Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2014 – Joe Rogan and Cassius Morris

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2014 – Joe Rogan and Cassius Morris

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joe Rogan and Cassius Morris

Recorded 11-17-2014 – Release Date 11-18-2014

Production Number #1457

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Adam opens the show to a decent “contact high” intro in honor of today’s guest Joe Rogan, Adam shares the couple of remaining tickets for the live podcasts in Seattle and Portland.

BB plays the “Chubby girls are to down to fuck” drop from Alison as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is now explaining an off air exchange with the usually on top of his game Matt Fondiler, Adam says he watched the Whitney Houston autopsy/coroner’s report.


Adam is bringing up the parts you forget from the story, the big Clive Davis party was taking place at the same hotel, and her body was in the bathtub while partygoers were there.

Adam jokes about the sundae of sadness and morbidity regarding her death, Alison has a funny one liner.

Adam is breaking down the scenario, Whitney Houston 40ft above you dead while you’re downstairs dancing the night away.


Adam was made aware that Gary’s parents were attending said party and he’s got the info about what partygoers were told beforehand.

Adam is now asking if someone got very drunk and suggested they bring her down for the party.

BB has a funny can’t say pipe, deep series of comments and Alison tops them all with a shallow one liner.


They’re now all commenting on the drug dealer who commented on her, they’re playing the clips of him mocking her after death.

Alison says he’s like an internet troll crossed with a drug dealer, Adam says the guy from the video reached out to them and told them he was an actor hired by a tabloid to pretend to be the dealer.

Adam ordered the guy who contacted them to send in a picture to prove his identity, Adam is bringing up how this involved Matt Fondiler and got the confirmation he sent a picture in and Matt still hadn’t alerted Adam.


Adam says he then did what Adam loves, he just stopped and hung his head in defeat.

“Adam loves defeat” – Alison


Brian is now on the line, Adam is explaining how he sent in a photo of himself with an autographed bottle of Mangria, in the clothes he wore during the bogus interview.

Brian is explaining how he got involved with these fake interviews, he played Whitney Houston’s drug dealer, limo driver along with Charlie Sheen and Lyndsey Lohan’s dealers too.

Adam is now saying this is why you shouldn’t buy into these bullshit exposes and he shares he was never paid for the last gig, this Whitney autopsy special.


Adam is now asking if he gets any pushback from his parents or family when they see this stuff, he says that nobody’s ever seen them.

Adam says to be fair to him it’s not going to come back to haunt him, he shares his status as a semipro pornstars on the internet.

“You’re a jackoff on all tits” – Adam’s porn variant for Jack of all trades.


Adam tells Gary not to show him any nude pictures of Brian, he currently has an image of him in his head as a wholesome drug dealer, and he doesn’t want that spoiled.

Adam is bringing up how Americans tend to believe English guys due to their accents, Adam has a funny Dyson vacuum guy “bowling pin up your arse” riff.

Adam is asking if he’s seen the final versions of the other trashy tabloid specials and if they presented it as reality like the Whitney one did.


Adam asks who cooked up the cocaine exchange storyline for how he was able to get said drugs to Whitney’s doppelganger Blacsimile.

Adam is now explaining his mental breakdown on how much coke you can fit into a bic.

Adam is amazed at the efficacy, he says he did play the limo driver and if they used someone else, it was his words and he needs a writing credit.

Alison calls into question the notion of Whitney picking up her own cocaine in a limo, but according to Joey Diaz, on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that’s exactly what she did.

Joey Diaz Sells Coke to Whitney Houston (from Joe Rogan Experience #163)


Adam is now ranting against ‘Reelz’ and he’s explaining how they filmed a guy to stand-in as the Limo driver, Adam has a funny 2nd gunmen JFK one liner.

Adam asks him where he got his bottle of Mangria, he says he came to the signing in San Diego, he brought a copy of ‘The Hammer’ and Adam is now turning around on Brian and saying how much he likes this kid, as if he wasn’t railing against his fictitious persona just days ago on ACS #1454.

Adam is now asking him about the douchey cavalier nature he presented on Camera, Alison gets him to break down how the production company lied to the interviewers.


Brian reveals he’s a US NAVY veteran, Adam says he can just say NAVY, he won’t ask what country.

Adam now wants to know what we’re doing with our shitty boring lives and comments on the seeming thousand lives of Brian, Alison questions the veracity of it.

Alison wants no more info about his semipro porn, Adam is joking about his work in the NAVY and now Brian shares how Adam motivated him with his life story and goal for making some kind of traction by 30yrs old.


