Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/25/2015 – Rainn Wilson and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/25/2015 – Rainn Wilson and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rainn Wilson and David Wild

Recorded 11-24-2015 – Release Date 11-25-2015

Production Number #1711

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Adam has a standard intro with a non-tardy Baldy Bryan, Adam explains why he is often early and does this move where he buys himself extra time by starting early.

BB says he was told it would be a 5min early start and he’s 12min early.

David Wild is back to the show and has a funny stuffing names one liner, Adam immediately name drops Jay Leno and is praising him for being such a great guy and he explains how he wanted to bring Nick Santora and his father over to the shop.

Adam is doing a hilarious impression of Jay, akin to the adults in a Peanuts cartoon but using his cliché high pitched vocal tone, so funny.


Adam talks about a kind a move Jay pulled asking him about the name of the kid attending the tour, so he could use it and make the kid happy.

Adam talks about how he asked Jay what he was up to and what he had on the schedule, it turns out it was to hand out the Noble Peace prize, very funny riffing from Adam.

David has a Desmond Tutu one liner that he bails on too early when it’s met with almost no reaction, funny line though.


Adam talks about Jay’s Buick Roadmaster that always gets a big reaction form older black men, Adam jokes about the car and its name having the word master in it.

David asks about David Letterman doing something nice like this for Adam, Adam shares the story of trying to get him interviewed for the Newman doc.

Adam talks about the unique qualifications of David Letterman that would have made for a great interview for the movie, BB asks if David is an enthusiast, forgetting the last 2, 3 times this was brought up and Adam told him about David’s stake in an F1 team.


Adam gives out some plugs for both Jay Leno and Nick Santora’s TV shows ‘Scorpion’ on CBS and ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ on CNBC.

Adam is now sharing the A. Adams director label credited with directing his film ‘Winning The racing Life Of Paul Newman’ his documentary as listed on Amazon.

Adam cites the great business relationship they have with Amazon, which in all actuality should be expanded upon, they may not view it the same way as of now.

Adam thinks its human error and wants people to check their work, BB is offering up his POV and Adam teases a story that Lynette told on a recent For Crying Out Loud.

FCOL – Tete-A-Tete


Adam is doing a Nestcam Live Read


David has a funny opening volley about Lynette finally being with a man that appreciates her and tells Adam to watch out because Bruce is into his wife.

Adam says to be fair to Lynette it had been almost as week since she hung out with The Boos so she was getting the DT’s and David tells them about the event he was working on and how he got Lynette, Phil Rosenthal and Christine Blackburn co-host of the excellent ‘Story Worthy’ podcast.

Adam is listening to David describe the moment between Lynette and Bruce, rad!


David does and impression of Phil and Adam talks about his wife doing Jew and Super Jew impersonations while recounting the vents to him.

Adam is asking for ‘The Ant and the Aardvark’ which he calls Abe and the Aardvark, Adam jokes about how Jew’y the aardvark was, hilarious one liners about Jackie Mason covered in liquid Yarmulke.

Adam talks about Lynette leaving him, he would hate to see her go but she could do much worse and she would fulfilling her dream, he says it makes him very happy that she gets to go do all this stuff and he thanks David Wild for the assist(s).


Adam talks about how much his wife loves Phil and David and how she told him that her father wanted her to marry a Jewish guy.

Adam is now talking about his new theory of why Jewish guy love Bruce so much, it’s the Steen, like Stein.

Adam jokes about the dreidel factory closing down on the edge of town and the non-Jew’y behavior in Bruce Springsteen lyrics.


David is telling Adam about how the Jewish guys he grew up with liked to take credit for Bruce and another fine gent by the name of Cat Stevens, funny anecdote.

Adam talks about people wanting to claim people as part of their ethnicity of faith when they are of a profession outside of the stereotypical norm.


Funny Iron Sheik comedy with Adam and BB after BB brings up Goldberg’s lack of embrace from the Jewish community despite being a super famous and awesome pro wrestler.

