Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 291

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 291

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-17-2015 – Release Date 11-22-2015

Production Number #291 – The Paris Attacks

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Adam and Drew open the show, Drew says he’s very happy with his website after 5yrs of intensive work to get it up to snuff.

Adam talks about Drew asking him about the state he’s in and why he’s often upset or mad, he talks about not having a single copy of his documentary ‘Winning: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman’ and Drew asks him who’s to blame for them not having a box.

Adam shares the exchange between himself and Nate who asked if Mike August ordered a case of them, Adam says its’ a week after it’s been available and they still don’t have them.


Adam says people tell him to relax and he comments on how he would like to do, the option of ordering some from Amazon isn’t satisfying as they created the movie and the DVD.

Adam shares how pissed he was about not being able to have a disc ready for Cranston, Gary says there are days that he thinks Adam is being an asshole or unreasonable, this is not one of those times.

Adam admits he’s angry and Drew is afraid to poke the rhino, Gary mentions how he asked Adam how he was doing this morning and his reply was “I’m Pissy” and he explains why.


Drew shares how he would feel if he was a trauma survivor, he says he’s frustrated and Drew wants to know what just bellowed forth a moment ago.

Adam says you can be angry in a moment without being an angry person, Drew admits Adam is right and agrees he should have been in speech and debate club in high school.

Adam is talking about the 3 stage fuck up and the stress of selling his house, Drew acts confused and Adam gives him the ok when he gets sheepish for realizing his mixup.


Adam is talking about the plate glass window getting blown out at his intricately restored and enhanced prized home with the super garage and infamous underground bar looking into the pool.

Adam says the house is a monument to his fastidiousness and Drew recalls being over Adam was scrubbing metal hinges, bolts and knobs with toothbrushes.

Adam explains how the realtor left the French doors unlocked which resulted in the broken windows and then also inquired about the orange nail polish on the door handles, Drew laughs out loud, solid!


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is talking about his pool guys and comments on the various dudes he’s hired over the years and how they were all fired, rat traps guy, pool strainer emptied in the flower bed guy and now the latest dude.

Adam is explaining he was at the house putting it together, he saw the pool guy walking the leaves down to the trash can and thanked him for going out of his way, he went up a week later and he checked the planter where he spotted a pile of wet leaves and declared it time to fire the pool guy.

Adam talks about the gardener that couldn’t shut the gate and not kill his kids until he took 50$ out of his pay.


Adam is now sharing a story about the pool thermometer and how it would get sucked into the basket, he explains how the pool guy didn’t have less than 2 feet of twine, Adam says he would argue the man drove a truck and should have some on hand.

Adam asks if he was a pool man, no. Adam says there used to be people who did jobs and had professions and took pride in their work.

Drew asks if the modern era and the mindset among people about things being a placeholder, Adam shares a story of remembering he wasn’t treating his job the best he could not putting forth the most effort.


Drew recalls the “90 Percenter” story and Adam reminds him it was Bean from Kevin and Bean fame, Drew forgets he knew that.

Adam shares the story and the punchline about being a 75% giving an extra 15%.

Classic Story shared many, many times over the years.


Adam is asking if Maxipada is listening and mocks his “always” reply and is now explaining how one should view their lot in life and how they should do it the best they can, Drew says it’s a Zen Buddhist attitude.

Drew talks about the wellness of the individual beyond the customers or bosses, doing a good job and being fully invested in the world.


Adam is back to the pool guy and his “smart bet” of only seeing Adam once out of the five trips he’s made to the house while getting it ready to present for sale.

Adam says he was betting on never seeing Adam again, from his standpoint of playing the odds he was right to chance it, but he got caught this time, cosmically it was a bad idea.

Adam talks about looking for wet leaves and everything else always, this same topic was covered on the most recent Reasonable Doubt #18.

It also came up on Ace On the House ‘Simpatico on the Potty-co’ – One of the Funniest AOTH episode of all time, Adam is on fire and crushes it nonstop, too many killer riffs and direct quotes to list, listening to this episode proves why I should be covering AOTH with sidebars, so great!


Drew has a point and cites Immanuel Kant, he says you should behave the same in all ways, always act as if you’re being monitored.

Adam is now praising Jimmy Kimmel and his work ethic, how he taught himself to cut and edit tape, would stay late, do extra jobs and never required much attention, who does that sound like …

Adam says he had an interesting conversation and then goes into a live read, such a tease.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Shopping online is dangerous edition


Adam says he was with a couple of hard working guys and he knows where they are politically when it comes to taxes etc.

Adam says he was with a couple of those dudes, they were talking about gratuity and it led to a conversation about the minimum wage.

Adam shares the market will set the price rule they proved on the aforementioned Reasonable Doubt when they asked Day Laborers for their rate, 15$ a day.


Adam mocks the notion of the left that when the minimum wage is done away with McDonalds will pay 1$ and people will be forced to work there.

Adam says the one guy, the Hollywood guy said yeah but and mentioned the cool stuff.

Adam says it was a semi retarded doomsday scenario and he says he knows the price, he doesn’t need to be an economist, Adam comments on the minimum wage of his youth that was short-lived before he climbed the job market and now they are moving on to Paris, but a live read first, again a tease!


Drew is doing a Live Read


Adam talks about how Drew doesn’t mention his fluent French, Adam shares how he knew that both Catherine McCord and Dr. Drew both spoke the language fluently while he was taping MTV Loveline.

Adam recalls it was a pretty young African American girl, he can’t recall her name just that her bio said she spoke the language fluently which she of course didn’t.


Drew is shared who he’s pissed with, ISIL and even us for not making it game on, Drew brings up the Bernie Sanders reasoning blaming Global Warming.

Drew says the world’s best hope for global warming is us, not China.

Adam says it’s on China and India to reduce, Adam mentions Drew along Matt’s dad and their lefty takes on Global Warning.

Adam brings up the “stay out of it” hypocrisy, Adam asks which is it, are we the world’s police or not.


Adam, brings up Bill Maher as his strawmen but then makes it a fair playing field and defends him, wow.

Drew talks about the history of humans sitting back and letting another culture “thrive” after we fucked them up, Drew says we caused the Nazi party after WW1 and now what, let them build up the ovens and wait?

Adam says we don’t recognize evil, we want to know why and he brings up the socioeconomic excuses people use, that’s immoral behavior to sling drugs and stab strangers, let’s start judging.


Adam is talking about the most insane adult argument he has ever heard, the “not all” reply that was rare 20 years ago and now comes up with every conversation.

Drew brings up the KKK and its Christian ethos and comments on the marginalized them and separated them from their faith, much like Islam can do with terrorists.

Adam jokes about ending their careers by joining the Klan tomorrow, Drew would expect to be assaulted and Drew calls ISIS a cult, Adam says recognize evil and not all horrible behavior is caused by poverty.


Adam says there was the saying “poor but proud” and he explains how he was fine being poor and it was never ok for him to steal or do harm to anyone else.

Adam comments on how he looked at rich people or even just average middle class types as aliens, amazed at their options in life, he wasn’t going to steal from them, he wanted to figure out a way to be their friend and earn his own travel agent one day down the road.


Adam and Drew are doing an Live Read


Adam is back to France and he says there will be no more 9/11’s it will be these mass shooting at malls and public places.

Adam talks about gun free zones and how bad guys still manage to get them, Adam would be very happy to have an off duty copy armed in his hostage scenario.


Adam wants a sane nations group to step it up and resolve these global threats.

Adam and Drew give out the plugs and wrap up the show.