Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2015 – Jerry Springer, Nate Adams, Jeff Abraham, and Dr. Scott Zeitlin

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2015 – Jerry Springer, Nate Adams, Jeff Abraham, and Dr. Scott Zeitlin

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jerry Springer, Nate Adams, Jeff Abraham, and Dr. Scott Zeitlin

Recorded 11-19-2015 – Release Date 11-20-2015

Production Number #1708

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Adam has a fast paced intro, BB plays some Robert Davi as today’s #TopDrop then confesses he was nervous about playing on the last episode.

Adam says Nate Adams is joining them in studio for the top of the show, Adam asks Gary about the live Facebook streaming they’re using for this part of the show.

Nat jokes about how often he gets to speak while in Adam’s presence, Adam talks about making films and how they are able to assemble them now they have a formula down, much like the development of the TV show.


Nate talks about all that they’ve learned from the first documentary and Adam cites all of the varied problems and things that came up as they learned while making the doc.

Nate says he watched the doc 10k times and Adam probably watched it 25k times, Adam jokes about jotting down notes on a yellow legal pad, using the timecode, they’re talking about the process of incorporating Adam’s notes even though they thought they were picture locked.

Nate has some great terminology “open up” when talking about editing a finished and color corrected cut, Adam talks about making ‘The Hammer’ and how he learned removing the seat swapping made the joke funnier in the Scott Adsit cop scene.


Gary has some audience questions.

1st FB Question from Rob, he wants to know if Adam went to anyone for notes and suggestions, Adam talks about making a comedy and the importance for “Friends and family” screenings and the way you can use new eyeballs and earholes to explain what makes sense.

Adam has a Posey example, Nate talks about checking in with the wives to make sure it was too much of a gearhead focused narrative.

Gina has a point echoing what Adam said.


2nd FB Question from Drew, he wants to know about the next documentary, the 24hr War Ford vs. Ferrari and Gary’s phone goes off.

Adam says they’re also going to start working on the KROQ documentary after that, Nate says that Willy T. Ribbs is chambered and on the horizon at some point.

Adam wraps up with Nate and plugs the airing of Winning on Velocity tonight.


Adam talks about his ‘Take a Knee’ with Jerry Springer and how fascinated he was with the man, BB recalls the time he guest hosted the show.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Adam has a funny Jerry Springer comment


Adam welcomes Jerry back to the show, he plugs his syndicated talk show celebrating its 25th year, Jerry is making his 2nd appearance on the show, and he hosted it the first time he was on.

Adam is asking him about his birth and parents life leading up to WWII, Jerry explains how his parents moved to Berlin hoping the metropolitan area would provide safety, the equivalent of moving from Kentucky to NYC.

Adam has a funny porn joke in reply to Jerry bringing up Kristallnacht, Jerry is sharing how his parents escaped the war and the holocaust and how his father worked an air raid siren and the horrors that duty entailed.


Adam has a great point about what it must be like to escape Germany and how that relief would be interrupted by being in a place that as being bombed by Germany.

Gina has a question in reply to what Jerry said about welcoming immigrants, she wants to know how his parents were treated by the citizens of England.

Jerry talks about his parents’ belief in liberty and this country and he comments on his own success provided by such a ridiculous TV show.


Adam has a killer riff about the demand for basement dwellings during the blitzkrieg, how penthouse apartments were the less expensive option for the first and only time in history.

Hilarious line about Candy Spelling breathing in rarified dank air of the basement.

Adam is now asking Jerry about the grim details of what happened to his grandparents and cousins, Jerry says the records that the BBC was able to find and are now public reveal their tragic fates.


Jerry says they first took his grandmother to a ghetto in Poland, a room of 12 people piled up in a closet, forced to defecate on the street and fed only every 3rd day.

Jerry explains how they lied to the Jews about moving them to “a better place” to exterminate them, Adam comments on how bizarre it was that they kept such meticulous records.

Jerry explains why and Adam says it’s a cultural thing and he shares how the Italians don’t have the best records of their early cars, while Germans did.