Adam is now bringing up turbine/turban and how people pronounce the words.

Alison thinks this is news worthy and bets it will get picked up by the larger media, Adam is now commenting on the inaccuracies in media and how you don’t know how bad it is until they start writing about you.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore live read

They’re breaking early and bringing Joe into the show, smart move


They’re back from break a listener voicemail from a fan who “changed his mind motherfucker” and Adam explains that exchange to Joe Rogan.

The last time Joe called into the show was in 2013 for ACS #1165, the last time he was in studio was for episode #830 in 2012, this is only Joe Rogan’s 8th appearance on the podcast, I suspect some early booking issues may have decreased his appearances.


ACS #46 (feat. Joe Rogan)

ACS #224 Live from Irvine (feat. Ralph Garman, Petros Papadakis, Matt “Money” Smith, Frank Stallone & Joe Rogan) – The oft-mentioned live show where Joe wasn’t a fan of the format, which there really wasn’t much of one, it’s not standup and it’s not a podcast, some kind of in between alternative.

ACS #283 (feat. Teresa Strasser, Bald Bryan Bishop & Joe Rogan) – Joe gets stuck in horrific traffic, only shows up for the tail end of the episode and then ends up staying and guesting for a full episode of a previous incarnation of For Crying Out Loud.


Adam is now plugging Joe’s dates and live special, check out his website

Adam brings up the ‘Real Sports’ “eat what you kill” special he was on, Joe is commenting on the media classifying this as movement, Adam apologizes for going along with it.

Adam is now arguing about the idea of something that’s gone on since the beginning of time being considered a new “movement.”


Joe is bringing up the hypocrisy of some people who eat meat but then criticize people for hunting and killing their own food.

Adam blames it on guns, he says that people hate guns and Joe says no, it’s not just that, he killed a bear with a bow and arrow as discussed on his show in depth several times and people are objecting to that where no firearms were used.

Joe brings up the inherent infanticide/cannibalism in the bear food chain.


Adam is talking about people thinking too emotionally, Joe says people are too reactionary and brings up an exchange about abortion and human life/fetuses he had online with someone who presumed he was a right to lifer type.

Joe says the guy then assumed he was right wing, Adam and Joe are now on the same page, Joe doesn’t seem as certain of Adam’s position yet.

Alison’s question is held further but acknowledged again by Adam.


Adam is bringing up the over-politicization and bizarre energy behind almost every topic that comes up in popular culture and/or media, Joe is being his usual honest self and making some great points about why people assume intent behind every word or idea and human nature.

Adam agrees, and gets in a few comments from his POV as someone who is constantly pegged as right wing when he doesn’t think that’s accurate as he picks and chooses topics based on logic and doesn’t tow and party lines.


Alison is asking her question, she has a nice preface to explain her point, Joe is taking it in and has what Alison calls the perfect answer, I agree.

Alison is a huge fan of Duncan Trussel, I’m not sure she’s aware that many of his best qualities were influenced by his friendship with Joe.

Joe has a funny magic genie one liner and further expresses his point, which basically tells her not to worry about eating meat, she doesn’t have to feel bad about going to a supermarket and buying it.


Adam addresses examining everything with an open mind, as a pragmatic atheist/agnostic and how other people then react by questioning your motives.

Joe one again says its human nature and he’s got a great NRA analogy and argues his stance on mental health control (awareness) and Adam tells him that’s always what he brings up in response to these mass shootings that happen from time to time.

Adam is now saying his son at 19 can find any number of times to kill people, his goal isn’t to keep those things away from him, it’s to raise someone who doesn’t take lives or hurt people.


Cassius Morris is now on the line, he’s the kid caller who Adam told to call back into the show on the reg, he hosts ‘The Cassius Morris show’ and Adam is actually on episode #007, pretty decent interview and podcast too, he’s technically proficient and good on mic.

Adam is asking him about his 7th year in podcasting, he says Adam and Joe inspired him yet he predates Joe and started a year after Adam’s KLSX radio show started podcasting in 2006.

Cassius is now getting a chance to interview Joe, he brings up his interview with Joey Diaz to establish that he’s familiar with Joe and Deathsquad.


Cassius wants to know about Joe returning to The Comedy Store after 7 years of not performing there, first due to a ban from an old club manager and then due to his own hesitance.

His producer and the director and editor of the legendary Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia incident from February 10th 2007, wound up guesting on the KLSX ACS to discuss said video, during that very same week, solid appearance!

