Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2015 – Adam Conover and Gary Louris

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2015 – Adam Conover and Gary Louris

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Conover and Gary Louris

Recorded 11-22-2015 – Release Date 11-23-2015

Production Number #1709

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Adam has a ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ the now #1 documentary on iTunes and he says the payment he gets for the movie is the kind words on social media and feedback from the people who enjoyed it.

Adam talks about the cool guy comedy club and how someone like Sarah Silverman can walk into the rooms that won’t accept him regardless of the quality of his work.

BB has a clip from ‘The Hammer’ as today’s #TopDrop and he comments on the guy from SpaceX Trey (Trace? Or Adam blended the word into SpaceX) and he talks about the appearance of Gary Louris from ‘The Jayhawks’ and Adam launches into an explanation about confusing people and the confusing things they do.


Adam says he’s glad Caelan is there to hear this and he talks about Mike August and his confusing batting average.

Adam says it only necessitates being confusing 1 out of 10 times and BB apologizes for a medium insult.

Adam talks about the surprise arrival of Gary Louris and Gina suggests an intervention for Mike, Adam talks about Nate his filmmaking partner and how confusing he is, he talks about Mike and Nate joining forces to confuse the universe.


Adam says it’s no use to you to throw your hands up and say “so and so told me it was airing at such and such time” you need to check the website, always double check the word of the confusing guy.

It’s not your fault but it is your problem, Adam talks about the lack of us of the magical box on your desk, no need for a donkey ride to raft expedition to find out the info, it’s 18 seconds of your time.

BB declares Matt to be not cynical enough, Adam says this isn’t cynicism, its reality and he brings up the Dr. Drew “where’s Bruce?” question, it wasn’t him being cynical it was just the likely case.


Adam asks BB to play some of ‘Blue’ by The Jayhawks, he talks about taking his son to see them play live and Gina asks if he got it, Adam jokes about kids understanding good but not like good whiskey, he only gives him the cheap generic stuff.

Adam talks about being in the nice spot of only being able to be divorced, you can’t get dumped, unlike your days of just your, your feelings and your futon.

Adam thinks divorce allows for you to tend to business and dividing assets, Adam talks about the way people are frayed and depressed after a breakup vs. the business like nature of a divorce.


Adam is commenting on seeing Gavin Newsom on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and has some kind words for the man, saying he thinks he’s a good guy.

Adam jokes about him being from a broken home, citing his father’s job at the time.

Adam is talking about the ‘Real Time’ appearance and Adam gets confused by Gary’s note, Adam talks about the growing homeless problem in California.


Adam and BB jokes about funeral pyres and the tinderbox of pallets they’ve created, Adam thinks that when it rains it will be iguanas, whatever comes will just run right into the bay, it won’t be captured.

Adam asks for some major issues that effect all citizens, they set up a clip from Gavin on ‘Real Time’ and Bill is listing off the issues tackled by Jerry Brown so far.

Adam is now asking what issues mentioned effect anything remotely close to the majority of the populace, Adam says he has no dog in the gun fight and shares what his wife told him about her wishes for concealed carrying permits and her kid’s teachers.


Adam asks who is the person shooting up the mall, the concealed carry permit holders? Nope.

Why is it such a victory to get those people out of all locations, Adam comments on former Intern Nick and how he would feel about him packing heat.

Adam is now setting up another clip, he’s mocking Gavin’s reply and dodge of the question, hilarious Yosemite Sam/Mexican celebrating New Year’s Eve one liner from Adam.


Adam comments on Gavin’s talking points and he makes a point about the NRA refusing to give any ground, he comments on the way that government can’t stop itself from governing, there is no pulling the plug, it just keeps going.

Adam is sharing his classic “look what happened to smoking” example for how the NRA did the opposite of what the smokers did and look at how it all worked out.

Adam is joking about not being able to take your drink outside and going step by step over the slow decline in the ability to smoke in public locations.


Adam says that’s why the NRA tells them to fuck off, they’re not pro giving terrorists’ guns, they’re pro shut the fuck up and let us live our lives on our soil that we pay for.

Adam says he has the proper answer to counter that question.


Adam is now doing a Nestcam Live Read

Gary tells them about a funny video his buddy sent him of a guy screaming at his iPhone after walking his dog, Adam jokes about his “frustration dance” and wraps up the read.


Adam is now giving an intellectually honest answer and proves his point flawlessly.

Adam says that Lynette asks him twice a year why Gavin never comes back on the show, Adam says he will never come back and he’s not in the business of this kind of format/honesty.

Adam has a clip from his infamous appearance on the show, talking about school testing scores and the reality of different communities and their priorities.


Adam jokes about the smartest move Antonio Villaraigosa every made was realizing he was too stupid to pass the BAR exam after failing 4 times.

Adam talks about being for end of life rights, abortion and many other topics that don’t affect everyone.

Adam asks who they will elect to run the state into the ground, which democratic idiot of the two will it be, Gavin or Tony.

Gina asks Adam about the state being divided.


Adam is talking about the TVPG “L” rating his squeaky clean documentary was stamped with while airing on ‘Velocity’ and Gary comments on how they aired a Paul Newman car episode of one of their shows before the documentary.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Hilarious monopoly man sack of cash line from Adam.


Adam explains that Gary is now coming in and they are flying by the seat of their pants today as he wasn’t on the calendar.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, he references Adam’s Cranberry sauce recipe and Mangria, he wants to know the remaining staples of Adam’s thanksgiving feasts.

Adam gets to his “you only eat this once a year” policy for getting super traditional versions of the classic dishes.

Adam doesn’t want gizzard lasagna nor chilled brook trout.


Adam likes the counterprogramming of Korean BBQ the next day.


