Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/26/2013 – Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/26/2013 – Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 11-25-2013 – Release Date 11-26-2013

Production Number #1215

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Adam is opening the show to yet another topical intro and DFG in studio for Josh Gardner’s 10th visit, his 8th billed in character.

DFG wants to try out for “The Floaters” and BB has a nice #TopDrop.

Adam is teasing the upcoming guests and their ESPN “30 for 30” on Jimmy Connors who doesn’t get his due for being a colossal asshole unlike John McEnroe.


Adam is now presenting his theory on hairstyles creating the reaction, he’s got a great comment on a headband wrapped around an afro like McEnroe would sport gives one “two afros” a figure eight of afro.

Adam is further commenting on the reaction people have to Jimmy vs. John and he’s connecting that to kids being tested about their reaction to beauty, Alison is sharing her experience of being judged unfairly for her appearance.

Adam is now commenting on Bjorn Borg, the photo up in place of John McEnroe, I think BB was trying to toss someone under the bus.


Adam is now explaining his relationship to his childhood buddy Henner Tyire and his parents take on parent teacher conferences.

Adam has a great “The Town” reference and he’s telling this story of “Adam is a bad influence” in full, he’s naming names and sharing follow up details thanks to Alison.

BB is asking how many kids parents were warned of Adam affecting their kid’s scholastic experience, Adam says Henner was the only confirmed one.


Adam is now sharing the anecdote of the first time he heard “Abrasive” used to describe his buddy Ray’s personality.

This is akin to Adam’s “hey ladies” theory about bad jokes and common sense advice/word usage being effective on young kids as it’s the first time they’ve heard it before.

Adam is now sharing his experience enjoying cleaning up the house while listening to Nick Offerman’s new book during his Audible live read, great Hors D’oeuvre comment from Ace.


Adam is now bringing up the lack of a Rich Banks theme song for DFG, BB says one was never created and Adam is incredulous.

DFG is now sassing Adam about the live read, one of the best I’ve ever heard on any podcast btw, Adam’s reaction to DFG’s intensity is great.

Alison mixes up the good bad equation and DFG loses it on her, she caves under the pressure.


All Balls or J.V.

#1 The New Wendy’s Chick

#2 5 O’clock Gin

#3 A Spirited Round of Russian Ookie Cookie

Adam, BB and DFG are explaining ookie cookie to Alison, this is comedy gold!

#4 Flynn from Breaking Bad

#5 The Born Again Hooker who told Poochie’s Uncle “Jesus Loves You Longtime”.

Adam is now quizzing DFG about his current relationship with Poochie’s uncle, he’s giving them an in depth explanation on his marital status to said hooker.

#6 Guard Dogs with huge cranks

#7 the actors who play the “cuckold” in cuckold porn videos

DFG is losing it commenting on the lack of subtly and technique among these gents, Adam is now quizzing him on the ideal performance, comedy gold!

Alison is now jumping in the mix and they’re further working this premise out.

Alison wants to know this appeals to and Adam has a great Jim Norton explanation for all bizarre sexual fetishes.

#8 Doing a standing 69’er in space

#9 Axe Black Chill deodorant

Adam is now being the fake sensitive guy explaining that Axe used in front of the work black due to the possible pejorative implications.

Adam is now sharing his own insensitive joke about Ace body spray and how black people think of it.

Adam is now bringing up DFG’s buddy Bobby the one with the Progeria, Adam is getting to the in’s and outs of his disease.

BB is mocking this premise and Adam is explaining away his objections with Adam backing him up, Alison is in the mix to close things out.

#10 Creative Pecker Play

DFG is giving them an update on Moose who’s still in SFO working with the crew as discusses last time he was brought up on air.

They’re further riffing about cuckold actors.


DFG is now trying out for “The Floaters” thanks to the heavy bass line and lyrics on display he can hear the opening sample clip that combines the original version along with some of the other try outs, in order.

DFG is killing it, Alison’s reactions are already gold and Adam is joking about fishes not caring about where they piss, comedy gold.

Alison has another one of her hilarious squished laughs where she just makes funny noises, Adam is now working out DFG’s attraction to Amanda Knox.


DFG and Adam are joking about the Taco Bell executive chef Lorena Garcia, Adam loves it when fast food commercials have their “dedicated chef” in the TV spots.

DFG is getting to his pubic hair preference and has a hilarious reaction to the idea of ass-play.

DFG is getting to how he likes a lady who knows when to pull the trigger to make herself boot up the booze so she can keep partying.


Adam is doing the Go to Meeting live read where he announces the winner of the dream meeting contest. Promo Code: Adam

Adam is now plugging the DFG merchandise for the holidays, he’s asking DFG about the miniature funnels for key chains, beer chugging on the go!

Adam is joking about the convenience of these mini funnels, he’s plugging Josh Gardner’s Christmas Album featuring DFG doing the vocals over his production.


They’re now playing “Poochie’s Balls” and Adam says this is what has been missing from the holidays.


Brian and David are making their ACS debuts as Adam responds to the Cranberry sauce recipe in the opening clip of the local news.

Adam is now going off on Cranberry Sauce and the proper way to serve it for the holidays, one of the guest’s mentions canned sauce and Adam’s head almost explodes but he moves on.

Adam is sharing his take on the Jimmy Connors vs. McEnroe, he’s sharing the split Jew-fro theory, gold!


The guests are explaining some of the dastardly behaviors of Connors and going super in depth on documentaries, even mentioning Billy Mitchell and “King of Kong”.

