Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/30/2015 – Paul Mecurio

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/30/2015 – Paul Mecurio

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Mecurio

Recorded 11-29-2015 – Release Date 11-30-2015

Production Number #1712

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Adam opens the show with a holiday themed intro from Dawson and Lynch and his own comments aimed at the listeners.

BB plays the USC fight song as the #TopDrop and Adam talks about Drew being forced to root for UCLA due to his wife’s affiliation despite him going to medical school there.

Adam talks about the incident that inspired the ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ incident and BB has a lot of confirmation noises and is really engaged but it feels kinda false, odd flow or maybe it’s his mic.


Adam is talking about Sonny getting sucked into a few rose bowl games and ended up rooting for UCLA, BB keeps talking about uniforms and it’s again very odd sounding, he sounds like he did on the old radio show almost.

Adam talks about tape being a durable good to him a child and BB keeps commenting after every word Adam makes, what is he doing.

BB says he must see a drunk Dr. Drew someday and Adam says it’s like having a slice of cake with Richard Simmons, it feels like a tacit ok for drinking.


Gary gets on mic to confirm how great it is and Adam is telling them about getting quietly drunk with Drew over the weekend, he says when someone keeps pouring it into your glass is the best way to get hammered without knowing it.

BB is now asking if Drew rooting for UCLA isn’t the ultimate form of pussy whipped, is BB suffering a cold and now being extra focused on chiming in more, hmmm?

Adam is sharing his theory on Jewish guys being fans of Bruce Springsteen and he compares his love for John Hiatt and her love for Bruce to how Drew and his wife could root for different teams.


Adam is talking about Lynette’s nap in one of the Pinsky kids’ rooms, Adam says that Drew is heavy handed and they killed the bottle of Mangria, wow!

Adam is talking about his distaste for waste and how his upbringing and their lack of food has led to him wanting to eat all leftovers.

Adam is talking about the swag bag you get for guesting on a show that would easily be the most valuable stuff he had as a kid.

Adam talks about paper plates of this youth vs. the modern plastic ones and that can be rinsed and reused.


Adam is saying that at the Carolla house it would’ve been passed on for generations but Lynette just wanted to toss them.

Adam explains how he pulled them out of the garbage can and shook them off, someone then went and took them out of the sink and put them all in the trash again, he had to then take them and hide them, and he jokes about burring them in the yard like a squirrel.

Adam is sharing how his family doesn’t do leftovers and BB is over the top chiming in, he does have a cold and he’s trying extra to be part of the show, relax man, chill! This is difficult to listen to, I can’t quite hear Adam finish a thought and I love BB.


Adam is talking about how his daughter will bandwagon with his wife and he rants about the first world problems and rich people wasting going on at his home.

Adam jokes about exporting brunch to Thailand where they’re stuck eating Thai food 24/7.

Adam shares the 1-2 punch to the gut of the smaller sized container of sides from Gelson’s and the 100+ dollar price tag.


Adam shares how he was going to bring food to Football Sunday and he comments on Gina tweeting him Goulash pictures while she was making him and her family a scratch batch, he jokes about being pissed about it and wanting to give up the Goulash deposit, very funny.

Adam talks about his dad and his request for Tea at about 745pm, they had everything else in the house sans tea packets.

Adam says “bring your own fucking tea” and he now explains his reasoning after BB plays the Peanuts Christmas music and Adam jokes about the insults he would aim/deliver to his father.


Gina asks about his thoughts on his dad and his future tea plans for family holidays, Adam is saying tea is the least likely beverage after a thanksgiving meal.

BB has a point along the same lines and Adam talks about trying to find the right gift for Howie Mandell and Gina brings up Purell as a funny one liner, Adam is instead more interested in the “Purell is bad for you” articles he keeps getting tweeted by fans.

Adam is talking about how dudes need a team or drinking habit for others to be able to figure out how to shop for you.


Gina has a killer “picture of you guys hugging” one liner and delivery, very funny and great.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live read

Gary says break the bank on undergarments edition

“Dad that’s where you tuck your teabag” – Adam

“Do we throw to Dawson?” – Adam


Adam explains how he figured out what to get Howie and he talks about Jimmy Kimmel’s drawer of gift certificates and Adam says there should be a system in place to buy these cards for money and hammering them, interesting.

