Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2013 – Adam Ray and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/19/2013 – Adam Ray and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray and David Wild

Recorded 11-18-2013 – Release Date 11-19-2013

Production Number #1210

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Adam has a nice and spirited intro, BB has a nice #TopDrop and David Wild is in studio for his 51st appearance, if you would like to hear his past 50 visits you can obtain them via the official archive.

Adam has a new revelation to share based off his mid-evening TV commercials for small accident attorneys, Adam is saying if you drive while looking like you’re miserable and concentrating you’re better able to avoid accidents.

Adam is talking about people who are having fun are just daring the universe to take them out, Alison has a nice anecdote about someone she knows.


Adam is now getting to the “compartment in everyone’s brain” that can be filled with religion, politics or crazy energy and he’s sharing a new theory about people and superstition.

Alison is chiming in and Adam is using her friend’s anecdote to make his point, David is now sharing his superstitious OCD symptoms.

Adam is suggesting that Jewish people have more cultural superstition in comparison to other religions.


BB is chiming in with “Rich Man/Poor Man” for Adam’s superstition tangent, Adam is summing it up and transitioning to the Variety’s “Power of Comedy” roast for Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam is now telling the gang about the Hors d’oeuvre options that bumped him, he’s describing these open face sliders and lack of napkins provided for the attendees.

Adam is bringing up the one name that Fondiler forgot to put on his list of attending comedians, he borrowed a napkin from Paul Scheer and has some comedy trying to come up with his name, only fitting after Paul ran over Adam’s car parts two visits ago.

Adam is citing how he was slated to do some standup for this event and wanted to do something easy instead, Adam called Babydoll Dixon and found out what everyone else was doing.


Adam hitched his cart to Joel’s “toast” and was told by Joel that he was also tired of doing standup and they were Sympatico.

Adam is mentioning how he was at IKEA when he heard from Joel, BB wants to know what Adam was doing there and says it’s a not very “Adam Carolla” style store.

Adam is now sharing his pre-fab theory on furniture and other items and how he recommends them to people on Ace on the House.


Adam is now mocking the labyrinth layout of IKEA stores and how they’ve become giant restaurants.

Adam is now riffing about savory/umami and how it’s only competition in motivating factors is “horny”.

Adam and David are now riffing about a fake borscht belt comedy duo and David has some “Beatles” trivia for the gang, BB nails it!


Adam is sharing the advice he gave Mike August and various customers in the past, they protest buying “IKEA crap” but it would cost way more to have things built by someone like Adam.

Adam has a great car analogy and he’s explaining he was there getting some materials for closet upgrades for his new house.

Adam is bringing up the ribs and meatballs at IKEA, Adam wants to write a character who only eats at IKEA and never shops there for furniture or anything else.


BB and David are now whipping out some cash to temp Caelan into making a run for some IKEA meat products.

BB is now jumping in to correct “Savoy Truffle” the actual song title and he’s even offering up a quick rendition that makes everyone in the audience no longer enjoy the “Beatles”.

Adam is now having a back and forth with Gary over the pictures of the IKEA ribs.


Adam is now sharing the story of the “Pretty in Pink” Premier Party in comparison to his story of this Variety event being held at the same venue.

I actually recovered an MTV special from the “Pretty in Pink” premier party, sadly Adam cannot be observed in any of the shots despite his presence.

Adam is now giving the long form version of this classic story as featured in his last book and as told on the KLSX morning show.


Adam has a Bosstones back and forth with BB complete with a funny comment about all of their songs, he’s sharing his free booze passion and how he would’ve settled for eye boogers.

Adam is bringing up his post party bathtub vomiting and sharing his new idea on hiring a P.I. to go back and deconstruct confusing events from his past so he can finally put them to rest.


Music with David Wild

In honor of Graham Parker’s Birthday they’re now playing David’s choice for Graham Parker song in lieu of playing Adam’s or both.

David is sharing his recent interview with Eddie Murphy and how excited he is about it, BB has a choice and telling drop.

David is dispelling all notions about rules and difficulties when it came to interviewing the man, David is going to share the interview with in the next few days.


Adam is adding Eddie to the pantheon of comedians like Mike Myers who feel like they keep everyone at beyond an arm’s distance.

