Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/01/2014 – Wendi McLendon-Covey and Michael Biehn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/01/2014 – Wendi McLendon-Covey and Michael Biehn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Wendi McLendon-Covey and Michael Biehn

Recorded 11-30-2014 – Release Date 12-01-2014

Production Number #1464

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Adam opens the show to a hipster intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam plugs the next Take a Knee episode, Adam shares that Alison is delayed in traffic.

BB plays the “Get Dr. Drew/Jew Blood” #TopDrop and now BB is telling Adam about experiencing his first moment of hydroplaning in his car on the way into the studio.

BB is mocking the “we need it!” proclamations from seemingly everyone in the state, Adam is now giving his take on this and they’re riffing about nobody ever telling people to ease up on the water conservation despite the seeming abundance of it.


Adam explains that Michael Biehn is on the line, father of staff member Caelan, Adam says he paid him a visit the other day and watches the Paul Newman doc, Michael is now on the line sharing his love for documentary filmmaking.

Michael is sharing his reaction to the theme of the documentary and how he was hooked 10min into the film, he had to watch the entire thing.

Adam is sharing the Jules Dash idea and shares that the movie wasn’t picked up by Sundance, Michael tells Adam that doesn’t mean anything and gives him a nice pep talk based in reality.


Adam is now bringing up the idea of “Sundance Material” and says it’s not a bummer of a movie unlike what they usually program in order to further program the people who attend said festival.

Michael is back to the story of the film and how charming Paul is in this archival and recovered footage, Adam brings up the idea of being too beautiful to “suffer” and have your art taken seriously.

Too Pretty to Brood, Adam and Michael are now talking about Paul’s work and Michael brings up the scene from ‘Cool Hand Luke’ where Paul’s character learns of his mother’s death.


Adam has a killer “last role” joke about Paul and Michael is sharing how tired he is of Hollywood, Adam tells him to hook up with him if he wants a lesson in not making money.

Adam says he just wanted validation that it wasn’t a shitty documentary, Michael is adamant Adam will sell this thing and tells Sundance to fuck off.

Adam wraps up with the great Michael Biehn and BB’s boner has probably ground a substantial dent into the console.


Adam is explaining how the labels and titles are nice, he’s not sure being a NY Times bestseller nor being accepted by Sundance actually moves any units, while it’s nice to have as a badge of honor it’s not all that important.

Alison joins them in studio, fresh from some heavy traffic due to road closures, BB has a one liner and Alison has a sick burn retort mocking him for his loose Morissette style definition of the term pun, I think he has an off mic reaction or someone does because you can hear a muted “hah” from Alison.

Adam is now talking about cops using road flares and how much they must love their fire sticks and use them at the earliest opportunity possible, Adam now describes a crescent shape flare pattern he claims to have witnessed while driving.


Adam is explaining he talked to Mike August who was driving home from San Francisco where he spent the holiday, he was stuck in traffic.

The internet seems to be down, the gang need it for Wendi’s bio? Why not print it from there phones? Bluetooth? Use phone as a hotspot?

Adam is bringing up the holiday events at his house, he talks about the horrible combination of his relatives always being early and his wife always running a perpetual 27min late.


Adam is asking why they allow so much time for traffic when driving over, Adam has new a “if you live less than a half hour away from your destination, you leave when you’re supposed to arrive.”

Adam is explaining you’ll never miss out, he’s got a hilarious empty egg nog container fished out of the trash example.

They’re all going in depth on the experience of gathering for thanksgiving with family, BB asks Adam why he doesn’t give the family bogus times to fix this, Adam says he would have to tell Lynette it was starting 30min earlier and the family it would be starting 30min later, they joke about him mixing it up.


They’re talking about food items, Adam now compares taco salad to fruit salad, nobody eats the canoe of watermelon the fruit is in, but everyone takes a bite out of the taco shell bowl of the taco salad.

Adam is bringing up the recent phone call with his mother attempting to hash out their weirdness, Adam actually initiated that call, interesting reveal.

Adam says the holiday was good and tells them about making ‘Better man’ cocktails for everyone.


BB saw a guy pounding some Mangria outside the gate while waiting for the USC game.


Adam is now doing a live read


Adam shares how they went to Gene Simmons house on Tuesday of last week to record ‘Take a Knee’ and Gary is on mic confirming what Adam is saying and sharing his love for Gene’s dog.

Adam says the dog was an “Ultimate” variety of husky, Adam is now describing the scene of approaching the house, Adam says the house looks like a very nice Vegas Casino from 1999.

It is exactly where Gene should be living, not far from Seth MacFarlane aka the rich guy part of town.


Adam brings up the joke that made Gary laugh but not Gene, Adam has a killer Willy Wonka observation and “Man You’re really into Kiss!” one liner that cracked Gary up.

Adam says Gene did not bring up Kiss one time, he was too into his book and the idea of motivation, Adam is unsure there has ever been an interview with Gene where he didn’t bring up his band.

Adam says it was a different side of Gene, the non pro wrestling variant.


Alison is now asking Adam about the theme of the conversation, Adam is uncertain if he’s told the cactus fruit story as discusses on ADS #194 and ADS #195.

