Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/21/2014 – Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/21/2014 – Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Matt Atchity

Recorded 11-20-2014 – Release Date 11-21-2014

Production Number #1459

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Adam opens the show with a plug for his live shows in Portland as well as Seattle, Adam welcomes Matt Atchity to the show and shares how still goes to Rotten Tomatoes every single day.

Adam welcomes Alison and BB to the show, BB plays the Dameshek “Daddy Wiener” drop and now Adam is sharing his movie ‘The Hammer’s’ identical score from audiences and top critics.

Adam is now answering for Matt, BB just asked him about critic vs. audience scores.


Adam is now filling everyone in on the Whitney Houston autopsy biography segment and their conversation with fan Bryan.

They’re now playing the clips of him pretending to be her drug dealer.

Alison is raising some good points about the drug dealer, Adam asks about her adult age children and jokes about them seeing Bryan in real life and trying to attack him.


Adam is asking about the other partygoers that night and people in her entourage, he is now joking about the “Tom” fake name being used for the bogus interview.

Adam brings up his Spidey sense and how this interview seemed off to him.

Adam is asking about the subconscious frequency that picks up on these types of signals, Alison has a point about experiencing it too late.


Adam brings up the blown tire freeway story with Mike August and Chris Laxamana, Matt Atchity is asking if Adam Carolla as the media expert he is might have an advanced awareness of bullshit.

Adam has a funny update from Jules Dash.

Alison is back to her point about hindsight and realizing the specificity of a weird signal you were picking up, Adam is again back to the 7 series BMW blown tire story.


Adam is now preemptively addressing the bag he had taken away at Burbank, he clarifies the location of the bag and has a funny Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible’ reference.

Adam and BB are in agreement over the Blacsimile cast as Whitney in said T.V. special, they’re now playing another clip of Carolla fan Brian in character as “Tom.”


Matt has a killer joke about his analysis of aging celebrities and their needs for drugs, good stuff.

They’re now playing a clip of him as Charlie Sheen’s fictional drug dealer, Adam says this now makes it possible for someone to say anything about anyone at any time.

“Everyone’s now gotta pass through the airport security of life” – Adam


Adam is bringing up the color correction on the Newman doc and Paul Newman’s refusal to return to the U.K. due to their tabloid journalism.

Adam is now quoting Robert Redford from the movie, he’s explaining color correction to Bald Bryan and he explains the way you can clean up digital footage and add color to old Newman footage.

Adam is going in-depth on their digital color correction experience on this doc, wow!


Adam is now having Alison read a letter from Natalia about what she’s thankful for, no mention of Adam to be found.

Alison has a funny “I hope you like” interpretation, Adam is now setting up a clip from the ‘Take a Knee’ with Norman Lear, Episode #2 which is available in Higher quality sound

TAK #2 – Norman Lear – they’re now playing a clip, the sound has a different vibe than his Adam Carolla Show appearance.


Adam is doing some live commentary over the audio, this is incredible!

They’re now reacting to the anecdote shared by Norman, unbelievable he’s 92yrs old and sounds like that.

BB asks how these people never seem to mellow with age and eventually give up the praise, Adam has a great explanation, Matt has a point about always treating your children like they’re kids and Alison has two possible scenarios.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth Live Read – TSA 3oz rule bitching edition


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Thanksgiving Movies Edition

1st Movie ‘Planes Trains and Automobiles’ (1987)

Adam is telling them about his memory of that movie revolving around his former improv troupe mate Bob Petrella, he has some cool anecdotes about the guy’s insane memory abilities and how they used him as a sort of recorded diary of events.

Adam shares the Pineapple pie story and why he objects to it, he likes the movie and says it’s not on enough.

Adam gives it an 87, BB goes 90 and Alison goes 89.

Adam says he speaks for the people for guessing the people’s score, Alison got the top critics score.


2nd Movie ‘Scent of a Woman’ (1992)

BB asks about Martin Brest’s filmography, asking if he did ’48 Hours’ but he actually did ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ and he’s thinking of the Eddie Murphy connection, Matt goes the other direction and tells BB about him directing ‘Midnight Run’ which has a similar plot device.

Adam goes with 84, BB says 89 and Alison says 82.

BB nails it with 1 point off, it’s at 88%.


