Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/18/2015 – Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/18/2015 – Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy

Recorded 11-17-2015 – Release Date 11-18-2015

Production Number #1706

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Jo Koy is in studio and BB has Adam’s new “Who Sucks that Guy’s Dick” #TopDrop and he tells Adam about going to a Jaguar test drive and running into BB’s beautiful wife Christy.

Adam is talking about the different models and mocks the SUV in front of him trying to be the sole vehicle to make it through the left turn.

Jo is talking about Adam flew into Vegas, like a boss

“There is nothing better than eating expensive meat when you’re drunk” – Adam


Jo reveals Adam ate 1k worth of meat, and now Adam has another pearl of wisdom “when you’re drunk you don’t know when to shut up and when to stop eating meat.”

Jo says Adam stuck with the drunken chopsticks and he’s going over this various food choices, he says he was too drunk to tell what was best.

Adam says it was too much private jet and too little sleep.


Adam says it was Adam, Norma Pattiz and Mike August and they were all talking nonstop the whole flight.

Adam said the rubber met the road when he got to Circus Circus, Adam apparently took all of his luggage into the restraint, unaware the car was hired and waiting for him.

Jo talks about how impressive Mike August was at eating everything, Adam says he ran into a reported he couldn’t remember after the dinner.


Adam says it was Megan, Meghan Daum? (Later in the show he reveals its Megan Kelly)

Adam is talking about the dining experience at the restaurant, Gary says it was like that when he was there too, it wasn’t good behavior for Adam,

Adam jokes about the only bad event with a hat rack that was talking shit to him in the bathroom, hilarious Ace Awards 2015 level funny riff!


Adam is now giving out the plugs for Jo and his standup dates and he thanks Adam’s fan base and jokes about being called Joy.


Jo is trying to argue that someone called him that name and said that Adam told him to say it, Adam is trying to explain he believes him but didn’t do that, didn’t tell anyone to shout Joy, although he did on a recent booking of Jo’s and then again when he wasn’t on the show, in jest, kind of.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Greg, he teaches a children’s hockey team and wants a coach platitude bit for the kids.

Coach Platitude

Adam is blowing super hard, very funny with solid self-awareness and comments on the noise in the background of Greg’s phone line.

Greg chimes in and Adam has a killer “hermaphrodite sport” line and then gets into the fundamentals, he is responding to some funny kid voice from Jo Koy, good stuff!


Adam jokes about “Chalk Talk” and Choctaw and Adam is riffing up a storm with Kid Koy, I’m smiling ear to ear, this is so much fun.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

BB gives an update on his recent fantasy pick.


Adam is talking about his movies airing on cable and finally obtaining his 3 star status on DirecTV, Adam asks why you round down for your own network, why?

Adam has a funny riff and backs up to yell into the mic.


Adam teases the pre-taped one on one with Bryan Cranston recorded right before this episode and held until?

Adam has a clip of Adam talking to Bryan about him not seeing the final cut of ‘Road Hard’ and Adam is swearing up a storm at him.

Funny movie with O’s insults from Adam, Adam riffs about two A-listers in a room and how sparks will fly.


2nd Caller Sal, he wants to ask him about a hot Asian chick, it’s actually the aforementioned Megan, Megan Kelly and she’s Hispanic according to Adam and Jo.

Jo is busting out some hilarious Hispanic cholo voice while riffing with Adam, great improv scene with amazing Foley horn work from Jo.

Adam tells Sal he sounds so Mexican he sounds like he has a lowrider bike, Sal confirms he does have one, Adam tells him that’s the most Mexican thing he can do and jokes about the riding position for those bikes.

Sal is going to send in a picture and is a great sport, hilarious “somewhere you apply primer” line from Adam aimed at Sal regarding his likely employment, awesome caller!

“Next time you’re putting your girlfriend’s eyebrows on with the sharpie, give her a big ol’ kiss from me” – Adam


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Lynette tried to put the smoke detectors in the freezer, hilarious ‘Trilogy of Terror’ reference from the vignette with Karen Black.

Jo plugs his restaurant and Adam is now asking him about trying to make a profit in that business, Jo says it is in part to how he pushes it and they joke about Adam eating them out of any profits they hoped to make.

Jo said Adam was beyond pre-game drunk he was hanging on everyone and loaded, Adam is joking about himself and BB has some funny comments.


3rd Caller Sarah, she’s asking about the rule for hanging out with 30% with people more successful to you, 30% as successful and 30% less successful, she wants Adam to classify all of the people in his life.

Adam is now talking about Dr. Drew and his upbringing and the forgone conclusion of his profession from the word go, Adam did achieve his mother’s dream of leaving the house.

Adam brings up Donny Deutsch and Jo talks about his father, he tells them about his grandfather the door to door condom salesman.


