Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2014 – Connie Nielsen and Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2014 – Connie Nielsen and Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Connie Nielsen and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 11-19-2014 – Release Date 11-20-2014

Production Number #1458

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Adam opens the show to a gentle reminder to keep his bag with him at all times while at the airport, BB plays an odd #TopDrop request.

Adam is prefacing his name dropping, he talks about people judging his 7300 unread emails and he’s now asking for the average count for most people and their unread emails, BB is an Inbox Zero follower it seems.

Adam is having Gary ask around about what other people keep their counts at, Alison is at 382 and it bothers her.


Adam picked up a blocked number without hesitation and it was Dr. Drew, same thing happens to me and it’s usually Adam.

Adam is telling them about staring down the barrel of this weakened and the intense schedule they have ahead of themselves.

Adam says what always compounds his pain is his family enjoying fun activities without him, he brings up Drew’s invite to the Rose bowl for the big game.


Alison jumps in to explain that Drew had already brought this up on air on Monday, so he was just rubbing it in, Adam explains he was calling to confirm, he conveniently forgot.

Adam has a funny beating off in a tub of warm water explanation for why he can’t make it to the Rose bowl, everyone agrees it sounds like a good time.

Adam says the name wasn’t Drew’s, it was a bigger name.


Adam was texted by Seth MacFarlane asking if his cell number was the same, Adam explains how busy Seth is and how typically he doesn’t call to catch up.

Adam says he got back to him a half hour ago, asking him what’s up without a reply so far.

Dawson helps Adam with his email count, BB comments in with an observation about August and his love of money, Dawson has a hilarious “thanks Bryan!” reply.


Adam is talking about Kimmel and his ability to reply to an email not only same day but before he tapes his show.

Alison is asking about the email that’s unread, Alison’s are mostly junk or spam from other accounts that are wired into her main account.

Dawson explains the email previews that let him skip over past messages without worrying about it.


Adam explains he was waiting for the Kevin and Bean phone call, prepping his material and answered the phone expecting them, Adam has a funny observation about his first impulse being a pissed off tone wanting to know what’s up, like Drew knows he’s calling at the same time as KROQ.

Adam is 7311 unread emails, he’s now explaining his hang up response to “congratulations” being spoken over his phone liner, and he says he can’t skip the call/message fast enough.

Adam is now contrasting how adults react to unsolicited congratulations over how children would in a bygone era.


Adam has Gary give the averages for backed up unread emails, Alison argues that the guys on staff are especially low, Dawson says the more important you are the less you have to respond to email.

Adam says it’s a decent cross section of life in the studio, Dawson reveals he’s never had a DUI and Adam has a killer “Oh so you’ve never been pulled over” joke.

Everyone in the booth fucking loves it, gold!


Adam is now doing a Smart Mouth live read – Avoid a DUI edition

Adam shares the tongue brushing conversation Sarah Silverman once had with him, he doesn’t mention the ear candling though.

Adam has a killer “I’ll sign that shit, I’ll sign that shit!” pledge to guests who take advantage of their hotel deal and show up at the Mangria signing with morning wood.


Adam welcomes DFG back to the show for his semi-regular segment, Adam asks how it’s going in his world and he plugs his new podcast ‘The Deaf Frat Guy Podcast’ which will be airing on Carolla Digital.

DFG is calling from his Chevy Tahoe, Adam is trying to see if he has a better line.

Adam gets him to reveal that Mike L. will be on to discuss Auto Erotic Asphyxiation, DFG is now listing the other topics of his upcoming show.

“How Mangria is brewed or some shit” – DFG citing another possible topic.


Adam is now saying he wishes that Mike would’ve came to him first before approving this show, Adam is joking about the booze soaked tampons topic and his frat brother Moose’s affinity for them.

Adam has a killer maxipad mini-buzz version of this idea, DFG jokes that he’s just patented such a product that provides a 3 beer buzz.

Alison is in the mix and has some funny one liners, BB has a “with wings” groaner of a reference.


Adam is telling DFG to take care of his business while he can due to the upcoming phoner.


J.V. or All Balls (All Balls Or J.V.)

1st JVoAB The Teacher who kicked a student with Asperger’s out of class for being annoying, BB says its J.V and Adam argues how it could be either, he goes with All Balls and DFG jumps in before Alison is able to weigh in.


2nd JVoAB Legally changing your name to something like ‘Meta World Peace’ and DFG mocks Adam for his fake middle name, Adam shares how embarrassing it was to be paged at the airport with that as his middle name.

They all agree its J.V.


3rd JVoAB writing dirty messages on a dirty car, like here’s a drawing of a dick.

They all agree its All Balls, Adam asks if DFG is drinking a Natural Light beer which leads to a slick Mangria plug from DFG.

DFG now claims to have Ricardo Antonio Mayorga Perez “El Matador” working with Delta Fu, Adam is explaining who he is and his smoking taunt done after fights.

Adam is demanding a photo of him smoking in the ring and wants a list of his legendary fights including the one where he surprised everyone and defeated a fighter previously unitouchable.