Adam is talking about the batting average of love for Bruce among Jewish dudes and Gina brings up Bob Dylan’s Christian music after David talks about his dropping his Jewish surname.

David says that his favorite music is on those Christian Bob Dylan records.


Adam is now setting up the 3rd clip of him talking to Bryan Cranston about the movie ‘Road Hard’ and how he watched the movie, hilarious.

Adam is talking about ‘The Breakthrough Prize’ Nov. 29th on Fox.

Adam wants to get Seth on the show to plug it, but it’s airing very soon, Adam says he talked to Seth and is now riffing about him nerding out and singing and dancing his way through life.


Adam talks about seeing Seth show him a replica of the Back to the Future DeLorean, Adam gives him a god bless him and moves on.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ivan, he praises Gina for her looks and BB asks for a compliment, David Wild gets a nice word and he calls BB an Adam kiss-ass.

Ivan says a 3rd of a his guests didn’t show up for his Halloween wedding, he shares his take on the marriage taking precedent over a single holiday.

Adam thinks it’s good for kids to get out and breathe, away from the parents.


Adam cites the movie ‘Dazed and Confused’ for what kids want from a Halloween night and he’s now explaining how his son reacts to his dad leaving town vs. mommy.

BB plays some ‘Cats in the Cradle’ and David shares his feelings about needing to be at the airport when his son gets back from college for the holidays.

David says it’s competitive parenting now between him and his wife and Adam says for his and his wife it’s a race to the bottom.


Adam is ok with his kids living 1000% better than he did, they don’t need to be among the top 10 lives in history.

BB is surprised that Adam is ok with this Halloween wedding, Adam is a fan of putting it on an existing holiday.

Gina tries to argue this is win/win and they move on after Ivan says no about getting gifts from the no-shows.


2nd Caller Jim, he’s calling about the NFL and the increased awareness of concussions and immobilizing players.

Adam has a funny “let me know when Rainn is falling” request for the staff to let him know when Rainn gets to the studio.

Jim wants to know about boxing head gear for NLF players and Adam explains it’s for avoiding cuts, not the concussive part of the sport.


Adam says in football it’s the whipping motion and he talks about the modern player’s physique and speed of the game and how it’s been ratcheted up.

Adam is talking about the famous poster of the guy doing half a cross up on a dirt bike and how that doesn’t move the needle today with the X games going into its 20th year.

Adam is now telling them about Natalia and her huge bruise, she ran into one of the cars, Adam was having a dual conversation about the bruise and the car she hit, Adam was concerned for which car it was.

Hilarious scene.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

BB is now having Adam check out his running backs and they comment on their unique names.


Adam says he was talking to his wife about his daughter roller skating around the house, he likes it and he was asking his wife about the insanely uptight adults of their childhood who freaked out about going outside with a glass.

Adam talks about his kid’s living room forts, David is shocked that Adam’s parents cared enough to comment, he says it was other kid’s parents.

Adam talks about the 1000 rules surrounding using the pool alone, wrestling, running and roughhousing indoors.


Adam wants to know about things like food in the car, citing his mom’s hose washable interior on her VW, BB talks about his mom and his dad’s rules about fast food in cars and wet towels on chairs.

BB shares his theory on the declining cost of items and how things have become much easier to replace therefore people care less.

Adam is now asking Gary to get the scene from the Brady Bunch episode with the broken vase, he is riffing on it and he now tells the story about Louise the godmother to his buddy Chris.


Adam is going in depth with how Louise caught him in the panty and delivered an “Excuse you” and he says now that he’s his her age he doesn’t give a fuck about anyone doing anything or eating anything.

BB likes Gina’s theory on this being about parenting, a cultural thing.

David says that their generation was full of parents who never wanted kids but were just fulfilling a rule about life they were convinced they had to.


They’re now playing the Brady Bunch episode and Adam jokes about it being a wonder none of the cast ever worked again, he mocks the acting and writing.

Adam is crushing this and working his home life into it, funny observation from Gina about Bobby’s complexion.

