Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/16/2015 – Dr. Drew, Derek Waters, plus Skip and Alison Bedell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/16/2015 – Dr. Drew, Derek Waters, plus Skip and Alison Bedell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dr. Drew, Derek Waters, plus Skip and Alison Bedell

Recorded 11-15-2015 – Release Date 11-16-2015

Production Number #1703

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Adam opens the show with a funny intro and gets right into the business, he shares a new Mike August story and thanks the fans for listening to the show and sharing it with friends and family.

Adam wants the “Flip Fest” information and he talks about the confusing week he experienced and he says time to him is a commodity, he doesn’t get why time isn’t as important to other people, and it seems to have less value than balls of yarn.

Adam says that it’s a ball of yarn every 3min, that’s what his time is worth.


Adam talks about airport arrival times and how he would show up for Loveline when it started and Drew would show up 20min early ,he would average and extra 5 shows per year wasted in that Hellscape of a studio.

Adam is talking about the interview that was setup with a Veteran who wanted to talk to Adam, as he was told.

Adam is going in depth on the super confusing phone call he made to the guy, Adam hung up and gave up on the confusing tone and now Gary gets on mic to confirm the unprofessional starts he’s overheard in some of these press event radio tours that Adam does.


Adam shares how he called the guy back and discovered he thought he was going to be booked on the ACS, Adam then clarified that he wasn’t on his show, he was on his show, of fuck!

Matt Fondiler is sharing the emails that led to this confusion, Poor Dan Frank.

Dan was on ACS #1452 last year and thought he was calling in again to discuss the challenges of finding jobs for veterans.


Adam is now playing a clip of the November 13th Kevin and Bean morning show where they thought he was going to be giving a motivational speech at a children’s gymnastics convention.

Adam is playing the clip from the show and going over the confusion, he’s peppering in some live commentary.

Matt explains how he messed up and sent them the wrong link, he didn’t bother to click on the link first, a “lack of research” and BB asks him some slightly condescending questions, doing that “throw everyone under the bus” thing he does from time to time.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

BB will take your 5 bucks macroaggression edition

Adam things removing smack talk from society will ruin us as people, Adam talks about the trend on college campuses towards policing language and he wraps up the read.


Adam is sharing another reason he’s thinking about a getting a plugin electric car, save the environment via narcissism vs. altruism, his new theory.

“Narcissistic over altruistic” – Adam on saving the environment.

Adam talks about gassing up in between the show and signings, he talks about the gas pump click/pop when you try to leave your pump going.


Adam then tried to explain the accordion gas foreskins to Mike who has never noticed them, Adam is explaining his madness in reply to Mike’s insistence he’s never notices the gas fume safety covers.

Adam mentions August and his airport TSA

“He’s not the gaslight, he’s the candle light and eventually I will kill myself” – Adam


Adam has a great point about never using a Ziploc bag and never getting pulled out line while at the airport.

Adam ponders the utopia we would live in if we could go shopping while the gas actually filled up the tank without stopping mid-flow.

Gina explains what it was like having to prepay for gas after coming from Kansas where decent human beings still exist.


Adam says this is like what you do in occupied war zones, candy bars through bullet proof glass, freeway graffiti and razor wire.

Adam welcomes Skip and Alison back to the show, Adam gives out a nice plug for their podcast and Adam mentions Alison’s fulltime job working as a parole officer.

Adam says he assumes they will be coming back for a season 4, he’s uneasy about being inside more sad homes and dealing with the sadder homeowners and he’s wondering how she is able to handle it day in and day out.


This is Alison’s 3rd ACS episode, she has a couple amazing appearances on For Crying Out Loud and this is Skip’s 4th ACS, he has a couple solid appearances on ‘Ace on the House’ which were hilarious.

Adam says he would get bummed out by absorbing the environment, Alison has a practical take on it and Adam brings up the fucked up way people treat their pets, chained up dogs and BB calls Adam on doing that “Morning radio, what time do you wake up? I would kill myself” thing to Alison, he fesses up to it and agrees.

Adam is describing that bit to the guests and Skip talks about being married to someone who deals with such horrific stuff all day.


Gina has a point about domestic violence situations and 911 calls, Alison talks about only dealing with the worst element of the guilty criminal populace.

Alison shares the story of when she used “Do Adam’s best” when Skip was trying to initiation some morning sex, hilarious!

Adam is bringing up Alison’s relationship history and the time she spent married to a woman, Adam explains why he never asked and why he’s not into gossip.


Alison is totally cool talking about her life and is a bit of an open book, healthy.

Alison is sharing the history of how she wound up married to a woman, Adam jokes about how great life would be if he and Skip were married.

Hilarious blowjobs and kitchen remodeling comedy, this is gold!

Ace Awards 2015 Material!


Alison talks about the reality of a lesbian marriage and touches on the clichés and stereotypes and where they do actually intersect with reality.

Skip is chiming in and they’re talking about how they first met, he talks about his POV on working during the day for insurance benefits and working several other gigs simultaneously, Adam says that’s what you have to do when you have kids and need to earn, work days, work nights.


Alison has a great pussy line, Adam is crushing it and Alison is telling them about pursuing Skip and he shares what he was thinking, it’s a hilarious and beautiful story.