Adam jokes about Jamaica trying to attempt what Germany was doing in WWII, hilarious!

Jerry talks about the false hope and lies and now Adam is talking about the obvious hope you would feel for a warden or someone approaching your prison when you’re locked up based on a lie.

Jerry talks about the grim kill vans they used to murder innocent civilians, Adam says it was probably a Mercedes or Auto Union van.


Adam puts himself in their shoes, thinking of what he was doing in his early 30’s.

BB says that Jerry’s grandmother was murdered, he makes it clear in plain language how people just kind of wash over this stuff, somehow the word exterminate doesn’t elicit the reality of this being a murder.

Gina says she’s never heard of these two camps Jerry brought up thought she’s very well versed in that part of history and the holocaust, Adam talks about the bizarre engineering problem of trying to mass exterminate human beings.


BB brings up the movie ‘Conspiracy’ that’s all about the Nazi’s planning the methods of destruction for all of the people they murdered.

Jerry is now struggling to come up with the term cremate and Adam excuses him as the word seemingly had nothing to do with the act it describes.

Jerry is talking about the ashes of people being poured into a river, Jerry is almost getting choked up for a moment or is clearing his throat.


Jerry talks about running into another Jewish man praying and Jerry says the BBC found him and they had no idea each other existed.


Jerry is talking about the booking of his relative and shares the reaction that it was Jerry Springer, hilarious Maury Povich comedy from Adam and a killer one liner from BB.

Adam has Jerry take a sip of water as he was getting emotional.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is sharing some wisdom that Dennis Prager dropped today, contrasting how the Nazi’s hid their crimes from the world and ISIS advertises their limited impact and horrific tactics.

BB makes a fine point summing things up and Adam congratulates Jerry on 25yrs of doing his talk show, Adam recalls the time he guested on Loveline to promote his movie ‘Ringmaster’ and Jerry is talking to Adam about doing the show, he says it’s fun and he doesn’t need to earn a living anymore.

Adam asks about the actual filming schedule, Jerry explains how he travels and what he likes about ‘The Price is Right’ and their audience.


Jerry says his joys in life are his wife, grandson and daughter.

Adam plugs is show and podcast and goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

Adam threw out 221$ of Calvin Klein midway briefs, he only wants Tommy John brand now, it’ll ruin you!

Gary’s mom offered to buy him some new shirts and underwear, rad mom!

They head to break.


They’re back from break

Adam welcomes Jeff Abraham and Dr. Scott Zeitlin to the show, Scott is making his ACS debut and he tells Adam about how he was once asked to be booked on ‘The Man Show’ to discuss Peyronie’s disease.

Adam says the good news about having a boomerang dick is it means you have enough dick to be able to perceive an angle.

Adam talks about the method of correcting Peyronie’s disease, which results in shortening the penis, he talks about the new methods for removing the plaques that cause the disease.


Adam is comment on the foreskin restoration movement that seemed to lose steam once terrorism became a global threat and we had real problems.

Scott rightfully says that the restoration process is mostly done at home by people following online guides.

Gina talks about the foreskin facial cream she’s used, she asks if it’s bullshit, Adam says it sounds very familiar forgetting Dr. Bruce used to bring it into Loveline and told him all about the growth factor of the cells, which led into a fascinating discussion on stem cells and the state of the science, this was in 2004.


Adam shares his grandfather Lotzi’s old world joke about what the moil hangs in his window, Adam shares the story of the time he was in the middle of an improv scene set at a Bris, he can’t recall if he ever learned what it was while in the scene.

Scott is telling them about his oldest circumcision patient at Adam’s behest and he tells them about diabetes and the stenosis effects of foreskin infections.

Scott is talking about his worst patients, men. Gina talks about being a teenage gal and having to get used to clinical exams.


Scott talks about trying to keep things funny and says the great wives are all over it and totally willing to perform the rectal exam.