Adam is giving his take on “Tower Heist” and why the movie bumped him, he’s going in depth on a car sale quoted in the movie that ruined it for him.

David is now explaining why he picked his specific Graham Parker song.


David is playing “Between You and Me” and explaining his origins in Pub rock music and what that style entails.

David is bringing up his work on “This is 40” and getting to see Graham Parker reunite with his band.


Adam is doing a hilarious “Coming back for a little dessert” Life lock live read with Dawson cast as the home invader from one of those home security commercials, comedy gold!


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he’s telling Adam that he inspired him to start his own podcast, he’s got 164 episodes and does a long form interview format like the ACP episodes.

Matt is wondering how to take his show to the next level while competing with successful comedians and professionals entering the format (2 years before Matt).

Adam is now giving some practical advice, he’s got a restaurant analogy for Matt to explain product quality.


Adam is now waxing poetic on high quality products and how they rise above the marketplace, he’s citing the apex of Audi over the past 3 decades and how they’re now regarded as high end automobiles.

Adam is now referencing the stock prices of chipotle and using them as a further example for his analogy.

Adam is now plugging the return of Dave Dameshek and Alison unknowingly steps on it as she’s so excited to get back to the topic at hand, many fans across the planet are very unhappy at this moment.


Adam has a funny joke and lets Matt interview David Wild on his show, Matt has the most generic question possible and David is revealing he loves “Bowfinger” while providing very informed replies to help make Matt shine, nice job David!

Adam and Bryan are doing a live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “Enders Game”, he’s got a great back and forth about the level of interest Harrison Ford shows in his role, BB is breaking down the plot and cast.

BB is really giving an in depth review and citing Producer Gary’s love for the movie and the book.

Adam is now getting to the Alien element common among all of us humans, much like the savory boner tangents from earlier in the show.


Adam is joking about the aliens in films destroying famous landmarks and fucking up Florida.

Alison and David are all in the mix and Adam is further waxing poetic on the eternal interest in aliens and vampires.

BB gives it a solid C+


Adam is connecting his love of sports to the sports cards world and how he doesn’t have interest in them, he’s contrasting that to sci-fi and fantasy.

Great “pussy pelts” one liner and follow up from Alison getting Adam to reiterate.

Adam is plugging the upcoming return of DAG and his tryout for “The Floaters” hopefully pigheaded twitter users don’t poison his head before he shows up, DAG was intended to be the first tryout and needs to get his time to perform without anyone ruining it in advance.


Adam Ray is now making his 2nd appearance on the podcast after his first visit on ACS #777 (ACP production number #1109 from back in June.

Adam Ray is plugging his role in “The Heat” and the free copy he’s dropping off for Adam.

Adam is bringing up his hesitation upon seeing the trailer and BB agrees then says how much he liked the movie.


Adam is now asking Adam Ray about his standup schedule, how many shows he does per night.

Adam Ray just said a key phrase that makes me think we’ll hear of the infamous 6 shows in Kirkland in 2010.

Adam is now getting to his 3 100 minute shows each night, I was there for all of them and running the equipment solo for 3.5 shows, the greatest night of my life.


Alison has a nice comment about Adam’s evolution as a standup and Adam Ray has an anecdote of a recent trek to here in Illinois.

Adam is now getting into the drunkest crowds, late night and Canadian ones.

Adam Ray just brought up mechanical bulls in Bloomington Illinois and Adam is riffing about the perfect storm of bar food, booze and crazy motion.


Adam Ray has another mechanical bull anecdote and there is a mix-up between Alison and Adam Ray regarding him being called gay, they clear it up.

Adam is now on to the Blue Angels and riffing about them all having a food kryptonite that would keep them from trying to fuck with you and make you puke.

Adam is joking about “New New Deli” Indian food and how most of these guys are probably not fans of the cuisine.


Adam is now riffing about their hats, the folding soft type, and the “Steak and Shake” hat as Adam Ray puts it.

Adam is now doing a live read for the new sponsor via the show page link above.


Adam is now commenting the photo of the Blue Angles and Adam Ray is referencing “Blue Chips” from 1994 with Nick Nolte and actual college now retried NBA players.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the weather in the Midwest, Adam Ray is telling the gang about his flight delay and light mocking from a Delta employee.