Alison tells it even further in depth on her first FCOL appearance, Alison talks about her wife and the strain on her relationship during her burgeoning friendship with Skip.

Adam talks about the asshole who tattled on Alison and BB has a funny one liner pertaining to the title of their series ‘Catch a Contractor’.


Adam gives up the plugs and says the phrase “the show may be cancelled but they can’t cancel our love, which many people have misinterpreted to mean something else.

They head to break.


They’re back from beak with Derek Waters making his ACS debut and Dr. Drew joining him as they promote the most recent episode of ‘Drunk History’ where Dr. Drew acted.


Adam is doing a Fandango Live Read


Derek is making his ACS debut and Adam asks him about the origins of the show, Derek gives the honest stock answer but makes it fun and compact, very nicely put.

Drew is now explaining the theme of the episode he’s in and mentions the narrator Duncan Trussell, Drew’s latest BFF.

Adam jokes about Drew’s acting ability and Drew sets up the clip.

They’re now watching the clip. It’s hilarious!


Adam wants Duncan to do VO for all of Drew’s future performances and Adam asks about the length it takes to film and episode.

Adam says that if Duncan dubs his voice on the next Carolla produced movie he can be in it.


Adam shares the old Gaines burger analogy for classic Loveline as they talk about how Derek is able to get actual history lessons across with the entertainment and comedy.

Adam asks him about the level of drunkenness he seeks for the show, he is sharing some inside info about how they set it all up.

Adam is crushing it and talking about getting people lubed up for honesty, Derek is right in the mix and Drew asks about how Derek asks when to put himself in an episode, he says it seems strategic and he brings up Shelley Duvall’s fairytale theater and Gina knows it well, she was just talking about it with someone.


Derek brought his history teacher into this episode and Adam compares this show to ‘Crank Yankers’ in its novelty and BB plays the clip of Drew dropping a c bomb.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

We live in the era of lazy thieves’ edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, Gina has all of the details and Adam jokes about not knowing any terrorists when Drew asks him about the band ‘Eagles of Death Metal’.

Gina has a clip with one of the loud blasts, Adam is asking BB about how long it is before the next machine gun attack at a mall, and Adam says there is not much to prevent that.

Adam is an atheist and he’s not a gun guy and has no NRA affiliation and cites the movie tropes of a good guy with a gun inside a hostage crisis.


Adam says if terrorists knew civilians were packing it would change things, Adam clarifies his point that the terrorists are fearful of not executing their plans and maximum carnage.

Adam asks why we are so reluctant to call something like the Ft. Hood shooting, Drew talks about the reality regarding immigrants and refugees, Adam makes a point about sane civilizations stepping up and acting like the global adults.

Drew is glad France if having a big reaction, Adam mocks the douchebags who bring s up the crusades on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and Adam is on a roll ranting about what this would be like, he jokes about his uncle Giuseppe who beat his wife, he can’t apologize for that all day.

Drew is talking about the French Army and their global history, Gina asks about the momentum for this because of how serious it seems, she cites Obama’s comments.


Adam is mocking the heroes who talk about what’s been going on for years, Derek has some wisdom from therapy and Adam says all the sane countries need to circle the wagons and start judging, we’re global citizens now and we need to maintain safety and civilization.

Derek has some wisdom about actions over beliefs and Adam riffs about the Klan, he’s got a killer joke about the KKK scent of “kerosene and horseshit.”

Adam says everyone get together and start judging, Adam jokes about attending Klan meetings with a fake sarcastic slip of the tongue, very funny.


Adam talks about monitoring emails and the patriot act, the NSA stuff too.

Adam has a funny Cunt Du Jour one liner and jokes about that being a great name for a Bond girl, Adam further rants about the narcissism of thinking anyone cares about you or your personal info unless you’re trying to kill other people.


2nd Story is on the results of UFC #193 with Holly Holm defeating Ronda Rousey, Adam is complimenting both women and talks about his wish for the person who refuses to touch gloves to lose a fight.

Adam is talking about the gambling odds and he talks about the Buster Douglas fight, Adam is further talking about how Holly says “if I win” and repeats her kind comments upon winning.

Adam has a funny Ken Jennings vs. BB analogy and talks about how boxing and professional fighting doesn’t work with the math you would presume, those who get beaten often beat the guys who beat the guy who beat them, while still being unable to beat that person.


Adam talks about Holly’s professional boxing background and the early days of the UFC and the lackluster striking techniques, Adam is really an expert and once again compliments Holly and her inspiring comments.

Drew tells Adam that he interviewed Ronda last week and she’s a huge Loveline fan, really!?

Adam is predicting the biggest payday ever for both gals and how this could lead to two more paydays if it’s a rubber match.

Adam talks about taking a beating in the ring and how you don’t want to get back in with that person, he talks about how Ronda was trying to demonstrate her standup skills and the next fight will not be a repeat of that, someone’s getting a broken arm.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Zip Recruiter

That’s So Rick – Adam


Gina wraps the news to Drew’s “You Cunt!” drop and Adam shares what a fan told him about the Newman doc and how he didn’t know Adam had that in him, Adam has even more plugs and wraps up the show.

Great episode, 5 stars for sure!