Adam asks if BB would bring Christy to these types of medical appointments, Scott has some solid anecdotes and tells the gang about a guy who never ejaculated a single sperm yet had been convinced to pay for two abortions.

Adam talks about the bit they filmed with him and Jimmy for ‘The Man Show’ and then he drops this gem “and that’s where they harvested the jizz” – Adam on studio city.


Adam is now asking about his specific situation and he makes note of this being the 6th year anniversary of the fantastic ‘Laughs for Bald Bryan’

ACS #207 laughs for Bald Bryan (feat. Bad Religion, Joel McHale, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Miller & Dana Gould)


BB clarifies his story and talks about his quest to find out the effects of Avastin on sperm and DNA, he is sharing their experience with in vitro fertilization and how they were given the green light for the natural method.

Adam talks about giving his wife shots and his experience with their fertility campaign, they’re now talking about the prime fertility ages for women and Adam is trying to get a fixed number for an average.

Hilarious line from Adam and then a nice “closed book” line in reply to Gina, Adam has a funny “sperm of your tits” topper as the talk about surrogates.


Adam jokes about the surrogate mother suing you at one point down the road and that humans are now chasing everything, he says the person could move at 8 months pregnant and just keep the baby.

Jeff has the grim details of a case he heard about, Scott says surrogacy is fine and safe.

Adam is mocking the notion of “donating your eggs” and compares them to people who “rescued their dog” and notes the interesting use of both terms.


Adam talks about Holly Holm’s eggs going up in value since her knockout of Ronda Rousey.

Adam is asking Scott about treating men with premature ejaculation and the past use of SSRI medications and the risks that they posed.

Adam talks about the days taking Loveline calls where they would hear about the negative side effects of antidepressants on dong performance.


Dr. Scott has a great “how you roll” as he talks about the refractory period time increase as a man ages, Adam plugs Promescent and wraps up with Jeff and Scott.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop Live Read

The danger of a dropped phone edition


Adam plugs the bonus ACS that airs with Bryan Cranston in addition to the episode airing on Monday, Adam is now playing a clip of their most recent filmed bit regarding the movie ‘Road Hard’.


Gina’s News

Adam is ranting on traffic signal synchronization to setup something he always marvels at, he shares how Gary was writing “truck” during the Jerry Springer interview, Adam was thinking it was a picture of the truck they were talking about, not the one Adam requested off air.

Adam talks about sitting as a passenger in a driverless car, he shares how he equipped he is to be a passenger with a robot driving, his wife, that’s another story.

Adam describes the opening of 4 lanes outside of his home and how he always sees cars stacked up in the far left lane instead of the 2nd lane, which is usually empty.


Adam describes the homemade steak bed truck that everyone pulled behind, the piece of shit that can’t get out of its own way, Adam mocks the truck and the idiots who slid in behind him.

Adam talks about the cyclists who took the up entire right lane and how he got behind someone which allowed for his maneuvering.

BB asks how we are going to introduce driverless cars in a world with cars being driven by idiots.


Adam says alright screw your news and moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing SimpliSafe Live Read


1st Story is on Jared Fogle’s sentencing, Gina has the details on the 15.8yr sentence, Adam predicts he will be 900lb on a dolly leaving prison, BB thinks he may not survive and Gina talks about the segregation of “Chomo” prisoners, Adam jokes about Chomo/Cholo and has a funny bit of accent work and BB jumps in to make it funnier.

Adam is talking about the evolving story of what Jared did and Adam says he never heard if he was with a 9yr old kid, Adam draws a distinction between children and teens that are nearly legal or legal in some states.

Adam is unaware of all of his reports of sex tourism and “having a young boy” and doesn’t realize that sex trips to Thailand equals sex with children.


Gina has the details on the woman who took it upon herself to secretly record him, Adam recalls Tom (Clay) Henry and they joke about vetting him for pedophile tendencies.

Gina’s reaction is funny and BB is protesting too much in character as Clay who he says almost never thinks of his daughter sexually.


Adam wraps up the show and gives out the plugs.