Cassius is now connecting a huge chunk of Adam Carolla Show lore and he’s as oblivious to it as Adam, they also discussed the situation with Joe in 2007 and 2008.


Joe compliments the new staff and energy in the club and what lured him back, Joe explains it was the Mencia incident and Adam compliments Cassius for the question as he would’ve never thought of it.

Cassius now wants to know what originally attracted Joe to Joey Diaz and how they became friends, BB has an attempted dig at Joey and Joe refuses to acknowledge it or simply doesn’t hear him.

Cassius asks the best city for a young comedian starting out, he shares the reality of working and starting out in Los Angeles which goes against the conventional wisdom/myth about the L.A. comedy scene.


Adam asks Joe what his best city is for ticket sales/popularity, he can’t quite come up with then praises Denver and the lovely Wendy of the Comedy Works, he shares what a great person she is and what she’s done to foster that comedy scene.

Adam brings up the time Mike August stole the toilet paper from the comedy condo at one of the Comedy Works locations.

Joe Rogan has a great memory of paying Mike August to eat a large slice of cake, hilarious one liner from BB.


Adam is now telling Joe about the 500$ casino bucks story at the in house P.F. Chang’s, Adam is explaining how he refused the fan drinks and instead ordered them drinks.

Adam shares how Mike did go through 500$ and Alison wants to know about his metabolism, Joe says maybe he just knows when to not eat, killer comeback from A-Rose.

Adam is now bringing up Mike Dawson and his trim physique despite his double burger king sandwich devouring during the first segment of the show.


Adam is asking Joe about his evolution of podcast recording setups, Joe once again credits Adam for inspiring him with some of what he’s done with his own podcast.

Joe remembers Adam’s studio evolution and now Adam is complimenting him back while recalling his first recording in Joe’s house where he got super high.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Sam, he praises Bald Bryan’s book and wants to know more about the chapter where BB took over for Mike Lynch.

Adam is now explaining the background to this story, he shares that when they started the ACS Mike Lynch had a 2 week vacation planned before starting the job.

Adam is now telling all people to plan one of those into their new gig, he shares how you get away with it and how he is going to tell his kids to repeat Mike Lynch’s move.


Adam explains the element he’s never shared where they had to explain to Mike Lynch that he no longer had that job, Alison observes that advice might not be the wisest to give his kids and Adam has a funny reaction.

BB is now sharing his thinking and first realization about taking over for Mike and how he felt.

Sam just wanted to know if he wasn’t going to fire him, what it was he was trying to figure out, which led to Mike writing for the show and doing bits including the great Dizzy and Schnizzy – Birds in Rachel’s vagina.


Adam is now doing a live read


2nd Caller Maria, she wants to know if the “I Changed My Mind Motherfucker” episode was cooked or fraud perpetrated by the homeowners and the “Contractor.”

Adam shares with Joe how the MTV version of Loveline would sometime try to cook calls for the show, unlike the radio show they wanted/needed to fake some calls.

Adam shares his rationale for fake calls, if this person doesn’t have the condition or problem, someone listing might and this might help them.

Adam and Drew would tell the producers to not tell them when they were faking stuff, Joe is seemingly less disgusted after Adam explains it.


Joe explains the incident with his series ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything’ that aired on SyFy when the network edited a video and faked evidence.

Adam is now asking if it isn’t all just entertainment, Joe is drawing a line between fiction and reality TV.

Joe brings up Swamp People, Adam brings up the show where they offer to buy cars off of “strangers” but doesn’t name it.


Joe seems to know the series and they figure it must all be cooked, Joe says these shows are all hybrid shows, part fiction and part reality.

“You at least gotta call your wife” – Adam on selling your car, does he consult Lynette when buying and selling his?


3rd Caller Mike, he compliments Joe and brings up the charity meat donation programs hunters take part in, he explains how shares his meat with his friends, grows his own veggies and has his own chickens for eggs.

Joe has a great “That’s a lie” reply about man being the most dangerous prey, Adam is riffing up a storm and Joe is getting to the origins of that theme in fiction, Alison is also aware of the short story, impressive.

Adam asks Mike what his question was, he wants to know about family and education, he thinks educations is improving and heading the right direction but what can we do to encourage people to have less kids.


Joe jokes about him being Hitler and tells him to settle down, Adam brings up Ron Lyle, and Joe the expert recalls it too.

Adam is trying to recall which fight he’s thinking of, some slugfest with George Foreman, Joe rightfully says it was Ron Lyle.