4th JVoAB People who skip their high school reunion and Adam says its J.V. but we all shape our own high school experience, he says it doesn’t happen to you, he does make exceptions for the 8% of people who have conditions that prevent them from excelling socially.

Adam says the people who are still angry 10 years later are losers, Alison is now sharing her feelings about high school.

Adam is interrupting to read the list of Antonio’s opponents.


DFG is now plugging his Christmas Album, not to be confused with the brilliant work by Josh Gardner ‘Winter’s Bush’.

Adam pledged to have his ear next to his computer for the podcast launch this week?

They wrap the segment.


Alison is now clarifying her “felt like a prison sentence” reaction high school, she says she rebels against orders and must choose to do things, she says the chance to enjoy it was robbed because she was required to be there.

Adam is now saying he’s unsure how many people actually enjoyed high school and brings up the variety of employment options one faces in life after school, life can be a low grade depression and Alison echoes his sentiment about adult life.

Adam says that when you live life on your own terms you tend to just do the things you are good at, he says he would challenge people to try and experience the whole range of activities and things they’re weaker at and improve at them to improve overall.


Adam is now thinking back on his time in high school, he shares his 10th grade year where he didn’t get laid nor excel in school.

He is telling the story of riding the bench in football and failing drivers Ed.

Adam welcomes Connie to the show, fresh after talking about not getting laid.


Adam is referencing Connie’s work in ‘Gladiator’ and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ and they discuss San Francisco real estate, Adam shares his love for the city and is marveling at the beautiful sights.

Connie shares her experience and Adam plugs her new VOD movie.

Adam is asking her how she got involved with the project, she says she often gets stuck with heavier material and responded to the script.


Adam is asking her about her lack of an accent after being raised overseas, she tells them about being raised as a Mormon and not arriving to the United States until she was 32.

She’s telling them about first meeting Lawrence Kasdan and taking his advice to move to Los Angeles which resulted in her landing her role in ‘The Devil’s Advocate’.

Adam is asking her about the culture of Denmark, she is telling them about Danish restaurants in NYC, and Adam asks if she can tell him about some local spots he might check out.


Adam is lamenting the lack of “stick to your ribs” cuisine in his life, Connie is sharing how much people love her caramelized potatoes.

Adam once again plugs the movie ‘All Relative’ and Adam asks her if they used ‘Film Buff’ saying he just talked to those guys about working with them on ‘Road Hard’.

Adam is now telling the gang about ‘Film Buff’ and says something that is missing from local distributors and production companies, he cites enthusiasm and willingness to kiss ass.


Adam is now quoting the regular types of L.A. guys who offer almost 0 enthusiasm for your movie, without a tonal change in their voice.

Adam is making a point about trying to get someone in bed with you, BB and Alison have some funny one liners.

Adam is explain that one out of every 5 guys/companies offer up the praise and it really makes the difference.


Adam has a killer brain tumor doc and funny joke about Alison banging a pan of Lasagna, she clarifies she was raped inside a pan of Lasagna in the dream, not by said pan.

They play the Rich Banks song about the dream, gold!


Adam is now citing the ‘Film Buff’ guys as some of the good ones and how other companies said that the Paul Newman doc wasn’t right for Sundance, Adam says they’ll be announcing the films playing the festival soon so he’ll keep us all up to date.


Adam is now using Ray and Chris as counter examples for his experience in 10th grade, he was a “dope” with no potential and no conversations with peers, parents, counselors or teachers about his untapped abilities.

Adam is now sharing an Al Qaeda analogy for how he failed Biology and the nonexistence compassion he got for perfect attendance in the class.

Adam is going super in depth on his choice to eat a dozen hard boiled eggs per day and spend all his time in the weight room to get his spot on varsity for the 11th grade.


“I owned a coop!” – Adam on where he got the eggs, Alison is joking about the gas he must’ve had back then, Adam says he wasn’t gassy as a young man.

Adam is telling them about his raw eggs and brewer’s yeast shakes, BB wants to know about Adam’s bloodwork and cholesterol at the time, Adam says they didn’t do bloodwork during the physical exam.

Adam salvaged a high school career and leaves off the part of losing his virginity to his childhood “Winnie Cooper” as brought up in past episodes.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ben, he wants Adam’s take on the Jaden Smith interview in the New York Times where he comes off like a blowhard.

Adam has a “castle in Malibu” analogy for life and asks Ben where his head would be in the same life, BB asks how never wanting for anything might effect and warp a person’s brain.

Adam doesn’t know what he would look like or sound like if he was in their shoes.


Alison now has some quotes from the interview, Adam is now further defending the kids and asking Alison to play Jaden and Adam will play his buddy Ray and has a killer riff about having a guy around who keeps you grounded.

BB suggests the idea of hiring a “No Man” to keep your rich kids in check, after Adam tells them about seeing the kids getting a lot of head nod replies from their staff flying with them on Adam’s flight to NYC.

Adam has a great point about the ultimate personal trainer being one of these “No Men” and wraps up the call.


2nd Caller Dalton, he shares his love for Alison’s show and Adam asks him about being their black correspondent, Adma jokes about the name Dalton hobbling him for this fake job.