Adam wanted Matt to find the BBQ joint that Howie frequents and he heard Lynette chime in with her “you’re not going to get Howie Mandell a gift certificate” comments from the other room.

Adam is going over their exchange, funny shouting impression of them talking through walls/rooms.


Adam says they won’t do 50 dollar increments on the gift certificates, Adam says he did a move he’s not proud of and he told Matt to bump it up to 300 and then down to 200.

Matt is now on mic with a BBQ gift certificate for Howie Mandell update, Matt whipped up a dummy certificate as they only have physical ones and they have to be mailed.

Dawson suggests a framed still from ‘Road Hard’; and BB has a killer joke about the gift being sent to DAG by mistake.


BB recalls Teresa stressing over getting Dr. Drew a birthday gift and BB recalls his Lord Jeff team advice, Adam is riffing about the Amherst name and legacy and chipping away at the problem vs. proclamations instead of action.

Adam is now setting up a clip of Paul Mecurio interviewing Paul McCartney from 2013 on his former PodcastOne program ‘The Paul Mecurio Show’.

Paul was last on the ACS for his debut episode ACS #1128 live from NYC in 2013, where Adam was actually talking about his struggle to find a bowl of goulash, oddly enough.

They talked about his very interview on that episode and Paul played a voicemail from Paul McCartney to close the episode.


Adam is talking about Paul’s ability to book big name guests and Adam is now asking BB about his Thanksgiving experience and he tells him about the old people in his life who love to arrive early, he brings up an older relative of Christie’s whom he loves dearly.

Adam is now talking about his parents and their 6min commute that doesn’t require any buffer time, Adam is giving the exception for this guy and his commute time and BB tells him about him bringing one of his buddies, hilarious riff from Adam about the heads up you get about the single male guests old dudes bring.

Adam is killing this impression/riff as this old relative bringing and old man as his guest, BB feels badly about bringing this up and Adam is now trying to estimate the commute and he thinks an extra hour is likely Gina guesses too and BB reveals his 1:43 arrival time.


Adam is talking about how arriving early is not a virtue nor a character trait, it’s none of his business if you do that when you are meeting a neutral location or your house, but when you’re coming to someone else’s home it’s rude.

Adam is doing an impression of their interactions he has and then he adds in some funny “no shit old lady” comments.

Adam talks about their arrival time for Drew’s shit on Thursday.


Adam is going over the arguments he is having with his wife about guacamole while someone is there early, “no trouble at all!”

Gina is telling them about her experiences over the holiday, Julie the Cruise director from ‘The Love boat’ holiday for her.

“like when two fat people get drunk and fuck” – Adam on his parents and their shame avenue that led to many years away from each other though they can now attend the same thanksgiving.

Gina is eliciting some good material from Adam, hilarious riff about him trying to get them to tell old family stories like the time they tried to buy cat litter with food stamps.


Adam is doing a Live Read for SimpliSafe

Dawson shares a story about his neighbor’s edition

Adam has a killer joke about Dawson putting a glass sensor on his bong, Gary’s insane laughter from the control room is off the charts hilarious!


Q and Ace

1st Caller Corey, he wants to know if Adam has ever been part of a department of justice survey, he shares the story of the time he told a census taker to “beat it!”


2nd Caller Tamin, he’s sharing his newfound love for street photography, Adam is asking for happy street photography and telling him to pick happier targets/subjects, a guy in Beverly Hills with some new rims on his Bentley.

Adam is killing this cement riff while talking about the art of depressing images and jokes about how he’s depressed enough.

They head to break.


They’re back form break with Paul Mecurio making his return to the ACS, Adam plugs is new show ‘Adam Carolla Presents: 2 Chairs and a Microphone with Paul Mecurio’ and Adam is asking Paul about big name guests coming on the show because they hear about other big names people already doing it.

Paul is retelling the story of how he booked Paul McCartney on his podcast, Adam has some funny one liners.

Adam talks about the Mariah Carey’s of the world and BB once again drops Morrissey after Adam brings up another artist, why?


Paul is telling them about meeting Leno and getting hired to write monologue jokes, hilarious impression from Adam as Jay Leno talking about meeting Paul McCartney.

Paul plays the voicemail again, forgetting he played it on this show already 2 years ago?

Adam is talking about good impressions and the real world details of Loveline callers who claimed to bang their friend’s mom/stepmom.