Adam welcomes Gary to the show and he tells Caelan they need to get a new printer cartridge or he needs to go over it with his sharpie.

Gary brings up Adam seeing his band with Sonny and Adam has a point about kids recognizing quality and how his son gravitates to the nicest car in the lot and or museum.

Gary tells them about his side project that he’s promoting now and the next Jayhawks album coming out in April.


Adam jokes with Gary about the band becoming too popular and they get into a conversation about the step backwards in life and your career.

Gary shares the “never thrill, never disappoint” review that killed him, Adam is now asking him about where the band hails from, Minneapolis.

Adam is trying to recall the name of the Varsity Theater and talks about the growing metropolitan city, much like Austin.


Adam jokes about Johnny Depp or a Johnny Depp type/The Sherriff of Cool traveling around and developing these hipster meccas.

Gina compliments the Minnesota state fair and Adam is trying to name drop a famous Polish food place he enjoyed and BB tries to salt Gina’s fair going game but she’s not having it.

Adam wraps up with Gary and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Adam Conover making his ACS debut, Adam plugs the release of ACS #1705 as a bonus episode today.

Adam says he’s been getting tons of tweets about booking Adam on the show in light of his program ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ which stated with his work at College Humor.

Gina references the diamond episode and he talks about the untold history of the diamond cartels and the ad campaign that led to modern proposal traditions.

Adam brings up the Listerine episode and the real history of the product, he brings up the “myth” of halitosis and quotes the ad copy that played on people’s insecurities.

Adam talks about the soap companies and how they get into women’s heads, he comments on ‘Soap Operas’ and says they’ve been conditioned to use conditioner.

Adam says he’s the victim in a funny turn of phrase in response to Adam Conover.


Adam is talking about finding a full bottle of hazelnut coffee creamer, he hates it spiritually, he fucking hates it for what it stands for.

Adam says he has to pay for this, he’s a born again fundamentalist Christian who does nothing but pay for abortions.

Adam says this is fucking lot in fucking life, if you like hazelnut cream you don’t like coffee, BB says Adam is a slave who most buy his own whip.


Adam is telling the story of shooting Road Hard and what he did in response to the abundance of flavored creamers and lack of actual cream or half and half.

Adam has a funny “Harvey Levin’s cock” flavored creamer line and Gina reacts to Adam’s “Statement” to the crew of the film.

Adam says he who does the shopping will never be out of their shit, he now busts out some ‘Chief Thunderbear’ and jokes about the never expiring coffee flavoring.


Adam has a funny vanilla hamburger and hazelnut steak joke, BB ask how long it could possibly have a shelf life of, Adam says “the last part is written in cockroach” which is one of the funniest lines in the history of the universe, the nuance to that joke, as if Cockroaches outlast man in a nuclear apocalypse and then read text meant for them and that likely scenario, wow, Ace Awards 2015 material for sure!


BB says they only have until April before the hazel flavored cum goes bad, Gina brings up expiration dates and asks Adam Conover about it and he talks about planned obsolescence.

Adam now says what about a “horse sense” date and Adam talks about going to College Humor, a fucking utopia in the meat packing district, some revitalized area of NYC.

Adam calls it a huge gymnasium for young funny people, it can’t imagine a better place for develop your voice as a comedy writer.


Adam Conover is telling them how it all works and who runs what, he says you get a lot of control over your sketch which ends up with something nearing final cut in most cases.


They are now playing the ‘Bathroom Etiquette’ Video Adam made for College Humor.

Adam Conover comments on the office bathroom he used to shit in and Adam is now bringing up stupid people who prefer hotdog crust pizza hut over a nice NY style slice.

Adam is commenting on the shit exchange program that Adam Conover brought up, people shitting on other floors and how that ends up with scatter shits from every floor on every other floor.


Adam is talking about the symbolic “I am getting paid to shit” extrapolation that adds up to 3 ½ weeks of shitting over years of work.

Adam doesn’t want people to see nor smell him sitting there.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Andrew Neil and his TV rant about ISIS, Gina has a clip from it, Adam jokes about it and sarcastically asks if this is “anti-ISIS?” and Gina further sets up the clip.

They’re now playing it.

Adam and Adam riff about his accent and Adam Carolla is saying that good will always win out over evil, there will always be more people who want peace and don’t want to die via bomb vests.

Adam agrees with Andrew in the clip and Adam Conover talks about the constant presence of evil in the world and Adam jokes about hazelnut creamer being the sign of a pliable mind and one step away from becoming a terrorist, you’re a terrorist when it comes to coffee.

Hilarious riff.


Adam brings up mayonnaise and miracle whip, Adam Conover brings up the “it’s not that bad” campaign for the product and Adam brings up a childhood campaign he saw for mayonnaise dolloped on top of fruit salad.

Gina says they need to get rid of that picture and Adam jokes about the notion of this campaign and cites the UPS ‘What Can Brown Do For You’ and Gina brings up the sour cream on strawberry campaign she saw when she was younger.


2nd Story is on the new ordnance allowing police to cite the parents of chronic bullies, Adam is for this as long as it’s not about micro aggressions nor fake guns and bows and arrows.

Adam as an ‘it’s on you” take and asks why people are creating time bombs and menaces with their lack of responsibility.

Adam says as soon as it comes home and starts coming to this the behavior will stop.


Adam is sharing how she thought this was going to be a story about the “good on ya” police stops that happen from time to time and Adam wonders how many people who have been killed while on duty doing this after pulling over someone with a kilo of cocaine in the car.

Gina has a funny take on it and brings up the local Christmas list police stops she’s heard of, she wraps the news.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam plugs the latest Take a Knee with Jerry Springer who thanked him for asking him the real questions and not the dumb “who was the craziest guest on your show” fare that he’s used to being asked.