Adam has a hilarious battered men joke in response to Adam Ray’s mention of a shelter, comedy gold!

Alison is noting it was the worst here in Illinois, Adam Ray says it’s the craziest storm he’s ever seen, it sounded like my windows were going to break, and it was bad!


Adam Ray and Adam are riffing about “The Fairfield Inn” and the lack of safety felt there, Adam is digging into the TV remotes of hotel rooms and “the weird feeling of being at the mercy of the TV set”.

Alison and Adam Ray are bonding over the delay in most hotel remotes, they’re joking about 2, 02 and 0002.

Adam is explaining why he won’t use his IPad for in room entertainment, Alison is bringing up the trick button that takes you to the hotel menu.


Adam is now bringing up the greatest attack ever from their last trip to NYC, the card slot activated electricity slot.

Adam is getting to the “thumb roll” and explaining why he didn’t try to turn his lights on due to the time of the day and ambient light.

Adam is now getting to his years of lost hours trying to figure out where to point the remote, he’s calling for universal rules for in room TV, much like his idea about shower knobs.


Adam is bringing up the Marriot in Detroit that promotes the other fine locations across the globe on their in room TV menu while he stared out the window at the apocalypse around him.

Alison is now reading the stats on damage and the death toll in Washington Illinois where it was an EF4.

Adam Ray is sharing an anecdote from the airport and some possible misinformation about lighting strikes and Air Traffic Control protocol.


Adam is now saying that when people go to the airport “we all become cats” and he’s joking about all the people laying down in the most bizarre places possible.

Adam is joking about someone Biverwhacking in the husky section of a SEARS’s department store, Adam Ray and Alison are in agreement and have great reactions to Adam’s comedy.

Adam says if he was homeless he would just move into an airport posing as a passenger waiting for a flight that never comes, Adam Ray is helping him flesh this out.


Adam is joking about a man sprawled out on the baby changing table in the bathroom, Adam Ray is telling them about having to pee in a stall and being approached by an angry man full of shit.

Adam and Alison have great reactions to Adam Ray’s anecdote, Adam Ray is now quoting this horrible encounter with way too much shit talk.

Adam is now ranking this guy as one of these people he’s secretly jealous of but also would kill himself if he walked in their shoes, Adam Ray is further fleshing out this horrible scene.


Adam is now comparing the toilets at airports to whoring in exotic locales, much like his bikini waxes from bizarre ethnicities idea.

Adam is connecting this idea to his theory on the transplants of the country ruining Los Angeles, as it’s nobody’s home turf.

Adam is now doing a perfectly timed live read with super speed Dawson.


Adam is now bringing up the idea of getting a time machine and transporting the passengers of the 1960’s to see the airport conditions and the passengers strewn about of today.

Adam is bringing up the eating, the plug in charging and shoeless pride.

Adam Ray is in full agreement and they’re really making some great points about the modern day airport experience and what it’s like to maneuver around these types of passengers.


Adam is now getting Dawson on mic to explain the infamous KLSX Adam Carolla Show incident where he caught Dawson peeing in a stall.

Adam Ray is now in the mix with Alison who’s sharing her own handicap stall shaming.

Adam is telling the story from that day and the honesty from Mike Dawson regarding the seat position.


Dawson is now giving his take on why he wasn’t offending anyone and practices Adam Ray’s policy of cleaning up a seat after splashing.

Dawson is now saying the urinals were occupied when he arrived and Adam is shooting that down along with his other defense of the split toilet seat.

Adam Ray is now in defense of Dawson and he’s wise to point out Adam’s great compliment of his honest nature, it’s only been about 6-7 years actually.


Adam Ray is now asking Alison if a woman would ever pull one of these moves on another lady in the bathroom.

Alison is giving her take as a woman and she’s got a hilarious one liner, Adam is sharing his own peeing while sitting moments and contemplation of butt wiping while he’s there.

Adam is doing a live read.


Alison is wrapping the news, BB is playing the new Dawson drop and Adam is giving out the plugs.

Adam is now wrapping the show with some more plugs for Adam Ray and all of his projects and comedy dates.

David Wild’s 51st appearance. Adam Ray’s 2nd appearance.