Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2015 – Robert Davi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2015 – Robert Davi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Robert Davi

Recorded 11-18-2015 – Release Date 11-19-2015

Production Number #1707

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Adam opens the show laughing about a scene from the movie ‘Showgirls’ involving today’s guest Robert Davi, he intros the show and BB plays the Yea! Drop from Phil Rosenthal as Today’s #TopDrop.

Adam has already mocked the entire film of ‘Showgirls’ along with Dana Gould in character at Huell Howser.

Basic Cable Commentary: Showgirls [Explicit]

Adam Carolla & Dana Gould

They’re now playing Adam’s favorite scene with Robert Davi telling Elizabeth Berkley’s character to blow him, Gina knows the scene well and even his character name, she’s riffing up a storm with the boys.


Adam tells the gang about his unfortunately timed lunch over at Joel McHale’s new home during which he was called and notified of the cancellation of his series ‘The Soup’ on E!

He’s hosted the show for nearly 12yrs and Adam describes the biggest problem is that the best guys he knows become so successful they have no free time to hang out, then when they have free time they have to go out of town.

Adam is explaining how he was trying to carve out some time with Joel, Adam says he either got the news that he quit, or the job was over, or the show was canceled and Adam talks about the Cobb salad they were enjoying.


Adam is singing the praises of Taco Salads, he’s got a hilarious shitting candy comment that Gina enjoys, and Adam is riffing about edible bowl technology.

Gina wants to know if Adam had to console Joel and now he’s transitioning to guacamole, he talks about the fake guacamole in the taco salad.

Adam says there is no perfect synthesis of avocados, Adam has some great squeeze bottle sound effects, Gina says most of that stuff is JAW (Just Add Water) and Adam complains about circular chips and synthetic cheese at Dodger’s Stadium.


Adam is not into the orange viscous Monsanto space shuttle partnership goo replacing cheese, Adam says he knows we’re fucking dumb and they talk about cantina nachos, Adam mentions the burned chip that got a little too close to the flame, the Icarus chip, Adam loves eating that chip.


They’re mocking fake stadium nachos and he wants to know why we can’t get chili’s or TGIF level food quality for the same prices.

Adam shares his distaste for Gatorade and Sunny D, 9 years olds can enjoy good food according to Adam.


Adam and BB are doing Draft Kings Live Read

You gotta plat to win – Coach Platitude


Adam is talking about how Joel had no idea on the details regarding the interior of his home, he was embarrassed and Adam told him that means he’s arrived and Adam talks about the smell of a house that’s 2/3rds done and he says he unplugged the Hispanic guys radio so he could think and talk to Joel, hilarious.

Adam says that it’s not the sons of the dudes who he worked with on the job site, it was 100% Hispanic dudes on the crew at Joel’s new place, that’s just it, that’s just southern California, hilarious Fred Rerun Berry comment from Adam.

Adam say that ladies are more into than the dudes are, Gina brings up the emotional connection to buying a home and Adam says that Joel is a good dude and plugs his upcoming role on the new season of ‘The X-Files’ and Adam confesses Joel told him he had his workload down to 3hrs per week for taping and prepping ‘The Soup’.


Adam has a “Joel’s Joel” comment and Adam says he asks Joel what was next, comedy or drama, Adam thought good for him that he doesn’t need to feel pressured to stay in comedy.

BB praises Eric Bana and brings up his comedy stardom in Australia that preceded his film stardom in the states.


Mangria Moments


Frank is the winner and Adam observes that Gina’s “Don’t Care!” drop sounds just like the wicked witch from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and now Adam is asking Frank about being in Paris for the massacre that took place.


Frank uses the term tragedy and Adam differentiates it and says he doesn’t soft peddle this as a tragedy, it’s a massacre and the perpetrators need to be hunted down.

Frank talks about how kind the locals were to him and he agrees with Adam about this being a massacre, he wasn’t even aware that he was repeating the soft peddling other are doing.

Frank is telling them about his location during the terrorist massacre, Adam talks about how the French are an easy target for comedy and Adam praises them for being very kind to him when he first visited Europe in the early 2000’s.


Adam has a good question about Airbnb and Uber and the unions that are against the services in Paris, Adam says it’s the future and you can’t fuck over someone like Edison vs. Tesla and the AC/DC drama that unfolded over 100 years ago.

Adam is having Frank wrap up his life story and now Frank is sharing the Mangria anecdote, Adam wraps up the bit.


Adam is bringing up the Lord Jeff history of the mascot of Drew’s Alma mater Amherst College, Adam always thought Drew was screwing around and that it wasn’t exactly true.

Adam comments on how it was treated by everyone up until recently, what can you do by getting upset by that fact.

Adam comments on mascots and how meaningless they are in the big picture and how you can’t help people by getting rid of cartoon/comic book exaggerated characters.


Adam wants to know how much we’ve moved the needle in the years since the debate about the Native American mascots began.

BB reveals he has something Adam wants to share or play.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


BB plays the clip of the Wicked Witch to compare to Gina’s delivery of don’t care.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Adam, he had the Lord Jeff question and Adam is talking about the way people take offense to the term “warrior” now and mentions his asteroid named after him, he’s not offended by it.

Adam teases ACS #1705 with Bryan Cranston airing next week, Monday.

Adam talks about how Bryan Cranston likes their shared history of being from the Valley, Bryan explained to him why his high school team were known as the Hunters, all of the other competing high schools had animal names.

Adam suggests re-naming a team the Hunters to see people still be upset.


2nd Caller Brent, he’s 29 and calling from Seattle.

He tells them about taking custody of a child with his wife, Adam says when it comes to kids and dogs, flip the script on getting a puppy and a child/teen.