Alison and BB don’t listen to that show so now we’re all hearing it again, another dude’s secondhand story for 2nd time, only to be repeated on TAK #3 for the 3rd time, hmmmm.

Adam is giving his take on this story and what he thinks the true meaning and impact of it was and how it shaped young Gene Simmons.


Adam says Gene didn’t care about any definition of being an artist nor entrepreneur, Sonny is now barging into the studio and wants to get on mic, Natalia is now following right behind him.

BB is telling them about eating at Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse for thanksgiving dinner, Adam says they could change their names to “why the terrorists hate us” and Adam jokes about his pants exploding.

Adam is now asking his kids about the holiday, Adam is quizzing Sonny about his love for Colin Kaepernick and he asks Natalia what she enjoyed about the holiday.


It’s a ‘Frozen’ theme again for Natalia’s ice skating pageant, Sonny is declaring that it’s the one movie that really sucks.

Alison is now quizzing Natalia regarding her take on tattoos, after Adam asked Sonny, Alison has a sly comment about her answer.

Adam is now asking the kids for their catchphrases, he once asks for 3 different variants on each.


“Now you girl” – Adam

Natalia kills the 2nd delivery, Adam kicks them out and BB tells them go sell some lemonade, BB takes it back to his dinner at a restaurant because everyone listening was waiting for that…

Adam is now asking Alison what she did for the holiday, she drove to Arizona with her husband.


Alison explains how much she enjoyed eating dinner early at 3, Adam praises an early dinner for allowing you to make room for a round two on the pie selection before bed.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam gives out some plugs and wraps up the segment, they head to break to a new Take a Knee Promo.


They’re back form break with Wendi making her ACS debut, a New Rich Banks song is played as the bumper for the 2nd segment.

‘There Won’t be booze in Africa This Christmas’ based off a riff from the Seattle show and to the tune of ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’(?)

Adam asks Wendi about her roots in Long Beach, she’s never left and leads him to joking about the Toyota Grand Prix wins he has under his belt.


Adam explains how being from Los Angeles ruins the journey story for people, you are from here and drive 10 miles to audition, big deal.

Adam is asking Wendi about her parents, her father who delivered ‘Coca Cola’ and her mother who worked in aerospace.

Adam asks Wendi about people in her family and their aspirations for entertainment and other unfulfilled career dreams.


Alison asks what her parents wanted her to do instead of showbiz, she says they wanted her to be a flight attendant.

Wendi tells them about her family and her father who is in the best shape of his life despite his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Adam brings up Ray and Chris and the lesson of being “touched by god” and how it comes back around in a negative way, no free lunches in nature.


Wendi is asking what Adam is saying about his friends, he explains they didn’t have the humbling life lessons early on and now they’re getting it 10 fold at 50.

Adam has a killer gut check time riff, “there’s literally Jizz on my gut” – Adam

Adam is asking Wendi about the show ‘The Goldberg’s’ and mocks her for not doing some “yes and” work regarding the format single camera vs. multi camera.


Adam asks her about her work ethic and the show, she says they moved to a better time slot and Adam says that networks are performance orientated, their words don’t speak as much as their actions.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Brandon, he brings up the sequel to the movie ‘Waiting’ where Adam has the top billing despite a very limited role.

Adam is now explaining how people ask him to do stuff and then he’ll drive to the location realizing he’s not memorized the 11 page monologue they wrote for him.

Adam recalls having to ADR the scene despite nailing it on set, due to the sound problems during the filming.


Wendi is asking him about his schedule and the expectations of other who cast him, he sees her trying to give him an out and explains he gets parts from fans from time to time and that’s about it.

Brandon wants to know how somebody sits down and starts writing an idea, Adam explains he was working on his book yesterday with Mike Lynch, he was playing ball with his son while Mike dictated the latest stuff to him, cool.

Adam brings up the attempt to write ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ with his wife, Wendi is much like Adam in that she must pace around and dictate ideas while others type for her.


Adam asks her what she’s working on right now, she has 3 screenplays going and explains why multitasking is the only way she can create and work.

Adam is now asking her about the improv on set for the movie ‘Bridesmaids’.


2nd Caller Matt, he thanks the gang for the live shows in Portland, he wants to know about them watching a movie and something that was outlandish the first time you saw it only came to be a reality, he’s got a specific example they ask him for.

He brings up a re-watching of the movie ‘Starship Troopers’ and how we now have college football teams with complicated/goofy uniforms much like in the film.

Adam jokes that Oregon is one step away from changing their uniforms at halftime, he tells them to knock it off and mocks their fashion, he’s killing this riff about Oregon’s football uniforms.


Adam shares his appreciation for iconography and logos, he cites Coca Cola and is now asking BB about watching a game where he didn’t recognize either team, he’s being driven nuts by matte colors in lieu of the super glossy style of the 90’s and 00’s.

Adam brings up the Yankees and their pinstripes, Adam marvels at how everything has turned into a million different choices, flavors and looks, he blames the short attention span culture we live in.

