Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/27/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/27/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons and David Wild

Recorded 11-26-2013 – Release Date 11-27-2013

Production Number #1216

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Adam is opening the show to frazzled Alison who was just rear ended on the way into the studio, she’s sharing her damage dilemma and experience of being honked at by other motorists.

Adam is now getting to people who get out of their car while on the freeway and how cavalier they are about it despite the incredible danger.

BB has a nice Crank Yankers #TopDrop and David Wild is studio, creepy but in studio nonetheless.


Adam is now sharing how he was turning over his car right as they were reporting on some serious story followed up with some sports, Adam is now calling for a moment where the presenter is allowed to take a breath before transitioning.

Adam is now giving an analogy of people acting startled when you approach in the aisle of southwest flight and the old couple who get frightened by a car turning onto their block.

Adam is now sharing some recent misfire of bathroom etiquette, hilarious anchor chain comment from the Aceman.


Adam is now arguing all the breaks women get in comparison to men, the ultimate being the extra 5-7 years and the benefit of doubt regarding what number you’re laying down on the toilet.

Adam is now getting to the “knock and walk” done to intentionally sneak a peek at nudity, Adam is now getting two his violation from Olga not two hours ago while he was mid deuce, he clarifies his “sack was in the drink” in reply to Alison.

Adam is now calling for a 3 Mississippi and Alison is sharing her own fear of being caught mid tampon exchange and Adam is bringing up creepy David, Alison is now joking about it too.


David is now sharing the experience of entering a women’s bathroom at the Arclight last year, he’s claiming this is the first time he’s ever shared this story.

I could’ve sworn I’ve heard this before, déjà vu or I’m too lazy to look it up and find out if he did tell this already.

Adam is now getting to the importance of the “tune out walk” where you move ahead without seeing through your periphery.


Adam is now getting to the name of his 4th book “People think I’m joking but I’m not” in response to the petri dish as an excuse for a coffee mug that Drew has left behind for him.

Adam is now offering a complex take of what it’s like to work with Dr. Drew “I got hands like lobster claws”, Alison wants to know what that means and David has a funny one liner.

Adam is explaining Drew’s 17+ years of coffee cup struggles and all that goes into it, he’s getting confirmation from BB about the Loveline days mysterious mid show “thank you’s” and from Gary about the preemptive headphone slam downs of the 100 “Adam and Drew” Shows they’ve done.


BB is now offering up some defense for Drew about recording his show earlier in the day, Drew was getting texted from CNN regarding some breaking story.

Adam is now explaining that it’s almost a presentation, stopping short of saying he’s being passive aggressive in response to Alison’s query.

Adam is now theorizing that he perhaps lets this slip his mind on purpose, as he likes to be yelled at and knows the easiest path to experience that.

Adam has some comments on Doc Bruce and David has a catty comment about Mrs. Pinsky.


Adam is sharing the “I’m scared of you” he’s gotten from his wife Lynette and he’s explaining how you know when someone is scared based on their preemptive behavior.

Alison is asking Adam to clarify when Lynette busted that one out on him, he’s now giving a nice analogy of what fear looks like.

Adam is calling Gary as witness about the headphone hurry that results in the preemptive removal of Drew’s cans post recording, Gary has a nice point to back up his boss, and BB has a hilarious impression of Adam trying to do a rushed closer.


David wants to know if anyone escapes his ire, he’s suggesting Jimmy Kimmel and Adam agrees with a “but I don’t live with him” caveat and admits he probably annoys Jimmy.

Adam is now also suggesting his writing partner Kevin Hench and citing his Carolla-esque behaviors.

David is citing free will and implying Adam wants to control people, Adam is clarifying that he just doesn’t want to hear unprofessional slamming noises before the show wraps.


BB is now presenting as witness for the Loveline coffee “Thank You’s” for BB or Lauren in the 2002-2005 era.

Adam is further going in depth on this with Gary and he’s offering some sound wisdom about the futility in further addressing this with Drew.

Adam is asking Alison about the fender bender and he’s making a point of how it makes you a better person to not let it affect you as Alison has been so seemingly cool, she’s pointing out she agrees but is extra bummed because of the new car factor, Adam now sees her point.


