Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/14/2014 – Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/14/2014 – Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael Ironside and Kristin Chenoweth

Recorded 11-13-2014 – Release Date 11-14-2014

Production Number #1454

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Funny intro about Adam’s asshair clogging up the internet, Adam is plugging the live shows for their upcoming northwest dates.

BB plays a #TopDrop request from one of many Jules Dash twitter accounts.

Adam is now telling them about his nacho conversation from the last episode, he says it’s ironic that places that charge admission have the worst nachos on the planet but you can get into Chili’s for free and the nachos are the same price.


Adam explains he had to tweet out his profound nacho thoughts, he started misspelling things and confusing himself.

Adam told Lynette the idea for the tweet, Adam is now setting up the idea of the tweet and how after Lynette tweeted the idea she told him the nachos cost money at Chili’s.

Adam is now riffing about the business plan of Chili’s giving out free nachos, Adam is going over the back and forth and how that led him to wonder why she bringing it up.


Adam says he’s not trying to be a douchebag or be mean, he was trying to see what she was getting at.

Alison instantly understands Adam’s point and he continues to describe the scene that elevates towards an argument.

Alison has this same thing with her mom, not her husband.

Alison is now quoting herself and it’s insane but hilarious.


Adam is getting an amen from Alison, she’s now prefacing that she loves Lynette and just wants to know if it was her making conversation.

Adam is trying to breakdown these attitude on attitude interactions, Adam says it only happens with people where there are other energies floating around, not strangers or people you only see once a year.

Adam says none of their interaction are alone on an island or a psychodynamic Space Needle tip, holy shit.

Adam does a self stratifies sniff and BB evens gives him an audible reaction.


BB breaks down his thought process that he assumes Lynette was verbalizing, Alison sums it up, what Lynette asked made Adam doubt himself.

‘Son a man should never have to doubt his tweet” – Adam on the advice his fictional old timey grandfather gave him as a fictional young boy.

Adam is now bringing up the super logical vs. Super feelings based tug of war society seems to be intertwined in and how it’s going to come to a head.


Adam is now asking if the men were staying home and taking care of the kids if these roles would also shift in these arguments.

BB is now complimenting his relationship with Christie and Adam gets him to admit that while he was writing his book it did result in some “fuck you” shouting.

Alison praises her own relationship.


Kristin Chenoweth is now joining the show for her first phoner, she’s calling them after wrapping her segment on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and Adam is asking her about her new album.

She tells the gang about her various styles of music and the meaning of the album’s title.

Adam is now asking Kristin about her origins in music and Adam is now connecting her time singing in church to connect this to the Whitney Houston autopsy results where they concluded it wasn’t a genetic gift, simply training from years of singing in church.


Kristen is now giving them a quick recap of how she started singing in church, Adam has a killer Rick James one liner.

Adam is now asking Kristen about maintaining her faith while spending most of her career surrounded by a variety of theaters types in NYC.

She has a Pollyannaish answer but she means it and refuses to judge others and expects people to accept her faith in return.


They further discuss the Whitney autopsy and Kristen is telling Adam about the times she almost got married and knew it wasn’t right.

Kristin is very charming and goes further in depth on her life, Adam is asking her about her adoptive family and shares and anecdote of a guy he knows with a similar background.

She almost says “everything happens for a reason” and ADam wraps up the interview, he invites her to come on in person, she really should!


Adam is now talking about the Whitney Houston autopsy and the reality of the abuse she did to her body, citing some stories about buying crack via limo on the way to the staple center.

She dissolved her septum with cocaine and it seemed like somebody said to her “do everything you can do destroy your instrument” and he’s further going off on all of the drugs she was abusing and how she took her 100 million dollar voice and let it fade away.

Adam is now making a point about the hand of time, how a gift can be so powerful and strong and take so much abuse before failing you.

Adam is unknowingly telling the inverse of the infamous Joey Diaz story told on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he talked about selling Whitney coke in 1998, allegedly.


Adam is setting up a clip from the special, he’s mocking the drugged dealer and proposes a scenario where he gets to address said dealers mother and ask that cunt how she fucked up so badly with him.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Adam is now riffing on the two water metaphors the dealer used in his interview, Adam is sharing how the coroner thinks she ultimately died from her last pile of cocaine and not any of the other drugs she was doing.

Adam references Meryl Streep’s role in ‘Defending Your Life’ and continuing to mock this dealer and what a horrible person he is.

Adam is now having them play it again.

BB plays a new Alison sound, adding it to his wall of Alison mouth sound effects.


