks who wrote it and he praises the writing and jokes that aren’t jokes necessarily, but funny, his highest compliment for comedy in TV and Film.

Gary has a clip and he explains it before they play it.

Adam wants to explain the plot of the series, he wants to prove to her that he watched it, funny plot.


Adam sets up the clip and Gina asks who Curtis Armstrong was playing in the show, Adam says it’s one of these Amazon pilots you need to rate and vote on to get it turned into a series.

Adam says it’s the internet at its best, instead of the studio system where “friends of your mom” get to decide a show’s fate.

Adam asks her about the series ‘24’ and she is very honest about the series, its revival and now 2 year absence.

She talks about comedy being her first love and how her stage presence and performances have changed, Adam says he was trying to figure out before bed the other night.


Adam talks about the early days people have in comedy and how their jokes often flow, he’s asking Mary about her early stuff.

She talks about repeating the acts of other people and Adam says you could get laughs if you plagiarize and perform it correctly, like a cover band.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Pete, he’s calling about public toilet seat liners “free cowboy hats” and he wants Adam’s stance on them, Adam is talking about the symbolic fears of germs among humans.

Adam talks about how people don’t internalize information, they “make the Mary Lynn Rajskub face”- BB

Adam tells the ‘Free cowboy hats’ story and he says he did find out what the flap was for, Adam think’s it’s an anchor and Gina thinks it’s a urethra/genital guard, she’s right!


Adam talks about the “Ass gaskets” that people make and then leave behind, Mary Lynn is trying to sum up what Adam is saying and he talks about the anal snowflake we all possess and he jokes about the weird half of people’s life that is spent trying not to rub elbows with strangers on a southwest flight then the rest is spent trying to rub genitals with strangers.

BB talks about using toilet paper to wipe down, Adam is explaining that the guys who make the paper towels and toilet paper do it so it makes two turns and then breaks.

Adam talks about the way some dudes will piss on extra toilet rolls hung up in stalls, Adam says people who do that have the same dark heart of Charles Manson regardless of real world murders and planning. Adam has a killer one liners.


Adam talks about the problem of the penis and how it allows for things like brewing and peeing on thinks like anthills, men’s piss is like our flying monkeys that can do our bidding.

Gina talks about how they teach little boys to pee in the toilet, Adam is asking her about her “fecal bribe” with her son who was potty training.

Adam is now admiring a picture that Mary Lynn had her son draw of Adam, Adam tells her it’s sweet and tells Matt they have the next ass gasket.


2nd Caller Robert, he gets a nice TFV plug in.

He’s got some kind words for everyone and he’s talking about ETA’s on digital freeway signs and why they’re necessary in the modern world with things like WAZE.

Adam says your commute time “just is” and is suggesting his varied ideas for improving the signs and their effects on a society.

Gina asks how they calculate the traffic times and suggests a pace car, hilarious riff from Adam about a pace car and Mary Lynn suggests a traffic dog.


Adam is now riffing with the Elliott Gould drops after talking about people who don’t bring it, he shares his comments to Patton Oswalt from Shakesbeer about the calories burnt for 200 people in a club vs. 10 Rose Bowl’s filled with people.

Adam says it’s akin to the signs that millions see each day, the city has “nothing” and should just admit it and post some helpful shit.

Adam talks about the end of clock signs at banks, BB asks her about her AM radio show and if they still give out the time, she says they do not.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read

Rick says, he sings for The Cars edition


They’re now riffing about poems and other things for the signs, Adam talks about how “if it steers it clears” is too clever for the Average citizen in Los Angeles, Dawson comments about the ETA’s on the signs.

Mary Lynn has a funny “hugz” comments and they move onto the calls again.


3rd Caller Sandra, she’s thanking him for the ‘Hammer and Nails’ podcast, its excellent!

She wants to know the one piece of advice he would like Sonny to take to heart, he shares the idea for the next shirt “If It Doesn’t Make You Happy and it doesn’t make you money” and how he would like Sony to live by that, it doesn’t mean you don’t tell people to fuck off, that could make you happy.

Sandra is now setting up what her dad used to say to the kids and Adam pauses for everyone to weigh in and write down some guesses to pre-judge the level of advice her father gave.

Sandra shares the “close your legs I can see what you ate for breakfast” adage (?) her father would often use.


BB says he left and Adam jokes about the vaginal breakfast bar called “low” that they just made up after his funny word play, he asks Sandra about the weather and she says she’s talked to Dr. Drew before, she brings up the time she was rolled up in a rug, she called into the ADS and Adam has some practical advice for her, they take it back to electroshock therapy as mentioned at the top of the show.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read
Adam gives out the plugs for Mary Lynn and heads to break.


