Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/15/2013 – Mr. Skin and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/15/2013 – Mr. Skin and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mr. Skin and Matt Atchity

Recorded 11-14-2013 – Release Date 11-15-2013

Production Number #1208

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio for his 10th appearance.

Adam is telling him about his Rotten Tomatoes Award for being certified fresh and Alison is jumping in to get Adam to share his anecdote involving Frank Stallone during his last visit to the ACS and his misunderstanding regarding the award.

Hilarious recap of events.


Adam is now speculating on the odds of his Paul Newman documentary making it to Sundance, he’s bringing up the connecting between Paul and Redford and the reasoning for why he was rejected for “The Hammer”.

The programming director said “I’m not a fan of his politics” in regards to Adam, a man who at the time hadn’t voted in over 20yrs if ever, funny how that works!

Adam is now calling for an averaging of all the Sundance films from a given year, he thinks it would be somewhere around 40%.


Adam is apologizing for his hangover in advance in case it affects him, he seems on top of his game though.

He’s explaining that he was hanging out with the loveable Jimmy Kimmel last night and observing what a sweet man he is then his brain flashed to all the pictures of him with Hitler moustaches over this latest made up controversy regarding JKL and the unscripted comments of a child.

Adam is now waxing poetic on the use of Hitler to attack others and not people like Stalin with twice the body count, he’s blaming the moustache and sharing his new theory about how it’s stroke of branding genius.


Adam is now riffing about adding a Hitler Moustache to the “Coppertone Girl” and the gang are all now weighing in, some great one liners and insightful comments.


“Fresh or Rotten Movie Game” – With New Rich Banks Intro!

Adam has a hilarious reaction to the song and Alison has some nice “wow” comments.

Matt is explaining the rules and Adam is now remarking on the point system and the concept of “going over”, Adam is now eliminating that policy.

BB is bragging about trying to warn Matt about the rule.


1st Movie “Superman II”

They’re all now speculating on the Rotten Tomatoes Score for this sequel.

Adam and Alison are now going after BB for his guess, Adam’s 67% is exactly lined up with the audience and their 67%.

Matt and BB are defending the “Non-Donner Cut” of Superman II that is widely regarded as a half complete film with tonal issues.


2nd Movie “Blade II”

Adam reveals he never saw “either Blade” he means all 3, Adam is getting the info and year of release.

BB is once again taking the lead and he clearly set them up for failure.


3rd Movie “X2: X-Men United”

Adam says he may have seen this one, he’s thinking of “The Avengers” which he liked.

BB is rightfully calling this one of the best comic book movies ever made despite the black leather.

Alison nails this with a totally blind three point shot from half court.


4th Movie “The Dark Knight”

Adam reveals he’s never seen it and Matt is predicting that Adam would object to the Semi-Truck flip sequence.

BB is bringing up the pedigree of the film.


5th Movie “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”

Adam is bringing up the original one where he’s still angry about the goal post measurements.

Adam is now fairly tallying up the results.


Adam is asking about the new Robert Redford film and sharing his own attempts to lockdown an interview time with the man for the aforementioned Newman doc.

Matt is telling Adam about the odds of Robert’s movie making it to the Academy Awards this year.

Adam is now joking about how we all should aim to be in the position of being told “it’s really just a popularity contest” and how that’s even better, Alison agrees along with BB and Matt.


Adam has a hilarious quote and Alison has a nice reaction to Adam trying to describe the 1999 awards with Roberto Benigni.

Adam is getting to the dialogue of “Gravity” and it being the main weakness of the film, Adam predicted the dialogue was written by a teenage boy.

BB and Matt are both citing the English as a second language element and forgiving the writer/director and his son the co-writer.


Gary is now reading off the totals for the new Game and Adam is bringing up how the good news is that you always “Podium” with this scoring system.

BB fires up the ending theme but it’s a little too hot.

Adam is now doing a live read, hilarious read with “the smell of your own home vs. the post office” riff.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Hilary, she wants to know what Adam thinks some good jobs would be for his kids if he chooses to have them work.

Adam is now getting to the latest Christmas wrapping paper mess and the 20$ offer to Natalia to clean it up, he was soundly rejected.

Adam is now getting to motivation and saying we’re all better people for having once had shitty jobs, Adam is now going further with it saying he doesn’t think there is a person he likes who hasn’t had a shitty job at some point.


Adam is now getting to the calluses of life and how repetitive manual labor has become something we look down on instead of encourage for personal development and growth.

Adam is suggesting 6 months at McDonalds and citing the stench of onion embedded into your cuticles and the time spent over a grill and how it’s the longest time on earth.

Adam is really waxing poetic on the “I don’t want to fucking do this” factor one learns while working a less than ideal fast food job.


