Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2013 – Dana Workman and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/20/2013 – Dana Workman and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dana Workman and Jo Koy

Recorded 11-18-2013 – Release Date 11-20-2013

Production Number #1211

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Jo Koy is back in studio to further cement his ACS legendary guest status, Dawson has a slick intro and Adam is getting right to the business.

Adam is setting up “Tell Me Have You Seen Her?” by the “Chi-Lites” from 1971 for Bung Lau Su to audition for a spot in the group.

They’re playing the song and doing some light straight commentary over it, Jo is waiting to spot the falsetto portion of the song.


Jo has some light commentary on how Adam jumps right into things and now they’re doing a long form intro to the improv riff, Adam told Gary he’s always going to want to know the production year.

Bung Lao Su is now auditioning for the group, this is comedy gold!

Adam is in the mix and Alison has some nice reactions throughout, “Do I Get Job?” – Bung Lao Su


Bung’s offhanded Bruce Lee comment now has them all discussing the nature of his death and his son Brandon Lee, Adam is pondering the annual income of the Bruce Lee estate.

Jo is now in character as this fake agent character who represents Bruce and Bung.

Adam is trying to figure out how Brandon Lee died and BB has a weird comment about racism regarding the recasting for “The Crow II” he’s seemingly ignorant of the movie’s premise and the overarching theme that has nothing to do with a specific character or race, it’s a revenge premise.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Robert wants Adam to complain about the ever expanding Christmas shopping season.

Adam is telling all the ladies to watch out as he’s breaking out his plywood analogy regarding the ever decreasing measurements used to pinch pennies as a contrast against the incentive to increase the holiday shopping season.

Adam is now lamenting hotels and rental car companies with their frivolous taxes to increase your closing cost, hilarious “spa tax” one liner that Alison seems to appreciate.


Adam is sharing how the tip automatically tacked onto room service pisses him off and Alison has a point about wedding venues.

They’re really focusing on the car rental cost and Alison has a point about expense accounts, for the record whenever I rent on Adam’s dime I make sure to get all the discounts possible!

The caller is bringing up hotel check outs and making a fine point as Adam jokes about his whoring days in hourly motels and shares his “bad cashier” theory.


2nd Caller Carlos is trying to live up to Adam’s New Year’s Resolution of “Trying to Do Adam’s Best!” and has a complaint about coffee dependent people in his life.

Adam is explaining the premise of his resolution and Alison has a great reaction along with Jo.

Adam is sharing how he came up with “Do My Best” in the Matt Fondiler encounter, Adam is being super fair to Matt and says he loves him while citing the “effort counts the same as results” attitude of the current generation of young people.


Adam is now getting to the coffee and he’s mocking Mike Allier’s “melted Neapolitan mint chip ice cream” in a coffee cup.

Adam is going super in depth on this poor excuse for a cup of Joe and the lighter than flesh shaded hue, Jo has a hilarious “here is the people that I don’t like” reply for Adam’s statement to that effect.

Adam is mocking the decaf drinkers with Alison, good doofus voice work from both of them.


Adam is doing another live read.


3rd Caller Pete wants to know who Adam dislikes more, people who push their dogs around in a stroller or tether their kids to a leash.

Pete is coughing up what I assume is a bong rip and Adam is mocking the “kid lassos”, BB has a killer contribution and Jo is sharing how he never leashed his son.

Jo is giving his take on people who push dogs in a stroller and Adam says he agrees that dogs should be pulling us, he’s also sharing his “double decker cat stroller” find while reading some sky mall inflight.


They’re all now talking about the long lost scenes of people visiting elderly or informed family and friends at an old person’s home or mental illness hospital, BB has an excellent point shit that Adam chuckles away from.

Jo has a comment about dogs getting replacement legs made out of wheels and Adam thinks it’s just a movie trope, he’s citing “There’s Something About Mary” and calls them the “Farley Brothers”.


Jo is now in character as “Black Lab” (As Coined by Adam) his sister character to “Brown Sugar” he’s riffing up a storm with Ace as an inquisitive man asking the dog about his life at home with his “white bitch owner”.

This is incredible, Ace Awards 2013 material for sure!

They’re wrapping up this incredible riff with a live read and some plugs for the new weekly regular Jo Koy!


Adam is now bringing up his improv mistake from last week, the “Brown Sugar” riff and the car stereo.

