Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/18/2014 – Jo Koy and Michael DiTolla

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/18/2014 – Jo Koy and Michael DiTolla

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy and Michael DiTolla

Recorded 11-17-2014 – Release Date 11-18-2014

Production Number #1456

Show Page

Adam intros the show and BB has the #TopDrop we all knew was coming, Adam explains the “controversy” surrounding what Drew reported about Michael Che last night.

Adam is now mocking Drew’s chick like nature and how he insists upon tweeting in the studio, Adam has a crazy riff about this and BB joins in with Alison, everyone has some really good one liners.

Adam is now explaining the confusion as explained in yesterday’s sidebar, Adam says Michael was asking what he did this time, not what does he do next to get out of this situation.

Jo Koy is in studio.


Tweet and a Miss

Adam is now addressing the tweets aimed at him regarding the Sacramento trip and the Burbank airport.

Alison reads a specific one and Adam addresses all of the points made and accusations lobbed at him.

Adam tells Gary not to leave while they’re doing this, Adam is now reading Michael Che’s follow up tweet about hearing the show, so cool!


Adam is now reading a 2nd tweet about only helping rich people on the show ‘Catch a Contractor’ and he now shows pictures of the family from a recent episode and the horrific interior of their home.

Adam is now showing another example from the show and he now wants the guy’s tweets back up on the screen.

BB is in total agreement with Adam about the shit-boxes most of the people live on the show, Adam is basically taking Alison’s “Hey, Hey Go Fuck Yourself” now and actually tells the guy to fuck off.


Adam is now arguing against hate tweets on air, gold!

Adam is lamenting people running with their own narratives in every situation, as opposed to rely on the facts and the timeline of events as it actually took place, in reality.

Adam is riffing about him visiting the houses for this show is like Mr. Burns visiting Homer Simpson’s home on ‘The Simpsons’ good stuff!


Adam is really welcoming Jo Joy to the show now and plugging his projects.

Adam is now setting up the ‘ZOOM’ theme song for Jo and having them play it for him, with the hopes Bung Lu Su can try out for this song.

Jo is critiquing the song and calling it the worst show ever.


Adam is now asking Bung to do his own thing, it’s “G Rated” and they have some funny back and forth.

Bung is now mixing up some French terms, Alison seems to enjoy it.

Adam is riffing with Bung about threesomes, “two cocks too much!” – Bung.


Adam says this is his fault, we’re now down the wrong road.

Adam and Bung are going into his 1 cock only policy, he’s demanding Adam sing it with him.

Adam is trying to wrangle Bung Lu Su into recording, he’s refusing to defend his own cock.


Bung is now adding kid’s voices saying cock to the clip of the show’s intro and theme, Alison has some funny reactions to this.

Bung is trying to harmonize with Adam, he keeps adding a kid voice saying “Two Cocks Too Much” and Adam is now setting up a new version of ‘ZOOM’ with an edge for adult swim, somebody will actually make that now.

Adam is back to this being intended for a children’s show, Alison has one of those funny laughs she does from time to time, almost inverted.


Adam is doing another lap of the theme with Bung, Adam is now setting up the ‘New Zoo Review’ and Jo almost drops character but realizes Adam is asking Bung, at least it seemed like that’s what happened.

Adam is now having them play the ‘New Zoo Review’ intro theme.

Adam is now mocking the ‘Henry the Hippo’ alliteration and Jo is silent as Bung as Bung don’t riff the way Jo riffs, interesting.


Adam is now bringing up the 6 foot tall frog, Bung says he’s eaten all of the creatures from the show and Adam is asking what tastes like what.

Bung does an owl hoot and says it’s a local drunk from his country, Adam is now having a funny ‘Abbot and Costello’ mispronunciation mix-up riff with Jo.

Adam is explaining the two cock’s element for Bung’s proposed comedy team, the bit is losing steam.


It’s picking back up now, Alison is having some nice reactions to Bung’s panicked closer, and Adam calls it a scene.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Kevin, he works in a library and Adam jokes about him being in prison. He reveals he’s been tweeting @ Adam and wants to be the show’s black correspondent.

Jo is mocking Kevin while in character as ‘Brown Sugar’ and has a solid ‘Ebony Magazine’ one liner.

Kevin says he knows what all of the banned words mean, he explains the viral video origin of one of the terms banned by Chick-Fil-A.


Adam is now having Kevin pitch them on what he can provide as their black correspondent.

Alison asks about Bae, he reveals it is short for babe/baby and someone just decided to make an acronym for it.

They now play the viral video he tipped them off on, you can see it via the show page link above.


Adam is promising to keep Kevin’s number for future urban new stories as BB puts it.