Adam is now getting to “30 for 30” and how all of them range from good to great, except the “fairytale football” one as he puts it.

Adam has a great “too many cooks” analogy while talking about the studio system.


Adam is sharing how he was burned by “Ocean’s 13” and the campaign of them apologizing for “Ocean’s 12”, the guests were the “only writers” on that very movie and they’re giving their insiders take.

Now they’re explaining how they ended up guesting on the ACS, using Carolla’s very own wisdom.

Adam is now adding red wine to his pot theory about watching things inebriated and getting to enjoy them all over again like you’ve never seen them before.


Alison wants to know what the 30 for 30 refers to, Adam and the guests are explaining how it came to be.

Adam is explaining how he pitched the Paul Newman doc to Bill Simmons and was told it would make a nice short film but not feature length documentary.

Adam is explaining how he came onto Willy T. Ribbs and his historical career integrating race into what was still a highly segregated sport, BB is incredulous that Adam compares him to Jackie Robinson, Adam has a great Hitler comparison counterpoint.


Adam is explaining how Newman helped open doors for Willy and how Bill Cosby came to sponsor him.

Adam is now pitching this as its own documentary, the guests are asking about the Newman Volvo featured in Seinfeld’s web show.

Adam is now going in depth on the cars of Newman, he’s telling them about the old-school VW bug he had with a V8 engine and how insane that was, and they’re now looking at a photo of it.


Adam explains he donated it to a school, he’s citing his interview with Mario Andretti and why Paul Newman liked “Sleeper Cars” that looked stock but could be used to surprise people and make for quick getaways.

Alison wants to know why Paul would like that, Adam is explaining how he presented the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” metaphor to Mario and he agreed it was akin to Newman’s nature.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the US deal with Iran.

They’re addressing Dag and his shaming from yesterday’s show.

Adam is now giving his take on this story and the claims from Israel about this being a historic mistake, Adam is giving his troublemakers explanation.


Adam is now on a “they don’t think like we do, we like to think they do think like we do” and has a great deviled eggs analogy, Alison is sharing her own experience being engaged to someone who doesn’t enjoy them, Adam offers to be him with a pot in response to the potluck excuse.

Adam is giving his “no yarmulke in this fight” stance on this issue, Brian is giving his take as someone who was raised Jewish and has a funny atheist joke.

Adam is now explaining his take that these insane nations have lost their right to control everything and need to be governed by saner nations, Adam has a great explanation of evil at every step of the way of evolution and civilization.


Adam is arguing against “what if” political scenarios, one of the guests challenges him and calls him a libertarian, Adam says he agrees with the guest about their point, just doesn’t think it will ever come to pass.

Adam is now explaining how the church on his corner makes him glad, despite how he’ll never be going inside that place.

Adam is basically saying he doesn’t mind letter writers in comparison to Muslim extremists, Adam is asking why people don’t just measure the order of magnitude of everything throughout life in response to Brian raising a fine point.


Adam is citing the Newsome interview where his explanation of working small to big made him want to vomit, that working big to small is the clearly superior way.

Brian is now sharing his take as a listener on the Gavin Newsome Episode (Superfan Sidebar) and he’s asking Alison and BB how they saw it, Alison has a nice summation.

Adam is giving his process and how Gavin was caught in a marathon when he’s used to sprinting out of arguments, great analogy Ace!


Adam is now giving his take on Dan Savage on Real Time, he’s asking why Dan thinks he can say whatever he wants about gay people, he’s using Jo Koy as an example to, he’s arguing against the dumb “feeling” people have in response to people saying things outside of their background.

Alison has a point about anti-Semitism and Adam has a great response to the white trash point as raised by one of the guests.

One of the guests has a great point about Obama’s speech writer extending an olive branch to Alec Baldwin via twitter.


Brian is now sharing how Adam’s bathroom rules have changed their lives, they have an addition to the rules for Adam.

“Do you want the courtesy” = do you want to piss before I shit up the joint.

Adam is bringing up the cab driver from two summers ago who stopped to shit while driving them in NYC.


Adam is explaining how he tries to beat the shit clock and citing his own asparagus pee he used to blast drew with while they peed together at loveline.

Adam is now explaining how belches compare to farts, he says belches are more intrusive even though farts are more disgusting, Alison has a great point about the information packed into a burp, Adam responds to that.

Adam is now doing a live read.


2nd Story is on Katie Couric joining Yahoo to be their “global anchor” and Alison is explaining the reaction people are having to how this might open the door to more television news people on the internet.

Adam is now citing Katie’s name and asking how much of that led to her career, he’s sharing his “we have a great affinity for people who look awake when we’re sleepy” theory.

Adam is now calling for a super realistic morning show, Alison is now riffing it with him, gold!


3rd Story is on Doorknobs being banned in Vancouver

Alison is explaining the reasoning and Adam is explaining why levers are far less attractive than knobs when it comes to classic designs in architecture.

One of the guests in incredulous at the idea of these building codes and Adam is sharing his own anecdote about this very kind of intrusion into one’s home.


Adam is sharing the story of the building code requiring a door large enough for a wheelchair at his former home that was impossible to access via said chair.

Adam says when these things cross from business and public spaces to the privacy of one’s home is when it’s gone too far, he’s got a nice point about peeing on one’s lawn.

Alison is wrapping the news to a great drop from Adam’s early “argue against gravity” rant.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.