Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 193

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 193

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Phillip Keene

Recorded 11-18-2014 – Release Date 11-23-2014

Production Number #193 – Phillip Keene

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Adam has an impassioned plug for his new program ‘Take a Knee’ and they welcome Phillip back to the show for another hour.

Adam says that ultimately self-improvement is the ultimate self-indulgent and narcissistic endeavor, Drew brings up his experience in therapy and Phillip is sharing how he overcame his initial difficulties in therapy.

Adam is now arguing the points that coddle those who refuse to change and evolve, Adam is now giving some practical advice about working 10 times as hard to make it if you’re from the “wrong side of the tracks.”


Adam is using Dr. Drew and his life of opportunities to make a point about internalizing and working harder in the face of that if you don’t have the same opportunities, Adam uses his kids and Drew’s as well to back up his point.

Adam wants to know why this isn’t “the message” we send to everyone, Drew is now off mic and Adam is telling him that when he leaves everyone laughs about him, mocking him.

Phillip comes to his defense and Adam elicits some hardcore laughs from the booth, confirming the claims of Adam.


Drew has a Chris and Ray add on point about the path of least resistance and Adam is now using fast food, Krispy Kreme and Elizabeth Warren and her “it’s rigged” speech, Adam agrees with her points and assumes she’s higher educated than he is, but with that being a truth we must still internalize and work harder.

Adam is explaining that he and his nanny Olga are both measuring servings due to their restricted diets, Adam jokes “that’s why I married her” in response to Olga’s words observation about Lynette’s metabolism and genes.

Adam is saying that lamentations will only eventually cause resentment and envy, while hard work and personal accomplishment is likely to make you happy and better yet satisfied.


Drew is now telling them about an upcoming episode of his podcast with a woman who is an expert in the latest liposuction techniques.

Drew is sharing the details of an article that was sent his way about science coming down on the two basic traits necessary in a long lasting relationship.

Adam jokes that he was thinking about ribs and Phillip has a solid one liner as well.


Adam is saying the important factor is to understand the person you’re with, Drew immediately takes it to the keys/trying to change her efforts made by Adam.

Adam is explaining how he can recognize needs and uses an example of him going the extra mile and actually greeting his wife upon returning home, Adam continues the hilarious rib comedy.

Adam is telling them about the sleepover at his house and tent fort party going on, or “tent off” as Adam puts it.


Adam is telling them about his son and his pal having a plate of “vittles” sitting on the counter, made for them by Olga and compares his childhood appetite to their seeming lack of one.

Drew is now reading the findings from study as reported in the article, Adam asks how you avoid feeling disgusted by your relationship or spouse.

Phillip mentions his husband’s inability to put his keys in one place due to his career demands and busy brain.


Adam calls Drew quite the hypocrite after he implies that Adam trying to get his wife to leave her keys in the same spot will/should eventually make her disgusted with him.

Adam is now countering Phillip’s husband’s excuse of a busy brain for why his keys get misplace d around the house, Adam says that Drew leaves his keys in the fridge with medicine as he knows he’s not that smart.

Adam explains the negative aspect that involves him, citing how he sometimes has to move the car and needs the keys, man someone needs to get him an extra set as a Christmas gift.


Adam is saying that Lynette and the entire home are better off because the keys and dog leash are where they belong.

Drew explains how parenting his different than a romantic relationship and how love is based on compromise not demands.

Adam argues he doesn’t want to be the captain of his household and he’s now using the gardener and the pool gate example for why he has no choice but to be on top of everything.

Adam mentions how he’s returned home to find out his French doors were unlocked the entire time he was out of town, he’s worried about protecting his wife and kids.


Drew is doing a USPS support themed live read for


Adam is now telling Drew he’s way up his ass with this shit and jokes for him to back off about the wife keys thing, Adam says him and Lynette are copacetic and there hasn’t been any cost for her adapting and changing nor did there ever need to be a cost to anyone.

Phillip and Drew have a counterpoint and now Adam says that the first go round with him is always cordial, he explains how condescending it is for people to assume different.

Chris gets on mic to agree Adam’s description of his 3 variants of reaction and how they progress.


Phillip is asking if Adam’s explanation is for home or work, he has a knowing audible reaction and Drew has Adam stop so he can explain it, he says he’s been with his husband for 21 years, married for 1.