Adam is now doing a live read for Reverie Bed.

Jo is quizzing Adam about the bed and if he really means it, Adam is now mentioning his son and his stuffed animal names that are on par with the ones in ‘New Zoo Review’.


2nd Caller Matt from Brooklyn, he has an idea for Adam’s next crowd funded project where Adam offers to sit-down and think about your small business idea and help you as one of the reward levels.

Adam now cites past guest Walter O’Brien and how his company works, solving the problems of various people and entities.

Adam says the micro version of this is him walking as many people through his floor plan ideas as possible, he shares how the input will help you shape your choices and adjust when needed.


Adam is now riffing about being a spice merchant, he’s got a funny ‘Old Spice’ transition and further asks Matt about philosophers being hired for companies in past generations.

Alison has a funny observation and the rest of the gang weigh in further.

Matt points out BB’s genius from last week, he says it went totally unnoticed.

It was during Alison’s ‘World Health Organization’ news story, I did actually document it for the sidebar, so whatever bro.


Adam is now plugging the archive, Adam says they’ve figured out there are about 1500 episodes in their archive, what? Figured out? There are now 1456 episodes, it’s documented and tracked, by me, since episode #1.

Adam brings up how he didn’t get much out of school and thinks his kids will know what they want to do by the time they’re 18 because our society now gives people room.


3rd Caller Sarah (15), she’s stressing out over college applications and wants to know to do.

Adam is interrupting and suggesting some role playing, Sarah is now playing her guidance counselor, and Adam is playing her.

“I’m gonna marry a producer and bang his best friend” – Adam as Sarah

Sarah keeps the scene going after Adam’s one liner, she’s funny.

Holy shit someone born in 1999 is making everyone laugh, we’re all very old now.


Alison has some super practical advice about her own experience, Adam jokes about ending up at his safety school, the guy at Cornell blew a snot rocket on his application and sent it back, hence not getting his 1st pick.

Jo is explaining how school was for him and the money he recently put away for his son to go college and he feels unsure about doing that in today’s world.

Adam jokes that Sarah could be the next LeBron James, Adam takes it back to Classic Loveline saying that the really shitty parents don’t call up and ask questions, her just being this aware and concerned now implies her future success.


Jo argues that college is just bullshit now, Alison has a wise point about entering the workforce at 18.

Adam explains his conversation about what you do when you make so much money and a conversation he had with his money guy 15 years ago about why you get life insurance and put money away for your kid.

Alison hopes to get to the point where she doesn’t have a money manager, Adam says without one he’d be in jail and jokes about Wesley Snipes being released would make room for him.


4th Caller Clayton, he tells them about moving in with his Chinese roommate and experiencing the same mispronunciation comedy as covered in the show earlier with Adam and Bung.

Funny Christian Bale anecdote.

He’s now asking about the infamous ‘Too Late with Adam Carolla’ episode where Steve-O drunkenly put his foot through Adam’s glass coffee table.

Adam is now giving the backstory of this incident and observes the clip has over a million views on YouTube.


They’re now listening to the clip and Adam explains why he didn’t want them to stop filming, Adam is now walking them through the rest of it, Jo says it’s awful and Alison has a funny line.

Adam is sharing his concern that someone was going to step in, he wanted them to keep rolling and explains the interaction with the Comedy Central executive who didn’t want to run that episode.

Adam thought that was the only thing people will remember from that show, he was right and knew it somewhere in the back of his mind.


Adam says he did them a drunken favor, Adam takes it back to the rad Clayton and he asks what happened after the segment.

Adam says has spent the better part of his teens and early 20’s wrestling with drunken dudes.

Adam explains the double secret probation for him and roommates at their first apartment, citing how they got complaints from neighboring buildings.


Adam is explaining the pre-walkout speech he would give dudes leaving his apartment at 230am on a weeknight.

Adam is now walking though it and Jo contributes then steps back, Adam is sharing his thinking about them shooting themselves in the foot, and they use that apartment for all kinds of things.

Adam is now sharing the “I’m trying to take a piss” argument from the lawn.


Now Jo is stepping in as the other guy and they’re having a “Dude-Bro Fight” this is great, Adam is asking him to “throw down then dude”, this is great!

Alison has a nice reaction, Jo is now yelling from outside as the one guy telling the other dude to shut up.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read and Adam invites their guest Michael DiTolla into the show.

Adam welcomes him to the show and says that Alison made the final cut of the film ‘Road Hard’.

Michael shares that his girlfriend made him a Lasagna, he’s killing it with the one liners.


He’s telling Adam about his ‘Fangria’ and jokes about white kids with only one iPad.

Adam asks him about being a dentist, Jo shares his tonsil stones that stink and Michael has a funny one liner mocking him.