Paul talks about people big timing him and not doing the show, he mentions Adam as one of the guests he lists as a big timer who has done it, Adam says he’s only mentioned because Paul is in the room, Paul reiterates that and then says no he would in all seriousness, I would hope with the title of his new show and all.

Adam is talking about the push and pulls of the world and shares the detail of a conversation with a guy in Switzerland, Matt Fondiler called and interrupted him and he talks about how we fucked out “literally” literally means literal.

BB thinks quote/unquote has gotten fucked up too, Paul brings up the news media and the use of “at the end of the day” and Adam says that’s the white equivalent of “you know what I’m saying” and Gina brings up the young white girl “you know what I mean” variant after they joke about “I’m a grown ass man” and Paul brings up “not for nothing.”

Adam shares is favorite “you/he can win for losing.” And they go into the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the “no more baby parts” domestic terrorist/murderer who killed civilians at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

Gina has some details about the slain officer and his life, Paul is mocking the mugshot and brings up the Colorado movie theater shooter and his mugshot.

Adam has a funny riff about his “most interesting man” framed mugshots idea.


2nd Story is on the 4th installment of ‘The Chanukah Song’ by Adam Sandler, she has isolated the new lyrics about Dr. Drew.

Adam talks about Drew’s half Jewish heritage, his mom isn’t so he’s technically not of the faith per the Jewish Vagina birth canal rule as cited by David Cross.

Adam is now talking about Sandler doing these live performances and the feeling of “I want to perform but not that much” and they move on.



3rd Story is on a domestic disturbance between an MLB player and his sister, Yasiel Puig and his insane bar brawl.

Gina has a story of uncorking on her brother and Adam talks about his sister throwing a crocheting needle at him, BB shares his own story of tripping his brother.

Adam talks about ‘Ghost Riding the Whip’ his version was for bicycles and in the 1970’s and 1980’s and he talks about a guy who bailed and left him on the handle bars to head straight into a bush/curb.

Adam thinks he would have been arrested today.


Paul is telling them about an all nude boys swim, Gina is commenting on the obvious bullshit of this rule and Paul is telling them about singing his ass on the pipes at that boy’s club pool.

Paul talks about his hobo Halloween costumes as a kid, Adam says that’s not street photographer hobo, but more of a painting of a hobo look.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Adam asks Gina what else they have and they move on.


4th Story is on the latest controversy of Donald Trump mocking the reporter with a disability who first reported on the Muslim celebrations post 9/11.

Adam is now sharing a story of doing impressions of Lou Ferrigno when they were taping ‘The Apprentice’ and it was just like impersonating anyone else and how bad that feels despite that being them treated just like everyone else.

Paul talks about how people in wheelchairs in his audience get uncomfortable reactions from the rest of the audience when he addresses them.


Gina has the details of a very funny ‘Key and Peele’ sketch and Adam is now riffing about shawls and how blankets become shawls once they’re draped over a lap.


5th Story is on the latest “free range mom” arrested for letting her son play alone outside, Adam says that free range mom makes him think “extra hairy pussy” and he riffs about it.

Gina has the rest of the details and shares the kid’s name ‘Tomahawk’ and Adam says you hear that black people we can do the crazy names too.

Gina has the details of the case and the child being reunited with the mother after the felony charges were filed.

Adam says abductions aren’t up any percent but pussies are up 2000%.

Adam talks about how hard it is to abduct a kid in this day and age and Paul is now talking about online predators and Adam is commenting on the children of abandoning fathers and busy single mothers can end up with an older predator.


Adam is saying that flat out abductions, minus amber alerts and angry fathers with weird legal dramas have gone down per capita.

Adam is talking about the way someone will trump you with a story about someone being abducted in their neighborhood.

Paul is back to the swimming at the pool nude, he says his son won’t let him look at his pubes and he Paul shares his curiosity, his wife thinks it’s weird too.


This is really weird, Adam tells him to get the nanny cam hooked up and Adam says it’s a little weird and BB says it’s not, not weird.

Adam is bringing up his years of fecal matter shoved in his ear and though that ear can’t judge, it’s still weird.

Gina wraps the news, funny.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adrian Peterson is not as bad of a dad as Paul – Adam


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and BB has a funny Tomahawk callback, nice one BB!

Paul thanks Adam for bringing him into the network and Adam says it was August’s idea and they really close things out, BB has a new favorite drop it seems too!