Adam is joking with David about LL Cool J and his hosting of awards shows, he’s got a great retroactive footage reinsertion riff.

David is telling Adam about the artists performing at his next award show gig, Adam wants to know about Robin Thicke’s talent and David his arguing for his songwriting ability.

Adam is now asking if anyone can tell if an artist is good in this modern style of pop music, Alison has a great point to back Adam up and clarify his point for David to then respond to.


Adam has a killer “El Al Cool J” joke and is now explaining how he can’t even tell if someone is good while seeing them perform live, David is now changing the subject and praising Lady Gaga and her talent being overshadowed by the musical style of the day.

Adam is now on a great analogy about morning radio and its formatting designed to protect the less talented broadcasters, he’s got a complimentary Stern tangent and David Wild agrees.

Alison has a nice teleprompter point and Adam is sharing the “I don’t want to look back in 15min and be miserable” anecdote of the Teen Choice Awards incident with Daisy Fuentes.


Adam is leaving out the even more appropriate incident at “Talk Soup” back in the late 90s.

David is sharing his own anecdote and agreeing with Adam about the formatting of morning radio used to hide the lack of talent and how it works in similar way when it comes to music.

Adam is now setting up some BB film review goodness, Adam is doing a live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB is setting up his review with a nice comment about Adam’s kids that leads to a hilarious riff from Ace about the various films he’s showed the kids far too early, comedy gold!

Hilarious “they love Bowie” riff tangent, BB is sharing how this feels like it’s aimed towards teen girls and it’s a very good version of that.

BB says he saw both films, the first and this and kind of enjoyed both.


Adam is calling Woody Harrelson the new Oliver Platt and riffing about what an unlikely star he is, David is sharing some little known factoids about his father.

Adam is now commenting on his ability to launch a film career as he was balding post “Cheers”.

Adam is now connecting the resurgence of McConaughey and Harrelson, BB is praising Woody and David is jumping in with Zombieland tangent, Adam is bringing up the connection of Woody and Matthew in a new HBO series together.


BB is now asking a hypothetical about the success of the “Cheers” male leads, Adam and David are both weighing in.

BB is now getting to the cast and stopping on Lenny Kravitz who he saw as struggling in his role, Adam is now on a great tangent about his distaste for the man’s music.

Adam is sharing his theory on how Lenny picks his songs and an anecdote of Lenny’s best of CD on his bachelor party weekend getaway, he quickly references the story of Jeff Ross and his 10k Rolex that joined Davey Jones locker.


Adam is on a Hall and Oates “I can’t go for that” tangent, BB has a killer Fake Jack Silver reply and Adam even stops mid anger to appreciate it, gold!

David is now sharing some music, Ray Davies “Thanksgiving” from 2006 and Adam has a funny comment about his grandma.

David tries to make a “Kinks” joke and Adam deflates him trying to point it out after nobody laughs, Adam is mentioning the horn section and David agrees about the Van Morrison sound it has.


Adam is now back to the best of CD and how many photos Adam counted of Lenny on the jacket, Adam is wrapping up his point and has a great comment about Boston.

David is now pitching the new Boston as a guest for the ACS, Brad Delp was supposed to guest on Loveline with the rest of the band back in the early 00’s but sadly it never came to be, much like the Bruce Campbell booking of the same year that also never happened.

Adam is now throwing it to break.


Fitzy, Fitzdog, Greg Fitzsimmons is back for is 29th appearance, they’re opening he guest segment to a listener voicemail from a guy who wants to be faithful and feels like he’s missing out on youth.

They’re all reacting to the voicemail and Adam has a nice sitcom analogy response.

Greg has an “it grows out of shit” analogy for marriage and cites his bad week, Alison is now asking when it gets to that point in a marriage when critiques no longer hold weight.


Adam is now sharing the “Son you done worked your way up to a zero” and the claw hand with super bowl ring anecdote of the time he went fishing with William “Refrigerator” Perry and Jimmy Kimmel for a bit on “The Man Show”.

Hilarious and descriptive “face fucking” scenario for a sitcom plot, they’re really going off on shows like “According To Jim”.


Q And Ace

1st Caller Jarret, his wife is leaving for deployment in the military.