Adam has a killer “I won’t take out the switch” one liner and takes it back to the dog leash being in its place.

“If those ribs made you fat, this would make me happy” – Adam to Lynette.


Drew once again invites Adam to the UCLA game while he’s set to be in Portland and Seattle over the weekend, doing over 6 hours of stage time and possibly an equal amount of time signing bottles and doing meet and greets.

Adam is now breaking down his insane schedule for the trip, I so wish I could be in that road trip between Portland and Seattle, I always get the crappy sitting for driving duty.

Drew is asking about Lynette’s needs for him to be interested and his efforts to improve himself and show genuine interest in her daily activities and accomplishments.


Adam is now asking if his husband Steven (James) and Phillip reveals he dates a James long ago, and Drew has a Susan Pinsky ‘esque reaction to that.

Adam wants to know if his change isn’t equal to her change, if he should change to adapt to her needs and compromise, shouldn’t she do the same.


Adam is now having Matt Fondiler join them on mic to respond to his daily dealings with fuck ups and bizarre requests, Matt Fondiler says that Adam has always been very fair to him and is not giving the brunt of his negative reactions to Matt.

Adam cites a reason conversational mix-up regarding the recording the ACS with Joe Rogan later in the day.

“Everyone needs to improve, especially Drew!” – Adam


1st Caller Shawn, he says he’s coming to see the gang over the weekend at the live shows, Drew jumps in to clarify that he won’t be there as Adam doesn’t like bringing him on tour, Adam says he’s not enough of a draw.

Drew says Adam doesn’t want to split his “fees” and I think the blame lies with Adam not wanting to travel with Howard, interesting.

“Splitting My Fees?” – Adam


Shawn is now sharing the types of women who participate in oral sex and how one might spot a woman who is enthusiastic about it.

Adam is now saying he would like the women who are bad with it to wear orange “freeway cone” colored windbreakers.

Adam is saying he loves the notion of a BJ so much, it’s akin to a child washing your car and trying to be considerate, even when they do a crappy job you appreciate the thought and effort spent.


“If all blowjobs were great then all blowjobs would just be the same” – Adam

Adam says Shawn just sounded like a douche.

Adam riffs about people jumping in after asking if you would want to live in a hypothetical world where such a thing was true and then providing their own answer before you can reply “Would you want to live in that world? Cause I wouldn’t!”

2nd Caller Mike, he’s having difficulty getting a 2nd date and now Drew is asking if Brooklyn has been altered by a sort of “Lena Dunhamization of the city” and people can’t truly be intimate any longer.

Adam blames the cell phone and the autonomy vs. narcissism we’ve created and how we’re all kind of living in our own bubble, Drew brings up young men and porn.

Chris brings up his time working as a waiter and arriving at tables with everyone buried in their phones, Adman brings up the anxiety of missing out experienced by young people.


Adam is making some great points and Phillip shares his experience of flying and travelling in his twenties, Drew shares his “forage on!” advice to his sons.

Drew says that Adam says “women want a spelunker” and now Adam has a funny shouting match joke with Drew where he says “You just used it!” in the same tone Drew fires off at him with, gold!

Adam tells Mike to be assertive and jokes about Chef Raul at the Olive Garden.


Adam is now giving out the plugs, Drew says that his next guest Jamie will be in studio to discuss the aforementioned liposuction topics.

Drew asks if his guest his here, Chris says no and Adam says he spotted something blonde walking past, Gary is now on mic explaining he sent her away per Adam’s instructions.

“No one does their podcast here but me” – Gary quoting Adam, Adam says that wasn’t exactly what he said and has Gary clarify.


Drew now learns he has to go across the street to the other warehouse and has a funny “DUDE THAT SUCKS!” reply followed with an immediate backpedal.

Adam says that Gary and Drew are both passive aggressive dillweeds, Adam is now explaining that’s not true, he built a 2nd studio block away to prevent traffic jams in the parking lot.

Adam says that some of Drew’s guests are special needs, he explains how he’s had to correct said guests who show up and interrupt his meetings at the warehouse.


Adam is now further clarifying his reasoning for this, Gary gets on mic and says he didn’t intend to paint Adam as being the way he’s arguing it came off, Adam gives out the plugs and is wrapping up the show.