Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/21/2013 – Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/21/2013 – Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

Recorded 11-20-2013 – Release Date 11-21-2013

Production Number #1212

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Adam is opening the show with BB and Alison in studio, a classic #TopDrop from KLSX 2006 Webmaster (Webmistress – I coined that in 2008) Billy Moses.

Adam has a revealing comment about the morning show which makes the drop all the more appropriate for today’s episode, Adam has some plugs for Alex Borstein from Family Guy who was scheduled but doesn’t end up making the show for her ACS debut.

Alex was a guest on Loveline and The Adam Carolla KLSX morning show.


Adam is now starting up a long protracted rant about “being a guy going down a ski slope seeing an oak tree in the distance” in regards to life and his recent BevMo signing nowhere near his home like he requested.

Adam is really going off, Alison and BB want them to try and find all the BevMo’s near Adam’s home, within a 10 mile radius, Adam guesses there are at least 10.

Alison has a great point about location and not wanting to commute away from her home, Adam now also wants to know the number, he guesses 9-13 this time – his BevMo batting average.


Alison is being cautious of Adam’s address and giving sound advice, Matt is now on mic again after confirming why they go to the specific locations they end up at.

Adam is mentioning Glendora up a storm and demanding to know why it’s impossible, Matt is explaining that the reason for these locations was because the signing are done there.

Adam has a great Fontana point, Alison agrees and they’re arguing against the logic of driving Hollywood activities to surrounding areas.


Adam is now sharing his latest “life code” akin to his bathroom door policy at the studio.

Adam is sharing an anecdote from the road, he had an encounter a few days ago he was behind a guy spacing out at a turn signal.

Adam alerted the man with a honk, then the other motorist started dangerously approaching oncoming traffic.


Adam is now describing wanting to “take back his honk” or have some sort of honk nullifier.

Adam is now riffing a quick double tap honk to alert other motorists of various issues they need to be made aware of and to take back wrongly used honks.

This is a great idea!


Alison has a great urban legend reference and Adam is riffing out the scenario with her very quickly.

Adam is now jumping into a live read, connecting this idea to the sponsor.


Adam is now setting up a clip from the 2008 KLSX morning show, he explains this was the clip that motivated Gerard Butler to come study Adam during the morning show for a week in 2008 when he was preparing for a movie role in “The Ugly Truth.

Adam is explaining how he was chatting with a fan from twitter about the old morning show and this very clip of him riffing about what he was doing instead of watching the 2008 Super Bowl commercials with T during her news.

Adam has never revealed all of these details together and in order like this, this is legendary.


Adam just mixed up Alison for T, instead of the other way around, proving she has now completely taken over the newsgirl and co-host role in his mind, this should be hugely flattering to A-Rose.

They’re now playing the extended clip, it’s great.

BB has a nice insulting comment about killing time on air for 4 hours per day, which is inaccurate, the show was 2:25 – 2:59 maximum running time depending on the era, usually hovering around 2 ½hrs.


Superfan’s Side of the Story: On my day off I wake up late to an email from Gary asking for this and a few other items.

They have a fan provided and created archive at the studio but it can still be hard to find many of the things Adam requests as ones brain literally has to be swimming with this content to remember most of it and then be able to locate the forgotten gems like this.

Hilarious observation about the lack of a mention for this assist in contrast to the D.A. mention at the close of the Dana Gould episode, implications are not flattering.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote of running into Bald Bryan’s old lady (wife) last night at the Jaguar event.

He’s remarking on the goat cheese Hors d’oeuvres that have ruined his beloved beets, BB calls them a cult vegetable and Alison has a super annoying girlfriend analogy for goat cheese.

BB is sharing an observation Christie made about Adam’s arrival, Adam is commenting on seeing former loveline guests Kelly Osbourne and Jeremy Piven, BB has a shitty comment about him in jest.


Adam is name dropping Simon Cowell and discussing the car unveiling for the ages.

Alison is quizzing Adam about the event and now he’s setting up the rest of the show.

Adam is doing a Dollar Shave club live read.


Adam is now sharing a wonderful story of arriving home to witness his wife and son embraced crying over a letter from their late nana.

The hilarious twist of Natalia standing over them mocking them with verbal barbs and insulting body language.

Adam is using this as a prime example to explain human nature and how early it sets in.


Alison has a hilarious observation about Natalia’s similar nature to him and he’s now explaining their recent bonding over the past year and how it’s the exact opposite of the 18-24 months where she wanted nothing to do with him.

This is the sweetest and most hilarious story I’ve heard in some time, comedy gold!

Adam has another anecdote from the night before where Natalia shouted from the other room to correct Sonny who had proclaimed Adam as the funniest man in the world(it’s true I’ve got the stats to prove it).


Natalia made sure to point out that “Uncle Jimmy” was the funniest, Adam does leave open the number 2 slot through 10 in his heart through as she didn’t specify his ranking.

BB and Alison have hilarious reactions to both of these great short stories of his hilarious and adorable family.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st Caller Jeff, he’s got a hilarious accent that Adam picks up on and is riffing with him, not making fun of him or the accent but instead using his location to make a great joke.

Adam has a hilarious job prediction, “in charge of breaking in trucker hats” and BB has a comment about Dawson being in the west coast branch, Dawson is now on mic with a funnier quip.

Jeff works for Pepsi and is commenting on Adam’s taste for the product, Adam is clarifying that Jimmy Kimmel hates it, not him.


Adam is now sharing the famous “Poquito Mos” story where Jimmy spit Pepsi in his face.