Alison demands Michael explain what they are, Adam asks if he has a inline warmer for their water tank, he says it’s turbo and he’s burning people in honor of Adam.


Adam is now asking him about the flavored tooth pumas for cleanings, Michael is reading the list of flavors he’s offered.

Michael is killing it with the one liners, he doesn’t come off too prepared either.

“Who want’s chocolate flavored sand rubbed on their teeth?” – Adam


Michael tells them that they’re now making the rubber cups with a hard foam insert doing away with the need for the sand.

Adam plugs his website and asks him about sitting next to Antonia Villaraigosa on a 5hr flight.

Michael shares his loyalty to United and how he’s often thanked by the pilot for his business, he is now explaining how Villaretardo was enthusiastically bouncing up and down and snapping his fingers to Huey Lewis and then “Ultra Dance 14” and Adam says that Hispanic people don’t have to vote for him due to his familiar sounding yet still made up last name.


Jo is now in character as Villaretardo and riffs to a Huey Lewis sound bed.

Adam is now riffing some new lyrics for the song with BB that’s themed about the former mayor’s life and shortcomings.

Michael is now putting 500 cash into the fund for a sequel to ‘Road Hard’ and even gives it a title.


Adam explains his desire to steal nickels and pretzels as a kid, how any abundance of some item would tempt him to take as many as he could without someone noticing.

Adam tells him that his money is no good here and welcomes him to sit in for the news, how cool.

Adam is now asking for Jo to show the tonsil balls, he’s describing how he digs into his throat and removes them, he’s got a killer reply for Alison’s probing questions.


Alison’s News

Alison asks if they look like white nerd candy, she reveals a friend used to have them.

Adam is now fearing the stones pop out do to his enthusiasm, Alison shares that friend sadly died in a skydiving accident.

Adam still of course has his tonsils, Adam jokes about getting his foreskin and tonsils removed as a package deal.


Adam is bringing up the two days of only ice cream prescription for people who had their tonsils removed, Adam is lamenting the bygone era where kids would get excited for breakfast sherbet.


1st Story Is on Charles Manson’s approval for a marriage certificate to a woman in her 20’s, Adam explains the one two punch to the nutsack of this.

Adam is using the hot Florida Teacher who looks better than the any of the chicks you dated in your 30’s who is fucking a student as a comparison.

Adam is now commenting on the picture of her and Jo is giving his take, Adam says put him in the chair and put her on his fucking lap.


Adam says that Charles Manson looks like the guy from ‘Zoolander’ and Alison now reads a quote from the bride to be.

Adam explains his argument for the death penalty for Charlie, he’s now riffing about ISIS and their fondness for beheading people.

Jo is playing an ISIS character and Adam is now setting him up as a ‘Dexter’ like guy removing the heads of the infidels we don’t need.


Adam brings up the Van Der Sloot kid and his recent marriage, take this program worldwide.

BB is complimenting Charlie’s new look, saying he pulled himself together and Adam explains why prison is good on someone.

Restricted diets, not much sun and almost zero late night drinking and eating sessions.


“Why is there a French Fry up my ass?” – Adam on night time drunk eating.


Adam says he had 11 too many drinks after Kimmel’s party and Lynette devoured a container of the expensive mini bar nut mix.

Adam says she didn’t even finish it and probably took it out as a fuck you to him, Alison says she watched ‘Orange is the new black’ so she know about the concession/stores inside of prison

Adam dumped out the mix that probably cost him 13$ and looks like shit, Alison and the gang are now commenting on the rest of Lynette’s leftovers.


Adam suggest she finish her sack of snack mix for breakfast the next morning, Adam is lamenting the price tag and their argument where he was trying to force-feed his wife her leftover garbage.

Adam says it doesn’t matter how much his income is, he doesn’t make enough to reach for that large 11.95 bottle of cashews is not for him, regardless of 20$ tips across the hotel, he can’t spend that 12 bucks.

Adam is describing the trip to the front desk as Lynette headed to the in hotel bistro, Adam called her panicking trying to alert her that they get free scones, coffee and cheese as part of the concierge service, he didn’t realize it until it was too late.


Adam is now lamenting TSA pre-check and how the math never works in your favor, the shorter line has one less person.

Adam realized Lynette’s bottle of water hadn’t even been opened and wanted her to chug it before they went through security.

Michael asks Adam about the 6$ bottles of water and if he goes for the tap water instead, Adam says no matter how hung-over he gets he’ll pour something instead of paying for water.


Adam is now doing a live read

He shares what a naught boy he was, Alison thankfully comments and he realizes how creepy it is for him to say that.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, Michael was great.