Adam brings up how everything is now geared towards what young people like, buying into the notion that only their tastes and spending patterns matter.


Wendi is in agreement with Adam and she says “raisins ruin everything” he is in total agreement and now Adam is giving his “we only have thanksgiving dinner one per year” explanation he gives his wife.


Adam is now doing a live read for the movie ‘Unfinished Business’ he is telling the listeners to watch the trailer while praising the cast.

BB brings up ‘The Truman Show’ nailing a lot of the reality TV dynamics, Adam says for him it’s the movie ‘Timecop’ and he’s now riffing about the ballsy move they pulled with their future date of 2004.

This now begging for a Timecop Basic Cable Commentary, holy shit!


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the emotional support pig being kicked off a flight, I knew this would be it before she even described the story.

Alison is now explaining the story and what happened, the pig took a shit in the aisle.

Adam is now remarking on the 70lb pig, Alison says it’s slim for a pig and now Adam is bringing up the scene from his movie ‘Road Hard’ and his joke response about not shitting in the aisle.


Wendi has a killer scorpion joke, gold!

She’s giving her take on the requirements for emotional support animals, Alison has a hairspray shitting animal comment, good stuff.

Adam is explaining how he predicted this tide turning and now we’re doing what humans always do, exploit every loophole in every regulation until it’s totally fucked.

Adam is now connecting religion to the IRS, he brings up the ‘Shabbos goy’ and the way the IRS taxes through the nose causing people to get their accountants to try and get every write off and loophole possible.


Adam says Dignity and pride are completely out the window, he brings up how we didn’t always have rules for every behavior and the rule of society prevented people from outrageous behavior.

Adam has a masturbation to German porn analogy and Alison kills it with a wicked turn of phrase about his own emotional support hog.

Alison is now wondering how much of the flagrant hobo like behavior at airports is caused by the increasingly uncomfortable feeling of flying.


Adam is now asking why people have to seize every opportunity, he brings up people who enable others into lawsuits when they weren’t hurt in minor fender benders.

Adam is now saying that you’re not helping people with emotional difficulties by giving them trigger warnings or protecting their needs, he says rent a car or rent a therapist.

Globetrotting with a 70lb pig is not a solution, he is saying people need a support system around them straightening them out.


Adam brings up the 5$ shot offers at bars, he mocks the notion of a shot from a plastic jug being on sale or a great deal at 5$.

Adam has a killer joke about his kids listening and says everyone should get drunk, don’t get him wrong.

Adam is now asking how we get the pig back in the barn and brings up the hundreds of thousands of licenses and probably lawsuits should anyone try to block them.


Adam asks if the people ever become whole or are healed by these allowances and kowtowing to their needs and emotion.

Adam brings up the story of the woman who passed out in 1st class with her dog on her lap the whole time, Adam is describing the bagel spread scene from the making of ‘Road Hard’ where he yelled at a guy for holding his dog above the food.

Adam is now further ranting at this dickhead for holding his dog above a platter of locks and cream cheese, dog hairs are almost magnetized to such foods and Adam jokes about them inching closer to them magically.


Adam brings up how Drew always asks him whose fault this is, that people get away with this shit, he blames Drew and everyone else for not “leaning on their horn” of life and getting the out of it morons in traffic to start moving.

Wendi asks about the old guy getting his feelings hurt, this while they were filming the airplane scene with Alison.

Adam was unsure if that was the dog or it was another dog being used for the movie, Adam says he was told it was the dog, Mike A. volunteered the wrong information based on your worst nightmare.


Adam has a killer “father of the bride” analogy and asks why these people are compelled to give you the wrong information, Adam says he likes Mike and how he feels bad for getting mad at him, he says instead of yelling at Mike he just felt relief about it not being the same dog.


2nd Story Is on the optional refunds available for Bill Cosby’s upcoming live shows, Adam now asks if knew everything about Richard Pryor wouldn’t we feel similar, Adam says he can dig it if you want to take a stand about this.

Alison explains the take of people who feel betrayed by Bill’s lies and hypocrisy, Wendi gives her take on the Spanish fly jokes and says you can’t defend rape, she’s right and Adam agrees.

Adam jokes about him working the serial rapist angle in a cool a sweater instead of the wholesome fraud, Adam jokes about never trusting the people who dance.


Adam brings up Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show and how she was overcompensation, he says he likes the new honest life Rosie much better and is now bringing up Joe Rogan and says he’s confident in his words and actions because deep down he knows he’s an honest and good person.

Adam is now bringing up Allen Iverson and his love for god combined with aggressive tattoos and overall look.

Adam is waxing poetic on fraudulent personalities, he has a great “short guys always wear boots” analogy and jokes about Sylvester Stallone being no Danny Bonaduce.


Adam brings up Pamela Adlon and her 6 inch flip flops, she’s short.

“If you’re feeling short emotionally…” – Adam with a very eloquent observation about the image of Cosby vs. probable secret life.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a Protect Your Bubble Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show with a flub giving out Wendi’s name, she blames Dr. Drew for her complex name, Alison plugs her show and it’s a wrap to a new drop of Adam joking about having time to masturbate.