They’re back from break with Jo Koy narrowing in on his 100th appearance on the show, David Wild should edge him out as the first 100 appearance guest if things continue at the current pace.

Adam gives out some plugs for Jo and his upcoming dates.


Adam asks him about his touring and repetitive “circle of comedy” he wants to know about his new material, he tells them about adding premises while on stage, he writes on stage.

Adam jokes about what he has in his pocket and they have a few funny penis size double entendre and Jo reminds Adam he is half white if that helps.

Adam is talking about jokes vs. storytelling and Jo tells Adam about telling a story in joke form and how he’s able to make it funny while making shit up on the fly.


Adam is asking about the sophistication of audiences, Jo is telling Adam that he’s got his own fan base and the rules of formatting don’t really apply to him.

Adam talks about the bygone era of punchline based comedy, Adam is joking about trying to explain reality TV to the cast of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and Jo compliments what Adam does, he talks about how not many people can do it nobody really cares, like sucking your own dick.

Adam is talking about how many guys can blow themselves vs. how many guys can do a 90min improv show, Hilarious Ron Jeremy blowing his own fat fold joke.


Adam talks about not giving enough time to the news and Jo talks about trying to get a hoodie sweatshirt for Gina and Adam compliments Jo’s generosity.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement, Gina reads the poem he released in his statement, Adam says he’ll miss him and BB along with Gina bring up the rape case, Adam asks what does race have to do with butt rape, holy shit!

Adam is crushing this and now asking how many Lakers aren’t guilty of doing this stuff, They bring up Michael Cooper former Laker and WNBA coach and Adam remembers when he guested on Loveline for CLL #1300 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2000 – GUEST: MICHAEL COOPER • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Where in which Coop revealed a foot fetish and Adam brought up Huell Howser for the first time on air to a beleaguered Dr. Drew who claimed/feigned ignorance of the man and his work/show.


Adam talks about his lack of interest in feet/hands and Jo loves the extra hairy pussy drop that BB lays down.

Adam talks about Kobe being trough on his teammates, he’s trying to figure out and what we should think of the man, aside from the dry anal rape allegations.

What are his asshole stories, not that!


Jo says he dismembered a dynasty and brings up the loss of Shaq, BB claims that Kobe threw Shaw under the bus during the legal case and claimed he did that stuff all of the time.

Adam says that if you’re a Lakers fan you’ve been overserved in championships, Gary comments on the real Clippers fans and Jo talks about the Jordan camp his son goes to and the Q&A they have after.

Jo says that Jordan without irony says that Kobe stole all of his moves, BB says the previous generations will always have a problem with after them, he cites Wilt Chamberlain and his comments aimed at Jordan and the rules of the NBA.


Adam says we’re all free to emulate Tiger Woods’ swing but how man can pull it off, he cites George Carlin and other fields to make his point, and everyone seems to agree with the logic.

Adam talks about Shaq and why he’s fun, like Cam Newton and his genetic gift that allows him to play fast and loose, the easier the game comes to you the less of an asshole you are.

Adam asks why Tom Cruise isn’t more fun and he comments on someone like Russell Crowe in comparison and Alec Baldwin.



2nd Story is on Sinead O’Connor’s suicide attempt, hilarious “Cammy” name drop from Adam and Gina has all of the details of her life and various kids while quoting the suicide note.

Adam says the voice is a gift and he comments on his daughter and her singing abilities that he, his wife and Sonny all lack.

Adam comments on talent meeting a bad childhood and cites some of Sinead’s history and brings up the photo of the pope she tore up on SNL.


Gina asks how much of an outcry there was about her tearing up the photo, he compares it to what happens with drawings of figures of other religions, interesting.


3rd Story is on Ted Cruz and his love for the movie ‘The Princess Bride’ and she shares a clip of him impersonation characters from the movie with very solid delivery and memorization skills.

Adam has a killer ‘Silver Streak’ reference then mixes up Gene Simmons with Gene Wilder, BB loves the movie and praises it, now Adam is weighing in.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Best Nest Live Read ever, wow they should pay him all the money they got.


Gary informs BB that Princess Bride is ranked 22 on the WGA list of best comedy screenplays.


4th Story is on Slash joining the Trojan’s marching band for the annual USC vs. UCLA college football game, Gina now plays his rendition of the national anthem.