Adam talks about adopting a white baby, he would send it to China first to then get the societal brownie points, Adam now just wants to send him to an embassy, Brent tells them about his new white baby, free.99.

Adam is now thinking he would go to Africa and endure the longer flight to get the extra credit, Adam asks Brent about the baby and he tell them about the mother, his wife’s niece and the child’s late father who committed suicide in jail.


3rd Caller Moe, he wants to know about BB expanding ‘Hooray For Baldywood’ into a full length podcast, Adam says it’s been in the works, he doesn’t mention his other show ‘The Film Vault’ and Moe asks about the movie critic who writes for The Verge and shares the same name as BB.

Adam says it’s one of these things he tells people to do, you may not get rich but maybe you can make a living doing what you like.

Adam credits the slew of modern options for career paths to the internet, Gina says that Adam is the only person that doesn’t discourage people from trying to start something, Adam says Moe is a fucking loser and tells him to burn all the equipment overnight, hilarious sarcasm.


Adam talks about delaying childbirth to enjoy being young and try out different hats, Adam explains what he would say to someone with kids vs. a single person or a couple who are DINKS.


Gina talks about her boyfriend and his adult children and how she’s not yet thinking about having her own kids.

Adam is going in depth on broke families and waxing poetic on the freedom of being alive and in a relationship without having shit out any kids.

Adam says people are still saying “what are we going to do with all of the kids we have now” and that they were saying that 20 years ago and had they listened to him then we would have solved this.


Adam and BB have a funny flooding/plumbing analogy improv riff, funny.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

The CEO could smell that someone had stolen only 2 of Adam’s social security digits edition


They head to break.


They’re back from break with Robert Davi making his biannual appearance on the ACS, it’s his 3rd visit after first coming on the show in 2011, then again in 2013.

They play some of Robert singing some Sinatra and asks him about his new album in honor of the man’s 101st birthday.

Adam is asking him about the man and their friendship, Adam asks Robert about Elvis vs. Sinatra and he’s got a kind and honest assessment and now quotes the New York Times and how they viewed Italian immigrants and comments on their lynching statistics from the era.


Adam is joking about the article and Robert is commenting on how Sinatra came out against racial bigotry and contributed to many charities.

Adam is commenting on the inability to quantify the power of music and the humanitarian effect of how it makes people feel, more powerful than any bumper sticker that’s for sure.

Adam shares his “earner” theory for people, despite what negative shit they might have done, did they bring in a net positive.


Robert talks about the people who don’t contribute to the sustainability of the nation and mentions the uproar on the college campuses over nothing from the entitled millennial types.

Adam is talking about the bygone era of young men who volunteered for war and loved our country way more than the protected class of children today.

Adam talks about “Fuck Me” money and he comments on how Joel McHale had to look over his shoulder and check who was looking when they were talking, nobody was being racist or saying anything wrong yet still he had to worry.


Robert and Adam agree on the Charlie Hebdo massacre and comments on how nobody was killed for “Piss Christ” and Adam talks about being threatened vs. murdered by a fundamentalist Psychopath.

Robert is talking about his problem with ISIS and he’s very well versed in world policy, a real renaissance man.

Adam wraps up his thoughts on ISIS and they go into a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read for

Adam likes candied yams and BB joins him for the read, Gina too.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the pursuits of terrorists in France, she tells them about a woman who blew herself up and Robert is talking about the movie ‘The Battle of Algiers’ and how female suicide bombers are old hat.

Adam comments on the idea of telling people not to be freaked out and ignore the reality of the threat of terrorism.

Robert has an anecdote about a guy wearing an NYPD hat in an airport security line.


2nd Story is on the first Charlie Hebdo cartoon to be released since the massacre, the most recent massacre in Paris.

They’re looking at the toon and Gina has some information.

Adam wishes they had a name like ‘The Paris Times Gazette’ so it wouldn’t be confusing thinking it’s the name of a sole individual.

Robert asks about the origin of the name, they are all now trying to figure out the use of Charlie in WWII, Vietnam and Korea.


3rd Story is on Jimmy Kimmel’s reveal of People’s sexiest Man Alive for 2015, David Beckham.

Adam says not everything has to come back this way, we don’t need a “Mr. Schlong” just because we have the sexiest woman alive.

Adam is killing it with this riff, Robert is cracking up and now Adam is saying that Beckham is one of the dudes who uses his bear, haircut and accent to hide his limited intelligence and personality.


Adam is now asking for a picture of Richard Jewell, Adam jokes about how he looks like a guilty person and he riffs with BB, very funny.


4th Story is on the lawsuit filed against Charlie Sheen regarding unprotected sex they had with him when he didn’t disclose his HIV status.

Adam is now riffing about how you can’t get consensual sex after telling someone about your HIV, Adam has a killer “spread ‘em” and jokes about it further, very funny chicks jumping out the window image he’s describing.

Robert talks about guys who dies of AIDS, specifically Ray Sharkey and he wants to know about the people who knew about someone’s diagnosis, are they accomplices, Adam and BB have a funny “we should fuck” riff and Gina explains he has HIV and not AIDS.


Robert wants to know if the women that blackmailed him can be accountable, Adam is talking about this could fan out and how Charlie’s HIV could have infected other powerful men in Hollywood.


5th Story is on Magic Johnson’s comments about Charlie and his Diagnosis, Adam jokes about him trying to enlist Karl Malone first.

Adam talks about Charlie and his sexual partying, Adam jokes about his daughter becoming a Bree Olson type and says he would just killer her if she was some fuck sponge.

Gina wraps the news to a new drop of herself, nice.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Forces of Nature medicine

BB’s wife absolutely does not have herpes edition


Adam is now giving out the plugs for Velocity and explains they will be showing it twice, he plugs his upcoming dates and Robert’s new album and live show.

Very solid booking, nice work Robert!