Q and Ace


1st Caller Harrison, he wants to know for people like him who don’t have skills, he has a funny Complisult for Alison and her thing and she’s cracking up, BB is playing the clips of her new noise.

Harrison wants to know how to get involved into the entertainment business when you lack an on camera skill or aren’t necessarily “talent” and Adam is now walking him through how he can get kicked up the food change by showing up early and often, even by starting out as a PA.

Adam explains that even during ‘The Man Show’ they weren’t asking assistants for jokes, but it did allow a chance for growth and advancement in the organization.


2nd Caller Katie, she adores the show and the cast, she sounds very kind.

Alison loves Katie and Katie loves Alison, she’s sharing how she refers to Adam as her boyfriend.

She’s telling them about paying her ex-husband’s mortgage, she has two kids and has some codependency issues.


Katie apologizes for not recognizing Caelan’s voice, she wants to know how to say no to her husband about paying his mortgage again this month.

Adam is asking her some insightful follow ups and processing the data, he’s asking her about guilt in the divorce and separation.

ADam tells her to be quiet and then jokes about her bringing up her fictional bf Adam probably didn’t help things much.


BB has some super practical advice about putting this in investment terms and maybe whipping a contract about her paying this money into his investment property.

Adam is now riffing about indignant glory hole partners who are mad at him for not hypothetically sucking their cock after months of doing it.

Adam is making a note of how people are always fucking pissed when it comes to other people’s money.


BB is now asking Adam about his dick sucking situation started with his neighbor, also a ‘Home Improvement’ fan.


3rd Caller Joe, he brings up the urine investigation and he misquotes the data/results about Caelan and his piss habits.

Joe is now listing them some German insults, Adam is now making up some of his own per Joe’s request.

“Pillow User”

“One Who Drives from Inside his Car”

“Guys who explore Volcanos with Shoes on”

“Guys who pick up porcupines gingerly”

“Guys who insist upon eating everyday” – Alison


Adam is now heading to break with a cool tease for the great Michael Ironside, Adam and BB both praise ‘Starship Troopers’ and ADam asks for him to break down the deeper level of the movie.

BB is explaining how supervise the movie is and the totalitarian overtones and complexity.

BB is now spoiling the movie and sharing that the ending makes you realize you’ve been rooting for the wrong side the whole time, he sided with the bugs.


Adam is now doing a Smart Mouth live read.

Adam reveals they want a 3rd Season of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and want Adam to travel for it, he gives a knowing noise response and Alison seems to react as well.

BB sets up some Michael Ironside trivia teasing he might not even know what it is.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail asking about the Reverie bed vibrate setting and Monday night football.

Adam is welcoming Michael to the show and explains that Michael brought in the red stool that he prefers to use over the black ones, Adam made the decree they remove all red stools from the studio.

Adam wants to know if he caused that, Adam is bringing up Michael’s latest movie.

He tells them he doesn’t often do this kind of press, he’s now praising the people he worked with and says he doesn’t do this kind of stuff often as it’s embarrassing.

Adam asks Michael about his hobbies in a funny way, funny reply in return.

He says he doesn’t know how to sell things and is too honest due to his bad memory.


Adam is trying to figure out Michael’s psychology, he says it’s not shyness nor his blue-collar upbringing that had a streak of extreme literacy due to his parents.

Adam is now asking about other actors in comparison, Michael says he does more acting in real life than in front of the camera.

Alison says it sounds like he’s describing social anxiety, he is summing up his feelings about representing years of other people’s work.


BB shares that Michael was in 3 movies where he has missing arms, he actually notes a couple other projects and tells BB a fan sent him a compiled list of his mangled characters he’s brought to the screen.

Adam is now explaining his ‘Deuce Bigalow’ joke from earlier and sharing his love for Rob Schneider and his dislike for that movie series.

Michael laments working on some past pictures, money jobs and how they extract every ounce of that paycheck out of her morale and self esteem.


Adam is asking him more about his current project ‘Extraterrestrial’ and asks him about his work as a playwright, he says couldn’t afford to care for a family on the salary and says while he has done a lot of rewriting but probably wouldn’t write for himself.

Michael has an anecdote of a name guy (he doesn’t name him) who vomited his brains out before Michael got to work on the rewrite session with him.

Michael is sharing his respect for Arnold Schwarzenegger, citing what an intelligent guy he is and is describing the illness his sister was suffering under, he even called her 4-5 times over the next several weeks following up with her.


Adam asks if Arnold is “The Bavarian Charro” and is playing up the dumb guy accent stuff for effect, Adam is now making a point about people mocking foreigners for not speaking English and presuming on their intellect.

The Anti-ugly American way of approaching the concept.