They are now watching more of the episode, BB says Carol Brady was mentally ill based on her reaction and behaviors in this episode.



Adam is continuing to riff over ‘The Brady Bunch’ episode about the broken vase, Adam is explaining they couldn’t make this today as nobody would get why a worthless unfinished vase would be so valued by a family.

Adam is on fire and jokes about one of the kids trading the vase for drugs to an al Qaeda sleeper cell, BB says Adam, should pitch this to Eric Stonestreet next time he guests.

Gary thinks this might be a two parter and Gina brings up the ‘Rashomon’ style bottle episodes sitcoms often did where characters would all recollect a series of events from their POV’s after Adam riffs about a ‘pottery Barn” two parter, David mentions the real live sexuality of the patriarch of the Brady clan.


3rd Caller Neal, he wants to know about the Mangria commercial that aired during the velocity block that showed ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and Adam jokes about society beating themselves on a technicality as he rants about the “please drink responsibly” warning and the rules of booze commercials.

Adam is going off on smoking and drinking in films and TV, he brings up the network sitcom unlit cigarette rule, Gina asks how ‘Mad Men’ was ever made and David has a wise point about the difficult situation networks now find themselves in due to Adam’s aforementioned made up rules.

They head to break and excuse David Wild who just crushed his 95th appearance.


They’re back from break with Rainn Wilson making his return to the ACS, he killed it on his first visit back in February on ACS #1508.

Adam gives Rainn’s latest book a plug and tells him how happy he is to see him, Adam shares his initial expectations about Rainn and his artistry and intelligence and how he feared that meant Rainn wouldn’t dig him.

Adam recalls his last visit (where they cleared up the 2006 misunderstanding from the KLSX ACS that I fear kept Rainn at a distance) when Rainn told him about his longtime Loveline fandom along with his now wife, they used to both be hardcore fans and Rain calls himself Adam’s longest oldest fan, so awesome!


Adam shares the old Jimmy Kimmel insult regarding his resemblance to a compromised Pete Sampras, using the new wording that still is a mystery if he’s remembering it incorrectly or using a more PC term for his and or Jimmy’s sake, hmmm?

Rainn shares his hesitation to come back to the show after the comic perfection of his first visit with the David Koechner phone calls, gold!

Adam is now adding Rainn to the list of cool dudes he must hang out with and they talk about Rainn’s YouTube channel ‘Soul Pancake’ and it’s success.

Adam recalls an early podcast discussion he had with “someone” about the ideal length of a show, the person of course gave an amorphous answer about there not being a correct or incorrect length, man.


Adam now shares his 3min vs. 3hr popularity rule, Rainn has a great counter point citing the off the carts wonderful ‘Hardcore History’ podcast that Adam would love, he doesn’t listen to many podcasts but he would dig this, Dan Carlin needs to be an ACS guest too.

Rainn is singing the praises of the show and what Dan does with his producer, Rainn calls Dan the “Wolfman Jack of Badass Historians” and Adam asks about his show being broken down into chunks, people who listen while commuting and pick it up later.

Adam asks about how the show would fare 5 days a week, not taking into account Joe Rogan’s 2-5 per week schedule with 3hrs runtimes across the board, 95% of the time.


Adam is asking Rainn about his BMW i3, he’s self-deprecating while talking about being lent the car from BMW, he doesn’t like the cult of Mercedes and BMW and specific models.

Adam is now lamenting the circumnavigating of every car dealership he’s done while searching for a new ride, Rainn asks about overbooked flights and thinks he could write a program to prevent it.

Adam is correct and says they do it on purpose, he almost has the exact math down, and he’s 100% right about how they process it and how they choose to oversell aircraft.


Adam is asking about the person who has such a casual schedule they can take the gift certificate and wait, Adam would wait until he gets a BJ form the copilot.

Rainn shares his appreciation for the futuristic element of the vehicle he now laments the missing future inventions he was expecting to be common place by now.

Adam talks about his son’s desire for a fake hover board, Adam wants to know how lazy kids could be and Rainn asks about the devices.