Alison is now connecting this to romance and Adam has a great callback to Alison’s personal life with a white supremacist comment.

Adam is now suggesting that mayor McCheese might be white supremacist and he’s also implying that the Hamburglar is of another ethnicity and that the Mayor comes down too hard on him, comedy gold!

They’re all now commenting on a photo of Mayor McCheese and Alison has a nice cartoon reference and critique of the booth not firing up images for anyone but Adam on Adam’s show.


Matt has a great point about the counter message from a living cheeseburger encouraging people to eat cheeseburgers, he’s connecting that to another McDonald’s marketing misstep.

Adam is getting to the way people decide to place employees behind the grill or at the register.

Adam is joking about a “wonderlic test” being used for new hires at McDonalds, Adam is now getting to his rejection from “Taco Bell” that lead to his first gig at McDonalds.


Adam is now telling them about the training video and hours logged at the grill, he’s referencing Ken and his “time to lean, time to clean” mantra.

Adam is getting to his battle with Ken about the all plastic smock for working the grill and how he was overheating as it was in the polyester jumpsuit and leather soled shoes.

Adam isn’t getting to the parking lot battle with local punks kids nor the consumption of expiring filet of fish sandwiches outside behind the dumpster.


BB is now suggesting a customer service job to better help you treat others with respect later in life and has a good point about secondary life skills.


2nd Caller Alan wants some advice for up and coming comedians, he’s saying his local scene has too much nepotism and Adam is suggesting how all of that can be steered around with talent.

Adam has a nice high school sports analogy and describing it as the ultimate meritocracy.

Adam has a funny BJ and refractory period riff while describing meeting a carpenter hitchhiker and his claims of being good at “doing it all”, Adam says people that are good are in demand all the time.


Adam is now getting to Carson Daly and the recent dry spell he experienced in his career that has now passed, Adam is bringing up the shifting status of different guys, contrasting Carson to Stephen Colbert.

Adam is bringing up the lack of head cases in Babydoll Dixon’s stable and Alison is calling back his t-shirt tossing on location filming his new reality show “To Catch a Contractor”.

Adam is now quizzing Alan about the politics behind the scenes and Alan is now revealing his drinking played a dual role in his lack of stage time and he’s admitting his alcoholism lead him to comedy, how quickly the truth comes out.


BB has a comment essentially calling Adam an alcoholic, Adam has a great point about the inability to correct whatever it is that people don’t like about you.

Adam’s got a “you look like someone I hate” style explanation of the lack of power one has over the opinions of others.

Adam is going off on the power of putting asses in seats and how that results in stage time and success, Adam has a nice Kat Williams comment and BB has “is that racist?” moment.


3rd Caller John, he’s got a name drop for Adam’s “#1 Black Fan” but that can’t be true as I know at least 5 other guys who claim to hold that title and one dude who is such a fan he knows not to make that claim.

John is telling them about discussing “last meals” before execution with said black fan and Adam has a great reply.

Adam is now thinking he would go with a bucket of original recipe KFC and the assorted sides, Alison is surprised and Adam jokes about wanting to die when he’s done, BB is in agreement.


John is sharing his argument about going for a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Adam is now bringing up the other angle of eating some horrible slop and using that to motivate you to want to die, Alison is getting to her thoughts about the vegemite option.

Alison says she would go for a giant bread basket and a shit ton of butter, hilarious lasagna callback from John and Alison goes along with it nicely.


BB and Adam are doing some “Fogo De Chao” bonding and bringing up the mysterious lone fat man from the morning show days, nice callback!

They’re discussing the rarified air of the man BB witnessed boot up his lunch, then send off the paramedics and keep eating.

Adam is sharing his experience of getting kicked off a driving a range after hitting balls over the fence.


Adam is doing a live read with an assist from A-Rose, he’s thanking the great Matt Atchity and going to break.


Mr. Skin is now returning to the ACS for his 4th visit, he’s also performed live on stage with Adam here in Chicago at the Park West a couple years back.

Adam and Alison are joking about Matt Atchity’s fame in response to Mr. Skin beaming about meeting the man.

Adam is bringing up the Blu-Ray invention and how that helped clear up all of the “bush or shadow” controversy in classic movies, hilarious “6 times the pussy lips” from Adam.


Mr. Skin is telling the gang about his mom “the skintern” and having a bush or shadow conversation with her.

Adam is commenting on the absence of pubic hair and he’s connecting that to the guys who want women with 6 pack abs and connects that to a secret desire of wanting dudes, he’s got another associating for the shaved clean guys.

Adam and Skin Man are both “pizza slice” guys and Alison has a nice reaction.