Adam jokes about the hair and sunglasses coming off with Slash’s hat and now he talks about the national anthem always seeming like it’s a Lego version instead of smooth like other tunes might be.

Gina shares how she knew she wouldn’t know the singer when she was introduced as an “international recording artist.”


5th Story is on Adele’s latest release and the records it’s shattered, Adam is talking about Adele’s chin cleft and how it keeps her from losing weight, she always looks thin from the face up.

BB and Gina are praising her music and singing abilities and Jo says it’s a throwback to the bygone era of albums, Gina is sharing her age.

Adam is talking about the Britney Spears era and how he reacted to it, Adam is talking about the Man Show writer’s room arguments he would get into with the guys about her middle of the road looks, talent and everything else and how she wouldn’t be the hottest chick in your high school.


Jo is plugging Boyz II Men and the talent of the guys, how you can hear them in reality taking breaths and working for the music.

Jo is on a Motown jag and Gina is weighing in, Jo is telling them about the first time he saw Céline Dion and they’re talking about actual singing vs. Autotune and how an artist must cope with regular performing and Vegas residencies.

Jo is saying Boyz II Men can do it, 5 nights a week.


Adam wants to pull Céline Dion to the side and explain to her to let it go, she’s not hot, she doesn’t need to pressure herself, she’s a talent and she’s earned the ability to relax.

Adam is reading the data from Gary, the guys in Boyz II Men are doing 24-30 shows per month, wow.

Jo is describing the show and the roses the guys were throwing into the crowd, Jo says everyone should go see “O” and he talks about how he first heard Steve Wynn talking about the idea despite its initial reception, he praises it up and down.

Adam talks about one of the Blue Men being a huge Loveline fan and wanting to chat about it backstage, Adam is asking about ‘Spiderman Turn Off The Dark’ and Gary has all of the details of the defunct and troubled production.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

BB plays against Jo’s son


Adam talks about his friendly wager with Sonny, he was trying to teach him about the line and betting.

Adam says in life you don’t just get to pick the favorites, Adam is now explaining it to Gina after BB points out she might not know.

Adam is now asking a hypothetical Céline Dion vs. Boyz II Men ticket sales analogy for sports betting, BB now comments and they talk about take a vig off the top in Vegas and Jo is getting in the mix.

Adam says you always have to give up something and can’t always choose the favorite, Adam says the Bears won outright and his son didn’t want to pay him, he paid him in change much like the time Adam did the same thing on a Christmas cruise, well kinda.



6th Story is on the Black Friday sales decline, Adam jokes about a future where “Brick and mortar” stores only sell bricks and mortar as it’s too heavy to retail online and ship, very funny idea, whoa!

Gary has the new data about the Cyber Monday sales and Gina reads the numbers, Adam is ranting about the JC Penny sale that started at 3pm on Thursday.

Adam has a funny “fuck I love my kid but I also would love a big screen” line and Adam is now setting up a scene where Adam runs a bass pro shop.


Jo is an Asian man there for Bass, Adam is great as the store operator and Jo as the confused Asian customer guy is solid.

Thanksgiving Bass meal and asshole line from Jo.

Adam has a killer “Sausage Pro” explanation, Jo insists they should be called a “Bass Equipment Store” and Adam is now misquoting Confucius and attributing quotes to him wrongly while misquoting, gold!

Jo is being told about a pond “teeming” with fish, he says we only use that when it pertains to fish, now sorority is teeming with pussy, wow!


This improv scene is beautiful, Jo is cranking it up and yelling about wanting things now, Adam is trying to get him to take a picture with Santa and wraps up the scene.

Adam is back to the Bass Pro Shop and he’s finally now getting to the story he teased last week, the pre-strung Christmas trees.

Gary is telling Adam he brought it up and he says yeah that’s why he asked if he told them, he brought it up on ADS #292.


Adam is telling them about the Home Depot Commercial and the pre-strung trees with lights already setup and wrapped on them and how they go against the spirit of the holiday, Gina has some observations and BB talks about unboxing ornaments and the memories that go with them, wow I will never be as much of a Human being as BB is, good for him.

Bb is bringing up the movie ‘Click’ and Adam calls it Sandler’s greatest outing, he says not everything is work and not everything needs to be fast forwarded.

Gina wraps the news to a new butt rape drop from Adam, during the Kobe discussion.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


Jo recommends the jabbawockeez in Vegas, they have some closing chatter and Adam closes out the show with some plugs, promoting the last airing of ‘Winning’ this week.

BB plays the drop of the caller quoiting her dad about seeing breakfast via weird familial crotch shots.