3rd Movie ‘Son in Law’ (1993)

Adam says this movie is tough and explains why, Adam is going with 13, BB goes with 15 and Alison picks 22, she’s the closest.


4th Movie ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ (2009”

Adam says 31, he was at 33, BB picks 33 and Alison picks 18.

Adam saw the movie, he doesn’t bash it, says it’s what you’d expect.

Adam almost just got a 5 point reduction, BB did.

5th Movie ‘Tower Heist’ (2011)

Adam shares why he got angry at this movie due to a car in the movie, they used the wrong kind of Ferrari and giving out the wrong value/time related to the exact car they were referencing.

Adam has seen the same parts of this movie for more time than the actual running length of the movie itself.

Adam is now asking for the info on Steve McQueen’s Ferrari.

Adam is now demanding that scene, Adam is talking strategy with Alison and BB’s attempt to for a mid-50’s score, Adam tells her to go up to the 70’s and Adam will drop down to the 30’s.


Adam goes 29, he predicted that BB wrote down 46%, Alison is asking why she must try to swing for the fences, she picked 44% and tries to go with 69%, it was 68%.

Adam explains why he was right, she was off by 4 and if she had guessed 68% she would’ve gotten the win. Adam explains again why his logic was flawless and BB now shares some insight into his thought process on the scoring.

They’re now watching the clip from the movie where Alan Alda tells a staffer about Steve McQueen’s Ferrari, Adam explains how they could’ve made it historically accurate with some simple changes, and they wrap the game.


Adam asks Matt if he’s seen anything recently that’s blowing him away, he says the new ‘Hunger Games’ is ok but he was disappointed in ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ and Adam is asking about movies getting sequalized when the original was not that well received.

Matt references walking out of ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ and now BB explains why he’s held off on mentioning ‘Whiplash’ during the Baldywood segments, Matt recommends it highly.

Adam asks if Matt has seen Jon Stewart’s movie ‘Rosewater’ and explains the light tone to the movie, Adam says he didn’t like it but he didn’t see it joking about filming ‘Catch a Contractor’ in some shitty part of Los Angeles while Jon was in some hole in Pakistan, one upping him.


Q and Ace

1st Caller JB, he is calling from Manchester UK, Adam asks him if he ever gets out to the Good wood festival just so he can break out his knowledge of Chichester.

JB is telling them about a book floating around suggesting kids no longer participate in Rugby due to head injuries, he wants the gang’s take on it.

Adam is now explaining that the kids that need football the most are the kids whose parents aren’t having these philosophical debates.


Adam is explaining the difference between the heady discussions of brain trauma are the least of the worries of the kids the game could possibly set straight and possibly even help achieve more than they’d ever imagined.

Adam is now asking everyone to imagine what all of the players of the NFL would be doing without the league’s existence.

Adam is saying that maybe little Dakota and Dylan don’t need to play the game, but the kids from ‘Undefeated’ do need the game and the team element of playing.


Adam is telling them about his son’s midweek slumber party and jokes about him sickening him for not hating school, he jokes about breaking his pencil in front of him.

Adam is bringing up the moment he walked into his son’s room and asked him and his pal why they weren’t roughhousing and wrestling instead of tapping away on their tablets.

Adam has a funny boner joke in response to BB, Adam has a killer shooting heroin metaphor for how his parents friends felt about roughhousing indoors and cared more about their property than the kids physical wellbeing’s, probably to the kids overall benefit.


2nd Caller Thomas, he was playing along with the game and Pauly Shore fucked him pretty hard, Adam says that his documentary might be considered fresh, nope nothing he’s made is certified fresh.


Adam is now doing an live read and praises the warrior bars.


Adam goes back to Thomas, he wants to know about people learning how to handle their booze and suggests a Mangria booze academy.

Adam is explaining how they could do it and set up the tests, he has a funny Nacho run/Bleacher riff, Thomas is laughing too hard so Adam has to put him on hold, his self-esteem is too low to accept it.

Adam jokes about hiring a black actor and supervising if people add extra “man’s” to their vocabulary and talk about sports more than usual while in his presence.

Adam likes the idea, great riff with BB.


3rd Caller Mark, he brings up Adam’s points about poor people shitting out kids.

He doesn’t hear about adoption being brought up by him very often, he’s telling them about going the adoption route after unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant.