Adam is now asking a realistic take from a husband at home, hilarious “one of the things I wanna do is fuck Jarret’s wife” – Adam.

Adam is now asking him about her role overseas and what she’s doing while serving on their 2nd anniversary.


Adam and Alison are now doing an improv of some other guy trying to fuck Jarret’s wife on the base, Greg has some hilarious sound effects and BB jumps in to render him obsolete, though I liked Greg’s machine gun and explosion better.

Greg is now jumping in as various ethnic stereotypes without prompting, Adam is now asking Jarret to repeat the sentence that he told them, Alison is correcting herself on the “international guard” comment.

Adam has a killer “I saw Pat Tillman” die one liner while in character as this despicable private trying to bed Jarret’s wife.


Adam is now getting to his question about what to get her for their 2nd anniversary, Jarret is sharing how she won’t be returning until April of next year.

Adam is now joking about edible arrangements delivered to Afghanistan, hilarious shipping charges from Burbank riff.

Nice jeweler and sniper back and forth between Adam and Alison, BB is suggesting the idea with the most heart and Alison is as stunned as the rest of the listening audience.


Adam is on a genius level riff, Greg is losing his shit and Adam is now transitioning to a live read.


Alison’s News – New Guitar Noodle Edition

2nd Caller Eric has a military themed podcast and wants to know how to gain an audience, Adam has a killer Russell Peters analogy about the abundance of crowds for specialty acts.

Eric is further going off on how difficult it is to build an audience and Adam is offering up a theory about him just not being that interesting, Eric concedes the possibility and Adam is now on a “coach is an asshole, coach hates winning” theory on people’s responses to rejection.

Adam has a hilarious “stand down” back and forth with Eric, now Alison is responding to Greg’s comment about men who hate women after not getting success in dating.


Adam, Greg and Alison are now trying to clarify his point for Alison, Adam caught it.

Adam is on a hand over the mouth to cover up fucked up teeth analogy for men who do a “hyup” noise when removing themselves from a sofa, he’s citing his own lack of bowel certainty in his advancing years.

They’re all commenting on how this theory is probably, Greg has his own escaping fart cover up method of using his car horn out of the blue.


Her top story is on MSNBC cancelling Alec Baldwin’s show after the recent controversy.

They’re now going in depth on how this might have been convenient for MSNBC and he’s suggesting that many networks would love the option of a controversy to drop a show early on if it’s not hitting the numbers.

Greg is in agreement, Adam has a hilarious beyond joke and Greg is arguing that Alec has a problem with homosexuals and Adam is actually quoting Dan Savage and his take on Alec being prone to use the gay slur in fits of rage.


Adam is now mocking the “moral stand” of a corporation and Alison is surprised Alec’s show wasn’t doing well in the ratings, Adam blames it on the audience pie being whacked up into too many slices.

Adam is on a Chevy Chase analogy and making a point about actors and their inability to “be them” he’s got a great David Letterman point that he couples with celebrity chefs.

Alison just envisioned and apocalyptic late night talk show and BB has an excellent example.


BB is on the live read and is announcing he won his competition for Draft Kings, holy shit he’s gonna win the Grand Final (E!).

They’re now playing the “Man-pons” commercial to demonstrate Jimmy Kimmel’s acting chops, gold!


2nd Story is on the Michigan man who bought the home next two his ex-wife and the man she cheated with and erected a giant middle finger statue.

Adam is sharing his secret jealousy of these guys and presenting some other scenarios.

Greg is now presenting a very confusing secondhand cuckold anecdote, Adam has a hilarious reaction and how he feels the needs to fake outrage, like upon seeing finding out someone pooped in a shower.


Greg has a horrible explanation for why he thinks it’s an attractive idea, Adam is now presenting the fictitious scenario if every guy was presented with this opportunity.

Greg is now suggesting a “build up” of jizz and Adam is sharing the story of his buddy John show carved a notch into a hedge with urine.

Adam has a hilarious impromptu cockroach family misunderstanding, Alison and Fitzdog have great reactions to this hilarious and disturbing cartoon he made up – Animashup this!


Adam is doing a live read and closing out the last show until next week with some plugs for Fitzsimmons and the rest of the gang.