Adam is commenting on Ron’s mother having 19 kids, he confirms that Joe Rogan was right.


Adam is now trying to make a point, asking Joe to imagine moving into a smallish apartment with his 3 kids, he wants to know when that becomes child abuse.

Joe is being very sensitive and insightful, Adam is now arguing this becomes a safety issue and jokes about being stabbed by Ron Lyle.

Joe is saying that this kind of social engineering doesn’t work and becomes real squirrely almost right off the bat.


Adam is now clarifying is point about the government and its desire for more taxpayers and ideally empty prisons.

Adam is saying that Joe is now saying what he’s saying and he’s back to the engineering aspect of this idea, Adam is now suggesting how he would start this.

Adam brings up real world statistics about childhood sexual abuse, Adam brings up childhood therapy for victims as the first step.


Adam is now saying the same way he would want to work with the abuse victim he would like to work with the child of a teen mother and help him or her avoid the same life as their parents, to give them a broader set of life choices.

Joe ultimately sees Adam’s point, he’s not talking about rounding anyone up or sterilizing them, he wants like 15 different angles.

Joe says Adam talks about this a lot and this gets him in trouble, Adam explains he does and shares his “you don’t have to worry about Dr. Drew’s kids” theory.


Joe has a “pressure to make a diamond” theory on bad childhoods and chaos creating artists and great things.

Adam and Joe both come from parents that should’ve never had kids, Joe tells Adam he hasn’t spoken to his biological father Joe since he was 7yrs old.

Adam wants to know more about this and says he has the same version of this with his family and thinks it in part gave him his overall pragmatism. Like Joe talked about with his bow hunting description.


Adam is now doing a Lifelock live read, Joe has a funny/silly reaction Adam’s transition into the advertisement.

Adam brings up Duane Bobick.


Adam is now asking Joe about his absentee father and compares that to his mentally absent pop, Joe says it was probably very similar.

Joe is going more in depth on his dad than I’ve ever heard him talk about in 15 years of interviews and over 1500hrs and 500 episodes of his podcast, whoa!

Adam asks what Joe would do if his father suddenly contacted him, what he could do to get back into Joe’s life, Joe says you don’t get to clean up every problem.


Joe brings up seeing his dad punch his mom, rare sharing moment and explains his theory on being able to choose your friends and make them a “chosen” family.

Adam is complimenting Joe’s pragmatism and he’s saying these ideas and theories are just that and created by fools and perpetrated by idiots.

Joe says “good luck buddy” to his dad, politely and he explains he’s not interested in adding more people and time wasting things to his life, he can’t give up 5min of his time he needs to spend with his daughter, he doesn’t hate the guy and is every eloquent.


Adam is now explaining his “there is nothing for us to get back to” conversation with his mother, Joe says those conversations are hard as if he’s had them before, interesting.

Adam is saying the “but it’s your dad!” replies he gets form other people trying to make him somehow see their point of view.

Joe is joking with Adam about his sterilization program and Drew’s kids, Joe says that all of his favorite people had fucked up childhoods.


Alison has a smart question about raising his kids in a no chaotic loving home and what that means for them and their personalities as adults.

Joe says you have to leave kids the fuck alone and let them figure out things while being with them as much as possible, being present.

Adam is totally with Joe, he’s bringing up his resistance to college and forcing his kids into it.


They’re now back to Ron Lyle and George Foreman and Joe has some amazing stats, Adam is talking about George’s transformation from the brooding hulk of a man into the loving man of god slinging home appliances.

Joe is now explaining how Muhammad Ali stole George’s soul in the ring much like what he did to Sonny Liston all 3 guys are now weighing in on it.

Joe brings up the fight between Foreman and Gerry Cooney, Adam messes up another boxers name today.


Joe is dropping all kinds of famous boxer names and referencing key fights, they’re waxing poetic about Ken Norton and Adam says he would fuck Frank Bruno or he could fuck him and he wouldn’t be able to say no.

They’re discussing Larry Holmes and his own “I Changed My Mind Motherfucker” moment running over the hood of a car.


Adam is doing a live read for


Adam tells Alison to put the news on ice and wraps the show, Adam plugs all of Joe’s projects and website and wraps the show.

Adam says Grab a Knee instead of Take a Knee, his new show.

Joe asks Adam about his upcoming live shows in the northwest, he wants to know if it’s standup or the podcast, BB closes the show with Adam’s bowling pin arse line from the English accent riff earlier in the show.