Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 290

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 290

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 11-17-2015 – Release Date 11-19-2015

Production Number #290 – Noted

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Adam has a great intro with a funny pause and he tells people to tell them the Loveline duo are literally together, Adam says it’s jacket weather.

Dr. Drew brings up the Jimmy Kimmel coat he was wearing last time he saw him, Adam has a funny “Jimmel” flub and he talks about Jimmy is thoughtful and buys quality stuff for his staff, not just another crappy mug.

Adam says that happy things trended when he was a kid, there was an era of Racquet Ball taking over in the 1980’s, almost out of nowhere and now it’s gone.


Adam talks about the way things trended before social media, they talk about what a big high dollar endeavor a racquet ball court is.

Drew asks if us not having any of these commercially driven fads is a bad thing for society, if it could be a tell that we no longer have anything to get excited about.

Adam says things back then were slower, not enough was going on so we had to latch onto things, and he says his son’s activities run into other activities.


Adam says he does think we have traded in physical things not for mental or thinking but emotional things, hand wringing about black lives and the climate.

Drew talks about how kids are raised to be precious and how being precious and special at College and a lack of activities leads to these modern SJW causes that go all the way to ISIS, it’s disaffected youth.

Drew tells Adam about a “clap less” college where everyone snapped in support.


Adam says we’re all born with a mentality akin to a victim, not quite that though.

Adam is talking about movie ‘Jaws’ and the scene with all of the men trying to one up each other with their stories of danger and shark attacks over some booze.

Adam is talking about how men will compete and compare that way, Drew says it’s ultimately a male trait and psychologists would tell you it comes back to “who has the bigger dick” and Adam jokes that there’s a bigger cunt coming around the corner.


Adam says this is where men are becoming chicks, Drew interrupts.


Drew is doing an eHarmony Live Read

“I attract the crazy… deals” – Adam


Adam says the female version of this is the one-upmanship of who had the most evil stepmom who was the cruelest to them.

Adam says it’s a social hierarchy and he comments on the black vs. Jewish historical beef, Adam is making a lot of sense and brings up how the Jews are one upper’s with the holocaust and Adam says Drew can’t talk because he’s on CNN.

Adam says that you can’t bring up slavery if someone is going to drop the holocaust, Adam is saying that you have a bunch of people with this human component of “I’ve been wronged” and it’s now game on to always interrupt everything as you’ve being wronged.


Drew talks about the privilege of speaking to Alan Dershowitz and Adam jokes about him being so Jewish he’s like to Jews.

Adam talks about parenting and how his wife goes down to their level and the more she does that the more the kids starting spinning, you think you’re helping and being empathic, you’re not helping, you’re enabling.

That person needs your guidance, what a teacher, a coach someone in charge would do to help shape you and your mind.


Adam is talking about footage of the female college professor from Mizzou, Adam comments on how he doesn’t want his kids to be going to a college dealing with a bitch like that, telling his kids what the world is like, and interpreting the world for their children.

Drew agrees he would not want that, Adam loves that his bitch has to resign too and Gary has the information about her and her former employment.

Gary is now setting up the clip, it’s insane.

Adam says that if a male did that to a female slapped the camera, Drew says if someone did that to her there would be an assault charge.

Adam asks Drew what he’s said about these folks and their simmering anger, his mom was angry.


Drew talks about anger and the “no, no Noooo don’t hurt me again” behind her expression, Adam is talking about not being an angry guy and not starting fights.

Adam isn’t a poser about how “peaceful” he is, these people are and in reality they’re full of rage and not peaceful, Adam is commenting on this woman’s hypocrisy and probable rhetoric and how when push comes to shove, she punches the guy with a camera.

The student, journalist student and she’s a media professor.


Adam comments on the Asian student who is a minority, not the right kind of minority to get protection from being assaulted by a female professor.

Adam is commenting on her calling for some “muscle” and Adam is asking Drew why he’s supposed to want to spend money to get this cunt to teach his kids, he mocks her “you need to get out!” and Adam says Ted Nugent isn’t angry, he just bow hunts.


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Adam says it doesn’t smell good at posts offices and he talks about the terrible worn out flooring found in every postal facility.


