Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2015 – Adam Interviews Bryan Cranston

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2015 – Adam Interviews Bryan Cranston

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Guest Bryan Cranston – A special Adam Carolla interview of ‘Trumbo’ star Bryan Cranston as presented by Podcast One

Recorded 11-17-2015 – Release Date 11-23-2015

Production Number #1705

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Adam opens this special episode thanks to PodcastOne and, Bryan wants to know what Adam means by special bonus, unaware of the specific scheduling and airing the show has ahead of it.

Bonus or not it aired in the RSS feed, it’s an episode. Bryan is making his 9th appearance on the podcast, though his episodes have aired as best of many times.

Adam is talking about Trumbo and his work on the movie ‘Papillion’ and he talks about how Dustin Hoffman is able to age onscreen in the film, he gives Bryan Cranston some props for his own age work playing Trumbo.


Bryan is telling them about meeting with Dustin Hoffman and discussing the late Dalton Trumbo, Adam loves the movie and assumes there will be some Oscar buzz.

Adam asks Bryan about superstition and Adam says he just put the idea in Bryan’s head, he’s unable to get into that conversation and says his joy comes from the actual work itself, he loves doing it.

Adam and Bryan joke about craft services and Adam mentions Norman Lear who said he was a lot different than he was in his mid-80 than how he is now in his 90’s.


Adam talks about Bryan Cranston bring a sailfish at open sea, Adam and Bryan talk about sailfish vs. swordfish, and he has a funny blacks and African Americans, same fish one liner.

Adam gets an update on the fish and their variances, Bryan agrees with the wisdom of Norman Lear and comments on his own personal evolution alongside his career.

Adam is now sharing how showbiz agent Barry (Katz?) approached him at a party asking him what he has on deck for his plan.


Adam asks Bryan the same and they get back to ‘Trumbo’ and he comments on Dalton’s late wife who survived him by over 30yrs.

Adam wants to know how much of Bryan’s abilities are due to work and practice vs. just from longevity in the business, he talks about doing the work and having talent.

Bryan mentions Adam’s dreaded luck factor, Adam is mocking “lucky stones” and mentions goblins in a tube sock.


Adam brings up Vinnie Tortorich and how the word fat deters people from eating an essential and healthy element of all foods.

Adam asks him about his past work and then takes it back to ‘Trumbo’ the film and then he takes it back to Bryan’s origin in the San Fernando valley.

Bryan explains the reason why his team was named ‘The Hunters’ and explains that all the existing teams were named after different animals.


Adam is telling him about his days playing football against his school and lets him know they won it all and Bryan recalls it.

Adam says he is the tip of the porn spear, they were both in the valley mid-Manson/pre-porn, referencing a legendary story first told Bryan on this podcast.

Adam is getting Bryan to go deep on his father’s abandonment and Adam waxes poetic on the reality of a child’s life and how age only offers better perspective of what you missed and how fucked up it actually was.


Adam has a killer one liner about rarely fucking his own kids, Bryan comments on how he had to go there and Adam talks about things becoming “your normal” like losing a limb almost.

Adam talks about the horrific cycle of abuse patterns and asks Bryan how he overcame his difficult upbringing, Bryan talks about his parent’s alcoholism and how it destroyed everything.

Adam says this is getting a little cathartic for him and he asks Bryan when he realized he was on his own, he says at 13, he talks about being a wallflower and insecure in Jr. High and how the dissolution of his parents’ marriage deeply changed him.


Adam is commenting on the stigma of divorce and he comments on Duke Gallagher and how he was embarrassed for them to drop him off at his house, he didn’t want them to see the sadness he came from, very relatable comments from Adam.

Adam asks him about the shame and humiliation of his broken family and living situation, Bryan talks about covering for his father’s absence and how his shame led to him becoming introverted.

Adam asks him when he got involved in therapy, he says at 22 and Bryan references the “fat” anecdote form earlier and Adam brings up the “rent a friend” insult people used to reserve for therapists.


Adam is now starting an improv scene with Bryan playing one of his fellow construction workers and Adam playing himself  trying to tell the guys about taking classes at ‘The Groundlings’ and Bryan is crushing it.

Adam is now adding a therapy part to the scene and Bryan has a killer “when do you fuck her?” and “she still wants to fuck you after that?” series of replies from Cranston in character as Adam’s idiot job site buddy.

Adam is now riffing about his buddy spending all of his cash on his jet ski and he all but says “Kirker Pipe” but drops it probably for the sake of not confusing Bryan who can then incorporate that detail into his character, this is top level improv stuff.


Bryan has a funny “gay eye” callback and now Adam is back to how his buddies would react to him telling them about his goals, they told him to get a new truck instead of worrying about tomorrow, worry about how to get to the lake this weekend.

Adam is now asking him about thinking about the rest of his life and tells Adam about the police explorers program he enrolled in.

Adam is joking about getting laid at L.A. Valley chicks, trying to get laid at the Jr. College Level.


Adam wants to know if his parents were around long enough to experiences his success but fir a live read.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Snobby Dr. Drew approved! Edition

Adam throws it to Dawson, but there is no legalese nor message from him.


Adam is back to the topic at hand and asks Bryan about his first experiences in therapy in the 1980’s and with self-reflection.

Bryan tells Adam about an early trip with his wife while they were still dating, he explains he was experiencing the pangs of youth and wasn’t sure he was ready to commit and Adam jokes about how you can’t park a woman for 2yrs and how you will come back with someone living in it, on it, hilarious!


Bryan tells Adam about his parents, he’s happy they both lived long enough to see his success and he shares why that means so much to him as a human being.

Adam asks Bryan about accepting his parents as who they are and their limited abilities to express and show love, Adam talks about understanding what someone is capable of emotionally.

Adam makes a point about not going back to try and extract things from someone who is incapable of giving.


Adam tells Bryan about Paulk Newman and his pursuit of racing, Adam tells Bryan about how Paul worked his way up the classes and how he learned the craft starting at the bottom.

Adam is now connecting this back to Bryan and tells people to own what they’re good at and to own the things they’re not good at.

Adam is joking about ego and how some people might allow their talent in one field to give them false confidence in another.


Adam asks Bryan about his interests, he promotes his shows and producing work.

Bryan thinks he would like to go to France and immerse himself in the culture and language, a monumental shift to see if he can take on a different perspective to slow things down.

Bryan says his own wife would be shocked to hear this and he talks about the rush of work he has to accomplish alongside all of the work he loves doing.


Adam talks about making hay while the sun shines and how you get overloaded with the work you love, like 6lbs of pot roast every day, Adam jokes about not being able to shit for a month.

Adam asks him about being pulled in a thousand different directions at once and says your fantasy becomes lying down in a field in France, Adam asks him if he’s really that person or if he would like to find out.

Adam tells him he’s going to end up in a bathtub like Jim Morrison, wow!

Adam gives out a nice plug for the movie ‘Trumbo’ and they go over some of the other solid performances in the film, not cartoon caricatures of famous actors but nuanced and realistic performances.


Adam says Bryan is so busy he can’t take a free Jaguar, that’s how busy he is and they wrap up the show.