Adam is now sharing his reaction and his take on various sodas, he doesn’t recommend any of them for dietary reasons but he prefers a Coke but will drink any if in the mood it seems.

Adam and BB are riffing about generic colas.


Adam is asking Jeff about his role in PepsiCo, he’s got a nice compliment about listening while stocking shelves.

Jeff thinks Adam Can’t complain about “If it steers it clears” laws in other states like Alabama.

Adam is now going off on traffic and the billion dollar solutions that can solve them vs. the simple easy almost free fixes like this.


Adam is now bringing up the various local government employees he’s told about these programs that could be instated via the click of a mouse, its true!

Adam has a great point about cops pulling people over on the freeway and how they should be required to pull off at the next exit.

Adam has a great point about health and the waste of fuel in these traffic jams, he’s making an amazing point about efficiency, stress and wasted money along with fossil fuels.


Adam’s logic is perfectly weaved and he’s thanking Jeff for some golden inspiration.


2nd Question Devin who works a job akin to the last caller Jeff.

Devin says Adam can’t complain about getting an extra soda for free from a vending machine.

Adam is now explaining his relationship to soda, BB misinterprets him and Alison is right on track correcting BB’s train of thought with kindness.


Adam is going off on artisanal sodas and Alison has a hilarious new drop about blowing people for diet cokes.

Adam is saying how much he loves high quality vanilla and cherry sodas along with a frosty root beer float, he’s got compliment for the stoner who created them.

Adam is explaining that you’re just pouring on the fat by drinking soda, he’s citing BB’s million pound weight loss and Alison has a great reaction.


Adam is now going often how he wishes he could flip a switch about not caring about wasted calories, Alison has a hilarious girlfriend comment.

Adam is now explaining how the presence of high grade sodas is the bane of his existence, haunting him at every turn.

Adam says screw you to Devin, a loving screw you.


Adam is now doing a live read with Alison and going to break.

They’re back form break without Alex and moving on without any passive aggressiveness, I do love a no guest show!


Alison’s News

Alison is giving her take on “ice cream sodas” vs. “Root beer float”.

BB is now challenging Alison and Adam claims he’s never heard of ice cream sodas, Alison is predicting this will be like the architect theory of hers.

Adam has a hilarious reaction to Chris Laxamana being asked if he’s ever heard of such a beverage.

Her top story is on the recent George Zimmerman domestic violence incident.

They’re playing the clip of the 911 call and Adam is now giving his take on how these people should lay low after “dodging a bullet” like OJ.

Alison is giving her take and sharing something she saw on a TV news program.


Adam is now riffing about Latin guys packing on the pounds and their age becoming undeterminable, much like his female Hispanic/makeup riff from Classic Loveline (Patton Oswalt’s all-time favorite riff of Adam’s).

They’re now riffing about Zimmerman’s looks and the life choices of a person who chooses to be intimate with a man like him.

Alison is now asking Adam about the TV movie “Mother May I Sleep with Danger”, Adam claims to be unfamiliar but I think some of the cast guested on Classic Loveline in September of 1996 and Adam has commented on it before despite not remembering it.


They’re now playing George’s latest 911 call in response to his girlfriend’s call.


2nd Story is on a subway station in Moscow that allows the passengers to pay for their fare in squats.

Alison is now explaining how the sensor works and how you get the free ticket, Adam has a hilarious “fart central” station comment about the Russian farts that must be filling that place.

Alison is now bringing up her shopping for the wedding dress, she’s citing the “say yes to the dress” annoyances and refuses to mention the cost of her dress despite Adam’s prodding.


Alison farted while getting dressed up and is sharing the part that kept her up at night, Alison crop dusted her and noticed the woman backing up and couldn’t tell if she was evading her fart or was just doing her natural movement.

Adam is now giving her some insight from a master farter and he’s saying “he — USED TO do a lot of fart related activities” bummer.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote of his producer Kevin who was on set with him filming the new show and Adam invaded his fart cloud while switching the compressor off.


Adam is now describing how embarrassing that must have been for him, he’s describing a worst nightmare scenario where the star of your show walks right into your fart cloud.

Alison is now getting shit on by Adam and BB, mocking her and making her feel bad about the fart.


3rd Story is about a blind man and his dog who were kicked off a plane and were followed by the plane full of passengers who refused to fly without him.

Adam is saying how he would have reacted had he been on board and giving an update on Molly at Alison’s behest.

Adam is now praising Lynette and the countless hours she’s spent taking care of the dog and how it’s priceless in comparison to the money he’s spent.


4th Story is some new hydrogen fuel cell cars made by the major manufacturers.

Adam has a funny comment about getting Mike August to pronounce “Hyundai” and Adam has a great callback to how August pronounces 80’s bands.

They’re doing a live read.


Gary has an explanation of a hydrogen fuel cell for Adam and now Alison is stepping in with her own as Adam struggles to understand what he’s reading.

Alison is reading the benefits of these vehicles and the possible concerns regarding safety.

Adam is now claiming he’ll be driving a gas guzzler for all time and Alison is asking him if there will ever be a day where it doesn’t make sense to have combustion engines.


Adam has a hilarious prostitute and john analogy and he’s topping it with a one liner about speaking this way at his children’s school.

The Suck job analogy of alternative fuels.

Adam has some great points about lobbyists and the cost of operations ultimately deciding the new cheapest way to provide energy.


Adam is doing a live read and has a great bit connecting the last bit to the opening of it, Alison wrapped the news.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping the show as BB has two great closing drops, one during the live read and one before Dawson closes things out.