Michael is telling them about being courted for a bad guy role in one of his movies and ultimately did ‘Total Recall’ with him after he dropped the majority of his muscle mass.


Michael shares an anecdote from the set of ‘Total Recall’ where Arnold asked him about seeing the movie ‘Field of Dreams’.

Adam recalls the intense Wolfgang Puck upbringing story from the KLSX ACS and is trying to conjure what Arnold’s was like but he’s mixing it up.

They now play some ‘Starship Troopers’ clips for Michael, BB is asking about the preproduction on that picture.


Michael explains the book ‘Starship Troopers’ was a right wing manifesto and he read it as Youngman, he wanted to know why Paul Verhoeven chose this project.

Michael is now quoting the logic Paul came up with for this project, Adam asks about his Paul’s upbringing, Michael is fascinating as shit sharing all of these details.

Michael is now breaking down the scene they just played, talking about how precise and meticulous Paul is with his staging.


Michael shares another great anecdote from the set and Adam moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a live read


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on a recent news story about laundry detergent pod poisoning, Adam is asking about these newfangled pods, he wants to know how it works and is proud he doesn’t have any knowledge of this process, he wants to know why everything has to be so convenient.

Adam says there is too much shit in the washing machine now, he laments leftover dryer sheets on his apparel.

Alison is now reading about a story from Florida of a child’s poisoning.


Adam is now bringing up his kids miniature plastic vegetable and fruits, to go along with their pretend cash register play set.

Adam is now asking why they even allow that shit, Adam throws it to Michael who tells them about his favorite childhood toy.

Michael has a super thoughtful and factually answer about marketing to children and how humanity went out the window sometime in the mid 70’s.


Adam is now describing the 6 baseball caps his son returned home with after a trip to the mall, Adam mocks his wife’s definition of “half off” and now Adam reveals the joke is on his son, too many choices.

Michael is arguing that marketing to children should be outlawed and Adam references his kids singing the State Farm insurance commercials.

Adam is mocking the idea of being a customer for life, any progress and upward momentum means an evolution of buying options.


Michael has a deep historical references for this process and where it comes from, he says we are educated our kids to be consumers and shares his cell phone rules for his kids.

Adam is now explaining how he had a conversation with is daughter about a hypothetical wing added to the top bunk of Sonny’s bed set, Adam refused to build it and she said if Adam wouldn’t that Skip from their show ‘Catch a Contractor” will do it.

Michael is now sharing an anecdote of an actor measuring Winnebagos while on set, measuring his self-worth based on the size of his trailer.


Michael has a wise saying from his father, Adam agrees and says you are your actions.


2nd Story Is on the Kardashian tweet about them being the only KKK to let back men in, Alison brings up the fake controversy and outrage, Adam is lamenting it and saying people have to pretend to care and be upset.

Alison is now quoting the blogger/columnist, Adam jokes “signed haunch white broad” (always!) and Adam is now saying people don’t joke about real things, if they have hate in their heart they don’t tread near it.

Adam is now saying we forget about the essence of comedy, he’s now citing his most recent Adam and Drew Taping, the ‘Vanilla’ discussion from Adam and Dr. Drew #191


Adam is now asking Michael about his thinking face, he asks how the Kardashians became significant, he’s now bringing up the most recent round of Instagram celebrities who are travelling around as the new millennium version of a pin up a girl.

Adam says he wrestles with the Kardashians nightly, hilarious riff.

Adam asks Michael about his late father and marvels he died right before the Kardashians rose to fame.


Michael says they are product for product sake and says they are as bad as the laundry pods, good stuff.

Adam now references his pterodactyl ‘Terry’ dropping them into a volcano, Adam has a killer “stop scaring our guests Alison’s reply to Michael’s reaction to his story.

Adam is now asking Michael about the Canadian version of the KKK, he tells them about the super right wing stuff going on up there and the abuse of the aboriginal people there that’s the same as every other world culture.


Adam is joking about Americans naming our SUV’s and Jerky after them, Adam asks him about gambling in Canada, he says Hockey.

BB has an overstated reaction and now Adam is sharing his take on the idea of gambling on hockey, a single goal can change everything.

Adam does a Reverie Bed live read, Adam says that Michael is in love with Dawson’s VO work, he says ‘I noticed’ and now Adam plugs his unofficial website.


Adam is now telling people not to go to the site, he recognizes that as the one his wife created and has a great “why?” asking why anyone would go there, Adam finishes up the plugs and wraps up the show.

They must get Ironside back on again, BB closes it to Alison’s new “Why Did You Say That” Drop from the argument discussion from earlier in the show.