Jo is confirming he was setting that up and even noticed himself upon listening back to the episode, Adam and Jo both re-listened.

They’re being very honest and Adam is even mocking himself along with Jo, they’re now playing the clip of Adam’s rare blown improv move.

They’re wrapping it up with a sweet note about how good they are together, good stuff!


Dana is now returning to the podcast for her 2nd visit, she was ACS #559 (Production Number #891) from last August of 2012.

Adam is joking about the opening intro and TV weather reporters playing god with their forecasts.

Adam is quizzing Dana about her roots and hailing from Calabasas, he’s got a theory he’s sharing.


Adam is asking Dana how she feels about ghosts and the paranormal and she’s sharing that doing this how crossed her over from skeptic to believer.

She’s citing all the anecdotal evidence she’s been told 2nd and 3rd hand from others, Alison has a killer one liner.

Dana brings up the Menendez brothers in reply to Adam’s “ghosts exist in New Orleans not Burbank” theory.

Adam has some light Menendez commentary with Alison and now Alison is sharing some Kardashian’s knowledge.


Dana is explaining how much she actually believes in this paranormal activity stuff.

Dana is now hesitantly sharing her spooky encounter she downgraded to a coincidental series of events, Adam has a great reaction and Alison has a funny Goth follow up point.

Hilarious Dean Martin joke from Adam.


Adam is asking Dana about her dating history and she’s sharing a quote of her tom boy rejection based on her fashion sensibilities.

Dana has a tucking joke that Alison seems to appreciate.

Adam is doing a live read.


Alison’s News

Dana is commenting on how jealous she is of Alison’s news theme, someone fires up the other A-Rose theme about her childhood Lasagna nightmare.

Dana has a strange outraged reaction to the opening notes, it sounded like she was offended by the Italian music bed or presumed they had impromptu theme for her?

Alison quickly clears it up and smooth’s out the perceived misunderstanding before it even sticks, Alison and Adam have some nice praise for Mike Lynch and Rich Banks.


Her Top Story is on the reduced powers of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Adam is offering up his take on elections and governments.

Adam is giving his take on politicians and counting them as nothing more than mascots on a parade float and all the actual business is done behind the scenes.

Adam is using Tony Villaretardo to explain how even the most incapable people can be elected to run a city, he’s got a great Elon Musk takes over Los Angeles and fixes everything riff.


Alison is giving the rest of the information and they’re playing a clip of the Mayor tackling a woman.

Adam is describing the move as the NFL player who runs into the cheerleader offside.

Adam is saying that Mexico is laughing their ass off about Canada, it’s the equivalent of the perpetual juvenile detention center kid laughing about the honor roll kid getting in trouble for the first time.


Alison is now quizzing Dana on her feelings about Anthony Wiener vs. Rob Ford, Adam is now joking about the superficiality of the ACS.

Adam is giving his take on Rob and his possible health risks engaging in this addictive behavior, Adam is now connecting him to Anna Nicole Smith and how she became a punch line.

Adam is being very considerate and discussing the dangers of laughing at drug addicts in the public eye, wow!


Gary just alerted Adam about Dr. Dre’s late son who overdosed on heroin a few years back, Adam is getting to the kids of celebrities and how the devil does indeed make work for idle hands.


2nd Story is initiated by Dana (You Can’t do That!) and is about the death of Brittany Murphy and the newfound toxicology results of her hair and her deceased husband’s hair point to foul play.

They’re all commenting on this and it’s pretty great, now I’m kind of glad she brought it up.

Adam is now explaining why he would make the worst undertaker and gravedigger, he would presume those to be exhumed.


Adam is doing a live read with a funny comment about Dawson’s speed for the legalese.

Adam is sharing some wisdom imparted on him by Danny Bonaduce that pertains to kids who get addicted to drugs and fuck up in life.


3rd Story is on Jenna Jameson’s return to adult films after quitting to raise her children.

Adam is now connecting porn star comebacks to ex-heavyweight boxers and how the audience is truly limited, he’s got a Joe Namath analogy with a hilarious “on the ground and there is come in his hair” one liner to close it out.

Adam is mocking Dana’s confusion over youporn, he’s thinking she’s pretending not to know and now Alison and Dana are quizzing the guys about how they pick out porn, hilarious Esther Rolle comedy from Adam.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and they’re now wrapping up the show and Adam is giving out the plugs.