1st Caller Jonathan, he compliments Mangria and tells the guys about finishing his first half marathon.

He’s telling them about running a 5min faster pace per mile of the marathon than his aunt, he is explaining all of the details and Adam asks him to use the term “trot” for a 15min mile.

Adam says that there are things on earth that are not made enough of, he talks about the marathon times and how hard it would be for the average person to break a 7min mile, let alone continue at that pace for 118 laps.


Adam sums it up and asks him about what he figures, his aunt probably cheated.

Adam is asking Gary about the number of laps in a marathon and the sub 5min mile that some Kenyans and super elite runners are able to win.


Adam is talking about the 4:45 per mile pace, he says we should give marathon runners a little more live, he thinks it’s a quiet racism as it’s mostly Kenyans who win.

Adam talks about the diversion they had and how she’s not making this up out of whole cloth, Jonathon is bringing up how uncomfortable this is making him, Drew has some practical advice, she has to live with her lie, and he doesn’t.

Adam is now offering up some advice, he shares his “noted” saying, he doesn’t need to know everything and he explains how he’s just hear to take notes, not to punish nor get upset.

Drew says “message received” and he has a nice example of observing someone picking up someone else’s trash while walking.


2nd Caller Alison, she’s calling them about her suddenly depressed roommate.

Alison is telling them about the SSRI medication that worked for her, Alison misspoke and now Drew is asking her about the seizure medicine her roommate is taking.

Adam is mocking the professor and her seething anger, he says you’re an adult woman in a public space, a hundred grand a kid for that!?


Drew responds to the news of Alison’s roommate being given the wrong prescription, Adam compliments her for being the greatest roommate possible, he jokes about what his friends would have done to him.

Alison is saying that pharmacy didn’t do anything, Adam says it’s time for her to focus on herself and he’s being very kind, he appreciates what she’s doing but he worries that she isn’t giving herself enough time.

Drew talks about what would have happened if a physician had this error it would be a settlement out of court, no questions asked.


Drew says that this side of the profession needs to learn about the consequences of these potentially deadly mistakes, he’s a bit jealous they can be so lax with their following of the rules of their profession.

Gary gets on mic with the news on Charlie Sheen that just broke before/during this taping.


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The smartphone is a modern day convenience but also has a “vig” in the risk of identity theft


Adam is talking about Charlie looking abnormally thing and gaunt, he comments on Magic Johnson and his body shape 25yrs after his diagnosis.

Charlie drives a fiat and runs over a prostitute– Adam comparing Charlie to Magic.

Drew is being informative about how you can suppress the virus to almost nonexistent in your body, Adam once again comments on the Karl Malone and Magic Johnson story from the early 90’s.


Adam is now asking about HIV and AIDS and unprotected sex, Adam is asking Drew about making gay porn, should men in that industry take antiviral medicine preemptively, or even hospital workers at risk.

Adam is talking about lawsuits and Drew saw the interview and comments on what Charlie claimed about telling people about his diagnosis.

Gary has the comments from Bree Olson contradicting Charlie.

Adam says he needs to apologize and jokes about presuming it was Zach Galifianakis, hilarious!

Drew comments on the medical doctor who was with Charlie and said that his addiction was the main concern, not the HIV.

Adam comments on the idea of roid rage or tumors associated with them, Adam is not advocating them and Drew says he has seen the rages and manias.

Adam comments on the obsessive gym rat types who get dependent on this stuff.

Adam talks about Lyle Alzado and his brain tumor, Adam then takes it to the former Calabasas mayor Barry Groveman and his comments on the death of Dana Reeve on the KLSX ACS


Adam is now joking about Cosby’s attorney sending edible arrangements to Charlie and his attorney.


3rd Caller Johnny, he wants to know about Charlie’s weakened state and immune system due to his alcoholism and drug use.

Drew has Johnny ask the question again, he wants to know if HIV can even live in his hostile body environment full of crack particles, they shut him up and move on.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, he tells Drew how much he would love Dennis Prager and his wisdom, Drew plugs his podcasts.

Drew talks about the Joel McHale booking on the most recent Dr. Drew Podcast #201 and how he wants them all to get together and go to dinner soon.

Adam closes out the show with standard line.