Mr. Skin is telling the gang about the 11min lesbian scene in “Blue is the Warmest Color” and they’re joking about the awards it could win.

They’re getting to “Porky’s” and the Man Show parody they did for the movie, Adam is now asking for the guys to find the clip and play it.

Hopefully they’re using the new archive I sent them and pull it right up.


Bryan recently saw “Slap Shot” and is telling Adam about his take on it, they’re bonding over the film and the characters.

They’re now playing the “Great Moments in Cinema” clip from “The Man Show”.

Adam is doing live commentary over the classic clip, he’s telling them about Bobcat Goldthwait directing this bit and he’s breaking down all of the on screen jokes, Alison has a “you saw penis head” comment when Adam asks how they got away with this.


Adam is now asking Mr. Skin about “” their new version aimed at women and gay men.

Adam is now asking for a good nude dude scene, Mr. Skin is bringing up the butt shots of “Sons of Anarchy” and Adam is busting out his Chicago accent joking about back sack.

Hilarious quotes from BB and A-Rose and Mr. Skin is telling them about sack slips or “Ball fall” as BB coins it.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the “Signature Health Care” law and the recent comments from Obama addressing the difficulties and the extension for people in non-optimized health plans who prefer paying more for substandard care.

Alison has a dig at the website issues and mentions her own plan is one of the type being eliminated, she seems unaware of the DDOS attack being run against the site, not for political reasons but for attention from malicious hackers.

Adam is getting to how whatever is going on in the news never affects him or his daily life, he’s got a nice jag about the unions and his own health care.


2nd Story is on Rob Ford, Adam is commenting on Toronto and how big and bustling it is in comparison to some other homesteader style provinces in Canada.

Alison is reading the recent comments from Rob and his threats of legal action against 3 former employees.

They’re playing the clip of Rob denying the pussy eating allegations and Alison has a prime quote that BB must be capturing.


Adam is saying that you should be allowed to quote people with vulgar language and not have it reflect on you.

Adam is joking about fat guys doing coke, hilarious comedy about snorting fudge and getting a fudge freeze.

Adam is telling the gang about eating lunch with Kevin Hench and their discussion about his public weigh in and rolling his ankle while dismounting from the scale.


Adam is predicting a grim end for the man and his Anna Nicole Smith type spiral, Alison has a great point about his bodyweight adding an element of a comedy to this story.

“He looks like John Candy and his breath smells like just candy” – Adam on Rob Ford

Adam is now getting to how people view fat people “brought it on yourself” math comes into play much like how people remark on others dying in extreme sports or “brought it on yourself” scenarios.


3rd Story is on a vanity plate “Not See” that was approved and then cancelled by the DMV after being sent a photo of the car.

Alison is reading the story as they look at the offending picture.

Adam wants to know where the gang all comedown on beating the DMV with a technicality and Adam is giving his take on how he might have missed this one.


Gary is now stepping in to correct the recent articles showing that this was a doctored photo, which now then makes sense as Adam predicted this and couldn’t understand how the swastika was affixed to the car in the photo.

Adam is now asking what if the guy comes with a good excuse and has a great “my dad’s an optometrist” comment that Alison seems to appreciate.


4th Story is on a study that shows having twins costs 5x more than having one child

Alison is reading the details and breaking down the birthing costs and hospital stay.

Adam is now getting to the multi striped beanies at his hospital and how people lie Lynette tell him to just let it go despite there being so much to be angry about.


Adam is pondering if it was expense or some kind of gender statement and now he’s getting to the umbilical cord and how he was pressured into cutting it despite his reservations.

Adam has some funny comments on looking back on a life unlived if he didn’t cut the cord and has some lite caveman comedy while mocking the ceremonial cut.

Alison is even surprised to learn it’s just for ceremony and not the actual medical procedure part, BB is incredulous as if he’s always known this but I remember him learning this on air back on the morning show if I’m not mistaken.


Adam is now getting into the details of almost dropping the scissors into his son’s eye and how he still resents being forced to engage in the symbolism of life.

Alison is quizzing Adam about Lynette’s C-Section and the notion of even needing to be in the room and the strange pressure the doctors and nurses place on the men.

Adam is now asking for a poll of everyone about their presence or lack thereof in the operating/delivery room.


Adam is joking about goo covered babies in the pre-ambiguous beanie phase.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is busting out a live read.

Adam is dishing out the plugs and wrapping up the show with a tease for Dag’s upcoming tryout for “The Floaters” the much awaited event we’ve all been waiting for since I pitched it to Adam in the car with Mike Lynch, it was already on everyone’s mind.


Great closing drop from Matt of him impersonating the “chicken girl” from the McDonalds’s children themed ads of the 1980s.