Adam says its wheels on the ground, it’s nothing new.


Adam says that Rainn is going to pick him and his wife up in the i3 and they’re going to dinner, he tells him the backseat is small and Adam declares he will drive, gold!

Adam is talking about his dilemma of where Drew should sit when he’s going to dinner with him and the wives, Gina says it’s riding Jewish style and men go up from and women go in the back.

Everyone else says it’s based on height and weight, Gary is on mic with a booth rule of thumb and Adam jokes about this turning into some racist propaganda and being fearful of where he’s going with it, gold!


They’re now debating booth seating position rule of thumb for a date, Rainn talks about getting some thigh action from side by side seating.

Adam talks about big toe in vag action from sitting across, winner!

BB is now asking about half moon shaped booths and asking for very specific sitting positions for various tables he lists off.


Adam says it’s a “we get enough face time” unspoken rule of thumb and you should be spending as much time in the proximity of your company.


Gina’s News

Adam does a True Car Live Read


1st Story is on the demand for 15 million and apologies from the “cool clock Ahmed” kid’s father, Gina has the letter’s demands and claims.

Adam says the letter of apology is just tacked on, it’s really about the money.

Rainn asks if they can sue now for this and says this happened when he was a kid, Adam says this story was kind of a ruse, he talks about the suspicion of the father and the sister, regarding their histories of this kind of publicity “slip and fall” stuff.


Dawson is now sharing his take, he says the kid didn’t build it and he knew what he was doing, Dawson thinks the parents allowed it in hopes it would at worst result in this payday.

Adam says that everyone overreacted and agrees with Rainn, but he also cites the kid not explains things and allowing this to play out.

Gina says that after reading a few articles the dad feels very shady, she is commenting on the opportunistic behaviors and actions.


Adam is now bringing up the question he asked Gloria Allred about money making you whole again, why does paying cash make things right.

Adam is talking about bribery and paying people off, why does this translate into the legal system and become the rule of the thumb, cutting checks is everything, why?


2nd Story is on the parents of Kelly Thomas, who was murdered by police while begging for his mom.

Rainn doesn’t know anything about the case, Adam explains it’s because he’s white and had red hair, and Gina has the details of the parent’s pursuit of legal recompense.

Adam is describing the horrific death and points out how this doesn’t meet a narrative so we don’t know his name, Gina says the father settled for 4.9 million and the officers refuse to admit fault, despite giving the money.


Adam talks about cops and their “attack mode” and describes sharks in a frenzy biting the sides of boats, hilarious!

Rainn asks if cops can’t be trained not to be sharks, Adam says it would be nice and he describes the footage of Kelly being beaten to death.

Adam says if he was black there would be riots and Rainn jokes about rallying the whites, hilarious comedy from both him and Adam.


Rainn is talking about a lawsuit he heard about from a theater owner, Adam is fine with the lawsuit from the parents of Kelly, he explains what he is for and not.

Adam is arguing for dignity and he says that’s what stands between us and a societal breakdown into apocalypse.

Adam is saying he bets that if you would take small, medium and large business and examined the amount of lawsuits against them from the 1950’s vs. today.


Adam doesn’t think there is a business owner operating for 5yrs or more who hasn’t been sued.

Gina has a great “whiny little bitch” reason for a lawyer wouldn’t tackle this case in 1950.

Adam says there will always be this element of society, Adam would like to work the other angle and ring the bell of dignity to cut off all of this behavior at the root.

Rainn has a great riff about the bell of dignity.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

And whatnot edition


Adam is sharing two sad holiday notes he wants to go out on, the Thursday at 3pm door buster deals at JC Penny’s.

Rainn sarcastically asks what people are supposed to be doing after 12n dinner, Adam is saving the sad Christmas observation for the next episode, we’ll see!

Adam gives out some plugs for Rainn, some plugs for himself and wraps up the episode while BB plays he clip of David’s solid joke attempt that he abandoned too quickly.


Happy Thanksgiving!