Adam is picturing the Oldschool vacuum salesmen who would slip some dirt on the carpet, he riffs about spilling some jizz, hilarious sounds from Ace


Adam is now telling the “Chinatown Pinsky Boy” story about Dr. Drew buying condoms in Chinatown, Jo is now playing the pharmacist and adding so much to this classic scene.

Jo as the Chinese pharmacist is next level, Adam is playing a hilarious super practical version of Dr. Drew in 1974.

Adam jokes about the pharmacist bringing up Drew’s father Dr. Morton Pinsky.


Jo is threatening Adam and taking off his shoes, Adam as Drew backs out of the store and ends the scene, wow, Ace Awards 2015 material, the show is on fire lately.


Gina’s News


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

Adam learned about Emily and Tony Downunder comfort cream instead of using his carcinogenic talcum powder, still not switching though edition.

Adam claims he turns his powder to cream, everyone is grossed out.


1st Story is about the Charlie Sheen appearance on the Today show, they play a clip and Adam talks about the kid on ‘Two and a Half Men’ being the most likely to be diagnosed with AIDS.

They’re all weighing in on Charlie Sheen and Adam asks how much of him have we lost drugs, how much more could he have done.

Adam says nobody loses their virginity to Charlie Sheen but if you do you’re going to make a lot of money.


They’re all talking about AIDS and promiscuity, Adam is talking about Charlie Sheen and his theater room, he jokes about watching Ginger Lynn’s movies with her when they were together.

Adam says if we got Martin Sheen really drunk and asked him about killing Charlie when he was born, would that be better for everyone in the family?

Adam says he feels sorry for super crazy fundamentalist Christians who are now cancelling insurance policies and heading to the mountain to await the rapture and apocalypse.


Jo has some funny GOD replies and they move on.


2nd Story is on Stephen Colbert trying to convince Bill Maher to come back to Catholicism, Gina plays a clip and Adam says nobody finishes a sentence with more condescending flair than Bill; Maher and does a funny impression.

Adam has a funny “thumbs up to plane crashes in general” line aimed at Gary confirm that Stephen’s family member died in a plane crash.

Gary has the details of the tragic accident and the demise of his brothers and father.


Adam says he’s with Bill Maher, he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to get too sing songy about it.

Adam has some harsh words for the honor killing of rape victims practicing religions.

Adam likes the “deeper cut” religions and brings up the way religion isn’t effecting most of us in 2015.


3rd Story is on a private jet leasing company suing Steve Harvey, Adam has as funny comment about them wanting him “check his teeth” and Adam talks about going to the Paris air show on a whim while overseas.

Adam is talking about the custom coachwork done for private jets, they move on after Gina has a cute closer.


4th Story is an update on Lamar Odom, she mentions his memory loss and possible charges he could be facing.

Adam is now doing a funny improv scene with Jo playing Lamar and asking him about the most likely way he ended up in a coma, hilarious!

Adam wants to know about Lamar’s backstory and upbringing, they talk about his father.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


5th Story is on the confirmed booking of Bruce Springsteen on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Adam jokes about when Lynette comes home, not until the boss is done sliding on his knees across the stage.

Adam talks about Sia’s performance on SNL and the band from last week he didn’t even know, Gina talks about Sia’s stage fright and Adam says the band ‘Disclosure’ was on last week.

Adam is now riffing about band names and how you can’t go wrong with a person name and some pips.

Gina brings up an article about EDM music and now Adam is talking about how there must be shit for there to be great, it’s a balance, if classical music makes you smarter than Soca music and ranchero makes you dumber.


BB plays some and Adam is mocking it with some live commentary.

Jo is now reading the EDM headline, Adam is talking about children are retarded adults and kids like music for retarded people.

Adam says all you can do is fuck and roll on rugs to that music, they play some and Jo offers some verbal accompaniment.


6th Story is on a Spike Lee award speech where he decided to talk about some political issues.

Adam is saying that Spike’s a racist and comments on the obsession of race, Adam talks about the abundance of black faces in front of the camera in comparison to behind the camera.

Adam talks about the lack of black construction workers in Los Angeles, he doesn’t know why, but nobody is blocking them.


Adam is saddened when he hears people they want more people who are like them, because they won’t listen to anyone who doesn’t resemble them, that notion is racist and flawed.

Adam talks about the 250 term of Mayor Villaraigosa and how it helped nobody of the same skin color as him.

Gina has some details about this very topic and now Adam is talking about family and keeping the unit intact, Adam has a killer racist AIDS closer and Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam plugs the upcoming live shows and the airing of the Newman do on Velocity, Jo gives out a plug for his website.

BB plays the clip of Adam and his new “the more you know” regarding being drunk, shutting up and eating meat in excess.