Adam gets him to reveal his real name, BB has a killer Uncle Tom one liner, and he makes it even funnier with his follow up about asking if he was just an uncle.

BB is now quizzing him on his cell service, asking if he’s using a prepaid device.


Dalton reveals he works on a payment recovery team and cites only white rap music that he enjoys, Adam is now asking him a question about Willow Smith’s hit single. He fails.


3rd Caller Matt, he wants to be the black correspondent, gold!

Matt wants to know what age Adam would prefer his kids start drinking as its part of our American culture, BB asks when they all started drinking.

Adam brings up his 9th grade binge drinking that was done just to say they did it, Adam brings up the one friend who had the “cool parents” (i.e. criminals) and Alison reveals she had her first beer at 13 or 14.


Adam is expressing the lack of consequences he experienced drinking at that age, as opposed to drinking as an adult, he says its “drunk in a bubble” and Alison asks if they’re all in favor of children drinking.


Adam is doing a Hulu Plus Live Read


Alison’s News

1st Story Alison explains that Nick Santora contacted her asking about a clip to use for his show ‘Scorpion’ and Adam is asking if they switched nights, Dawson praises the series and says he loves it.

Adam says what’s fucking him up is they tape the podcast on Sunday night for release on Mondays.


2nd Story Is on the latest Bill Cosby allegations and controversy, Alison cites the Hannibal Buress quotes that led to this reaction.

Adam asks how old Bill Cosby is at this point and wants to know about money, how much he needs, why try to develop new shows and content, why not stay out of the public eye and consciousness.

They’re now playing the clips of Hannibal, Adam says he’s heard stories and cites James Babydoll Dixon citing Bill as a huge douchebag.


Adam says it plays into his theory about people like Rosie O’Donnell, he’s now using Greg Fitzsimmons as a counter point about people who don’t try to make you love them.

Alison brings up the ‘Spanish Fly” material from Bill’s old work, Adam brings up the beginning of the show and cites Ellen’s dancing, Adam says Chris Brown dances because he’s good at it, Ellen does it because she wants you to think she’s the type of person who likes to dance.

Adam is now quoting the old Bill Cosby Show theme song and asking for Gary to find it, Adam predicts Quincy Jones was involved with it.


Adam says that most men of that era were up to sexual activities that are now definitely illegal and goes in depth about “Spanish fly” being seen as a rape drug and cites the urban legend about a woman who impaled herself on a gearshift.

BB explains that the legend of it was that it acted like an aphrodisiac and BB has a gross “all roads lead to bone” comment.

Adam explains the premise of Spanish fly.


Alison is sharing the op-ed from Barbara Bowman and her point about it requiring a man to make it actually grab headlines and people’s attention.

Adam says it’s not about a man, it’s today’s climate and the recent controversy in the past 10 minutes about men abusing women in contexts that previously flew under the radar.

Adam is bringing up rumors about being gay and cites Mike August and how overwhelmingly hetero he is and why nobody would believe he was gay.


Alison plays the clip of Janice Dickinson telling Entertainment Tonight about her experience with his unwanted advances and sexual assault, she woke up with semen between her legs and was forced to remove the story from her autobiography.


Adam is now citing the stories he would hear about Bill not being like his television persona off air, Adam says we’re all now living too long and he would’ve been much better off dying at 71.

Adam is joking about how awesome it would be for him to go to prison, looking like the world’s biggest pork chop walking through the prison doors.

Alison asks if it’s over for Bill, Adam says if you are him you might think it’s about time to find a plot of land in Montana and start canning some fruit.


BB asks about guys like Bill who fumbled on the goal line in life, Adam is saying the guys he feels sorry for are the Joe Paterno’s and Bill Buckner’s of the world, he explains why Bill wasn’t such a bad guy and goes down in history as a putz.

Adam wants a distinction made against people who molested kids and who didn’t, Adam says that Joe could’ve done a lot more, he deserves something negative he agrees with that but he doesn’t think he should be thought of as guilty to the degree of the actual offender.

Adam says to avoid this type of legacy you shouldn’t drug and strong arm women throughout the 1980’s.


Alison is now sharing her thoughts about the stories not sticking about Bill, Adam is now joking about buzzing Hannibal Buress to ask him if he has any material on him.

BB is now playing Hannibal and they’re doing a nice back and forth with Adam kicking Hannibal’s tires about his material and Adam wraps it saying Cosby fucked up his own legacy so tough shit for him.

Adam says the guy who will have a tough next 10 days is Bill Clinton, he’s got hope that nobody goes on E.T. talking about his past misdeeds.

Adam and BB are now riffing about Bill Clinton hearing the Cosby allegations and reacting before they said his last name, Adam says the chickens have come home to roost for Bill Cosby.


Adam is now getting to the cosmic scheme of life and brings up Cosby’s murdered son and how you can’t top that punishment in life for him.

Adam has Alison wrap the news.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read.


Adam is bringing up the Michael Che phoner into the Adam and Dr. Drew show, BB plays the drop of Drew mixing up Michael’s tweet.

Adam mentions doing Drew’s HLN live show and gives out the plugs.

BB closes the show with Adam’s “fertile ground” comments as his closing drop.