Adam asks if you can get any race or age, he jokes about Dana Gould picking up girls in China but it sounds wrong and BB jumps in with Alison for a couple killer one liners.


Adam is telling them about the abundance of 11 and 12 year old kids who attended school at ‘Five Acres’ in Altadena and how some were so disturbed they couldn’t attend public school.

Alison is asking Adam’s remaining sobering adoption questions, he reveals the real world race element and finds out that ‘Five Acres’ is still around after 126 years.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote of visiting him at work, he says despite the scary vibe the food was good and was unable to give a proper “grace” before the meal and tried to bend a word like Eminem and make food sound like good, Alison has a killer reaction.


Adam says there is no “who saved who bumper sticker for kids” and BB has a killer joke about the type of orphanage the kids comes from, Alison has an even better “oh Jesus!” reaction to this one.

Adam describes his kid’s human dog eyes and Matt chimes in reminding everyone listening that he’s in the room, Alison brings up the people on twitter asking her about not perusing adoption over fertility treatments.

Adam says everyone is entitled to try to have a family of their own and adoption is a great option when that doesn’t work out, Adam sniffs after repeating his guess that pet adoption takes place 10x more than human adoption.


4th Caller Scott, he just moved to Atlanta and his company wants to move him to Alabama next, he’s not sure he wants to spend a significant amount of time in the south.

Adam asks if there isn’t a better time to just move anywhere as all foods, media and other things are at your fingertips so why not live anywhere.

Adam brings up the ‘Chick-Fil-A’ run he sent a guy on to Arizona for Cousin Sal’s birthday before they opened on in Los Angeles.


Adam has a car repair example for how the country has turned into one giant mall, Adam tells Scott to cry him a fucking river.

Adam says Chick-Fil-A doesn’t travel that well and riffs about the hard knock life of a rich guy, citing Rowdy Roddy Piper’s appearance at the party once again.


Alison’s News


1st Story is on the death of Mike Nichols, Alison has an explanation of his legacy and Adam says he had smart old guy glasses frames.

Alison explains that Mike lost his hair due to a reaction from a vaccine, they joke about BB having the same experience and Adam wants his wigs, to give them to Bald Bryan, gold!

BB has a nice “Yeah but Still” after presuming Mike was gay, they set him straight with his marriage history.


Adam asks about a wife being nervous if their husband kept exploring a specific theme of adultery in his art, Matt is now listing some of his other work and Alison has a couple more credits as well.



2nd Story is on the shooting at Florida State University, Alison has the details and reveals the only death was him.

Adam jokes about the kids in the library being responsible for their own fate by being there in the early hours of the night then immediately feels bad when he learns of the actual injuries.

Alison brings up the Jesse Ventura quotes referenced by the shooter and Adam shares his take on how religions doesn’t equal morality and now Alison is exploring the idea of that with Adam.


Adam says that he knows right from wrong, everyone on death row is something and most guys who stab people do believe in a faith

“I’d say most guys with tattoos of crosses have stabbed somebody in the past 4 years” – Adam


3rd Story is on Adrian Peterson official punishment from the NFL, Adam and BB agree it’s bad a time for punching women and hitting kids.

Adam is giving his take as a parent, citing his chill son and his daughter who can “do shit to you” and starts to tell the story of doing push-ups with his headphones blasting.

Natalia did a similar move to an NFL player in a famous clip, you’ll probably be able to see it via the show page link above.


Adam explains despite how pissed he was at his daughter that hitting her was not on the menu, Alison asks if there was any impulse to raise his hand, he says it’s like being raised outside of Hawaii, you never have a hankering for Poi.

Adam wants the Kevin Green Sideline clip he asked for.


4th Story is on the return of ‘The Osbourne’s’ coming to VH1 in 2015 and shares Sharon’s quote about Ozzy wishing they could have been filming the series while he was clean and sober.

They play the Kevin Green clip.

Adam is asking if we must squeeze everything for every last drop of cash.

Adam has Alison wrap the news to a cool new drop.


Adam suggest that Matt light himself on fire in front of the gates of paramount to prevent ‘Dumb and Dumber 3(for)’


Alison is doing a Lifelock live read with Adam.

Adam plugs the upcoming 3rd episode of ‘Take a Knee’ with Gene Simmons and wraps the show.